Manmarziyan-Missing Pieces Part 1 – Episode 12


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…This episode will also be an emotional one,…. May be it looks bored,…Bear me guys,…I hope you all will like another slow ride,… As usual Excuse my grammatical errors here and there,…

Episode 12 of Manmarziyan-Missing pieces Part 1:

Arjun ends the ringing of his mobile by attending sam’s call after wearing a fake mask over his face began,

Arjun:Hello,…Yes Sam,What’s the matter?
Sam:Arjun,…I need your help,…I was calling this Idiot since morning,But he didn’t attend my call,…Please,could you help me,…

Arjun smirked and began,
Arjun:Hmmm,..Ok,…Tell me,What I have to do for you???
Sam: Nothing Big Arjun,Today chasni is going back to Hrishikesh along with her parents and dadaji,..So, Would you come here by 10.00AM?,…I didn’t like sending off them without our presence,…So,Please,…

Arjun was shocked hearing this,..He himself dunno,..Why it affects him much knowing Radz going back to her home,…He remained silent without uttering any,…

Sam: Arjun,Are you hearing me???,…Arjun,…

Arjun after a deep breath,began
Arjun:Hmmm,..Ya, I’ m Hearing you,….
Sam:I know you will be upset that tomorrow we have maybeline Ad’s Final conference Regarding our Pamplets with them,…I assure You ,nothing gonna change cox of chasni’s departure,…I already sent everything to mom’s Mail,…She said,She will look after everything,…Further,Teji,Zubin and Krithika will complete the remaining incomplete works,…So,You don’t worry about that,…

Arjun,who was listening sam’s words for the first time broke his silence in acknowledgement,…
Arjun:Hmmm,…It’s Ok,…I’ll be there sharply at 10.00,…You don’t worry,…
Sam: Thank you Arjun,…thank you so much yaar,…

Saying so,Sam ended Arjun’s call with a big smile on her face,who turned back was surprised to see her idiot standing there silently,…whereas Neil,who saw sam’s angry looks began,…
Neil:What Sammy,…You look very happy today,..
Sam went near Neil and started beating him,…
Neil:Sam,..What are you doing yaar???,…Please,Listen me,…
Neil started running over the room and sam started chasing him to beat him till she calms down,…
Sam: I never listen anything from you Idiot,…Stop running,…I wont leave you today,…I gathered all my strength to kill you today,…Idiot,…stop,…Don’t run,…
Neil jumped on the bed and sam,who was tired chasing him sat down for a while to gain her lost strength,…
Neil: What sammindher singh,..That’s all your strength,…Cummon,..catch me,…
Sam:Idiot,..Dont make me angry again,…
Neil came down and sat besides her began,
Neil: Ok,..Sorry Samminder singh,…You can beat me now as you wish,….But,tell me what’s the matter sammy?,..
Sam: Hmmm,..Come,…what’s important for you than me Idiot?,..

Saying so,Sam beats him till she became tired,…(Background Music: Teri meri dosti),….Both laughed for a while and sam began slowly,…
Sam:Idiot,..Today chasni is going back to Hrishikesh yaar,…

Neil was shocked and began,
Neil:What,…But Dadaji said that he will handle everything to stop chasni from leaving Mumbai na,…
Sam:Hmmm,..M also sad after hearing this from Mala aunty,…You knew about dilip uncle na,..He wont change his decision of taking chasni along with them,…And Mala aunty also wants to take care of chasni till she get cured and I already talked with dilip uncle,He assured me that he will send chasni after a week or so,…
Neil: But,Chasni wont like to leave us na,…
Sam:Yes Neil,…Woh pagal also sad leaving us,….that’s why I decided we should go to airport along with them to send off,…I already informed arjun too,…He said,He will come sharply at 10.00,….Chalo,I had many works to do,…and Idiot,Help me to pack my things too,…

Neil looked confused whereas sam started packing her things happily,…,
Neil:Sammy,But doctor said she has to come daily for check up na,…And why you are packing your things yaar,…
Sam, who stopped her work began,
Sam:Neil,I already talked with doctor just few minutes back,..He said chasni will be fine and Even she can run after a week or few days,…So,No problem, don’t think much,..Just help me to pack my things,…I cant stay here alone still chasni’s return,,I will come to your home,..Dont forget to Tell Prema Aunty to make dinner for me too tonight,…
Neil:Sammy,You pack your things yaar,…I wanna talk with chasni now,..

