Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 10)

Hieee all your Sv is back with the next update. Yippiee its my 10th update. Never thought that i would cross even 2 thanks to all my lovely friends out there for your support and please do support me for me to write more. Thank you all for the comments love all you and please do comment your thought regarding this update too.

Enjoy the ride ……………………….

Krishna started and reached their house. He had one spare key which Sam gave to him . He slowly entered the house not making much noise and he went straight to Anjali’s room. (i dont know from where on earth he is getting the guts to see her all alone), he entered slowly and saw her sleeping with her glasses . He was not able to believe that she looks like a tender flower but that is an angry flower . Perfect tag to keep her was beauty and the beast is suitable for her. He kneeled down and he held her hand. At once the hold was tightened by her. Sometimes some happiness could not be explained but cherished, he was cherishing those happy times. She twisted herself in the sleep and he was being pulled towards her and he somehow managed to come on the bed and saw her . She was really beautiful. He slept keeping her head on his lap.

Anjali’s door knocked. She woke up in that sound and she saw she was sleeping on Krishna who was slanting lying over the pillow. She smiled and thought it was a dream. But the door again knocked then she realised that it is him actually. She jumped out of the bed and tried to wake him up but no use he was still sleeping. She somehow managed to push him under her cot. She went out and saw Radhika standing there.
Anjali ; What yaar budhu?? Scratching her head.
Radhika ; Chashu nothing we need to do the final preparation today as evening is the annual day and you are sleeping still ?? Come out soon we need to prepare for that.
Anjali ; I’ll first freshen up and come . She shut the door and she ran away back to him. She tried hard to wake him up but no use. Finally she pulled him out and poured a jug full of water. He jerked and woke up. There was a pair of angry eyes just watching him. He was literally scared. Before Krishna could say anything she kept her fingers over his mouth and said “You need to go out before anyone sees you. If you are found then for sure you are dead. No go”
Krishna ; How??
Anjali ; (thought for few minutes) Idea

Her room was in the first floor and she made him to go out by the balcony and she also made sure that no one saw them. She quickly freshened up and came after sometime Krishna came as if he is coming only now and all joined for the breakfast.
Arjun was instructing Krishna about the project while eating at that time Neil banged the table and said “ Project, target , punch line …….. Yuck even in my dreams it’s all following me. Before Sam used to come in my dream but now argh . All laughed and Arjun said “ Sorry yaar i will not speak” and Arjun said “ Haa Krishna ….” Neil gave a look .
Arjun ; I was asking him to buy the stuffs required for the annual day Neil. Neil just folded his hand and begged him “ please nothing” Arjun nodded and continued the food. Anjali and Krishna started together in her bike for the final purchases and had few good times together by pulling each other’s legs when they get the chance to. Finally all the preparations were done. Anjali made sure that some legal papers for the clients are kept in the Samrat’s room so that he would have taken it and those were to be signed in the program.

The annual day started . The venue was neatly decorated and it showed the perfection of birdsong. Samrat and piyali felt proud of their job and thanked them . It was really a big day for the birdsong as there are many clients who were present there and birdsong wanted to prove its best, there wanted show the clients that not only in business but in all activities they are the best. So there are many dance and skit present were planned but before that there were many speeches(which i personally dont like as we would have faced in schools and colleges . We would have hardly heard.) The program started , Samrat sir took the stage and started to speak.
Samrat sir ; hiee all im not here to ruin the party mood i just wanted to thank all my dear people and family of birdsong out there. We have able to grow this big is just because your all hard work . Thank you all. As a token of appreciation i have announced 1 month salary as bonus and a week off for you guys. There was a big applause from all of them . All were happy not only because of bonus but also because of a week off from their hectic work. All were double happy. And he continued . Following that others spoke.

