Manmarziyan-Missing Pieces Part1 – Episode 10

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…This episode will be an emotional one,…. I hope you all will enjoy this emotional ride,… As usual Excuse my grammatical errors here and there,…

Episode 10 of Manmarziyan-Missing pieces Part 1:

In Radz room,

Radz:Dadaji,I dunno why u are asking these questions suddenly,…But,Its my pleasure to answer all your queries,…I never want to hide anything from you dadaji,…you are my soul dadaji,…I can do anything for you dadaji,…U know this very well right,…Then why such questions dadaji???,…There’s nothing like that to hide sth about Arjun Sir from You dadaji,…I didn’t get suitable time to share dadaji,…And Arjun sir is my superior as well as boss,..Sam loves Arjun sir,…He is good at heart and sometimes act as rude, Impolite person,…He saves my life twice without considering anything,.. That’s it,..What else you wanna know about arjun sir from me?Dadaji,…

Dadaji noticed Radz facial expression during her talk about Arjun,..Then he began

Dadaji:Twice???,..U said only once na?,…I mean Arjun saved you from this accident alone na,…I don’t think you mentioned me earlier about the other,…M I right, choti ???
Radz:Haan,Dadaji,…I slipped in swimming Pool in Kandla Hotel before accident occurred,..
Dadaji: Oh my god!!,…U don’t know to swim na,…Hmmmm,Now,I understood,…So,Arjun saved you from the pool,…
Radz:hmmm! Dadaji,…
Dadaji:Ok!,…Why arjun saved u all the time?,…Where were your other friends???
Radz: Dadaji,..The answer for this question is bigger,…But I will try to answer all your questions truly upto my knowledge,…I already said na, Sam loves Arjun sir,…But I saw Arjun sir with Bonnie,who also working in our office,…She only trapped me in that Maybeline newyork –Chirag case dadaji,..U remember na that u said ,We have to find the proof to prove our self sometimes,…So,While collecting proof with Teji to prove my innocence, I found Arjun sir with Bonnie and I understood Arjun sir never loves Sam and he is cheating sam for some other reason,..I dunno what it is,…
Dadaji:So,U said everything about Arjun to sam na,..
Radz: Exactly dadaji,…Sam trusted me as I am her Bestie na so, she broke up with Arjun sir,…Arjun sir didn’t stop there dadaji,He hurt sam badly,…Sam and neil went to Lonovla after this incident,…Arjun sir again planned to hurt sam dadaji,…So,I decided to stop arjun sir along with Teji, Zubin and krithika,…We all went along with arjun sir on an official trip to lonovla,…
Dadaji: Oh! Then you just tried to separate sam and Arjun,..So,You chased him on this official trip,…Why beta? Why are you hurting yourself for Sam? How long you know sam????I dint want to talk about arjun now,..He is a nice guy,…But think that,If suppose arjun tries to harm you to reach sam means,..How will you save sam beta,..not sam,You cant save yourself beta,…Sam is this much important to you that you didn’t care about u and even forgot your family before her???

Radz:Dadaji,..What are you saying???Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest,,…It’s about who came and never left your side, Dadaji,… Cox of Sam,I am living my dreams today and she only helped me to identify my dreams dadaji,…When Everyone accused me in that chirag case, Sam stood by my side dadaji,..In fact, her affection only gave me strength to save our office and also my lost reputation dadaji,…When I found Arjun sir cheating sam, How could I be silent dadaji,..I revealed the truth to sam and even then, Sam didn’t lose her trust on me dadaji,…She trusted me than her love dadaji,…She again stood my side dadaji,…And U only told me na that whether its friendship or any other relationship, All bonds are built on trust and without it there’s nothing,…I cant remain silent knowing my friend gonna get hurt by someone before my eyes dadaji,…And the friendship between me and sam is built on unbreakable trust dadaji,….

Dadaji felt proud hearing his choti’s statement about her friend Best friend sam holds his choti’s hands and then began,

Dadaji:hmmm, Ok choti,..Now everything is clear between arjun and sam na,…Then why you look worried beta??
Radz:Dadaji,..Sam accepted arjun sir only cox of my words,…that again fervours me a lot dadaji,…
Dadaji:what you still doubt arjun beta?
Radz: No dadaji,..I believe arjun sir,…He is really good at heart,…But he didn’t love sam Dadaji,…I dunno why he pretends to love sam and what he hiding from this world,..Something in his heart stops him always from being normal dadaji,…I dunno what it is,…

Dadaji noticed his choti’s inclination towards arjun more than something for Sam and he burst out laughing,…Radz was puzzled at dadaji’s sudden action,…

Radz:Dadaji,Why are you laughing now ???What, I said any joke???Tell me dadaji,..

