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Hey all!! I’m here again.. But with an OS… I actually had this saved long ago.. Was a part of one of my story’s chapters… But maa said not to as it as a bit too streamy.. She reads like all my stories.. She has taken a print out of each update from each story and stapled them together like a big bundle.. Especially the neighbour OS.. It’s like 41 pages and she never goes tired reading it again and again.. I wonder.. Why she hasn’t got bored.. Hmmm ??… She says she can’t wait for it to be updated by me on wattpad.. So this way of having it stapled ??.. My Amma be the best!! Paa keeps laughing at her.. He has no time to read mine being a scientist.. Busy life.. Makes time for family… Keeps track of my stories as Amma keeps telling him ??

I never used it as promised and had it saved… For the right time and it is now… People who have already read it.. you’ll wonder why I changed it… It’s because I had to tweak it up according to the plot… Now now.. Please don’t Look at me like that..

Oh how I wish I had started my ff with This plot.. So happy.. No drama.. No no I’m not thinking of it.. else I’ll regret and start another with this plot.. I already have a lot of books pending.. sequels on the draft… And now one more!! No no.. If it’s so, then I’ll have to spend my whole life writing.. I have no such plans.. I’ll go all bored and will get wrinkles and grey hair soon.. Like really soon…

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I’m not understanding what is wrong with my body.. Fever, bodyache, migraine.. etc etc… And now panic attack… This sucks…

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Now to the story…. Please.. As usual.. Bear with my typos and grammatical errors..

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Radhika was packing her things crying. She did realise her love for Arjun. Nandini was so right. That fake marriage had made her expect a lot. She wanted Arjun’s attention. Though at that time it was for keeping him away from Sam, but it felt so good to have him by her side. In front of her. She kept crying thinking of all the moments they had spent together. She kept trying to keep the thoughts away as it was not right. Not keeping away, she wanted to erase them permanently. She kept wiping her tears with the back of her hand, but they failed to stop. It was the pain of a heartbreak. The pain of being separated from your loved one. The one you love the most with all your life. And risked your heart.

She kept stumbling as her eyes were glassy and blurred with tears. Arjun belonged to Sam and no one else. She can’t be a blockage now. A wall. It was all over. She wanted to only save Sam and prove her innocence. Now that it was all over, it was the for her to leave.

She finally finished her packing and stepped out of the room. She saw a broken and shattered Arjun crouched in the balcony, looking up at the full moon that made the night look so beautiful. She wanted to leave, but couldn’t. She wanted him to know that his panoti.. his bad luck… the Eclipse of his life was leaving. She wanted to hug him one last time. One act of love. Show him the right of being a wife and he being her husband for just seconds, which she could carry all her life as memories to cherish.

She placed her suitcase in a corner, went to him and stood keeping a good distance between the both of them. Arjun stiffened as he felt her presence behind him. He knew she was going to leave. Her work here was done. But no. How could she do that to him? He couldn’t let her go. He just couldn’t. He needed her. He Loved her with all his life. Why couldn’t she see it? Why couldn’t she understand his unsaid words? His feelings and why he couldn’t hurt her at all. Why he kept moving away.

Before she could speak, he said “wow!! Even you’re leaving me. The only person I could hold onto and trust is leaving me” having his back to her.

“Sir?” she gasped, not able to believe what he said and him knowing her presence.

“Why Radhika why? Why do you want to leave me? Everyone in the world left me. Now you too?” he cried with his back to her.

She said as she sat down next to him “Sir you’re not alone. You’ve got Sam. She’ll keep you happy for life. Love you with all her heart.”

“I’m a sinner Radhika. How will she love me after knowing my real side? Who will love me? No one!!” he cried.

“No sir, you’re not. You’re a very good person. Nobody can hate you” she stated as she cupped his cheek.

He looked into her eyes “who can mend my broken heart? Who can mingle with this?” pointing to where his heart was.

“Sir…” she started, but was cut off by him.

“Radhika can you please mend this broken heart and give it life with your light? Can you please chase the darkness of my life away and give me a place in your heart? Will you?” he asked desperately looking into her eyes, with her face cradled in his palms.