Anjali was squeezing her ears as arjun was talking……………………. , talking…………………… and talking………………………. Neil almost slept. It is sam and anjali who will shake him to make him awake. Radhika could not take this , she sent him a message which had an emojo of punching his face. Just then he realized that he was talking too toooooo much . He saw his gang , rads and anjali were staring him angrily. Sam slept off and neil was half sleep. He said thank you all. Anjali shouted, clapped and whistled and many, who were really sleepy woke up and were getting ready for the show.

First it was a classical kathak dance by anjali for the song mohe rang do lage from bajirao mastani . She danced to the tune and she was mindblowing. She stole all the peoples heart by her step . She danced without making anyone to take their eyes off of her. All applauded for her work. Nesam and arjun was spell bound but radhika who knew about her talent winked her eyes. .Then Teji danced and that was for bin tere from i hate love stories but to his surprise suju joined him in the second part of the dance and all clapped for that and he was double happy as he wanted to say his love to her but was not sure of that.

The third was nesam’s dance a western dance from jiya from gunday. No one thought they would dance this good. She was dwelling in his hands as per the song and they gave a perfect dance to the song . No one could believe their eyes for the mind blowing performance. Followed by anjali and radhika for a classy dance of dola re . Arjun was super happy to see his beautiful ladies of his life are rocking the floor. Both danced very perfectly and they were stunning in their dance.

After that there were many discussion regarding the company and some other programs . The next was our fav ardhika . They danced for geruga from dhilwale . Beautiful dance and anjali made fake rain and snow and she changed the background theme to suit the dance .The dress, the theme. The steps , thei pair and the song made them sahrukh and kajol all were stunned to see them and that was a mind blowing dance by them.

After that there were some programs and the next and the most entertaining dance by arjun neil and anjali for tune mare entry from gunday. Arjun was dancing in the positon of arjun kapoor and neil was for ranveer singh and anjali was for priyanka chopra. All forgot that they are brother and sister because of the way all the 3 danced and a slight jealosy peeped for their pairs. All started to dance for the song and enjoyed the dance. After sometime the performance was ardhika and nesam for tukur tukur from dhilwale. Neil was soooo nervous as that was a last minute preparation and he was not sure of the steps.
Neil ; should u think that i need to dance .
Anjali ; bhaiyya u will rock . Now go na why are u nervous ??
Neil ; no yaar i forgetting the steps.
Anjali ; (thought for few seconds and )look i’ll stand in the corner and will make sure that no one sees me and i will dance and u see me and follow the steps . Ok ??
Neil ; gr8 idea chashu i love u .

Anjali ; dont act too much u are taking me to some movie and i want a new dress for this deal ??
Neil ; double deal now go and find a place .
She ran and found a place, it was a corner and that was visible only for neil . As the song started they danced and she danced with them without making others notice. She helped him and the dance was fabulous. Neil after the dance smiled at her and she winked her eyes and smiled and made her thumps up.

The last was the dance performance of anjali , krishna , Zubin and karthika. It was a shadow dance. For few dance we would feel happy for some we’ll fall in love and for some we will also dance but very few would bring us pain . This dance was of the last sort. It was o khudha from hero, the theme was kriahna and anjali are lovers , fate played a game by killing her . She was not there but he still loves her from his soul . He visualizes her and she is only visible for his eyes. The dance showed their love , his pain . Every word of the song was visualized by their dance. All had tears and their heart was heavy. Anjali and krishna was before and the shadows were karthika and Zubin. The song was beautifully choreographed and at last the song ended as 4 people (2 shadows which represent the souls and 2 people anjali , krishna ) then it became 2 at last it became one. After the dance all the 4 came on stage and bowed their head . There was no reaction for few seconds , all were stoned because of the dance . Slowly one by one started to clap and the sound reached sky high. All the 4 were appreciated. Ardhika and nesam came towards them and hugged the 4 and neil held Anjali tight and gave a fake slap. Controlling his tears neil said ” why cant you try something happy , why anjali ?? always different . Stupid girl ” and hugged her. All were having some fun time.

After sometime samrat called Anjali and asked ” Aaradhana where is the deal papers ?? ”
Anjali ; sir those are in the file i gave u sir .
Samrat ; i guess i left it in the office can u please bring that for me. Anjali nodded and smiled.

