Manmarziyan Missing pieces Part 1 – Episode 13


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…I wont blabber anything about this episode,….I left it in your hands buddies,…I was longing for Arjun-Dadaji Encounter a lot in original series,…So,I let out my missed piece in this Episode,…I hope you all will enjoy this ride,… As usual Excuse my grammatical errors here and there,…

Episode 13 of Manmarziyan-Missing pieces Part 1:

Dilip called Mala to get ready soon as Taxi was waiting downstairs ,…Right then,Arjun entered with a strong heart was welcomed by Sam,…

Sam:Heyooo,…Arjun,..come,…Why are you standing there????
Arjun smiled with difficulty,…Whereas Mala informed Dilip that they are ready,….And Sam requested Dilip to cancel Taxi and come with them in Arjun’s car to Airport,….

Dilip:Hmmmm.,…Ok Beta,…But I din like troubling others,…
Sam:Uncle please,…don’t say no,….

Dilip accepted Sam’s proposition hesitatingly,….Sam asked Arjun to wait in car as they all will join him after few minutes,…Arjun,who saw Radz coming with dadaji in Blue Kurthi couldn’t stop himself from taking his eyes off from her,… Neil,who carried all the luggages from Radz room also noticed Arjun’s intense stare,….

Sam:Arjun,…I said,…Wait in car,….Where were you man???
Arjun,who came out of trance smiled at sam fakingly went downstairs with Dilip,….Sam was helping mala to take her luggages,….Meanwhile,Neil,Radz and Dadaji had a cute talk,….
Neil: Chasni,…how do you feel now yaar???

Radz tried to answer neil with smile was interrupted by Dadaji,…
Dadaji:Hey little boy,….What you say,…Hmmmm,….your Chaaaasni is fine,…So,,Leave Tension,….

Dadaji called sam and mala,..who were coming out of the room with their luggages,…
Dadaji:Harrre Sam beta,…Mala,…U ppl take choti downstairs and I will come with my little boy,…
Sam giggled at dadaji’s comment and three of them went down leaving Neil and Dadaji,….

Arjun helped Dilip to keep their luggages with heavy heart saw Radz coming down with sam and mala,…Radz too saw those hungry eyes of her Arjun sir,…Arjun,who was lost in those lightening eyes failed to listen Dilip’s blabberings,…Dilip patted Arjun’s shoulder and began,
Dilip:Arjun beta,….I asked you only,…when you will come to our Hrishikesh???
Arjun came out of his trance replied,
Arjun:Will try Uncle,…If time permits,… will come for sure,…

After a while,Everyone seated inside the car except Dadaji,Sam and Radz,…
Sam:Where is Neil and Dadaji,….Dunno,…I think,this Idiot was playing with dadaji,…Chasni,You sit in the car yaar,…I’ll check and come,…

Saying so,Sam tried to go upstairs was stopped seeing neil and Dadaji coming down with big smile surprised everyone,…
Sam:Chasni,See there,…Suddenly, What happened to these two,… Ok,…Tell me,What happen to you now???Why you looked sooo sad pagal,…

Arjun too looked Radz from the side mirror for her answer eagerly,…
Rad: Nothing Sam,….
Saying so Radz tried to sit back with her mom was stopped by sam,…
Sam:Chasni,Sit in the front beside Arjun yaar,…You feel free na,….Really You are a true pagal chasni,…Till now, you didn’t get cured completely,…So,come and sit at the front,….
Radz:But Sam,You,…
Sam:I will come with Idiot,…You don’t worry,…Hmmm,…See,Dadaji too came,…Dadaji,What I’m correct na,…and tell me why you ppl look sooo happy,…..
Dadaji:U should ask answer for this question from your ‘What you call,…Haan,….Idiot,….
Saying so Dadaji winked at Neil
Sam:Hey what’s going on???,..Idiot,….
Neil:Nothing Sammy,…Shall we go now???
Saying so Neil saved the situation by taking sam away from there,…