Radz shakes her dadaji’s hand to stop his laugh and she was greatly annoyed by dadaji’s act,…Finally dadaji began after controlling his laugh,…

Dadaji:Nothing choti,…You cant understand the reason for my laugh,…chalo, Its already late,…If your papa found you talking with me till mid night,He will shout like a devil,…

Saying so Dadaji made his choti to lie down on the bed and covered her with bed sheets,.. Due to the effect of medicines, Radz too slept silently without any burden in her heart,…


In Arjun’s House,

Arjun,who dressed in Ash colour Night wear was standing near the window lost in Radz thoughts was disturbed by a phone call,…He attends the call and remained silent for few minutes looks like that he was keenly listening to the caller on the other end,…Finally he began,

Arjun:Hmmm,..Nothing like that …Just Had light headache,…no,…Now I’m alright,…I feel tired,…I hope I will be better after a sound sleep,… Ya,…I knew,…Will talk to you later,…Bye,… Good night,…You too take care,…

After ending the call, Arjun was again lost himself in cherishing his wonderful moments he spent with his radhika today,…Remembering Her creamy skin on her waist increases speed of arjun’s heart beats,…He turned towards bed and decided to sleep for a while leaving her thoughts aside,…He came near bed to sleep and arrange pillows on the bed before lying down on the bed,..While taking pillow, His mind was captured again by radz eternal thoughts,…He remembered his encounter with her while placing her on the bed just few hours ago,…(Background music: Kawhishon pe likhi) Arjun felt restless and threw all the pillows from the bed and seated silently on the bed to evade Radz thoughts from him,…

Arjun,who hold his head in pain saw Radz Duppatta on the hanker,…He stood up and took her dupatta from the hanker and He asked himself holding her dupatta in his hands, ’I dunno what to do with your thoughts Radhika Mishra, Should I let you go of them or Should I keep holding on them??,..Answer Me radhika,..You talk more na,…Now I am asking you a straight forward question,…You are silent,…Answer me Radhika Mishra??,…What should I do???,..Why you are disturbing me???Leave me alone radhika,….

Saying so within his inner self,..Arjun fired the Dupatta with his lighter had tears filled eyes,…Radz thoughts again makes him cry out his heart louder,…Fire reaches the end of the dupatta, which Arjun holds,..He left the burning cloth from his hand,…Its not the cloth that burns there,…Its really himself ,who was burning in Radz memory,… He screamed out louder,… ‘I am tired of remembering your thoughts Radhika and also I am so tired of dreaming of a life that I will never have,…’He cried literally for his unknown desire to lead a normal life,… A Tear Drop from his eyes fall down on the burnt ash,…


In Sam’s Room,

Sam was working on her laptop,..Someone whose face was not seen clearly due to dim light in the room came near her and called her name twice,…Sam closed her laptop and stood up to find who was standing near her room’s doorsteps,…

Sam:Who is standing there???
XXX:What you gonna do knowing that Sammy?
Sam:If you didn’t tell, Then I will call my Idiot,..He will turn your face black and blue,…So,Mind it,…Tell me your identity,…

He burst out laughing louder literally made sam irritated,..

Sam:I am warning you repeatedly but You are laughing at me,…
XXX:So,your lover name is Idiot,…
Sam: No,I love Arjun,…Idiot is my Best friend’s Nick name,…Why are you asking these things now??
XXX:hmmm,Then why u didn’t call your love rather your Idiot?

Sam stumbled by his question and began

Sam:I said na, Idiot is my best friend,…I give first preference on everything in my life only to my Idiot,..Then only others,…Its none of your business,…If u didn’t tell me,Who you are,..Then you have to suffer a lot,..
XXX: Oh!,..Then why late,..You can easily guess me without seeing me,Sammy..Come near me,Sammendhar singh,..I will show you who I am,…
But you must accept that you are loving me only after seeing me,…Agree for that na,..

He smiled sarcastically panicked sam a lot,…Sam,who was trembled with fear went near him slowly to find who is standing in that dark,…Just few seconds left to reach that unknown man,…Sam heard a call from mala,..