Saying so,Neil stood up to meet his chasni was stopped by sam again,
Sam:Idiot,I already said na,…U leave tension,…And no need to talk with chasni,…If she saw you,She will start crying,..So,Its better we leave her alone with her dadaji,…He is there to cheer her,….So,U just help me,…Ok,…

Saying so,Sam hold neil’s hand signing him to help her in packing her things,…Neil,who looked helpless just did what his love said him to do so,…His eyes which were longing to console his chasni failed to notice the burning jealousy in sam’s eyes for the first time,….

In Radz room,..

Radz,who dressed in a gorgeous blue kurti was lost in her thoughts holding pillow on her lap was disturbed by mala,…

Mala:choti,Riddhima is in line,…She wants to talk with you,…hold it,….

Saying so,Mala gave Dilip’s mobile to Radz,…
Riddhima:Choti,..How are you???,..How’s your health now???,..Everything fine na,…
Radz:Haan,…I’m fine Di,,papa and dadaji is here na,…So,Nothing to worry di,…
Riddhima:hmmm,..hey bagawan,..I forgot for what I have called you itself,…your Devarji is melting for you,..He wanna see you as he cant come to mumbai na,..So,I only asked papa to take you along with them to Hrishikesh,.How’s my plan???.Now you are happy na???

Radz was greatly annoyed hearing this,…She couldn’t talk any as words were struck in her throat cox of pain of leaving Mumbai and also remembering her engagement,..She just eyed her engagement bangle with tears,…

Ankush,who saw riddhima talking non-stop snatched the phone from her and talked with his choti,…
Ankush:Choti,..How are you???, leave tension yaar,…Here saral is fine,.He is just standing beside me,….Riddhima exaggerated things,…U knew about her na,…you take care choti,…

Radz came to presence after hearing her bro’s voice,…

Radz:Hmmm,..fine baiya,…

Riddhima again snatched receiver from ankush started,

Riddhima:choti,don’t believe your baiya’s words,…Your devarji is daily disturbing me to talk with you in person,…He loves you sooo much,…Wait,I will give it to him,…
Radz stopped her in mid hearing her comments,..
Radz: Di,…Please,I’ll talk later,… just few hours left for our flight,…Anyways,we gonna meet in person na,..Then,We can talk a lot,…Take care,.. bye di,…

Saying so,Radz ended the call and threw the mobile on the bed started crying her heart out,..She dunno what makes her hurt,…her fear of leaving mumbai or her irritation on facing her fiance saral or some unknown feelings which bonded her with her Arjun sir,…She don’t have any answer for her cries,..But,whatever it may be, she let out her feelings thru her tears,…(Background music:Manmarziyon pe kaise chale)

Dadaji,who came inside saw his choti in tears,…He came near his choti,..Sit besides her and wiped her tears slowly began,….
Dadaji:What happened choti?,..Why are you crying beta?,..Thought of leaving Mumbai made you cry,….

Radz hugged her dadaji and began,
Radz:Dunno Dadaji,..These all are Riddhima di’s plan dadaji,…She ly asked papa to take me to hrishikesh to meet saral dadaji,….I cant be part of my first final conference in Maybeline ad Dadaji,…I’m going back to hrishikesh leaving all dadaji,….

Saying so,Radz again started crying was stopped by dadaji,…
Dadaji: This is the matter,…You are crying,….I thought something bigger,….