Radz seated at the front,…Arjun felt an unknown feeling of pleasure watching Radz sitting beside him wearing seat belt herself,…Dadaji noticed Arjun’s Intense stare on his choti,…Meanwhile,Dilip asked Radz to come and sit at back was stopped by dadaji’s words,….
Dilip:Choti,…Why are you sitting beside Arjun,…You knew na,…
Dadaji:Dilip,…Could you stop this,…You din hear what sam told a few minutes back,…choti cant sit freely at back,…Don’t take your boy girl difference here too,…

Arjun understood that his stare on his ladylove too cause trouble to Radz after hearing dadaji and dilip’s convo,….So,He din looked at his ladylove till they reach Airport,…Only Dadaji reduced the tension prevailing there by his funny jokes,…Radz too not in a mood to enjoy her dadaji’s jokes,…After a 20 minutes travel,They reached Airport,…Everyone started to step in except Arjun,Radz and Dadaji,…

Dadaji:Choti,..You go with Mala,…I’ll come with Neil and sam,…I’ll wait here for them,….

Radz felt uncomfortable leaving dadaji alone with her Arjun sir,….She dunno why,….
Radz:Dadaji,..Then,I too wait here na,…

Dadaji:Choti,I said na,..Go with mala and I’ll come beta,..Arjun is here na,…Nothing to worry beta,…

Arjun looked Radz when Dadaji made this comment ,…Radz too looked Arjun with her Bewildered face went from there with an agitated feeling,…Dadaji began slowly and His words brought Arjun, who staring Radz,his light which is moving away from him with an heavy heart came back to his sense ,….

Dadaji:Hmmmm,…Arjun beta,….Tell me now at this moment,whom or what do you like more?,….

Arjun smiled lightly began,
Arjun:Nothing particular and No one dadaji,…

Dadaji patted him on his shoulder and began,
Dadaji:Hmmm,….Nothing,….But,You know what my choti like now at this moment,….

Arjun felt something and he keenly watched dadaji for his answer,….
Dadaji:She likes to stay here in Mumbai,…

Arjun smiled contently hearing dadaji’s answer,….

Dadaji:You know why????

Though Arjun’s Heart knew answer for dadaji’s question,His mind struggles to answer,…He stammered,….
Arjun:Daadaji,…That ,….How Do I know???

Saying so Arjun turned his gaze outwards,….Dadaji smiled at arjun’s answer began

Dadaji:You are correct,…You never know,….I knew beta,…She is like a butterfly,…She wants to live her dreams and achieve something to show her victory to this world,…She din have any wordly knowledge like you ppl,…But,She can do anything for her loved ones beta,..She will bare any pain for her affectionated persons,….You may look confused,..Why this old man is blabbering these to you,….I’m holding my soul only to see my choti flyng with colors one day,….These all gonna happen becox of you beta,….Thank you Arjun,…
Saying so Dadaji folded his hands in gratitude with tears made Arjun break down his façade with guilty feeling,…He holded dadaji’s hands and began,
Arjun:Dadaji,…What are you doing,…I din do anything big,…Anyone in that place might saved Radhika from that accident,..So,..

Dadaji:I din thanked you for saving my choti from accident beta,…

Arjun looked confused,..
Dadaji:I knew you and choti were alone in Lonovla,…Though choti tries to hide many things from me thinking herself as Big person,But I can sense everything beta…I’m her Dadaji,..I knew her very well than anyone,…

Arjun was shocked hearing dadaji’s words left his hands and tries to move was stopped by dadaji,…
Dadaji:One minute beta,…I never ask anything about you or Sam or choti,…I just wanna thank you for giving my choti back to us as herself and you even saved her life,….

Arjun turned towards Dadaji with unknown tears of guilty in his eyes,…Dadaji walked slowly towards Arjun and hold his hands began,
Dadaji:You know what truly aches beta? Having so much inside you and not having the slightest clue of how to pour it out Arjun.