Mala:Sam beta,Wake up na,…Its already 7.00AM,…Hurry up soon beta,..You have to go to office na,…

Sam who was awaken before seeing the face of that Unknown person in her dream hold her head tightly,…The screen freezes on Sam’s Frightened look,…

Precap:Neil asked sam, ’What you saw in your dream Sammy??,..Tell me yaar,..Then only,I may help you,..’

Credit to: Renu


  1. Hayathi

    Oh i lije aham yaar he is handsome cool calm… agar aisa bf hoga ba sari ladkiya jealousy hoga na…… so cool update dr…..

    • renu

      What dear,…

      Its not right yaar…U r imagining Aham instead of Arjun,…

      Sth wrong HAyathi,…LOL,…

      Thanx dear,…

  2. Lakshmi

    Awesome yaar .starting with dadaji n rads convo,i think dadaji have guessed rads growing feelings for arjun .Poor arjun he was struggling with his heart and mind ,he wants to lead a normal life which is not possible because of his revenge plan.Sam’s dream was really nice.Asusual amazing work dear….

  3. manha

    again u nailed it. arjun holding radz dupatta n then burning it. but u made it more n more effective with all the thoughts of arjun n questioning radz by imagining her in dupatta. oh god really it was superb. just remembered the scene how arjun was in tears while the dupatta burned n turned into ash. i am really missing it yaar. ardhika plz wapas aajao. plz.
    dadaji true detective, i think radz got her detective brain from dadaji. lol. what say.
    again the lines of true frndship. u r just superb yaar. dialogues were just awesome. sam’s dreams n it is our cute neil.
    my fav was arjun’s scene. “dil ki haalat kise bataaye aur kise samjhaye jab ham khud hi use samjhna nahi chahte”.. that was superb of all.

    • renu

      Thank you so much sweet heart,….

      Arjun needs to face more such pain before realizing his love yaar as he promised his mother like figure Nandhu na,..So,It’s hard for him to break his promise,..So,He have to travel in this painful boat….Soon,He will forgot his revenge after falling in love,…

  4. Devga

    It’s sure my naughty cutey Neil ….. Samyyy samindher Singh …..

    Awsome dream scene yar………

    Awsome Arjun feelings ………

    Totally the episode is awesome …..

    Kwaishoon….. Pe …..likhi …. Dhil ….. Ki …. Yeh …. Arziyan….. Manmarziyan…..

    Nafraton ….mein …..mili ….. Tu ….mujhe ….. Isss ….. Tarah ….

    Most catchy line while Neil’s TEARY eyed face is shown …..

    “”Jaldhi …….. na……… karna…… yaaran…… isqh…….. ki……. rahoon…… pe……. thum……. behkati……. manmarziyaaaaan ………””

    Love u renj

    • renu

      Love u too Devga dear,…

      I just loving the songs as i didnt rem the lyrics yaar,…

      & Thank you so much deary,…

  5. daizy

    Hey renu……very nice episode dear…..really enjoying it……i think dadaji realized that rads is falling for arjun………and arjun is also realizing that he likes rads…but poor arjun he can’t accept it…..i don’t like to see arjun crying…..plzz make him happy soon…and even sam is dreaming of neil….wow that was too nice….in the serial it happened too late….but i m really happy that u made it early ……….ur story is going on very nice track……keep updating dear……

    • renu

      sure daizy,..

      Soon u gonna see happy wala arjun but after few episodic updates yaar,..

      just wait for few updates dear,…

  6. aastha

    Superb renu!!!!!!no wrds to express my feelings……….

    Hey devga hw do u change ur icon to pics???????????

    Hw r u renu?????r ur xams ovr????plz update soooooon……

  7. Shub

    Very emotional episode. Great than radz completely shared her heart to will lighten her. Feeling very bad for arjun!!! Hope his heart takes over his mind fast..your narrative is very gripping.

  8. Shree

    Wow wow wow …. I’m flat on the floor ….. This is the prettiest update ever !!

    Love the Dada ji rads covo…. Arjun’s feelings for her….

    Plz update soon…. Love you loads.. Tc … Keep smiling… Bear hug

  9. ? Ameena ?

    Renuuuuuuuuuùuuuu……’s amazinģgggggggģģgggggģģ……awesomeeeeèèe…uuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrr reallyyyyýyyyy makingggggggggg ourrrrrrrrrrr manmarziyannnnnnñnñ aliveeeeeeeeeeee innnnnnnn usssssssssss…wellllllllllllllll doneeeeeeeèeeeee……..hahaha sorry for extending the words…..I just loveeeeee youuuuuuu……
    Oneeeee loveeeeee?


