Manmarziyan- A New Beginning


From Where It Became A Realization—-

Arjun stared at the letter. The words played and danced in the view of his eyes like jabs of thousand needles. Leaving. Our ways are seperate. These were the only words constantly swirling in his words. She left him? Just like that. Without saying those words to his face, she just left. Without giving him a chance to repent his mistakes, she left him. Lonliness hit his soul like vicious vice like grib around his heart. He was a bastard because he needed her now. Wanted her presence. Wanted her bright light in his shadowed life. Wanted her with every corner of his soul now. With everything that he had and was, he wanted her desperately. She was his only source of solace. He wasn’t going to let her go. He will bring her back to a forever.

It squeezed his insides and opened up a damn of various things. Regret. Gloom. Hurt. Anxiety. Pain, For her. All these feelings just teared him apart inside. For so long he had closed off his heart against her. Surronding ice around himself, continually reminding that, he can’t fall for her. Making her the enemy at every point since he met her. Shame came immediate and instant, that he had betrayed everyone in the belief solely based on to avenge his sister’s pain, hate, and hurt of all those years that he had grew up in. He could see nothing but destruction. He was so blind that he couldn’t observe the innocence with which she questioned his motives. Proved that he had some good still, that he could walk away from the path he had chosen. He threw it aside all. The things that his wounded lonely self craved for, he threw away all. He had made her the evil in the eyes of everyone. Proved that she was at fault knowing that she wasn’t. How can he redeem himself now. In the lovely shiny brown orbs of hers and in the eyes of everyone around. God, he wasn’t a good man, that she thinks he was. He was the very devil’s heart.

He held her letter in his hand and felt her slipping away from him step after step. His mind growled out continously. Find her. Find her this instant……


So, this like a continuation of the serial from where Arjun gets the letter of Radhika. Gonna write sabka point of view like episodic and also like a pov kind. haha i just dared to continue the serial story style.

Hey Rg, as u hv sugstd im tryin it n am very excited about writing 😀 thank u friend 🙂

And srrrrrry if its like u dont like guys:( but im gonna keep posting it along wit dt series stories frnds. wat do u say. shud i continue. pls do tell louv u 🙂


Credit to: kfar

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  1. Hey farha….thank u so much for starting this new one…..very much excited about this one….bcoz i really wished the serial wud hav continued on some different plot from radhika left arjun… we will see this from ur pov…..continue it dear…

  2. Thanku farha for starting the story from where it ended would really love to read it from ur pov…thanks again love u…

  3. very nice……I want some other way of story….that u r going to do…thank you very much….

  4. It wsd too gud dr i lije this seperation part

  5. Wow my dr farha again ff on aradhika …jst keep rocking my dr ?,..,,I will be there to comment and share my heart with u in all ur ff?

  6. Farha I love to read the story from where it ended and that too in your POV. Continue dear… Happy to see ur another story…. Love you…???

  7. Farha dear u r just awesome ….I am just soooooo happy …dear ur writing skills r just fab. U should continue dear. U surely should …wish u truckloads of lov

  8. Hey that’s just too gud kfar. Thank u soo much for starting this. U doo have magic with words. U capture soul wrenching emotions beautifully. U portray feeling effortlessly even though quite a bit of effort should have gone in. Once again it’s beautiful. And thank u sooo much.

  9. And farha plz continue ….I really do wish to read it

  10. Yaar plz update forever and always dr plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Hey going nice plz continue…

  12. Kfar r u gonna continue te serial??????? Tanku……I’m sad tat mmz ended sooooo soooooon ……….bt ur nw story is a treat 4 us………….plzzzz update soooon…..
    . u tld in DT tat u jst comple ur MBA…….so r u a business man????””

  13. Realy thank u dat our manmarziyan is on air now through ur stories 😀

  14. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    It’s really nice. ??????????
    But yes so continue DT, DT2 and Before Dwan of Radhika elder sis.

  15. obviously you should continue! Loads of love to you farha!

  16. Farha u r just amazing. And mmz in ur words it will be a total blast. Im sure of it. May be the serial people will think to restart the show after seeing ur ff. Oh im wishing for it to happen. Waiting for next one. We r back to our manmarzian. Yipeeee. Excited. Write it regularly. Even if small updates i dont mind. I just want to see it daily. Serial again started. Yeahhhhhhhh. Love u loads and tight hug.

  17. Its lovely Kfar ,

    , Kfar, this one is exceptional , nice one really When the serial gonna end it would be amazing to know what your point of view on this . Lovely dear.

    keep updating Always loving u dear. Keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend.

  18. Hey.. kfar.. thank you so much for continuing the serial story. I was dying to know what would happen next when Radhika left Arjun. I wanted to see Arjun’s guilt and all. But counldn’t because the show ended. But this.. ahh.. i almost fell off my chair when i got to know that it’s the serial story. Love you Farah!! You are so damn awesome!! A tight tight tight hug from your new sister in Kuwait 😛 (don’t know you’re older than ne or younger!) Keep up the good work and plz do update this story. I loved it. :-*

  19. Kfar wow…I will definitely love this story if u continue just like ur other stories….plzz do continue…nd love u my heart…??
    One lovee?

  20. hey dear……update dawn together 2 also

  21. Farha, thanks u very much for making manmarzian…. I miss manmarzian a lot….plz continue… And once again thank uuuu….. Giving me my favorite show….

  22. Ohh..dr..thank u thanku so much its lyk..big treat..

  23. hey Tanya, its really a new n fresh beginning. just luvd each word. hw beautifully u hv described Arjun’s feelings. hats off 2 u girl. eagerly waiting fr ur nxt update:)

  24. Ohhhh my sweeeeeetu farha, you’re just amazing, as soon I read this ff, I thought that it’s you but when I saw the name of credit it was really youuuuuuuuu….see I can recognize you from your words…your writing style is unique, I can sense you in your words…marvellous part of mmz which SP didn’t show us due to hurring up to end the show…but you brought the missing part in the light…muaaaaahhhhhh…love you loads and very very tight warm hug…♡♡♡

  25. ur other stories are more good kfar

  26. Actually..I kind of like this one too, he should have suffered bcz according to Arjun Radhika was a bhenji….some he would never look at…I would loved to see him burn not able to have radhika in his life…and fear of loosing her

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