Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 1)

Hieee every one . We all know that Manmarziyan stopped showing that Ardhika and Nesam lived happiely ever after. Thought of extending the story from that point and that thought was driving me crazy so started to write please do spare with my spelling mistakes and my language. But in my story there is no 2 year leap instead we are going to see as they started their happy married lives and 6 months passed.(I’m just gonna make some changes in the story and introduce some characters . Sorry guys for this.)
Please do comment . If you guys wanted to continue I would continue or else say it to me I will stop . But do comment to me.

Arjun’s house
Radhika phone rings . She was in the deep sleep , sleeping next to Arjun. Arjun got disturbed by the phone ringtone and woke up and checked his mobile but it was not his and saw that it was Radhika’s mobile. He attened the call even before he could say hello a storm came from the other side thinking that it was radhika “Cant u just call me ones, forgot ahh ?? How could u be soo stupid budhu. Oye how could u forget your chashmash . Cant u just text me ones dont say you dont have time as if you are the one who is turning the world so the world is rotating. He was numb and just said hmmmm. She said are having anything in your mouth can’t you just speak out and again she started .

Arjun wondered “i thought only my panoti is a nonstop express but she seems to over take her ?? his thought were disturbed by the voice saying “are u alive or dead ??”He cant take that anymore he asked are u an idiot or stupid ?? She was numb for few seconds and said oye budhu when did your voice turned soo rough ?? He couldn’t control himself from laughing for the innocent reply . He said im not radhika im her husband Arjun , saying soo he laughed , On the other side “she said sorry bhai I thought it was budhu thats why spoke all those words . But please say her that i’m coming to mumbai for an important work I need her help thats why called her and” saying so she started again .

But arjun was numb the word bhai , struck his heart . It was heard for him after soo lomg time. Tears are rolling from his eyes . Just then everything came as a flash in his eyes . She again said bhai ?? Bhaii?? Are you there ?? He with a small smile in his face said you are most welcomed to be here . I’ll inform her . Bye take care and held the call He was feeling an inner peace as if he met some one most beloved after long time , he was standing like a statue wiith a small smile. Just then Radhika got up and saw Arjun , he was happy not that even more pleased. She asked what is the reason for the smile Arjun ??

Arjun took a deep breath and saw radhika who was curiously looking at Arjun as small kids will be curiously waiting for their mother’s to give them anything they bought from the shops. He smiled in his own way seeing rdhika’s curiousness and said Radhika you know that I was brought up in an ashram , but I had a sister . Radhika said ya nadhini di . Arjun gave a can’t you just stop until I finish look she understood it was not that what he meant she said sorry sorry say . He said I had a younger sister Anjali , Anjali Mehra . She was also taken care by Nandhu but when she was 10 years old she was adopted by a rich family and Nandhu said that it is for her betterment you have to let her go . We promised each other that ones we become big we will find each other . But still I cannot find her whereabouts. Saying soo he cried andkept his head in Radhika’s lap . Radhika got tears and said to arjun who was still in her lap “dont worry arjun we will surely find her and I promise you that”. Saying soo she made him sit and wiped his tears. He hugged her and said if you are with me then I can surely do anything . Radhika too hugged him .

After they broke the hug Radhika asked who called ?? Arjun then only realised that he did not even ask her name . He recalled what all she spoke were the words stricked “ Oye how could u forget your chashmash ??” he said Haa she said chasmash . Radhika was really excited she jumped in the bed and said what chasmash called me , omg she is my best friend we were collage mets and it was like we were twins in the collage . I really loved her . He was really amased to see her soo much excited and was able to understand their bond He said ya I decided the way she spoke and I was damn sure that she would be only your fried as she has got your characcter noo noo more that chatter box. She said Arjun dont say that she would speak a little but she is really sweet and soo innocent and I love her innocence. Arjun too agreed with Radhika and say not little but less that excess saying so he laughed . She just punched his stomach and was smiling and she said Arjun its already late we have go we have got improtant meeting with that big client(i seroiusly dont know the name lol). He too agreed . They started for the day.

On the other side chasmash was also getting ready , packed her stuffs and thought bhai ones I find you I promise you that I will not leave you at all .Tears rolling in her eyes . She took an drawing made her brother very carefully protected as it was a bit old , which had a small girl and a considerably big boy holding the hands of each other . She hugged it and tears rolling down her cheeks and said I miss you bhai . She again saw the drawing again and she saw a name in the end “drawing by ARJUN MEHRA ” 6 B.

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Credit to: Sv


  1. Sasha

    Awesome , nw i feel like jumping, i jst loved it. Im so waiting for the next one. Plz updt next one faaaasssssstttttttt. And not to forget, make it really llllloooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggg.
    Love u loads.

  2. Shree

    Wowowow!! that was a great start…. Chashmash?! Is anjali?! Omg!! Ok .. I’m not going to just pour out my excitement here… It’ll be like too much..

    I loved it… Ardhika bond and her excitement for her friend….

    Post soon… Love you??

    • Sv

      Shree thank you for the lovely comment . Im really happy to see the comment . Love you . I will surely answer your queries soon . Till then take care.

  3. H


    • Sv

      Thank you for liking my ff . I will surely make it a regular update so that you can enjoy reading .

    • Sv

      Diiiiiiiii you are my guru di . All the credits goes to you. You know that i love your ff . With that i came up with this thoght . Eagerly waiting for your next update.

  4. subha

    awesome epi……… anjali-rathika friend same girllaaaaaaaaa very intersting eagerly waiting next part……….tc

  5. Sv

    Hiee all i’m Sv I never thought that i would get these many appreciation for my small work . Thank you all for the support. I will surely update soon and even more better . I will write continuously.

    Is there any mahabharat fan out there please read my other fan fiction Mahabharat beyond war .

    I need all your support . I’m really excited i will surely post it regularly and this is my promise 🙂

  6. Dhara

    Oh god.. Ardhika my favorite. And this is something which we missed in original as it was ended abruptly. Plz post next part soon.

  7. anjali

    Dear sv….this is the first time I am reading a ff…just came here bcoz my love for manmarzian…and u know what I really liked ur wrk…keep going….

  8. anjali

    Guys I have a question….whom u think will be suitable cast for anjali if this was telecasted as a series of manmarzian???? Plz comment ur opinions….

    • Sv

      Wait wait Hayathi . U will surely know that in the upcoming updates 😉
      Thank you for the comment

  9. deeva

    Awesome……. Awesome……… awwwwwessome… u r just fabulous…. plz continue…… amazing and….. nd… nd update next part soon……….. tc

  10. Roma

    Awesomeeeeee, lovely, marvellous episode, just don’t have words to express my feelings. …so excited. …that chasmash ia anjali….chasm ash n chashni best friends….wowwww. …arjun’s very deep connection with anjali…I’m loving this story very much. ..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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