Radz wiped her tears looked her dadaji puzzlingly,…
Dadaji:You don’t worry about these,….I already said you na,..Riddhima is so small in planning choti,…I know how to tackle my son,….You are not going anywhere,….
Radz: But Dadaji,…how???,..Papa arranged everything,..Even Sam also accepted papa’s decision,..Now how can we change papa’s decision dadaji,…
Dadaji: I said na,…Leave tension,…You just get ready,…Wipe your tears,….Your Dad can put order but I can change his order becox,..
Radz: you are dad of my dad,….
Dadaji and radz laughed out louder in happiness,..After a while, radz was doubtful that if dadaji’s doings gonna hurt dilip,…so,she warned dadaji not to plan something wrong to stop
her from leaving Mumbai,…

Radz:Dadaji,please,…Don’t do anything wrong like last time,…Ok,…
Dadaji:Haan,..I knew,..But last time,If I didn’t do that act,you wont get your love na,….

Radz was shocked for a second,
Dadaji: I mean your love for Sam beta,….

Then,Radz signed her dadaji not to do anything wrong against dilip,…
Dadaji: You leave tension,…I will handle everything,…And I wont hurt your papa thru my plan,…Ok,….

The screen freezes on Dadaji and Radz smiling face,….

Precap:Dadaji asking arjun,’Arjun beta,I wanna talk with you alone,..Shall we?’

Credit to: Renu

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  1. Good one.. So dadaji and Arjun going to have a talk… Interesting… Update soon nxt part. And this was not at all boring, you write really well..

    1. Thank you dear,…

  2. Renu renu renu. U r amazing. Just truly amazing. Wow. Superb episode. I love dadji in ur story soo much. You made impossible things possible. And u also update real soon. Thank you thank you soo much dear..keep up with the good work and keep going. I’m enjoying a lot in ur imagination. Love u 4ever….??
    One lovee?


    1. Hi ameena glad to c u in d comment section.

    2. Hey Ameena,…

      How r u dear????

      M glad that you liked this update dear,…

      Love u too dear

  3. Nice episode dadaji is going to stop rads from leaving mumbai n sam was jealous of neil concern towards rads .will be waiting for next episode.

    1. I think your guess may sound real dear,….

      But to know the truth, should wait yaar,…

  4. Interesting epi……dadaji Arjun convo..wat CN it b?????

    Update sooon dear. …..

    Ameena,Anaya.renu hi!!!!!!!!

    1. Sure,…

      Thanx dear,….

  5. Why so small update dr….. how can our dadhu handle dilip

    1. Actually,I had an imp work dear,…

      So,I wrote this update in a hurry as I dont want to make you all wait,…

  6. Aye aye aye… Ponne unna konuduvein… Idhu boring aa?! Idha inime tirupi sonna … Unna torati torati adipein… So how are you ? Long time ..

    I totally loved the update .. It was brilliant from the start to end … Dada ji planning something?!

    Precap seems to be interesting… Dada ji talking to Arjun?! About what?!

    Plz update soon… Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug

    1. Shreee,….

      thank you so much da,….I thought its gonna be boring before start writing thisw piece,…cox no proper ardhika scenes from last 3 epi na,..Ly Flashback justifies to an extent,…

      But what to do,I have to go with the flow of story without rushing it,….So,felt it ma sound boring,…..

      M glad you liked this update girle,….

  7. Hi renu dear
    This update is very neatly present and emotional touched yaar.
    Please make ardhika to feel and have them some sort of romance……
    I guess Neil and Sam gonna stay together and I think Sam will attach him more and feel doubt in her decision of arjun and her.
    Meanwhile rads gonna cancel her trip because of dadaji and arjun and rads could have some secret feeling, time to spend…going crazy to guess what happens next…
    Please update next very soon and I hope that has more ardhika scenes….

    1. Sure Nandhini,…

      Without Ardhika romance,there is no soul for this pieces,…

      Just few episodes,i want their Emotions to speak than their original En,counters….Hopefully,I took you all on a few emotional rides,…

  8. Hi renu glad to c ur update. Can’t wait for arjun dadaji conversation. Plz update asap. It’s amazing and not boring.*Thank u for making this journey wonderful.

