Manmarziyan-Missing Pieces Part 1 – Episode 1

INTRO about ME:
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…I am Renu,..I used to post episode analysis during MMZ days but then I missed TB completely after a week of MMz closure,..I think so,…I loved some of my friend’s writing here like Kfar,Thena,Natasha,….But missed their stories too,…Today I came here by accident as i felt somewhat stressed,..So, I decided to scribble something on my one and only love birds Ardhika,…And I am not a Writer and in fact not good at writing,…Its easy for me to analyse a written or telecasted episodes but writing something is hard for me,…still, I tried something on my ardhika,…This is my first ever trial of writing A short story on ardhika,….So,please lemme know u like it or not,…so,that I will proceed further,…And please Excuse me for many grammatical errors here and there,…
I don’t wanna start a fresh and I personally felt that MMz original track was changed after lonovla trip with Nandhini and Saral’s Entry.So,I decided to write missing parts after Episode 64 -Radhika’s accident and after completing the above said missing part, I will continue with next missing parts if and only if u people liked it.

Episode 1 of My First Missing part (Epi-65):
Arjun entered the ICU with huge heart after hearing Doctor’s statement. His heart beats faster remembering his promise to radhika that he wont let anything happen to her. He remembered their cute moments earlier in the lonovla trip.He came near Radhika and shouted her to wake up from her sleep which is hurting him like a knife on his neck.He started revealing his intention by holding Radhika’s hands.

Arjun: Radhika, Wake up and don’t sleep,…Why u saved me radhika by risking your life and I am not worth of your concern radhika.I am bad and I always lives in dark radhika,..U asked me the reason for hurting Sam na,I ll tell u the reason now,..Yes u are right ,I din love her and Her tears are the medicine for my deep wounds. U said na that one cant get happiness from other’s tears but her tears are the ly left over medicine for my wounds.But I cant see you hurt in these radhika,…Please wake up radhika,…

Saying so Arjun’s tears fall on radhika and Radz got consciousness by moving her hands,…with that arjun stopped his confession and tried to wake up radhika.He kissed her hands seeing her gaining consciousness and held her chins to make her open her eyes slowly,..
Right then Arjun heard the sound of someone opening the room door,…He was shocked to see SAM there,…After seeing SAM there, He left radz chin and had a puzzled look on his face turning his back to radhika,who opened her eyes slightly,…

Sam: Arjun,What happened to radhika?? Is she fine??
Arjun: Hmmm,She is here…U take care of her,…I ll b in few minutes,…

With that Arjun left the ICU Room,…Sam who stood still seeing radz condition,…turned her back and cried for few min before reaching her Bestie,Radz was blinking her eyes slowly as wound on her head causes her pain while opening her beautiful eyes,…. then Sam reached her friend and teased her for talking continuously even after huge accident and both the girls had some light moments,…And radz who accused arjun earlier said that He is nice guy and cox of him ly she was alive,….After hearing these words from radhika, sam was in cloud nine.

And she called Neil and informed him that radz is fine and also Arjun’s help by saving radz soul,…Neil on hearing those words cried his heart at the other end whose silent screams were not heard at this end,…Neil was happy that his chasni was fine and sad that his love went far away from him.Sam then urged him to come to hospital and neil informed her that he will be there within an hour with Teji,change-mangu(zubin and krithika)

Arjun who went to consulting room, had a chat with doctor heard that radz need a complete rest for 10- 15 days and doctor asked him to sign the formalities but before signing he excused himself from the consulting room witnessing Sam nearby talking on the phone outside the consulting room.He crossed Sam silently and reached the Ganesh Idol in the front corridor of the hospital remembering radhika’s accident which is like a nightmare for him,…

Then he went to radhika’s room where radz trying to sit with the help of pillows on the other side but was helpless due to heavy pain in her abdomen,…She screamed in pain,..Right then arjun rushed towards radhika and hold her shoulder and kept the pillow by her side and makes her sit comfortably.(background music: Kwaishon pe likhi)Radz who was surprised to see this new arjun , stared him without blinking her eyes.then arjun continues his banter on radz.

