manmarziyan – mr.pineapple and his browny…(chapter-2)

Am back sweeeties… chalo…lets enter into chapter 2…..WARNING ,u may find this a bit boring or messed up…but pls dearies for some time bear with me…..HAPPY READING…………..


It was a wonderful day with gentle breeze caressing his marblecut face, that brought a beautiful smile on his face…….a dreamy one…he remembered his first ever encounter with his browny….that’s how he call her, as he doesn’t know her name….but he thought this name suits her the best ,coz of her mesmerising brown hazel eyes that snatched his heart the very second his eyes met hers….inside the car, sam wanted to have a chirpy conversation with her brother…but seeing him smiling staring outside the window being in his own dreamy world, sam decided to keep mum….as these days her brother’s dreaming hours has increased drastically, that she has to shout at his ears at times to bring him back to earth…and obviously how could he not dream of her now ,when this same highway was the one where he met his love lady……yes, it was love at first sight for him….though he has criticized many love stories on that genre, naming them as stupidity…….yet now he himself was deep down in it…..and the most stupid thing in that is ,that he pitied himself as he knew he could no longer do anything and probably nothing in that matter…” silly me..” would be the words that would cross his mind, whenever he thought of his browny…but still he could never ever deny the fact of him being in love, himself….

Arjun was a big business tycoon….he was successful in running and taking his family business forward….but still he felt a empty space in his heart though he was showered with all love possible by his princess…and that hole was because ,he could never get on with his passion…his dream…and that is writing….he has always loved it…but was not able to do anything regarding that ,as he was busy managing their falling business…that shattered with his parent’s demise and he has to shoulder those responsibities in a very young age too…but when everything fell into its space…he decided to give his passion a blow….as he has always been in love with writing that when he has pen a in his hands and a white paper in his front…he would just forget this world and would enter into a mystical world of stories…..suspense thrillers was his favourite plot always…..blood churning stories always found their way down his pen…..but what made his stories stand unique were his justification of each character’s emotions in their own point of view and all with a tinge of reality which made his stories blockbusters…..and that’s why all the three books he wrote in a span of five years were a great success that two in them are bestsellers, while all the three have got good reviews from both critics and readers all over the world………….
And now he is all grateful to his passion… only through that, he got his browny….his chest would always swell up in pride, whenever he remembered that his browny was his huge fan, which he could make up with her chirpy voice that was in its top ,proving her excitement in standing before her favourite author and also with her brown hazels too that sparkled in joy….


Arjun was on his way to a NGO fundraiser fair that was held by mehra group of companies once in a year in remembrance of their parents wedding anniversary………

Exactly a year before…he was in the highway that connected their house with the sunshine chidren’s new home ,humming his favourite song when he witnessed a big traffic jam ahead him…. in a highway that should be actually impossible….but this one being an NH pouring into two big cities, and at a part where a six way road too merges with it, to open into the outskirts of mumbai and cities around and ahead of it……..that NH was very prone to accidents and hence, is all this diversions and timely traffics at times…but he never thought at that time that he would himself create a bigger traffic than the present one…..arjun stepped out of his car to enquire about the traffic and how long it would take to clear, as he very well knew that his beloved impatient sister would be waiting there for him ,turning into a big pressure cooker with his each second of delay, ready to burst open on him as for the first time in the human history she has reached a spot before him…

all thanks to neil!!!…….breaking his chain of thoughts ,he turned his head back to see what has made the girl he had just passed to squeal in her high pitched voice….and when he turned, he caught her all wide eyed and her mouth hung open gasping at him….she stammered and finally asked:” u r arjun mehra right?…the…the author of ‘ the forgiven laws’…” with her eyes ready to jump out of her eye socket anytime soon…..he just nodded a yes grinning, seeing many heads popping out of their cars to confirm her question, knowing that now he could not move from that place anytime sooner, no matter how hard he would try….as soon as he dropped a message to neil to handle his crazy sister, while he is going to be late…he was handed a pen and all his fans, mostly beautiful girls stood around him for his autograph….afterall they were the people who supported and encouraged his writing for it to turn into a reality rather than just being a dream… he decided to stay put…but soon he was flashed with many selfies….his cheeks pleading to the dark lipsticked lips to leave it….while he helplessly stood between them ….many even started proposing him for his toned body and mystically magnetising smile…

he stammered but maintained a friendly conversation with them….thank god to his coolers that had masked his eyes which have started pleading to those girls unstopping flirting as many made him truly uncomfortable….at last he let out a deep sigh seeing the slowly deserting crowd and the departuring of the flirty girls….he turned to move….but was stopped by a voice ever musical to him….sooo sweet…so angelic…soo chirpy….what?