    1. Thank you Ramya,….

  9. hi renu
    pls don’t drag the story and give lots of ArDhika moments
    its my request darling

    i m not a regular commentator but i do read all epi of ur stories it was
    really awosome story but these two epi’s are really bored

    pls pls pls give ardhika scenes

    1. First of all thank you so much for taking time to read this pieces,…

      Sorry dear for making you feel dragged,…

      I assure you I wont drag this anymore,…Actually,I wanna make everyone’s feelings out in this pieces,…I started with arjun at first from Epi 4,…Next,Radz in the epi 10,….Neil in the last episode,…Sam in her dreams and in today’s update and last but not least gave some final touch on Radz unknown emotions which she never gave any priority,…She has may ppriorities over her emotions as she wants to achieve her dreams and at the same time she wants to save her friend who showed her dreams to live,…

      So,Just few episodes,…I planned a bit emotional ones,…Now I wrote 80% of it,..just few missing encounters are left,…Then,There will be More and more ardhika scenes yaar,….

      I hope you may like the upcoming fictional episodes as I too felt a bit bored without much ardhika scenes,…Dont worry,…I have planned sth on Ardhika too in upcoming episodes,…Till then,Keep Reading deary,…

  10. Renu,amazing!!! None of your episodes are boring!!! It is like watching real serial!! So excited to know dadaji’s next move. He is one of the big stars of this serial. You are giving the deserved screen space for dadaji!! Great writing!! Keep entertaining!!!

    1. Thank you shub,…

      Ya,..You are right rather Saral,Dadaji deserves that screenspace yaar,….

      M glad you liked it dear….

  11. Hai Renu, todays piece was simply superb. I like the scene arjun was shocked cox of radu leaving mumbai & dadaji & choti convo was cute & bit emotional. Ok now back to orginal track ennakku piditha ardhika scenes, after sangeeth function, radhuvey sammy aravita piragu, arjun radhuve pakka avva veetu vasala car ullare
    irruppan appo radhukku feel agum yaro nammala thedi varanga endradhu & ava thedra vidham, arjun radhu veliye varamaatalanu engara vidham. Radu veliya vandh piragu arjun avala pakkaradu super irukkum. Avan feel panradu, indha ponnu ennakku illayenu haaaa. Enaku andha scene parkkum podhu Romeo Juliet storya parthamadhri irrundhadu. Idhu mattum illa arjunoda engagement day vara ovaoru scene romba pidikkum. Adhu mattum illa indha whole seriala romba pidicha role arjunnoda role naa arjunpathiyum solren ennoda angle irrundhu. Adha next piece sollrean. Type pannadha naa padikkala mistakes irundha mannikkavum. Waiting for next piece. Have a nice day.

    1. Omg,…

      Naomi,….Its my fav scene too,…

      Even I made a Photo edit on that scene yaar,….I loved arjun’s longing for glimpse of Radz in his eyes,…Really wonderful chemistry yaar,…They ate everything in that scene and radz sensing his presence,…wow,….

      Really loved that scene a lot dear,….

      Enakum romba romba pidicha scene,…

    2. naomi plz dont get angry. but plz could u write it in english. i love all the scenes n u r giving some gud explanations n deep points but couldn’t understand whole as i dont know tamil. plzzzzz if u can. this is a earnest request.

  12. its just awesome….please do continue..i was waiting for your episode daily…and todays was a blockbuster..the promo was mindblowing..please show love happening between ardhika…though its your story and i have no write, but as an audience want to see ardhika love in your words..

    1. Sure Lakshmi,…

      After a couple of episodes there will be lot of Ardhika scenes,….

  13. renu again superb one. arjun thinking of radz n he can’t do anything, neil worried abt his chasni but can’t do anything bcoz he is seeing a new sam, sam donno what she wants, radz she is same like her friend don’t understand why is the pain n what for r the tears, oh god this was just superb. ur imagination n story is really making me mad n crazy. u r asking us to bear u. actually u r bearing us with our stupid comments renu. so u hav to forgive us. dadaji is just amazing. nw what will he talk to arjun??????? surprise or shock. waiting for it. loveeeee u .

    1. Thank you so much manha,….

      Hmmm,….I t will taKe time for these two girls to understand their feelings,….Really sam needs a lot to understand whom she really loves and Radz need a lot to understand her friend never loves her Arjun sir,….