Arjun: U are really a fool radhika,If you want to get up u could have called me or sister here,..why you stressed yourself as stitches in the abdomen will hurt you na,…
Radz: no sir,Sam is there to help me but she went just now to attend neil’s,ly I tried to wake up myself.And it din hurt me heavily,…
Arjun: stop ur nonsense radhika,…next time if u tried to do sth like this,….I will never help you understand,…And you will be all alone,…
Radz: Sir,why you are so tensed,…nothing happened to me,…And sir,..Thank you very much for saving my life again and,…
Arjun: Stop it radhika,…I already said na next time u tried sth like this,….
Radz: but sir,I din do anything and why u r scolding me,….
Arjun: u know,U have spoiled my car seats,….
Radz:don’t worry sir next time I ll keep the towel beside me to clean the blood strains,…Pinky Promise,…
Arjun: I think this operation makes you further stupid,….

Then Both arjun and radhika had intense eyelock with concern and affection,…Right then Sam came inside calling chasni,which makes them to break their eyelock and Arjun stood up facing sam and sam,who wants to talk with arjun was interrupted by Teji,Zubin,krithika and neil,….Everyone entered the ICU with huge noise which makes Doctor to shout at them to get out leaving one or two here with radz,..Arjun,went out first following sam,teji,zubin and krithika to leave the room,…Neil who was concerned about his chasni felt hurt seeing his friend like this,…

Neil: chasni,what’s this yaar,… how it happened yaar??
Radz: nothing big neil,arjun sir saved me,…so,I am alright ,….
Neil:chasni,be careful yaar,…this time arjun was there so,he saved u,…next time if anything happened to you when you are alone,….what we will do yaar?,…promise me that you will b careful hereafter,…
Radz:neil,…don’t worry,…And I ll b careful from now,…OK,…pinky promise,…
Radhika and neil held their fingers linked with big smile doing their pinky promise,…

Right then Arjun who wants to take his wallet which he kept in the ICU came inside noticing radz and neil’s little finger bonding,…and screen freezes on arjun’s jealous face.

Precap: Arjun told sam that whatever he did earlier was wrong and these two days brought a big change in him cox of Radhika and he wants to start a fresh beginning from now

P.S: I hope you people will like it and I will continue the next episode based on your reviews guys as I am not confident on my writings,…

Credit to: Renu


  1. Rg

    Wow renu. Thank u so much for writing it from there. I would really like u to continue from here. As nandini track really changed a things a bit. Plz write more. I love it.

  2. Ameena❤

    Heyyy renu….wow yaar….I think u r lying that it’s the first time writing…u r an professional writer….I read ur comment’s on #DYM comment section….they r just soo sweet like you…love you…??
    One lovee?

    • renu


      Loved your WU dear,…And i read your Hamdard,…Its really nice dear,….& m Glad that you loved this,…Its my pleasure deary,….Love you too sweat heart,…

      • Ameena

        heyyyyyy renu….thanquuuuu soooooo much for reading humdard….if u have time then come on my page to chat ith me….sorry for asking…I’m asking tooo muchhh…ik u r busy….love u and thanks a lot for replying…

        One lovee

  3. nisha

    Hey renu wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow dear

    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much .

    You may be not know me because when manamrziyaan is on I visit page and read your analysis.
    I am a silent reader at that time.
    And when it got off air I came here.

    U know its all manmarziyaan magic what makes you visit here. Kab tak apne dil ko samjhaatee dear.

    Ye dil kahan kisi ki sunta hai.

    kabhi naa kabhi toh aana hi tha

    I sent my comment at that time too once or twice on ur comment. I loved the convo between arjun and radz yaar the accident scene is fantastic choosen by you .

    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much renu.

    You don’t know how much I respect you dear. and How much I love u . In start of my ff and in my comments I state earlier your name too sometime I find ur name another persons too but very happy to see your name here.

    well I want to ask you something dear. Would you like to make me your friend. tell me.

    Its always a pleasure to be your friend. . Luv u by heart. Always smiling.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    • renu

      nisha,….What to say yaar,….Thank you soooooooo much for your love,….

      You are asking me permission for being my friend,…Not fare dear,…You are always my friend though i missed your earlier comments,It doesnt mean i missed u deary,….

      Its my pleasure to b friend with you all dear,…I like your last line ‘once a friend always a friend’

      Take care sweat heart,…& M really blessed to make you enjoyable thru my FF dear,….Next time no formalities,…OK,….