Arjun:No dadaji,…some Bitter past will never be shared until we get back the wage for bearing it for many years,….

Dadaji noticed Arjun’s eyes Reddened in pain and angry,…Began,
Dadaji:You cannot continue to hold on to your negative past and keep wondering why your present is full of emotional pain beta. Adopt the habit of Focusing on the things that brings light to your success and happiness beta.

Saying so Dadaji asked arjun to bring water for him,…Arjun,who looked puzzled brought water bottle form the car and offered it to Dadaji,…
Dadaji: Hold this water bottle with your fingers opened,…

Arjun looked puzzled and confused did what dadaji asked him to do so without questioning him,…
Dadaji:Now tell me how heavy this water bottle which you are holding???

Arjun like a child answered curiously,
Arjun: Its One litter bottle filled half with water,..So, May be 2 to 3 Pounds Dadaji

Dadaji:No,…Its wrong beta,…

Arjun looked confused and watched dadaji keenly for correct answer,…
Dadaji:Actually the absolute weight of this Bottle doesn’t matter beta. Leave it whatever it may be,…It all depends on how long you hold it. If you hold it for a minute or two, it’s fairly light. If you hold it for an hour straight, its weight might make your arm ache a little. If you hold it for a day straight, your arm will likely cramp up and feel completely numb and paralyzed, forcing you to drop the bottle to the floor. In each case, the weight of the bottle, what you said 2 or 3 pounds never change, but the longer you hold it, the heavier it feels to you beta,…

Arjun felt lighter than the weight of the water bottle after hearing the correct answer from dadaji,…

Dadaji:Your stresses and worries in life are very much like this water bottle Arjun. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and you begin to ache a little. Think about them all day,all weeks,all months,all years,.. you will feel completely numb and paralyzed ,….. incapable of doing anything else until you drop them from your heart beta,… If you don’t forgive those who have hurt you, you give them power of you. When you forgive, you are in control of yourself and your emotions beta ….

Arjun after hearing dadaji’s philosophy opened the Watter bottle and started pouring the water from the bottle with his painful eyes began,

Arjun:Dadaji, But pain is like this water. It finds a way to push us through any seal. There’s no way to stop it. Sometimes we have to let ourself sink inside of it before we can learn how to swim to the surface.I never allow forgiveness to rule my heart dadaji,….

Saying so Arjun poured entire water from the bottle and threw the empty bottle in the nearby dustbin,…Dadaji,who understood Arjun’s state of mind began,

Dadaji: I know you’re in a world of pain, but that pain will lessen beta. At the beginning you can’t see that. You can only see your pain and you think it will never go away.But the nature of pain is that it changes,… it changes like a sunset. At first, it’s this intense red-orange in the sky, and then it starts getting softer and soften. The texture of pain changes as you work through it Arjun. And then one day, you wake up and realize what this old man told you that life isn’t just about working through your deadly past alone beta,… it’s about living in presence, too.

Arjun who hears this from dadaji remembered Radz words about pain ’But,People can change the pain’ before Sam-Piyali patchup conference, smiled understandingly,….Screen freezes on Arjun’s smiling Face,…

Precap:Radz dropped her bag and shouted in fear,”Dadaji,……”

Credit to: Renu

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  1. Wishing u all the very best to get succeed in the year 2016 and achieve all the goals u have set .Happy New Year to u renu and everyone here.

    1. Same to you too Lakshmi,…

      Wishing a Happy new year to you and your family dear,….