      Quite interesting story yaar,….Why they ended it???,…Its really awful dear,….

      1. i agreee. why they ended so fast. looks like we r gonna never have answer for this question. but we will never stop asking this. lol. how ironical. ya plz can u tell what the song means atleast starting lines n the name of the movie. so that i can understand. ii dont know tamil. but can understand a little. plzzzzzz.

  14. Hai i want to dedicate song to ardhika.
    Idha arjun padra madhriyum edduthukkalam.
    Unn kaigal korthu unnodo poga
    Enn nenjam thaan enguthey
    Dhinnam uyier vaanguthey
    Unn tholil saaindhu kanmoodi vaazha
    Enn ullam allaipaayuthey aiyo

    Unn kanam mele mazhai neeraippole
    Mutha kolam poda aasai alladuthey
    Nee pesum pechu naal thorum kettu
    Endhan janmam theerey yekkam

    Oh penne penne enn kanne kanne
    Unmai sonnaal enna
    Unnaith thandhal enna

    Yezhu kadal thandi unnakkaga vanthene
    Undhan alai vandhu kadal seruthey
    Vennilavai vetti modhirangal seiveney
    Adhu unnai sera oli veesuthey

    Andha vinmeengal thaan undhan
    Vandhu kudiyeravey konjam idam ketkkuthey
    Indru unn kailey naan nool bommaiye
    Oonjal pol maaruthey adi unn penmaiye..

    Oh penne penney…….

    Actually this is my fav song. Beautiful lyrics. Enjoy pannuvinganu ninaikkiren.

    1. Naomi,….

      This is my Favorite song,…..Thank you soooooooooo much for this song dear,….

      And I also imagined this song for arjun while listening to it,…You made my day dear,….

      And one more song,…It may sound funny but I always imagine that song for aarjun,…
      ‘Azhago azhagu aval kan azhagu,…aval pol illai oru per azhagu’,….

  15. Renu nice yaar ….its not boring dadaji radhika convo s brilliant… Naomi really this song suit for that scene…

    1. Hai saran, yaaaa thank u.

    2. Thank you saran,…

  16. hey renu dear I loved u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much because u are the one here who consistent in updating regularly I loved u for this dear and more than that I already loved u till I am a silent reader I always want to talk to u dear.
    I loved it totally like u r fantabulous dear. Dadaji and arjun convo seriously eagerly waiting for next part yaar today part is just awesome Each and every character is cared for each other specially arjun for rads but arjun is tensed by his own feelings loved it dear.

    Love u renu hey how’s your christmass going dear Love u loads.

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Nisha,….Nisha,….Nisha,….

      I dunno what to say deaar,…

      I read your msg in last update,….U brought tears in my eyes dear,….I have to find a new word to express my graitude to your flawless love for me yaar,….

      I didnt read your Nandan dil ke FF dear,…sorry yaar cox of my exams and some personal problems,…I didnt have enough time to spend yaar,….And reg understanding some feelings,…I think,there’s no need to get marry to understand some deeper feelings yaar,…U applauded me for understanding those,…But the credit should go to my mom dear,…I love my mom so much,…Cox of her,I learnt many hardships in life and how to be selfless even when you stuck in an hard situation,….And many,…..

      ANd How’s you Xmas,…May God Bless you and all your wishes will be fulfilled in this upcoming new year deary,….

      M glad to have a friend like you dear,…..

  17. Super and outstanding episode renu,loved every part of episode,arjun rads Sam Neil and dadaji scenes are really heart touching,hope in next epi dadaji vll stop rads from leaving and our lover boy arjun vll n in cloud nine,great applause for U my dearyyy its so nice excellent ithuku mela yeppdi sollrathuney terila ma,avlo realistic story….one thing renu give our arjun more sweet pain and he should b very possessive abt rads so that his revenge goes away from his thought…. Make raneil close so that both arjun and Sam should burn with jealousy Dr…belated merry Christmas yaar….and advance happy new year….

