manmarziyan – mr.pineapple and his browny…(chapter-6)


Okay am now back with another one of my boring episodes….but i have for my best tried to keep it good…but still u people have to tell me, how was i…..and for that u definitely have to bear this torture…..hehe…and before that a thousand sorry and thank u so so much for people who liked my story….am really honoured..and am again sorry for replying late…was so worn out with all the travelling, that they just suck out my all time and energy???……but now thank god i have got a day break….so thought of posting…coz u know sweeties injust feel so suffocated all day without conversing with u people in tu…..i am thanking my stars that i got people like u….muahhhhhhhhhh for all….and ofcourse a very belated HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY…. love u all…and so now ,HAPPY READING?……


She continued gulping her tears:” I walked life less on that busy road with no destination to reach..and god did a gracious thing for which i thanked him wholeheartedly after a long time, not realising that he still had the climax remaining….i saw a big white truck speeding towards me, and all i could see at last before closing my eyes were its bright lights flashing on me….and all i heard was at last its huge horn….and yes, not to forget the people around me screaming at i was hitted by the truck and landed in the middle of road in a pool of blood, i smilingly closed my eyes seeing people gathering around me, thanking god that at last ,after everything he did me a favour and now i could reach heaven out of this hell..and yes, indeed he did me a favour….sending me to heaven ,to meet my angel….”…she took a deep breath ,smiling with her eyes closed….:”of all the murmuring around me, i felt a warm hand surround me and picking me up in its arms…..his voice as sweet as honey and warm as my mother’s filled with total concern hissing in my ears:” hold on….nothing will happen to you…”…i wanted to open my heavy eyelids badly to see the face of him once, but guess my eyes were not in a mood for that..i felt being placed in a car seat ,that all the quarrell around me has finally grew numb and a hand securing me in the seat belt….

he gently touched my cheeks and said:” hold on honey…the ride is gonna be pretty nasty”…i heard him chuckle at his words and the car roaring into life and speeding every micro second…he was in a mission to keep me awake until we reach the hospital so that i wouldn’t slip into any coma…and he started speaking to me in a voice so sweet but the panic in them devastating its smoothness…i could clearly sense him caring for me, and that he wanted to comfort me as he seemed to be pretty sure that i was afraid of losing my life….” radhika chuckled at her memory lane…..that had registered everything that had happened three years back ,so crystal clearly..:” he said consoling me:” u r going to live a long life dear….just don’t lose hope….okay? don’t give up….”….and i am really a motor mouth neil like u will always say…even in that dying half concious state i died in curiosity to start a conversation and countered him annoyingly:” y should i not give up?’….being stunned by my question ,he was silent for few seconds and continued:” for ur loved ones….” he said..i chuckled at his words….seriously neil even in that state “…she banged her head giggling and continued:” i said to him:” i have no one like that….all of them are dead now ,for me….and its my turn now to join them….”…for that he giggled…oh god how could he giggle at that…seriously would anyone do that…but my pineapple did….then he said:” u really r a party pooper ,girl…seriously…r u going to ruin their dreams for which they gave up themselves?”…his voice was filled with something that hit me…i was startled of how come he guessed right..and was highly embrassed that how true his words were ,even though he knew nothing…..

i wanted to speak ,more but my wounds didn’t allow me….i felt my red fluid warmly whoozing off my stomach….and i winced in pain whille he flinched for me being in pain….i felt as if life was sucked out of me….but then i didn’t want to die…and shame my parents….i wanted to live, catch my dreams….fly high ,make them proud…..i felt him again panicking that the car raced even more than before…and he cupped my one cheek ,carressed my head and spoke:” shhh..shhhh… just don’t speak anything now…u can blabber all u want after getting treated for your wounds…so for now just hold on with me atleast for the sake of the people love u…and don’t worry…as long as i am here nothing will happen to you….” he spoke magically churning my insides that ,i felt that already i have surrendered myself to do and be whatever he says…and i never knew why i felt so calm, when he continuosly rubbed my head carressing it in a soft manner all the way to the hospital and he carried me into the hospital screaming: ” emergency!!!” and he was so heavily panting that i felt his hot breath on my forehead and heavily heaving chest in my arm….he kept me in some stretcher brought there and suddenly i felt restless being out of his arms, of leaving his protective iron bands that kept me in its warmth…and grabbed his one hand in mine tightly..he patted my cheeks with another and said:” u r going to be fine…” and took his hands out of mine, when in a sudden spark i flew open my eyes, to glance at him atleast at that last time…how i wished that second to be frozen, only i knew….his hands in mine…me always beside him….only in his arms….and i opened my eyes, but my vision was so blurred, yet i stressed it to see him…in a tshirt drenched fully with my blood…and a funny pineapple printed in it with a quote ” i am different..”…and a pair of black diamonds ,shining and piercing my heart with its orbs…and that was all i could see before closing my eyes being pulled into the operation theatre………….” she stopped for a second and observed all three, they all just stood still not even blinking their eyelids, curious to know more..she smiled ,took in a deep breath and continued…:” they said that after a whole one and a half day ,i opened my eyes…all the while in a deeply unconcious state…..but only i knew how my legs begged me to make steps for my dreams in that state too and how eager they were to run around the world to find him and to be with him…