    • Ameena❤

      Hey deepa…where were you????….I misser you from bottom of my heart….seriously where were you???…..nd ur story….where??…why???…how???…a river of questions is flowing in my mind…plzzz reply…nd updatr ur story….I still remember it from my heart….love u..??
      One lovee?

      • Hi ameena,hru Dr….me too missing many of our mmz friends yaar, I vll try to continue story as soon as possible Dr….till then keep loving U all…. Miss U all buddiesss…love U allllll

    • manha

      Deepa where were u? We really missed u n where is our ardhika’s crazy love. Plz take time n update story yaar. Waiting here. Plz. Plz.

      • Hi manha sure I vll upadte it yaar,but pls wait for some days vll U Dr….l knw that I din update crazy story for more than one month…..and again am asking U all to wait….but sure by next week or afttat I vll try to give U all 3 epi pper day yaaar tis is my promise to U all buddiesss….love U Dr…

      • manha

        Are yaar sach me. Ye toh triple bonanza hoga. Im eagerly waiting for it dear. Tumne toh hame crazy kar diya apni story se. Loveeeee u.

    • Roma

      Hi deepa dear, where you have gone sweetie, I’m still waiting from loooong time for ardhika’s crazy love story and rads new bold n modern avataar. …plz update the story soooooooon my dearrrr…love you loads and very tight hug,

  4. Ananya

    Hai renu u are back with awesome story. U may not know me. I used to read all ur comments in dym pages. Plz continue.. U r fantastic… Take care..

  5. Kitty

    It was intresting nd ew r nd most imp yr ew are a nyc writer so don’t fell that ew can’t write luved it buddy go ahead….luv ew…<3

  6. shaki

    Its beautiful!! I love it. I was and am a huge fan of ardhika.. But I stopped commenting after it end. And I’m happy to see this story written by you to live again in those beautiful memories of ardhika. Thanks again!! 😀 if you continue this I’ll be sure to read and give feedback. Keep up the good work.

  7. rasha

    Renu its really gud .you said correct yaar.they suddenly changed tha wholesubject of mmanmarziya for trp I plzzzz continue vth ths misssed piece.its really gud to wishes.

  8. manha

    Renu i really missed u. I know u don’t know me as i was a silent reader. But i used to see all ur comments. I loved them all. Truly ur reviews, analysis they r just fabb. Now this is like my dream come true. I was wishing some one to write story after lonavla accident. As the original story really changed after it. But now i am in cloud nine n when i saw the intro n from where the story willbe started automatically tears rolled down. I am crying now also but trying hard not to cry. Oh i lovee u. I loved this one. U r not writer u r like an angel. But plz write regularly. Plz i don’t want to miss it. Plz plz plz . Loveeeee u lots n lots.

    • renu

      oh my gosh,…Manha,..Ur comment brought me back my hidden tears of happiness dear,…

      I am glad that you liked this FF and Sure,i will update this FF regularly at least thrice in a week dear,…

      Love you too dear,….Take care my friend,…

  9. viji

    Hey..u wrote what was expected after lonovala trip..a pure love story…I’m happy that u tried to write something after lonovala…thank u so much for new fan fiction that too on ardhika…

  10. nisha

    Hey deepa where were you dear. Really miss u a lot. where had you gone and update yours also dear waiting. Really missing u a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

    Love u by heart. Dear Always smiling . Tight hugs for u dear.

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    • Hello Nisha my lovely girl….hru hope aft long time am back to this page…. Miss U all my deariessss….a tight hug for u all….hope ur all safe….and sure my buddy I vll continue the story as soon as possible..loved ur story too yaar
      .it’s very very amazing….

      • daizy

        Hey deepa… r u dear……..its been really long to see u here…….really miss u alot…..n plzz update ur fanfic dear……its been almost a month u posted the last one…plzz come back again…….we r waiting for u

  11. Hareem

    Heyyyyy renu dear u r amazing… awesooooooooooooooome epi..loved it dear..