  2. hey renu dear love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much happy new year to u dear meri jaan.

    how r u .
    hey I read ur comment on ek kahaani manmarziyaan and leave reply for u dear love u by heart

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

  3. Why there is any ff in these days?any problem?

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR. i am late. its ok. this is new year. so once again WISH U ALLLL MY DEARIEEEESSSS A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS HAPPY NEW YEAR.


    renu u r just superb yaaar. the 20-20 match was mind blowing.
    yaaa u r correct always our chasni wins. yeahhhhh. any way or other our hero has to come to her only. kya kare kismat hai yaar.

    the scene after arjun throwing radz in pool n again he only has to come to save her. but the biggest twist is he has got a thappad. thappad. thappad. like jor ka jhatka hai dheere se lagaaa.

    next dress selection. he has left the place but yet again has to return for his ladylove n give her dress for changing. his expressions were tooooo gud yaaar.

    and not to forget. ” dont come after me radhika. i will not turn back if u even die.” haha . this was the biggest joke. As he just his radz on the road with blood his heart dropped. n he went berserk to save her even threatened nurse n doctor n not to forget GOD was also victim of his rage. wow.

    Then comes idiotic saral n why do he need to hold radz hand so tight infront of arjun. stupid boy. if radz was not there arjun would have killed saral for sure with his unknown temper n anger.

    The scene after engagement n arjun comes to radz-sam apartment n radz tells him that there will be no marriage in 1 month n she would be there to torture him for 4 months. actually Arjun’s heart was jumping with alll life when he heard that she was not going. n all the angry n sad expressions changed to smile. wow. what a drastic change of expressions in seconds. whoa.whoa.

    n then the saral- radz-arjun scene. how will we ever forget that.

    ok for now i will stop. we will discuss other scenes later. BUT EVERY SCENE WAS EPIC N CAN UNFORGETTABLE.

    1. Superb manha

  5. Manha,…wow,..I loved all the scenes you mentioned dear,….

    Forget—-We should delete this word from our Ardhika dictionary,…Arjun was trying hard to forget Radz but he dint,..Atlast he surrendered to Radz,…Likewise,…We Ardhika fans trying hard to forget their memory even after show end just to divert ourself,…But,We cant,….Our love for them increases like Arjun’s love for Radz,….

    They came,They just saw (their Eyelock alone),..They just fight,…They just sleep on each other,…They just smiled,…..They just cried,…They just hugged each other,..They just ready to sacrifice for the other,…..They just confessed their love,…,….They just went like a Dream leaving all of us in their Fever,….

    Arjun got his medicine forever,…But What about us yaar,…We still dinn get medicine to get over,…Our only medicine is We should get back them again,…I hope that medicine will be available for us in this new year,….

  6. Hai renu, kattaayama medicine kidakkum namakku indha year.

  7. renu true when will we get our medicine. we want ardhika back. i’m praying for it.
    yaa their eyelocks were just enough for us. and if some intense stares r there our heart r beating faster n faster as if we r running. haha. Like we r seeing with atmost curiosity what is going to happen next.

    The marriage. it was most superb marriage i hav ever seen in TV. in every marriage atleast some people wants marriage to happen. but here oh god the bride dont want the marriage to happen bcoz she is always in her dilemma of feelings. the groom don’t want the maariage to happen but inside his heart their is some burried happiness that marriage is happening. haha. Arjun’s heart is always a mystery.
    sam don’t want the marriage to happen, nandu dont want, neil dont ask anything abt him now he is all confused so he is not even thinking of marriage. everyone present dont want this super marriage to happen. i sometime wonder even the pandit was also thinking kyun karva raha hoon main yeh shaadi. lol. but it was destiny that is not to be denied. It was a KISMAT CONNECTION.

    1. Manha,..superbly written,…MArriage scene,..No yaar,…you are planning to kill me,…Just now,…I read Naomi’s comment on Arjun’s Engagement,…I went back rem Ardhika Eye stare (Orange saree scene),…Now,…you again started with marriage,…Not fair my sweetheart,…Kidding,..