    • renu

      Ameenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Myyyyyyyy sweet heart,…

      Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu tooooooooooooooooooooo dearyyyyyyyy

      One loveeeeeeeeeeeee,….


  10. nisha

    hey renu dear wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    really loved the whole scene dear I read each and every bit of it today is the nice day I love arjun remebering radhika and burned her dupatta woowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you make the scene more interesting dear. and I love sam scene also really wish to meet arjun and rads secen love u dear.

    always loving u by heart dear Keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend.

  11. renu

    Hiiiiiiii Friends,…Since we all longing for ardhika a lot na,…

    So,I wanna discuss some memories of ardhika generally or a particular scene from our Original MMZ or In this Missing Pieces FF,…If you guys want me to write a few lines on any such scenes,..You may tell me yaar,..Its my pleasure to write explanation of your wish scene in each update guys,…But only one or two scene in each update yaar,…I will write if you guys wish yaar as i cant update daily but I can post a brief analysis or cute explanation on any such scenes yaar,…(Ardhika only friends,..Dont take it offensive yaar,…)

    Today a few lines on ‘My Maybeline girl ‘ Eyelock of Ardhika,…

    Arjun felt an unknown spark when his eyes met radz for the first time,…He even stopped his presentation made everyone to look at arjun’s distraction,…

    Radz felt that someone is eyeing her intensely for the first time that makes her to start her eye convo without blinking or coming inside the conference room,..She dunno what to do at the moment,…

    Arjun understood sth is diverting his concentration from his target of his first act while looking at Radz,…He was clever not ly in delivering bitter truth which sounds like a sweet lie,…But also He could manage any odd situation like the one he faced now after staring radz for the first time,…He came out of his trance and cleared the air there by making his verbal dialogue’Either come in or go out,..whatever u decide,decide it by today itself’

    Radz who was already in a confused state made her decision to come inside after arjun’s harsh words,…

    Not only Radz is the light of Arjun’s dark,…Arjun is also the light of radz darkness,…

    The cute difference is Arjun aware of his darkness due to his deadly past but Radz unaware of her darkness coming near her in the mere future,…

  12. super se b upar wala epi…fantastic
    …all r fighting with there emotions….brilliantly shown….really extra ordinary yarrr…..dadaji laughed on rads we all the reason behind it bt rads disnt get it…like it to the fullest…n main thing is sams dream…it was superb fullish she is…The man in dreams called her as samminder singh still she cant identify him…obviously its Neil……great…superb…mindblowing..

    nw need to find more praiseing words for u……n hey i have one doubt how come rads duppatta comes to arjun????

    • renu

      Thank you sooooo much sweet heart,….

      Its the same orange dupatta arjun covered radz in cloth shop to protect her from many evil men’s eyes yaar,…(In lonovla trip,After Swimming pool scene),…

      In original series,we saw it before Sam arjun Engagement dear,….Nandhini advises arjun to focus on his revenge alone,…So,He burnt Radz dupatta with teary eyes rem their lonovla moment,…But,Here I used the same dupatta acc to my story dear,….

  13. manha

    renu superb explanation of the scene. wow u r driving me crazy. everything was tensed until then, but our sweetu cute neil told the dialogue ” what an entry chasni” it was like icing on cake. like as if arjun is speaking abt his life n heart and asking radz to decide to come in or go out. n then our real mmz starts.ohhhhhhhh so lovely.

  14. ohhhhh….yessss that orange duppatta
    ..nw i can remember it…actually miss epi in mmz whn arjun burnt it…….hey Thanks for such Wonderful epi…bcos u dearrryyyy got the chance to live that epi….m actually living there emotions…ur description has that much power…..Thanks for reply dear….love u swtheart….lots of kissess n huggg…

  15. manha

    renu i’m here with my wish lists. haha. ya me n my wishes. don’t take it wrong. the scenes r epic but ur explanation will make them more memorable. n i don’t want u miss this chance. so here is the scene Remember their first ever lift n eyelock scene when arjun enters sam n radz home n thinks radz as sam n lifts her up. n then slowly slowly puts her down. it was a “my dil goes mmmmmmm mmmmm” scene.
    n next will be their first ever nok-jhok, arguement when radz offers halwa n arjun says i don’t eat sweet. n our neil is giggling seeing arjun n radz. ok for now this is enough i think. i will be waiting. waiting. waiting.