    Naomi ur song selection super ma me too love tat song

    1. Thank u sooo much deepu.

    2. deepa i agree with u . raneil has a special frndship bond. N we could use it for making Arjun n Sam jealous. Actually they r already started feeling jealous so we need some more drama n see their reactions. haha. ;-).
      And dear when r u going to update. plz spare time for us. plz update soooooon. loveeee u .

    3. Thank you deepa,..

      I think I will fulfill your expectation in the upcoming episodes yaar,….


      Sure will update the next part earlier than expected but not daily yaar,..At least i need 2 or 3 days gap for each epi as my exams are on the jan first week dear,….

      1. renu plz yaar u r already giving us more than expected. i agree that we want everyday but u r giving update after every 2 days. that is more than enough.
        actually deepa is not posting her story frm long back. so i asked her to update it soon.
        study for ur exams n ALL THE BEST. thank u. love u frm heart.

  18. hey deepa dear how r u dear I have read ur name after so long time dear really getting happy to see ur name dear What to do I have a habit to talk to u dear before so much long time and its all ur fault u have created that habit . I made a relation with u dear of friendship and cna’t stop myself whenever seeing ur name dear. Love u by heart I have add ur name on my page too dear missing u and sree so much I don’t know where is sree if u find then plz tell her also that I miss her too. and yes , merry christmass to u meri jaan. love u always may god bless u so much with happiness and wellness dear.
    Keep smiling meri jaan.

    Once a friend always a friend.

  19. hey renu dear I leave something for u on last page check please whenever free dear.

  20. Nice chapter . Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanx yaar,…

  21. Heyyyyyy Renu dear…this episode is awesooooooome..loved it
    And the precap seems more interesting..
    Really can’t wait what follows nxt..eagerly waiting for nxt epi..

    keep smiling alwaaaaayZz..

    Love u loooadzz?

    1. Thank you so much dear,…..

  22. G8 episode and I really like the Radhika and Neil friendship part..keep it going

  23. hey Renu…u r such sweetheart
    …it is nice episode…always like dadaji radz bond…..hey dear y sam didnt share her dream with neil….n dadaji taking arjuns help

    wow… thats gonna fantastic yarrrr….
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  24. @Manha,…
    Song which suits Arjun’s feelings ,….

    Unn Kaigal Korthu Unnodu Poga
    To hold your hands and walk

    En Nenjam Thaan Aenguthe
    My heart is craving

    Thinamum Uyir Vaangsuituthey
    It’s beating for that moment everyday

    Unthoolil Sainthu Kanmoodi Vaazha
    To lay on your shoulders and close my eyes live the life

    En Ullam Alaipaayuthey Aiyo Thadumaaruthey !
    My heart is flowing like waves in the ocean, oh my god I am falling for you!

    Un Kannam Maelae Mazhai Neerai Pole
    On your cheeks just like the rain

    Mutha Kolam Poda Aasai Alladuthae
    I am wishing to make a rangoli (Floor painting) with kisses

    Nee Paesum Paechu Naalthorum Kaettu
    To listen to the way you talk everyday

    Enthan Jenmam Theera Aekkam Thalladuthey!
    I am yearning to spend my lifetime that way!

    Oh Penne Penne , En Kanne Kanne
    Oh girl Oh girl, my eye my eye

    Unmai Sonnal Enna? Unnai Thanthaal Enna?
    Why don’t you tell the truth? Why can’t you give yourself to me ?

    Oh Penne Penne En Kanne Kanne
    Oh girl Oh girl, my eye my eye

    Unmai Sonnal Enna? Unnai Thanthaal Enna?
    Why don’t you tell the truth? Why can’t you give yourself to me?

    Never wanna see us fighting

    Forget the thunder and lightning

    I hold you to see the morning light

    Never leave your side (2)

    Aezhu Kadal Thaandi Unakaaga Vanthene
    I have come for you, crossing the seven oceans

    Unthan Alai Vanthu Kadal Seruthey
    Your wave has come into the ocean to become one

    Vennilavai Vetti Modhirangal Seivene
    I would do rings for you by cutting the moon

    Athu Unai Sera Oli Veesuthey !
    That would lighten only when it’s with you!