Krishna was all ready to say his heart to her. He bought a cute silver ring to her , he felt sad that he was not able to buy something costly but he was a bit confident that she will like the ring. He was searching for her and he saw her starting her bike. He rushed to her and asked ” where r u going ?? ”
Anjali ; samrat sir asked for a file i’ll go to office and come back.
Krishna ; i want to say something important pls come soon. She nodded and started from there, neil saw her going and felt something bad and wanted to stop her from going. Before that she started. Unknown fear struck him. His eyes are showering tears without his knowledge.

She goes and goes missing. Samrat found the file with piyal and he trys anjali’s no but no response.
It was more than 2 hours she left arjun tried calling . Her mobile was out of coverage . All started to panic as it was more than 2 hours she left . It was a 30 minute travel to the office but she did not come and no response too.
Arjun was restless. He started from the venue and took Krishna with him to search for her. Sam and Radhika were holding each other’s hands for a support. Just then Arjun phone was ringing . It was with Radhika and Arjun took Radhika’s phone. Radhika attended the phone and before she could speak from the other side someone spoke something. Her eyes were filled with tears and she fainted, Sam held her for the support and Neil took the phone from her and heard what the other person was speaking and he was not able to feel what was going around. Somehow he gained himself and in between Radhika gained her conscious and she held Neil’s hand and said we need to go there immediately. Neil nodded and asked Sam also to accompany them. Radhika informed Krishna where they are going . All came to the place.

It was a hospital. Once they came there Neil went to the receptionist and asked “ someone called us saying a girl was admitted (his voice chuckled), met with an accident before he could finish the receptionist said , she is in ICU and she directed them to the ICU. Krishna and Arjun were not able to understand anything but all were really scared and Arjun held Radhika’s hand tight so that he could feel some courage.

One nurse came out of the ICU and saw them. She understood and said “ Sir please she is in ICU , but before that please confirm that she is known to you any one people can come and see her and make sure that she is known to you.” Arjun did not had guts to see , Neil nodded negative and held Sam’s hand and was really scared. Radhika started in but Arjun held her hand and said “ Radhika it is not our Anjali , she will be eating some chat. She is safe, We’ll find her please it is not her. Radhika hugged him tight and asked him to relax. In between Krishna gained his courage and went in.

He stepped inside the ICU and the nurse asked him to see from a bit distance, not to disturb the patients. His eyes blurt as his eyes were filled with tears. He gained some more courage and he made sure that the nurse is not of his sight and gained towards the bed. He prayed to the known and unknown gods that it should not be her. But this time god wanted to test their true love and affection, it was his aradhana , she was seriously injured , head injury, hand had multiple fracture, leg was twisted. Her hand was slightly open. He slightly kept his hand over her hand, she immediately closed her hand. He kneeled down and cried hard but made sure that no one hears. Then something in that hand struck , he opened her hand and found the pendent gave by him. He was not able to take that, at that time he noticed her hand there was a tattoo. It had 3 hearts joined with eachother. One had a names Bhai and budhu, next had Neilu and Sam, the third had Chashu and a flute and a cute yet small peacock feather , symbolically representing the name Krishna . He kissed her hand and cried hard. He picked himself and was about to go but his hand was held by her hand. He remembered the time she held his hand but this time he wanted to hold her hand forever but nurse asked him to move out as not to disturb her.

He went out and sat near the door and cried his heart out. It is her , it is her….. and crawled and held his legs tight and cried. Arjun was all lost . Sam hugged Krishna and rubbed his back to console him, but in vein. Neil and Radhika made sure that Arjun was not broken. Arjun’s words were lost . He was lost in her memory her laugh, her cuteness , her affection all he remembers the words she spoke “ What if I leave you again??” He broke out and cried hard. He saw the rakhi she tied him and said “she promised that she will be with me, but………” again he cried out. He went to Krishna and said is she alright nothing serious naa ?? Krishna was not able to say her condition, he struggled but the nurse came out and said “ Sir these are the belongings of the girl” and gave her belongings. It had her dress which had blood spots and her chain, ring , her mobile and other stuff. Sam wiped her eyes stood up and held Krishna’s hand and asked the nurse about anjali.