    • renu

      Yes sweet heart,…of course,…will write on those scenes u have mentioned,…

      All ardhika scenes are interesting and grasping our attention towards the scene completely,…

  16. naomi

    Hai Renu, actually na unnoda ennagalukku miga periya fan. Idhu ippa illa nee manmarziyan storiya unnoda pov sollumpothey. Naa inaiku tharchaila missing pieces storiya padichen, idhu yardo storynnu pargum podhu therinchdhu nama renu endrdhey. Enakku theriyum nee

    romba periya Ardhika fanengradhu. And naa romba like pannina serial idhu. Enakku therinchi naa 1st la irundhu last varai partha serialna idhumattumthan.
    And unnoda storiku(missing pieces) suggestionno & analysing ennala panna mudiyadhu. Cox ur “the
    best” storiya analyis panradhula. Idhu actually 1st time enakku ivvalvu periya msg oruthangaluku panradhu. And ennaku pudicha scene ennana original
    serial sollanumna
    1. Meri maybelline girl scene( ardhika 1st meeting).
    2. Saral & Arjun intro.
    3. Arjun engagement.(two guys heart
    broken scene) innum neraya scenes
    irrukku adha adutha unnoda updatela sollren ippo kai valikudhu sorry pa
    Waiting for nxt update.

    • renu

      First of all,….Thank you sooooo much dear for taking time to write for me,….

      M really overwhelmed after reading your comment dear,…

      I think We both sailed in the same boat dear as I too dinn watch any daily soaps or films dear regularly,…My friends used to tease me and even if i started watching it,..I wont watch it till end,…Just few days ly,….

      But MMz changed everything,…I never imagined in my dream too that I ll b a fan for a Reel Couple yaar,…Everyone watched it for entertainment but In my case slight diff yaar,..I dinn share this in TU before,…Your comment made me to share dear,..

      Oru night 1.30Am,…I dinn sleep cox of my worries and In fact I was in a tough situation then,.. during June month,..I think so,…I just tried to sleep by watching tv,..So while scanning channels,I saw Ardhika Step scene,…Really u may laugh but that distracts from my worries for a while which i was trying hard to come out of it,…Each dialogue in that scenes are really WOW,…ANd the actors really nailed it in that scene,…I felt they live in those scene,….This makes me to watch all previous episodes within 3 days,…I hooked to the show after watching each episodes,…

      I used to write Personal diary right from my school days,…but i stopped it 5 years back due to some personal reasons,….Ardhika ly makes me to scribble sth again yaar,…M glad you all liked my crazy analysis,…

      Its my pleasure to write on your fav scenes dear,…I will write in my mean time wenever I was free dear,…

      See me n my craziness,…Thanx for your love dear,….

      • naomi

        Hai renu, thanks u for sharing your personal. And naa KAMAL & SRIDEVI pairkku apparam romba romba……. pidicha pairna adhu nama ARJUN & RADHIKA dhan chanceyilla. Konjam kashtama iruku. Actually enakku 1stla arjunoda yaar pair panuvanga sammy/radu vannu kozhampiduchu. After 20/25 days piraguthan clearachu. Really im very happy appo. Asusual waiting for next cake piece.

    • Devga

      Hi Naomi it’s really difficult to type so much in Tamil yar …. U did it …. anyways very nice comment yar ….

      Truly saying I too love tht scene ( for wich the second tym I totally fell for ths serial ) :
      Arjun: Meri maybeline girl hey,…..
      (Sound of the door is heard )….. Suddenly he turns and sees his maybeline girl….. Wer it is shown as ….a beautiful simple bubly cute RADHIKA MISHRA IS SHOWN …. with her innocent look ….. Arjun eyes her for a sec and comes back to his senses …. And says
      Arjun: WIL u come in and sit or WIL u listen from there itself … ( lol not sure abt the exact sentence )

      First tym I liked the serial with its promos …. Awsome cast , writers , singers , musicians , production team etc …..all Wer awsome …. Just missing mmz Visually but happy again aftr reading renu’s story …..

  17. Manha

    Renu why nt ask readers to share hw they started watching mmz. First i will tell. But in ur next update. I’m more excited to share my story. Waiting for ur next update. Then u will get to know of my madness. Lol.