      But,..You forget one thing yaar,…Pandit,..HE is so professional manha,…LAdka ladki shadi ke liye thayar,…He wants to complete one marriage rituals for his payment yaar,…He confirming them,…So,Professional panditji,…I laughed out louder seeing pandit’s professionalism in the intense hate marriage,..Though it looks like Hateful marriage,…For me,..It looks like Tom and jerry fight,….TOm is asking jerry to get bac k and jerry is asking tom to get back,…I wonder one thing,..Her both Tom and jerry won and lost the battle,..Dont ask me how,…I will start writting my crazy thots all over again,…

      Have a nice day ahead

      1. i wont ask u the reason dear. i know the reason. as u see same thoughts collides. lol.
        tom n jerry. oh god if real tom n jerry will see our ardhika. they will also be jealous of them. ardhika is best in anything. fights, glances, stares, romantic scenes, jealousy, love, hatred, n even crying. lol.
        haha . i think that in mmz i hav seen our sooo cute boys crying n being sad than our girls. what do u think. always neil is crying n being sad for sam, arjun he is saving red eyes or even at times crying for his radz. we saw girls cry but boys were crying more than the girls.

      2. Lol,….You got my point deary,…We are sailing in the same boat,…

        that’s why,…We cant get over the fact of show’s end even after 4 months of its closure,…Actually not ly girls,…Boys too have emotions and this is the only serial which portrays it equally,..I mean both male leads and female leads,….For that,..We should salute them yaar,…But stupid Sp end the show,…What they earned,..Nothing,…Even the trp reduced further,…

  8. Naomi,…

    You asked me arjun’s Engagement na,….Hey buddy,….I doubt,..I could write fully,…Just a small piece which i liked the most,…I gonna share here dear,…

    1.Arjun’s First mesmerized Stare on Radz,who dressed up in a gorgeous orange saree just to kill arjun literally,….

    I wanna say one thing,….Arjun believe that he is a real PAnothi to Radz,…So,He hurt her and he even tried hard to execute his plans acc to his sister wish,….But,He couldnt control his heart,…I rem one Description in Ramayanam in Tamil(I love lord Rama a lot,…Even I’m a big devotee yaar)

    “Annalum nokinar,Avalum nokinal,…Then whatever obstacle may come it will went away their way before their strong love,….It suits this scene and also the entire Ardhika story yaar,…Many in depth emotions are flooded while watching Ardhika,…I think,…I became mad,…When you ppl mention any scene,…I used to go back to my ardhika world yaar,..Me and my wayward thoughts,…(I said myself many times,….Renu,…Its not good for you darling,….What to do,..I cant,…But,I know how to control myself,,…I just have to vomit everything thru scribbling my crazy thots by sharing with you all,..I love sharing,….So,That’s the only way,…i cant help myself friends,..Bare me,…)

    Ok now coming to the scene,…

    After arjun talking with his nandhu,…He promised that their plan will be executed acc to nandhu’s sayings,…..But Arjun is ready to have a full sight of his lady love right after giving his promise to his beloved sister,….Its too bad for nandhu,…But for us,…yipeeeeee,…wohaaaaaa,….omg,…..or what else,…Such a breath taking eyelock,….Renu calm down,…

    Arjun,..What are you doing beta,…You came outside to talk with nandhu but waiting for Radz full darshan,..So sweet,….when Radz steeped her foot outside,…Here our Arjun beta’s heart started beating faster,…Arjun,..If you wanna know,Who is coming in the car,…Its enough to look at the front of the car na as we all do that only to know who is coming,…but what you are doing,…You knew its your Radhika,…and you are getting ready to watch her from foot to eye,..Oh my poor lover boy,…What a stare it is man,…By your stare itself Radz became your wife at that moment itself man,…

    When you played your gaze on Radz from her foot to eye,…Cant you think about her state,,…She came with her male chauvinist Fiance,…And her ma is there,…You never care about anything,…You just wanna kill her thru your eyes,…Really speaking,…You are so naughty man,…You watched every moment of Radz,…When her eyes met yours,…You dont wanna blink your eyes too,…I felt for the first time,…Eyes tooo get hungry,…Till then,I thought only stomach will get hungry,…But now ly i Came to know,..Eyes also feel hungry,…Now i understood you man,….You got your food,..So,How could we leave our food when we are hungry for many days,…So,Your eyes are enjoying its food,…