Radhika answered “sir that’s Sam’s duty. Not mine. And it’s time for me to leave.”

She got up, but was stopped by Arjun “why? Why can’t you understand me?”

She said pulling her hand away “sir I understand you well. You’re a very good person and deserve all the happiness in life. I just came to tell you that I’m leaving. Your panoti is leaving. I’ll never be a rock in your path of life. This will be our last.”

“But my happiness lies in you Radhika” he said in a pained voice looking up at her.

“Goodbye sir” she said as she turned around swiftly.

“Radhika please don’t leave me. For the first time I feel so scared to stay alone. Please don’t leave me” he requested as got up on his feet.

“Sir but….” she was cut off when he hugged her.

“Please Radhika. Please don’t go. I need you. Just for tonight. You can leave later, I won’t stop you. But for now, for tonight I need you” he cried onto her shoulder like a kid who had lost his favorite pencil.

She too hugged him back with all the emotions she had held back. Arjun who had his face buried in her neck’s crook, breathed a kiss there making her shiver. Radhika broke hug and looked at his eyes that were filled with love. Arjun had his arms looped around her waist and he had unconsciously pulled her closer than ever. Radhika went on her tiptoes and pecked his forehead. She took his hand in hers and led him to the bedroom. She made him lie down and made herself comfortable next to him. Arjun pulled her to his chest and held her to him tight like a kid’s favourite pink colour teddy. Arjun soon fell asleep and Radhika just couldn’t. She was regretting for what was happening. His grip on her became tight with every second passing by. Her mind kept telling her that she was cheating Sam by letting Arjun come close to her. But her heart refused it. She loved him. She was his wife. This was what she deserved. But her mind dominated her heart. Radhika silently cried and fell asleep, hugging him.

She woke up a few hours later and felt Arjun’s breath fanning her forehead. He looked so calm. After so long. She smiled, cupping his cheek. And now it was time for her to leave. She quietly got off his hard grip with a lot of difficulty and lightly pecked his lips and forehead. She moved away and spotted something. The divorce papers. How did she forget to sign them? She then took off her mangalsutra. Arjun woke up at that time and found the other side of the bed empty. He looked around and found her removing her mangalsutra. He was furious. She then placed it down in the dressing table and signed divorce papers. Just as she was about to leave, a strong grip got hold of her wrist. She was terrified now. Arjun had woken up. Now what was she going to do? Arjun pulled her to him, making her face him.


“How dare you?” Arjun growled.

“This is wrong. You belong to Sam” Radhika said with her head hung low.

“No it’s not” Arjun calmed a little.

“Sir please” she whispered.

“No Radhika. I need you” he said desperately.

“Sir no” she protested.

That’s it. He’d had enough. His reasoning and explaining was not going to help at all. It was time for action. He threaded towards her. She seemed shocked at his move.

“Move away” she said as she stepped back.

“We’re so over Arjun sir” she said again as he kept coming closer and she moved away.

“Tell me if we’re through after this babe” he growled as he pulled her to him.


“Tell me if we’re through after this babe” he said as he crashed his lips over hers.

She struggled to pull away. But couldn’t. He had a strong grip over her. She in no time started to kiss him back. It felt erotic. Her soft lips felt so right against his rough one. Her fragile form pressed against his strong muscular body. He could feel her nipples harden through his thick layered fabric.Oh God!! That was more than enough to drive him insane. He tore her shirt not breaking the kiss, making the buttons of the shirt scatter all across the room.

“Sir this is wrong” she spoke against his lips breathless with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“No babe, it isn’t” he answered as he cupped her bra cladded br*asts and kissed her jawline, down to her neck and between her br*asts.

Her breathing picked up as she threw her head back in ecstasy and moaned his name. It felt so good to hear my his like that. She had told his name for the first time without the “sir” tag. Her hand went up and down feeling his stone hard perfect chest and abs. She pulled off his t-shirt, still looking at him. She knew it was wrong and pulled her hands back and turned around shielding herself from him. No, this was not the time to pull back. He pulled her back to him and kissed her again. He kissed him back with all the love and she had for him. Her hands found way into his hair as he deepened the kiss and his tongue slipped in as she opened her mouth for breath. He picked her up and she looped her legs around his torso.