    Keep writing n don’t stop it ….
    kEEp smiling always

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  12. jade

    Hey Renu.. this story is awesome!! Loved it. You should really start to be confident about your writing skills cuz your writing skills are awesome. Just keep updating it regularly.
    Loads of Love dear… :-*

    • renu

      thank you so much deary,…

      And sure,…I will try to update regularly,…I had initial hesitation as it’s my first try na,…And m glad that you people liked it,….

  13. nisha

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  14. renu

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,….

    I am glad that you people liked this Missing pieces.Yesterday i came here to read some Fan fiction on ardhika to relax myself after a long break as i was stressed and under depression cox of chennai floods,..Now I am in my native,…So,thought of giving a short break for my present sufferings and watched some ardhika scenes in my lappy and finally landed here which makes me to write my scattered thoughts on my ardhika,…

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much dudes,…It brings me tears while reading your comments as i thought you people might have forgotten me cox of my long break,…but u proved me wrong by ur love friends,…M really lucky to have friends like you all guys,…

    Thank you cha,Ritu,Rg,Nima,Hayathi,Ameena,nisha,deepa,manha,Ananya,Kitty,Hari, Shaki,Rasha,Roshini, Viji,..

    Again I was hesitated how to give a proper shape to my scattered thoughts due to lack of knowledge in writing fictional stories,…And finally decided to write whatever running in my little brain,…Which led to post this FF dearies,….

    And I will try to update this missing pieces regularly at least thrice in a week yaar,…I hope i will make you enjoyable through this missing pieces,….

    • Hareem

      Hey Renu dear….r u from Chennai…???
      How r u know …were u affected by the flood..nd is u n ur family is alright..???

  15. Shub

    Hi Renu, welcome back!! You may not know me. I was a silent reader. I loved your analysis. Glad u R back to writing. This plot is really good, where u hv started. Look forward to reading ur next chapter. Please keep writing!!!

  16. nisha

    Hey deepa waiting on my pge dear. because tell me experienced or non experienced really need to know and share your name on google baba do tell dear all already came and waiting for u eagerly . I mentioned your name in sooooooooooooooooooooooo many comments but don’t know where you go.

    Come fast derayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and share your beautiful meaning of ur name

    Renu sweetheart whenever you read , visit dear. You also came on and tell us ex or non ex and check your name on google baba .

    Love u both by heart and always loving u by heart. Deepa eagerly waiting for seeing urs name for quite a days

    and same happened to Renu eagerly waiting to see urs name too dear. I see a renu on swasan fanfic and I am asking like are you the same from manmarziyaan and doesn’t get the answer.

    Well I am very happy to read ur name here dear. Love u by heart.

    Always loving u both deepa and renu.

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  17. hiii renuuuuuuuu
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    n coming to story …ur writing is as always as rocking…i like it very new epi whch missed frm mmz…. abig thank you for updating such nice n awesome epi….keep going dear…waiting for nxt epi….rads is so innocent…arjun as alwys rocking…..i like that he got jealous…hehe…update soon dear

    • renu

      hey dipika,how r u dear???

      I missed u too yaar,….I told u na that my college friend name too dipika,….& its nice to see u all again dear,…

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    • Roma

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    • renu

      Sooooooo sweat of u dear,…& m glad that u like this start,…

      & sorry for making u all wait yaar,….due to some circumstances in my life,i dinn try to write any short story or FF dear,….

      I will try to update thrice in a week yaar,…

  20. Roma

    Hi renu dear, I was looking for you from looooooong time…and asking other TU/mmz friends about you, if anybody know where are you…I was silent reader of mmz at that time, I’m really unknown to you…I read WU of last epi of mmz and it’s 2074 comments, there I read your comments too, I was totally lost in all these lovely comments, then I watched n read WU of mmz on Internet and read all comments…I loved your comments soooooooo muchhhhhh. …only for your review I read it again and again, now I’m just a huge fan of youuuuu, mmz and all these FF’s and following all stories continuously…

    It’s really very exciting you came back and started this ff from after rads accident, this was really a turning point in ardhika’s life and you captured this in your story very nicely…arjun’s state of mind shaken by radhika’s selflessness…he opened his heart in front of her to bring her back in life…n she gained conciousness…tears rolled out of my eyes…then Sam n rads convo n later ardhika’s convo was soooooooo awesoooooome. ..loved it to the core..