Nurse ; She had met with an accident, head injury and many of her bones were fractured . Doctor feels that she is in coma because of the hit in her head. Neil was not able to take it and he held his hand tight which had her rakhi , but did not show out. Just then her mobile phone made a noise. Some alarm was set . Arjun who had her mobile saw that . It was 12o clock. The alarm was Bhai’s birthday. He cried hard and hugged the mobile.

Thats it guys for today. please do comment and say your views about it. Thank you, stay blessed.

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  1. Stop it don make it sad I liked Krishna n anjali

    1. pandy thank you for the comment . i’m sry if i had hurt you, i promise she will be fine. Stay blessed, take care

  2. To sad……but nothing happen anjali na…..,plz don’t use memory loos……

    1. Before accident it’s was funny and super….Reming part is sad …..

      1. Thank you dear

    2. sadhana nothing will happen to her and no memory loss thats my promise.

  3. Please get Anjali well, don’t make it sad.

    1. Brin thank you for the concern. she’ll be fine soon and thank you for the comment .

  4. Starting was fun filled but y u did an acci to d end??

    1. Thank you dev for the comment you will know that soon.

  5. Omg 🙁 I had tears in my eyes while reading 🙁 🙁 U r a superb writer dear 🙂 🙂 hope aara ll come back 🙂 u r awesome 🙂 🙂 in next ff I want aara back pls pls 🙂 🙂

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  6. Its full of anjali!!

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  7. Oh god it started with joy and happiness and ended with pain and sadness… I really wished it wasn’t so. Their dance was an omen for Wat ws to happen I guess. Let’s c Wat is thr for us. Gud one. Tc

    1. Rg thanks for the comment. You take care too and stay blessed.

  8. What sv…first half is total fun n second so emotional….i can’t tolerate Anjali being admitted in hospital…don’t make her memory loss plz plz its a request…i liked Arjun talked…go on…neil- Anjali bond….Anjali should b fine by next episode…otherwise I will come into your dream n scare u…luv u dear…tc??

    1. Rosie darling thank you soo soo much. She dont will not have any memory loss i promise that. Rosie im really happy the way u r concerned abt them. She’ll be alright soon. Pakka promise my dear. I dont want scary dreams she’ll be alright i promise that again. Love u dear bear hugs and always stay blessed.

  9. Yaar yeah thune kya kiya

    1. Hayathi kuch nai yaar. She’ll be fine. Love u dear. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Aiyo!! Please dont do this… it was so good.. And then, NOOOOOOOOO…Please dont do this… No memory loss.. Please.. without her the whole ff is somewhat empty.. Dont make Arjun break again.. And Neil.. Please not him..

    It was a good episode.. Post soon

    Love you <3

    1. Shree first where is ur update?? And secind no memoey loss she’s all fine and will be fine soon pakka promise my dear. Love u too bear hugs

      1. babe ill try posting today.. fest is going on.. im kinda busy.. if not today then pakka ill post by weekend..

        good to hear that shell be fine.. thank god ..

        love you tooooo…… loooaaadddsss

  11. Ohhhh god pls nogth shld’t happen to anjali plsssssss

    1. Gayathri thank you for the comment. nothing will.happen to her. All are with her

  12. Very emotional episode. Please make it happy one…….

    1. Bhabya sry if that huts u. I’ll make all happy soon. Promise. love u dear

  13. awwww…….so sweet….their bond…their love….

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    Keep it you

    1. Di she’ll fine soon and will make them gp crazy . Thank you soo much di for the comment. Love u di take care bear hugs.

  15. Your story is heart touching…

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    1. My dear sweet lil darling roma she will all be fine and she is going to make them go crazy. Love u soo much my darling. And lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you. Take care my friend.

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