    Poor Radz,…Though the distance between them is long but she felt the spark when her eyes meet her Arjun sir’s,..Radz,…Its hungry eyes dear,….Its ly food is you,…So you cant help,…I know you cant tolerate the intensity of those eyes,…It will induce tingling feeling all over your body if you let your eyes to reflect the gaze of those hungry eyes,….thank god,…Our obstacle came to save my Radz angel from my hero’s hungry,…He was ready to eat you fully girl,…

    Arjun’s Inner voice,….why are you looking like this radhika planning to kill me,…i know my soul belongs to you,..But,you are planning to take away it right now,…i want you badly,…your heals,….your saree flits,….your hands which tugging the hair strands behind your ears and your eyes,…Omg,…I cant radhika,….Please dont divert your gaze,..even you divert,…I dont care,…Today is my day,..For the first time,..M falling badly for you,….i can make many girls to fall for my charms even your Sam,…But,…I cant make you to fall for me,…I know it should never happen not for my goodness,…But its for you Radhika,…How dare he keep his hand on your waist,…I wanna break his hands,…If god came before me and ask me any boon,..I straight away ask him to give me power of destroying his hands which touched you,…You are mine,…I forgot what i’m doing,what i have to do,….and everything before you, are torturing me Radhika,….I wanna shout you are looking so beautiful in this world Radhika,….

    Radz’s Innervoice,…Sir,..please dont stare me like this,…Ma is there and My fiance is also here,…We came near you,….So,Just try to greet them without looking me,…please stop staring me,…

    I hope you all will feel the same,…And like this description from Arjun and Radz pov,…If you find many mistakes in describing this scene acc to my pov,…Please excuse me,…I hope you never mind,…

  9. renu renu renu wah wah. kya description hai. yess same thoughts creeping my mind too. so u dont hav to worry. there r people like u only thinking abt ardhika n going mad. haha.

    arjun’s inner voice oh god really that was just terrific. yaa i agree, actually i too felt it. “Eating through eyes” lol. i think we r more than obsessed for our ardhika that their every move makes us crazy. until saral gave him hand for shake arjun was not even seeing anyone else. if sam was there beside him she would hav killed him there itself. n next episode arjun is even staring radz when samrat is talking, n sam is dancing with him. oh god arjun this is just toooo much. i think radz has a strong heart so only she is able to see n stand in front of him bearing such intense stares. lol.

    1. No manha,…He turned his gaze away ly after Radz’s order,..She indirectly told him to turn his gaze away from her,..Then he greeted mala and then saral offered Handshake like giving his hand to the tiger’s cage,…cox of Radz(trainer of the Tiger) saral escaped,…..LOL,….

      & what you said at last is cent percent true,….Radz was soooooo strong yaar,…not ly holding arjun’s killing intense stares,..She was strong in facing insult,Public humiliation,,…Infact i love her for this boldness yaar,….

      We cant see Arjun like lover and Radz like positive ppl in this world,….But I love them soooo much yaar,…I think our obsession will never come to an end,….

      1. what renu. tiger n trainee. oh god i’m laughing like anything here reading all ur points.
        n please take some time and write abt ardhika scene thinking which one. blouse knot scene n the saajna song n then arjun’s expressions, radz expressions. the song where did they find it, it is as if describing our arjun’s heart. oh god that was really a awesome scene to watch. i dont remember how many times i watched it.
        n then morning scene after thier romantic encounter. “kuch hua, kuch nahi hua”, arjun caressing radz hair n patting her head. n our fav song kaise yeh manmarziyaan.

      2. Renu naan vandhu arjuney singamaagavum nama radhva vella muyal kuttiyagavum paakiren.
        ARJUN – LION ( Obviously angry)
        RADHU – white little rabbit. (Cute, pretty, beautiful,& active).