    You are really talented dear, can’t believe I’m talking to you…you’re amazing writer and I really looooooooove youuuuuuuuu soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..plzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug to you my sweetheart…muaaaaahhhhhh

    I feel really depressed after knowing chennai flood incident…I hope all the people be safe and sound with this mother nature’s disaster…and get their lives back to normal soon..I know it’s hard but I’m praying for all who lost their loved ones and property in this disaster…

    Sorry if I hurt anybody, love you loads all my deariiiiiiieeess. ..

    • renu

      Roma,…Really u analysed this written episode well yaar,…I never imagined that u all will like this fictional episode,…

      & My heart overwhelmed with joy after reading your comment despite my present scenario,…

      Thank you soooooooo much dear,…Love you too,….

  21. I think u may not B knowing me coz I was the earlier mmz commenter …. Aftr few days i dint coment on mmz coz i was busy …. And ya I knw u …. I have seen 2-3 comments of urs ….

    Do u really think u r not a good writer ??

    This was the joke of the year dear …. Coz u brought back those magical moments …. Even more interesting dear …..

    And I hope u don’t make Sam hate radz ok … PLZ make her understand herself tht arjun lives radz by some other situations and let her make radz realise rad’s love for Arjun …. And simultaneously let radhu make Sam realize sam’s love for Neil …. Hope u WIL take my suggestion …. I am not forcing u dear just a suggestion …. U can write ur own story ….

    Dnt knw many mmz later commentors knw me …

    So thank u for bringing mmz back …. Even ameena started bringing hamdard today ….

    Hope u update regularly ….

    Looking forward …..

    Take care … Wer r u from? As a frnd I asked … If u have no issues then do reply me …. If not no prob …

    Love you to the core …

  22. Roma

    Hi renu dear, i forgot to mention about rads n Neil convo, it was so cute with pinki promise n arjun’s jealous face was hilarious…this is what we really missed in the show itself and you are capturing everything here, it’s mind blowing….I’m blessed to read you again…I’m so overwhelmed seeing you back…may Allah bless you and give you all the happiness n success in the life…sorry for long comments but I can’t help it….I love you alllllllllll deariiiiiiieeess sooooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

  23. Natasha

    Im not believing myself. Im still pinching myself. Ur back renu!

    and im so happy that u still remember me and i came know it after reading ur first lines. Ur analysis is superb. Im remembering the days when u used to write about manmarziyan episode. Renu i have no words to say how happy im knowing that u consider me as ur friend.

    And renu im still writing that story. Its name is where is heart there is life.

    I wish others like happy, mitty, abi, sonamohan, ireena to come back too. Missing them so much.

  24. renu

    Devga,..i remembered u via mitty,happy,…But never had a chance to read your comments then,….

    & at first, i just wanna fill the gap between the accident scene & Sam-arjun proposal night,..But then i rem an article during mmz end that the original plot was not carried out by the cvs due to TRP pressure and that’s the reason for this show closure,….

    But one thing I want to give credit to cvs that mmz is the ly serial which got good dialogues and good scenes which i will never change in my FF,…I even use the same scenes but the situation may differ,…The entry of Saral may b valid but Nandhini is not at all needed after accident,…The cvs wasted many good episodes by giving more screen space to saral and nandhini,…& one big disappointment in mmz is that they dinn show radz achieving her dreams till end,….which is the main reason for me to follow this serial as i too was same like her,…I wanna pursue my dreams before becoming someone else’s,…

    Next they reduced Neil’s screen space,..but here Neil will be the one to play an important character in both Ardhika and Nesam love story,…. U will see the neil which i want him to be on my TV screen,…
    & I cant change sam’s character as i analysed her so much as she will dance acc to the other’s tunes and its needed some time for sam to realize her love for neil ,her infatuation for arjun and her ignorance towards her bestie’s worth.SO,i decided to take the story accordingly without changing the main storyline,…

    I decided not to disclose this as it will reduce ur interest and there will be some twist and turns then and there accordingly which i cant disclose now yaar,…

    I hope you ppl will like this Pieces,….