wait, how could a voice sound all this at the same time?…he wondered…and turned around to face the heir of that ever melodious voice….but soon he turned into a frozen icy statue being encountered with the most beautiful pair of brown hazel eyes that looked straight at him, all the way into his soul….he thought, “was she any magical fairy with its piercing eyes, straight down from the heaven to reveal all his deep bounded secrets to the world, oh gosh i wish no”….but, he couldn’t jump into any conclusion at that time…as other than her hazel eyes, every other part of her face was covered by her light pink shawl of the salwar she wore that day, let alone for her long silky black hair that flowed down till her waist….she was so perfect with her womanly curves hidden by her cloths and was so in a hurry to get to her vehicle before ,others horn at she called out this time a bit louder than before :” sir!!!” bringing arjun out of his trance….she surely should have been travelling in her two wheeler that time, so in order to protect her pretty face and its milky skin from pollution she would have covered it, he thought…….. as he could think, nothing other than her, and he at that time even became an active naturalist cursing humans for polluting mother earth, or else she wouldn’t have covered her angelic face blocking it from his view, right?

he argued within himself……and he simply nodded his head signalling her to go ahead….her eyes sparkled on his nodding and she extended a small pocket diary that she had in her hands seeing the pen in his hands and said:” am ur very big fan sir…always have loved the ways u have portrayed ur character’s views and justification..and ur ” th undestined rule…”is my favourite and that girl daisy…really is multilayered….wowww” she exclaimed…all the while ,all arjun could manage was one of his mesmerizing smile accepting her words as he was so much disturbed with those hazels of hers…and being have finally signed ” Always with more mysteries – Arjun mehra” his favourite quote he returned her the diary and she extended her beautifully nailpainted hands with great respect to receive it….her eyes again sparkled with it and she ran away chirping a musical thank you to him….arjun too unanimiously turned and headed towards his car being so lost in her brown orbs ,that robbed his heart in just a matter of seconds even without his permission and ran away without even another word…his heart ached to have been suffering that unbeareable distance from his two minutes old browny…he widely grinned at his own crazy thoughts with a deep sad sigh of not finding her anywhere, when he turned around to check for her ,one last time………

But he wasn’t aware of the fact…..that his browny too jerked and stopped in midst of her way…again and again examining those words standing in the middle of the road..her eyes watering ,relishing a memory that gave her the light of her life…she breathlessly turned to eye the author of those words only……. to find him long gone from his place….she walked towards her vehicle all heavy hearted thinking of the unknown reason that pierced her……….but her heart knew what had happened to her there…and what it had found there………………………………………..


was it good?….i really don’t know, feeling like it was not up to its mark…..again a short one? i know, but wait till next updates…..and to ur kind information(a good one!!!), this is just a short story and would end with seven chapters, to be exact….so pls drop your precious comments sweethearts… u all (loads)????…….gummiebear hug….muahhhhh…take care…keep smiling………..

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  1. Jessie

    Awesome cover pic sree.. superb.. fantastic n marvellous.. I had no idea u wud be writing this good explaining each expression n thought with utmost perfection..Sam wud be like pressure cooker lol n Arjun became active naturalist jus coz she covered herself from pollution..sema..?this is a fraction of sec kinda thought.,bt u made it all lively with ur words.. love it.. eager 2 know d Rads know him b4? It’s true..passionate d power 2 satisfy our mind n soul.. hugs 2 u lil sis…

    1. Jessie

      Typo..passionate illa. Passion has d power..

    2. Sreee

      Akka thank u sooo much for ur lovely words….this means really a lot to me…am just so glad that u liked it…..u will see about rads Akka..soon… u…?…bear hugs…???

  2. Sammy

    It is so beautiful …so sweet …all the time I was doing a big Aww …I mean cutenesss overloaded …just waiting for their 2nd meet ..and your title justify your as…the picture of update was also very cute a days iam going nuts for ardhika 🙂 🙂

    1. Sreee

      Thank u didi….i think we all r their nuts only….lol… u….muahhh???

  3. Rg2015

    Hey sree it was soooooo sweet and romantic. How can u call it boring. I loved d way they met. For both fell in love together.

    1. Sreee

      Di u found it romantic…awww..thank u…i think the further updates too will tel that…i hope so….hehe…nervous u see..muahhhh..didi love u..

  4. kumkum bhagya

    oh such nice one i like this.for more detail please visit my blog site

    1. Sreee

      Thank u kkb….???