  10. Who would mind such a beautiful description dear?? U and ur imagination is out of the world!!! So wonderful and passionate pov of Arjun and radhika. Love you loads dear . Keep writing. Take care 🙂 :-):-♥

  11. Manha,….

    Wished to right,…But tomorrow,…I am going to my relative house,..And after discussing one or two ardhika scenes,….I feel lighter dear,…

    You rem,..Arjun’s deadly stare on saral when he misbehaves with Radz while talking with samrat,….

    Even Saral (Fox) got the point yaar,…I loved his dialogue(one and only dialogue of Saral),…Your Arjun sir is staring at me like i’m romancing with his fiance,,…LOL,…

    Seriously,…I laughed when he said those dialogues,….

    Saral,..You dunno,…Our Tiger is already set the plot for you to kill you man,…Whenever you offered handshake,…Arjun accept his handshake just imagining in his mind as killing him thru this handshake,…Saral,…Here you are raising his temper,..Not good for you,…Till Radz is there, are safe,…If Trainer is absent,..then its difficult to control the tiger,…I hope you understood this wen you tried to misbehave with radz on Sam- Arjun proposed marriage sorry Ardhika marriage,….

  12. Renu great dr awesome

    1. Riya,….How r you????

      How long its been yaar????

      Hope you are fine,…

      Belated new year wishes deary,…

      I missed your quotes and poems,…

      1. I’m fine dr & I miss U too much, happy New year dr

  13. How r u dr & how was your life going on ?

    1. I’m fine dear,…& everything s going well,….I just started this FF as 2 months missing gap in the original story after Radz accident and before Sam-Arjun proposal night,….I miss you too,…Hope this new year will join all of us thru ardhika/ahamica come back dear,…

      Happy new year,…

  14. I miss too aradhika
    Also sam nil

  15. Happy new year to all my mmz fans

  16. happy new year riya. and i wish all the mmz fans to be back.
    i miss alll ur comments when the show was running.

  17. Where is kfar ?

    1. I really missing her too,…Dunno dear,…Hope she is fine,…and its nice to see you here dear,….I’m glad this update really brought Happy,mandy,natasha and you here,….Its pleasure to see you all here,…

  18. Hey renu, Thank u sooooo much. Chanceilla semmaiya irundhadhu. Actually innaikku thaan andha scene parthen hotstar la romba nalla irundhadhu. Arjunukku appa epidiirukkumna avanoda idhayam already rathathula kasinchittu irrukkum podhu innum kojam oosi vachi kudharapla irukkum. Indha sceneukku oru beautiful lyrics ulla oru pattu.
    Movie name – pennin madhai thottu.

    Kannukulle unnai vaithen kannamma
    Naan kangal mooda maaten adi sellammaa
    Adi neethaan en santhosham
    Poovellaam unn vaasam
    Nee paesum pechellaam
    Naan ketkkum sangeetham
    Un punnagai naan semikindra selvam adi
    Nee illai endraal Naanum ingae ezhai adi

    Nedungaalamaai uranggaamaley
    Enakkulley nesam kidakkindradhey
    Unai paarthathum uyir thoonduvey
    Udhadugal thaandi therikkindrathey
    Tharissaana yen nenjil
    Vizhundhaaye vidhaiyaaga
    Nee anbaai paarkum paarvayiley
    Enn jeevan vazhudhadi
    Nee aatharavaaga thol saayindhaal
    Yen aayul neelum adi

    Kannukkuley unnai..

    Mazhai megamaai uru maarava
    Unn vaasal vandhu uyir thoovava
    Manam veesidum malaraagava
    Unn koondhal meedhu dhinam pookkavaa
    Kannaaga karuthaaga unnai kaapen
    Unai kanden kaninthen kalantheney
    Ada unnul uraindheney
    Indru ennul maatram thanthaaye
    unai endrum maraveney

    Kannukulley unnai vaithem kannammaa…
    Pidikkumnu ninaikkiren.
    Good night & sweet dream.

    1. This song is soooo good … Naomi unna enna soldradhu … ?? ivalo dhaan ji

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