  25. renu


    I am fine yaar and i was escaped from flood as i came to my native place with my parent’s insistence for relaxation as my exams were there,…& Devga,,…I am in Anna Nagar yaar,…

    But really speaking its very awful experience yaar,…We spent nights without electricity and food,..I usually afraid of darkness(Achluophobia) and no water in our flat,…In fact we bathed and used the rain water in the terrace,…& its irritating to walk in the rain/flood water on the road yaar,…

    & we are safe now,…Just some mental stress yaar,…I hope i will b fine after sometime,…. But heard that my relatives were suffered much in kanchipuram with water fully occupied their ground floor. Thanks for your concern guys,…

    • renu

      sry 4 grammatical errors as i couldnt type yaar,..Hope u understand and another thing is i cant reply for your comments often yaar,..It doesnt meant that i ignore u guys as ur comments alone makes me to write further yaar,…

      As my exams were nearer and i already have ly few books and my lappy alone to prepare so,will update this FF regularly in my free time yaar,…and will read all your lovable comments which means me a lot,…Miss u all guys,.

    • manha

      Yes we all heard it but u were in the situation so i understand how bad memory it would be to u. But don’t worry when everything goes fine u will feel more better. Just praying for all the people out there.

      U gave the characters explanation. I agree with u. Neil didn’t get enough space n neil-radz friendship was also not shown. There were probably 2 to 3 scenes of them after accident. Nandu’s entry was not needed. And the love story which could be shown between arjun n radz was just ignored n got them married. Radz dreams were kept away. So many flaws. But u can make it correct n give us a superb experience which i could cherish forever. And i am pretty sure abt it. Ya i heard in some of their ivs that the original track was changed for some reason. Whatever they were upto we payed heavily by loosing our superb show. And it can’t be brought back. I really miss it. Thank u once again for this. Loveeee u.

  26. Samiha

    Oh my God! It’s actually Renu! At last you are back… You might not believe me but I actually was waiting for you… And the most surprising and unbelievable fact is that when I only read the title “MISSING PARTS” , I had guessed that it was you… I am so glad to have you dear… It’s been long you commented on TU. And about the story: It’s just marvelous, I had hoped someone would continue the story from Lonavla… And you matched the story perfectly… Your writing skills are awesome dear, so of course, we all would heartily want you to continue your story… Love you loads… 🙂

  27. shaki

    Sure..!! We all are waiting for the next “piece” 😀 super excited. Feeling like I’m in another world again. I missed this feelings I got because of mmz. I’m not an indian but I loved this series. Because I love the feeling that mmz gave me. It was out of this world. Even though I’m back in reality after watching it. it still feels like I’m in a different world . So thanks again renu for giving me a chance to love back those days. Thankiuj

  28. daizy

    Hey renu dear…..really very happy to see u here……..we always used to miss u…….its so good to get a fan fiction written by you……..u might not know me but i was a silent reader when u used to post comments on tu…….n i really loved ur analysis on manmarziyan episodes…a warm welcome to u on fan-fiction……..n u have started the story from radhika accident point from original track……..i really wished the story wud hav been something different…..ur story seems to be interesting……loved to see arjun caring about rads…..u r going on right track… keep writing…..looking forward for ur next updates…….

  29. aastha

    Oh renu its been a looooooooooooooong time since I heard anything f u.tanku 4 starting te nw ff.i lkd it…….dnt hesitate to write bcoz we all lve ur writng….. .. … plzzzzzzzzz update nct part sooooooon

  30. nisha

    Hey samiha dear, how r u , mIssing u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear.

    Love u soooooooooooooooooooo much. Where have u been. Love u keep smiling .

    Once a friend always a friend.

  31. Renu its gud tht U remember me …

    I am missing Mitty and happy …. Dnt knw Wer they r …. Hope they WIL come back …..

    And dear I am happy knowing that u r ok …. Take care … And it’s really very scary the way news channels show in and around Chennai hw it is affected with this flood …. I think ur exmz r postponed right .. Anyways all the best …. Evn I may not B available for a few days coz got my exmz …

    Love u …. Inspite of such stress u came here and made us smile …. I WIL thank u for this dear ….

    B happy and healthy …..

  32. sree

    renu ur episode is nice dear..i liked it alott.u used to come to desitv box page na?
    @nisha,roma,anwesha,devga,natasha,ameena how are u all?missing u all alot.
    @deepa how r u?where are u?eagerly waiting for ur upadate..missing u alot dear love u so much

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.