  18. Rg

    Hi renu I loved all ur analysis… Yet there is d kne thing tat disturbed me in mmz… The iconic bathroom proposal of Arjun and Sam. What would have been radz reaction if she had scene it. Guys Wat do u think. A detailed analysis would b nice.

  19. Hi renu Dr,aftlong time visiting tis page busy with my exam….. Hru deary…… Outstanding episode yaar,arjun is burning with rads thought wow wow its so nice to read…..loved dadaji and rads scene….BT konjam kastama iruku arjun uh intha situation le pakka,so loverboy realise ur love soon anb b happy with ur ladylove…..

    Scenes I loved most is that
    Arjun lifting rads assuming her to b Sam
    In lonovla,rads sleeping in arjun arm and our lover boy admiring her beauty and there are many more scenes yaar…

    Renu pls give ur pov on this scene yaar
    Saral getting closer to rads was interrupted by Sam,intat case instead of sam our arjun came there means….what would b his reaction yaar….

  20. Forget toention tis scenes
    Arjun dressing rads
    Arjun tying rads blouse strings
    Dating scenes,dancing of our beloved ardhika and especially I cried during tis episode rads accident and arjun carrying rads to hospital oh my god my heart broke down seeing both tis couple in pain

  21. renu

    Thank you naomi,manha,Rg,deepa,devga,…

    I noted all your wish lists yaar,..

    Will write on each scenes in my mean time dear,…& sure Ramya,Deepa,..I will write on that assumption scenes too,..Radz seeing arjun and sam in Washroom instead of neil and Arjun seeing Radz and saral instead of sam,…

    What a coincidence yaar,…LOL,….

    • renu

      On a funny note,..Deepa and Ramya,..

      Neil saved Arjun from his unwanted proximity with sam,…

      Sam saved Radz from her unwanted proximity with saral,..

      Cute similarity is Nesam helped Ardhika to come out of the mess which was created by their obsessed Ex-Fiancees,…

  22. nisha

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdeepa love u dear.

    how r u dear.

    How’s ur life going dear. Really I realy don’t know what to say . just see your name and came to say hello to my dear friend . meri jaan.

    U are so lovely dear. What a collection of awesome scenes of ardhika really miss manmarziyaan days a lot dear.

    and more than that I miss ur story also and more more than that I miss u dear. where you were going . I see you sometime here or else you and sree I have to find both of u so much.

    well nevertheless love u by heart dear miss u a lot dear . u and ur funky sense of humour loved it a lot dear.
    Keep smiling dear. POst your story whenever possible I am not forcing you at all. I know it coz even in these days I also can’t be able to post mine as situation are changing everytime dear. Not the same always.

    Anyways love u a lot dera. and yes post it or not I miss the nats makeover remember dear.
    Love u deepa always by heart

    Ocne a friend alwyas a friend.

  23. nisha

    So sorry deepa bad typos its Rads or radhika makeover not nats makeover. al

    and alwyas not always

    me and my stupid mistakes sorry and love u dear.

    • Nisha my dearyyy me tooo miss U Dr….nw my exam are underway yaar so couldn’t update my stories for longer time..BT hope I vll update as soon as possible yaar…till then love U buddy… somewhat fine yaar how abt U my deary?

  24. manha

    renu what a note. it was reality. ardhika saved by nesam. can i give more scenes. may be in ur next update. is it ok. i don’t want to miss anything.

  25. Ananya

    Guys do you know our radhika( Monica) now seen in chakravartin ashok samrat show of colors… In today’s episode.. As kichak’s wife…

    • renu

      me too heard about Moni’s entry in Ashok samrat serial,..

      But,why she accepted this short role yaar,..

      She was much talented girl,..I want her in a lead role or a role with much importance,..I was shocked dear

    • renu

      Hey NAtasha,…

      How are you deary????

      After a long time,…nearly after 3 months,M seeing you here dear,….

      Happy to see u again dear,…Dont be sorry and all,..M glad you read this Missing pieces yaar,…

  26. Saran

    Renu i like all radhika scene but some fav are arjun teasing radhika in their room (lizard scene), carrying radhika to his home ,and lot of scene but update on the next update section…. Really miss manmarziyan guys… Renu I am waiting 4 next pl update soon yaar…

    • renu

      I noted your wish scenes yaar,…

      will write on those scenes later dear….

      and i updated the next episode yaar,….but it didnt get posted in TU till now,..

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