  5. Sweetie

    Aww my cutie!! Awesome..Yaar tumhara bhai ko itna mat praise karo yaar,mera dil mein kuch kuch hota hai dear.. 😉 Lovely meeting of Mr.Pineapple and his browny..Love at first sight,not bad haan.. 🙂 Love you loads..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Sreee

      Ohhh di….thank u..aur picture toh abhi suru huyi ah…still icing of my sorry sorry ur pineapple is there…aur aap aise sharmarage tho mei apko didi se bhabhi banlungi…what say?..awww didi nai nai bhabhi ???itne blush abi hi hui toh..iske bath?????…oh my..aur rads ki anke kaha chali gayi…tour?…she calling bhai devil…aur aap bhi ,usse chodh diya isse hi… bad bhabhi?……love u BHABHI…….?????…….muahhhhhhh…aur hugs mein nahi karungi…uskeliye toh apki kuch kuch hai??????

      ( and didi ,i really hope i haven’t crossed the line or made u uncomfortable.. all wa for fun di..hope u didnt mind….if yes na..sorry..cute apology..???)

      1. Sweetie

        Cutie!! Firstly NO Sorry,alright??You didn’t cross any line..You even don’t know how my other friends tease me on the name of Arjun,if ever you read those chats you’ll faint for sure.. 😉
        OMG!! Icing abhi baaki hai!!!Thab mera kya haal hoga,bhagawan hi jaane.. 😀 Rads ki ankhen tour nahin gaye,you’ll know the reason why she calls him devil very soon.. 🙂
        Love you lots cutie…And don’t say sorry again..Bye.. 🙂

    2. Sreee

      Di one small help can u tell me where u read scandal in spring?..i wanna read but no nonsense download link is helping me…plss

  6. Rossy

    Awwww….choooooooo chweettttttt my sreeee…dare to call it boring ?? m wondering u people have so beautiful talent yet u hide it…why??? Each every emotions nailed perfectly…brownie ,I like very much…Arjun’s natural activists role inside is a cherry on top…just write more n more…cuteness. N sweetness. Overload…update sooon.. N did u read dark??? How is it??

    1. Sreee

      Thank u didi….oh my god, am glad that joke worked…haha..and didi u being a member ,pls check ur notifications..i replied for ur dark yesterday.. and di plssss read it…plsssss…love u…muahhhh…bear hugs..।???

  7. Lakshmi05

    Amazing sree…arjun’s dreaming hours…lol…loved their first meet..cover pic is soo cute..waiting for next one…. Luv u…tc…

    1. Sreee

      Thank u so much di….love u???

  8. Dipika

    Wowwwwww ohhhh my gooodddness.. Sreee this is perfect n outstanding… I just loved each n everything yarr…their first meet is so magical..oh m still in tht traffic jam seeing thir first meet..just marvelous… M fallen already for this story… Loads of love.. N nxt one soon..i can’t wait more

    1. Sreee

      Thank u so much for ur lovely words overwhelmed…thank u so much..muahhhhh…love u???

  9. _Ritu

    Sree I love u dear…Ur updates are full of fun cuteness calmness..they are heart soothing…Arjun cursing himself for polluting earth jst bcoz he was not able to see her face lol 😀 🙂 their meet was out of the world and so was ur update..dare u call it boring 🙂 I jst loved the epi..beautifully narrated cuteness overloaded…Arjun is a writer here..a different and interesting try dear.. 🙂 update nxt

    1. Sreee

      Didi thank u so much gor ur beautiful words…i am glad u liked it…..a tight kiss in ur chubby cute u..?????

  10. interesting …..amazing episode……eagerly waiting next one………tc

    1. Sreee

      Thank u so much..di love u???

  11. Myra

    It was perfect sweetie :’)

    1. Sreee

      Thank u didi..muahhhh…love u?

  12. Brin

    Outstanding episode, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sreee

      Thank u do much sweetheart …ove u???

  13. Beautiful is all I can say…♥♥

    1. Sreee

      Thank u ….love u for ur lovely words di..?

  14. Adu.nupur

    Beautiful episode dear, it’s not at all messed up, too good, post soon:)

    1. Sreee

      Thank u sweet nuppy…love u..

    2. Sreee

      Thank u so much…love u..???

  15. So beautifully written that I got lost in the magical world of ir words. This was more than amazing. Loved it

    1. Sreee

      Thank u so much…love u..???

  16. Jnana

    Just wow…. It was as if it was filming in front of me. Again Arjun’s fav pink… Arjun’s eagerness to see her face and cursing people for pollution.. Was awesome is all I can say. I don’t know about Arjun’s, but your writing is marvellous

  17. Awesome episode, love you loads

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