and the moment i opened my eyes, all i wanted to see was one and only him….but ,only the room’s vacuumness greeted me, when i opened them…my eyes watered finding him not before my eyes…then came into the room a young lady dressed as a nurse….and i with a hope that maybe she knew him or maybe he is standing out waiting to see me, bombarded her with my questions..i asked her :” where is he?”..she answered with a smile:” oh that handsome chunk..he left as soon as ur major operation was over and u were stated to be out of danger….he left in a hurry, saying that he had very a important work that he had left hanging for u…. “…radhika:” oh, do u know his name or who is he?”….i enquired..nurse:” no…he was not in a state to answer my questions…he was pretty tensed for u…but even i too felt so bad of not knowing his name…”…the nurse laughed….and u know , even though i could see that she was kidding just to make me feel light..i suffocated and wanted to strangle her too ,for eyeing my pineapple” radhika chuckled a dreamy one and mumbled ” was damn possessive..” and after a moment of silence she continued:” i was so disappointed and was in verge of breaking down, when my mind gave me an important point…i asked:”did he sign any register for me?…with his name and identity…” i could see her cocking up her brows and letting out a teasing smile ,that how i crushed my peanut brains even in that state to know him…to find him….but then she said in a very low consoling voice:” no, u see the local police were here for a criminal case, who’s victim was admitted here…and your man made a chaos to get u admitted quickly and caught their attention…so they themselves took ur case as it was an accidennt and signed for ur papers….u know ,he just sat in a chair unmoving, only his eyes were blinking and his lips were murmuring something, to name him alive for those 3 hours of your operation…..and u should have seen how happy he was when the elderly nurse informed him that u were out of danger, he just leaped and hugged her in a bone crushing one….thanked all of us….ran to the ganesha idiol, made a small prayer for u…ran again cleared all ur bills with ready cash and atlast took a glance of you, to make sure you were alright…..u were in deep slumber due to medications that time…and then he left the way he came, without any trace….”…she finished and left silently….now no one could stop me from breaking down, i thought…and now no one would be there to make me stand straight when i fall ,i thought and cried my heart out…but then i felt a motherly touch on my shoulder…i saw a elderly nurse ,with so much warmth and love that i instantly calmed down and looked straight into her eyes with my tear filled ones ,blinking at her..she smiled ,wiped my tears ,cupped my cheeks and said:” he hasn’t left u ,as u think dear…”..i gasped the way she had caught my heart’s thought…her smile widened at my gasping….smilingly ,she took out a neat folded chit from her pocket, opened my palm ,placed it in it and kept a rose flower on it…it was so beautiful…she said:”he left these for u…..u know i kept sprinkling water at this flower continuosly to keep it just as fresh as he gave, to show all his love and concern for u filled in it…