    Antha Vinmeengal Than Unthan Kanmeenilae
    That stars are inside your beautiful eyes

    Vanthu Kudiyeravae Konjam Edam Kaekuthae
    It’s asking for a place to become a tenant within you

    Indru Un Kaiyilae Naan Nøøl Bømmaiyae
    Today, I am a puppet in your hands

    Oønjal Pølmaaruthae Adi Un Penmaiyae !
    Girl. You make me swing!

    Oh Penne Penne Èn Kanne Kanne
    Oh girl Oh girl, my eye my eye

    Unmai Šønnal Ènna? Unnai Thanthaal Ènna?
    Why don’t you tell the truth? Why can’t you give yourself to me?

    Oh Penne Penne Èn Kanne Kanne
    Oh girl Oh girl, my eye my eye

    Unmai Šønnal Ènna? Unnai Thanthaal Ènna?
    Why don’t you tell the truth? Why can’t you give yourself to me?


    Un Kaigal Kørthu Unnødu Pøga
    To hold your hands and walk

    Èn Nenjam Thaan Aenguthey
    My heart is craving

    Thinamum Uyir Vaanguthey
    It’s beating for that moment everyday

    Unthøølil Šainthu Kanmøødi Vaazha
    To lay on your shoulders and close my eyes live the life

    Èn Ullam Alaipaayuthe Aiyø Thadumaaruthe
    My heart is flowing like waves in the ocean, oh my god I am falling for you!

    Un Kannam Maelae Mazhai Neerai Pøle
    On your cheeks just like the rain

    Mutha Kølam Pøda Aasai Alladuthae
    I am wishing to make a rangoli (Floor painting) with kisses

    Nee Paesum Paechu Naalthørum Kaettu
    To listen to the way you talk everyday

    Ènthan Jenmam Theera Aekkam Thalladuthae
    I am yearning to spend my lifetime that way!


    1. renu thank u . This one so gud. yeah totally suitable for ardhika. i will see it n hear it. thank u once again.

    2. @ RENU, OMG!!!!!!! am giggling here Renu. really goosebumps run over my skin uncontrollably. beautifully translated dear. its amazing n my favourite song too.

      @naomi, hey buddy u r too good. love u sooooo much n wat a song selection dear. super po. for u i dedicate a dialogue now: Neeyellam inga irukka vendiya aale illa. super dear, really. it suits ardhika well.

      @RENU, yaar, haha i lik tat song too ‘azhago azhago aval kan azhagu…” actu tat too my fav song fr the music n dance. n now i take my crazy take. i hv said tis alredy to u. my selection is

      “Ennamo yedho…..

      especlly the lines..

      .”Nerungaathe penne endhan nenjellam nanjagum,

      Azhaikadhe penne endhan acchangal acchagum”

      haha, wat say dear?

  25. Hey friends
    I found all the stories of fan fiction in another website telly precap
    There it is exactly same as original and able to copy and paste..
    But I think it is related to tu itself and they didn’t change credits …

  26. RENU my RENU my sweetheart RENU, Wat r u yaar, my friend!!!!!! i just cant control my goosebumps wen reading all ur updates in a one go today. sorry yaar dear didnt get time n so cudnt cum n cmmnt here. its now my turn tat my head spins wid all the studies lik once u said me haha 😀 n dear, i saw ur luvely cmmnt fr me too in one of ur episodes n ws touched. feeling really lucky 2 get a friend lik u. thr is ur heart in each of ur update. i can feel it. u r vry deep in thinking over matters yaar dear. ur EPISODES ARE PLAINLY AWESOME n CAN BEAT THE ORIGINAL TRACK. Awesome thots yaar. u r going thru evry relationships lik friendship, love, care ( btw our fav dadaji-radz, i really lov it) n everything dear. n haha i remembered everything u said n we talked earlier. i too felt teary eyed reading ur words thr. luv u dear. carry on ur amazing work sweetheart. all the best fr ur studies too 😀 Oh, i miss ur green profile pattern bt lik tis Jhansi rani pic too n i hv too say, i too watched ly Jansi Rani bfr tis mmz yaar. wow!!!! tats so sweet. luv u my friend 😀

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