he took it from the temple of ganesha inside the hospital ,where he prayed for ur well being and told me that ganesha has granted his wish and that this flower is his blessings for you….” saying this the elderly nurse went out giving me privacy with my beloved chit…it was a note he wrote for me…it said:” Get well soon sweetheart..the world is waiting for you to do miracles in it….” which was undersigned with a stylish ‘A’…and that was all he left for me…but it was more than enough for me to chase him till the end of world..i smiled in my tears, hugged the chit to my heart and mumbled an oath that i will make wonders with the light he casted on me and would honour him…….and would scream his name everyday in my dreams that he would have no choice other than to come running to me himself..”…radhika chuckled that she has triumphed in her oath at last and continued:” u know father stephens right neil? well, that day he visited the hospital to bless the patients and came to me too….after hearing my story, he took me in his responsibility and sent me to sister maria and that’s how i ended up in your orphange and became ur chasni….after i got well ,i again started practising and father too supported my passion and helped me with my audition into ‘cannabara’ studio and from their ,i rose up to catch my dreams…and whenever i stood at any grave situation ,all i have to think and mumble was my pineapple and even the thought of his those piercing eyes would make me feel so protected and cared …..and i will from nowhere find my strength to fight the situation like he had asked me and the result of that, u know…..”…she showed them herself with a proud smile..and continued giggling:” and now i could understand ,why i feel so connected and calm with his books….in parts where everyone would bite their nails, thinking of the unfolding mystery in each succedding words, i have found myself staring at them with a amused smile blushing with the thought of the effect those thrillers had on me……and yes!!! i could understand why my heart raced when i saw him in road that day, which i stupidly ignored thinking of that ,as my excitement to have seen my all time favourite author.but when i saw his words in my diary ,my heart skipped a bit seeing their resemblence in my memory giving me a spark down my spine……if not for that stupid coolers and him standing like a statue not utttering a word that day, i wouldn’t have wasted this one year ” she complained to sam like a kid:” so, neil now is your doubt cleared?” radhika asked him…and neil just nodded with so much difficulty as he feared that he may break down anytime thinking that how his little chasni has gone through so much ,yet stood before him flashing her orderly white pearls at him…radhika took a deep breath and said:” if he hadn’t been there for me, i am not what i am today….he is my saviour…my guardian angle…my knight in shining armour….my pineapple… everything….without whom i am nothing….not even a dead corpse…”…radhika rolled her eyes to stop her tears that are trying to step out of her eyes in fear that what would have happened if she doesn’t find him ever…which has always been her major fear, to have to live a life without him beside her….but now ,all is set and she is not going to let him go ever again..and that now she didn’t want to be a cry baby but to cherish that she has finally found him….she saw sam and neil standing before her numb…sam was every now and then was wiping her tears with the back of her hand and with kajal all on her cheeks, with the story she just heard…feeling the deep ocean of love that radhika had stocked for her brother….while neil had tears in his eyes, but with a small yet bright smile that how much radhika loved arjun ,the deserving person….to whom neil wouldn’t even think for a second to give away his little radhika’s hand, as neil loved her so much being a non-blood related brother to her…and he was so happy that finally she has got her pineapple……

radhika studied their expressions for a second…..and walked towards arjun, who in all this never have moved an inch and who’s eyes were shadowed with tears ready to jump any minute, but just were looking for the right time…she took his cheeks in her hands ,stared down his deep black orbs into his heart and spoke:” arjun, i know i am no match for your status or your money or your good heart….but i can say u this one thing that, i love you arjun, one and only you and will always continue to do that till i have my soul and breath caged inside this flesh….will you….will you arjun mumble a yes for me? will you arjun ,make me yours forever by marrying me? will you arjun ,brand me yours and sign off yourself to me, that i have the right to chop anyone who dares to set eye on you? will you arjun ,let me be yours and only yours forever by being beside you ,for u to be the first and last thing i would see before and after closing and opening my eyes ,everyday and everynight? will you arjun?…”…she spoke those words with great difficulty as her cheeks had trials of her tears flowing again hitching her throat from speaking her heart… but for all this arjun stood still, and now the right time came….that the tears he had stopped in his eyes made their way down his cheeks, accepting the defeat of his male ego…that had always screamed that no one could love someone in this world like he loved her, while she solely shattered his ego ,with her deep brown orbs reflecting the depth of love she had for him……………………..


Waiting for your precious comments….love u all?…..

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  1. Myra

    Sree sweetheart…it was perfect…..i am overwhelmed…i dont even have words to express myself right now….
    arjun’s golden heart ❤ …..i literally had tears in my eyes at radhika’s proposal….
    Why it ending it so soon baby? Sad to hear that….i know you had planned to finish it when ardhika becomes open…but you know, why not extend it a bit to show ardhika and nesam’s life after…maybe?
    Love you loadssss……muah ?

    1. Sreee

      Awwwwww…di thank u so much for this lovely words and support…am forever indebted…anddi about ending…am so sorry di ,i have planned it to end in 7 shots…and i dont know if i could handle some more…sorrry for that..but i promise the next one will have more drama ( cant help it… ) to depict there love life…more like an epilogue…hope u would like ie…muahhh…lods of love di..chubby hugs?

  2. Brin

    This was beAutiful writ

    1. Brin

      Sorry was having some technical problem with the computer, anyway I wanted to say it was beautifully written but why end so soon, keep the story going, your doing fabulous writing, you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

      1. Sreee

        Thank u u..muahhhhh…?

  3. Kavina

    Sad that it is ending. Loved it

    1. Sreee

      Sorry for ending it di…thanks for ur support..muahh?

  4. Hi sreee…first part is dreamy and second is all emotional… Overall beautiful… Tc

    1. Sreee

      Thank u di..muahhh…love u???

  5. Dev

    Sree dat was an mindblowing proposal……n awesome reason 4 a person 2 live aftr she lost evry thing in life……
    Fab epi……love u lots tc

    1. Sreee

      Thank u di for ur overwhelming words….muahhhhh?

  6. Rossy

    End…soooo sooon….cutie pie why next is last chappy?? Want moreeeeee it was sooo emotional…rads talked in such miserable state,cool…lol..Arjun’s ego broke down but for good only…btw she proposed!!!!! I mean it’s a good change..waiting to know what will happen next

    1. Sreee

      Thank u for ur supporting lovely word and encouragement..i fel so lucky to have u guys..and di am so sorry about ending ….couldn’t help it honestly..hope u like the next one…love u loads…muahh..bear hugs????

  7. Sathya

    Hey sree why last chapter… It was the best proposal by rads. I too had tears in my eyes.. Yeah she broke male ego of arjun by blocking his heart in her own way. Fantabulous episode. Just try to continue dear… Love u ???

    1. Sreee

      Thank u so much akka…love u???

  8. Sammy

    wao so cute radz proposing him ..and the pineapple name is so cute ..but now you are ending it so soon ..this was really amazing ..ggod job lil one ..update next soon

    1. Sreee

      thank u di…for ur cute words…muahhhh…love u??

  9. Jessie

    Oh my chella kutty!!! Wat have u done with this chappy.. am crying.. yet happy.! How beautiful of the moment where she gets a hope of light when she is ready 2 give up..!!! I feel awesome..! Thanks..
    Its so emotional… U gave different angle 4 Arjun..A prsn with golden heart..! And Rads explaining abt her feel with his books..super.! I felt each n every word of Rads.. I read it twice.. dare 2 call my pineapple story a boring one…she did break his ego with her immense love..why last chappy.. will be good if u continue..
    If not…u give us another story…Bear hugs dear… loads of love n ?????????????????

    1. Sreee

      Akka…awwww am feeling so on moon..thank u soooo much fir ur lovely words and constant support..and seriously feel so guity of saying that i cant do anything more about its ending…sorry….love u loads akka…muahhh

  10. Jewel

    Radhika’s love story was very nice…. And emotional too… U describe that very nicely…. And for achange this time radhika proposed Arjun… Overall this chapter was supeb

    1. Sreee

      Thank u u….muahh???

  11. Sweetie

    Cutiiiiieeeeeeee…..Bigggggggggggg hug to you,love you cutie,I just loved it.. 🙂 I can’t say any further because I don’t have any words to describe how beautiful this chappy is written..Love you loads Cutie,take care of your health and do more masti in college because these days are really valuable.. 😀

    1. Sreee

      Thank u so much didi… u loads BHABHI???

  12. Loved Brownie’s proposal to her pineapple. Their whole journey was beautifully narrated made me connect with them. Amazing update Sree.

    1. Sreee

      Awww….di thank u so much for ur lovey words…love u…bear hugs???

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    Sreee this was magical… perfect emotional … you used the actual accident scene so well …all emotions were so perfect …this was just perfect ..this update made its way to my heart 🙂 million hugs for you 🙂

    1. Sreee

      Thank u di…am so glad u enjoyed it…love u…muahh?

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    Sreee darling.. Oh my god…m just literally shaking crying in happiness n r amazing.. This is amazing story i ever read of true love being exist still in the world… N u made me realize there is someone for us….u knw right now sooooo many emotions r flooding inside me…m really thankful u write this lovely story…. U r awsome dearyyy..pls next one soon.

    Loads of love to you!! Muhhaa

    1. Sreee

      Di plsss dont thank me….am so feeling on moon with your words….thank u so much for ur lovely words….i feel so lucky to have u..muahh…love u till infinity…..bear hugs????

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      Thank u so much di…am glad u liked it…love u…muahhh??

  16. _Ritu

    Sree dear…I m not getting words to describe ur this update ? it was fantabulous… It was lyk a complete paisa wasool update… Unconditional Love nd care.. really beautiful nd heart wrenching dear 🙂 I really admire sweetness icing in ur every update 🙂 bt why ending so soon.. No no dear I want to read more and more..plz fulfil my wish if possible…love and hope u have a rocking college lyf…these are the golden days of lyf…enjoy 🙂

    1. Sreee

      Thank u soo soo much for ur lovely words in each update..but di am so sorry..but u see i have already finished it, so cant do anything about it…di but i promise to come up with my os ,in my next free time….and that would be especially for my lovely di…..loads of love di…muahhhh….bear hugs?

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