He placed her on her bed and kissed her lips again till she fought for her breath. He trailed kisses down her jawline to her neck and valley of br*asts. He unhooked her bra and looked at her. She had her eyes closed, moaning beautifully. She was so beautiful. She is. She will always be. He pulled it down and kissed her shoulder. He just couldn’t wait to make her his. But he wanted to take it slow. It was her first time. He loved her. He could never hurt her. He massaged her br*ast in one hand and teased the other with his mouth. Radhika gasped as her eyes opened wide. He pinched and sucked and continued his act. All she did was, kept moaning his name beautifully. He repeated the same process with the other too. She arched her back and was growing restless.

She pulled him up and, cupping his face and met his lips. “Baby I need you” she pleaded.

He pulled down her pant and her panties. She was beautiful. She was the woman he needed and had dreamt of. She was his. He kissed her again and she kissed him back. It felt so right. Arjun kicked off his pants and boxers and came on top of her. The way their bodies moulded and fit into each other was amazing. He thrusted a finger into her warm soaking clit and kept teasing. She writhed in pleasure beneath him. He kissed her everywhere he could, still having his fingers working there. I kissed her navel and plunged his tongue into it. She gasped.

“Arjun please” she whined annoyed.

“Do you trust me?” he asked concerned.

“Ask me to STOP. IF. IT. HURTS.” he pressed every word.

“I trust you Arjun and I’ll ask you to stop if it hurts” she said back honestly.

That is what he needed. It felt so good to hear those words from her. He placed himself at her entrance and thrusted slowly. She screamed and he covered her with kisses everywhere possible. He let her adjust to his length and took it slow.

“Faster Arjun faster” she said as she adjusted to him.

That was enough for him. He picked her up in his lap and pushed all of himself in. She was so tight. Felt so Good. He couldn’t help but let out a groan of satisfaction. He kept thrusting faster and faster and picked up something. He took it and laid her back on the bed still moving in and out of her. He picked up speed and she plunged her nails into his shoulders even more. She looped her legs around my waist and kissed him wherever possible.

“Arjun don’t stop. Keep moving” she said meeting every thrust of his.

“Won’t stop. Can’t stop” he groaned as he kept moving.

“Will you ever leave me? Will you ever think about it?” he growled.

“No. Never” she answered back.

He took her left hand and slipped a ring onto her ring finger. She didn’t notice at all.

“Mine” he growled as he kissed her ring loaded finger.

“Yours” she affirmed.

It was a feeling of torture and pleasure. Radhika was so lost. No one had made her feel so special. After a while both of them reached their pleasure points screaming out each other’s names. He fell on her exhausted. He looked up at her, balancing himself not to crush her. She was most beautiful woman ever. Loaded with sweat, lips swollen. Love bites everywhere on her body. Him still linked to her. He didn’t want to move out. It felt so good to be inside of her. She cupped she face, brought her face up to kiss him. They shared a long kiss and he lied down beside her. He pulled her closer to him and she fell asleep in no time snuggling closer, looping her arms around his torso.

He woke up and saw her still sleeping. He couldn’t believe last night happened. She gave away her priceless possession to him. Her virginity. He was her first. It made him so happy. It felt so different from all the other women he had slept with. Maybe it was because he had no commitments, no expectations. No LOVE. But he loved Radhika. It was a good different though.

He thought “I’m never going to hurt her. She’s mine and I’ll keep her happy forever.”

He kissed her forehead and she scowled as she stirred in her sleep. He couldn’t help, but let out a chuckle. She looked so peaceful. Carefree. She was herself. She opened her eyes and gave him a sleepy smile.

Her eyes widened as she saw him so close to her. She was shirtless. His hand on her bare waist. Wait!! What?! Was she naked too? She looked beneath the covers and gasped. She was. Tears failed to stop. She remembered everything of last night. How did she let it happen? Why didn’t she stop him? What was she going to tell Sam? How could she cheat her best friend? Radhika beat him everywhere crying. Arjun was so hurt that she regretted it.

Radhika cried “Why didn’t you stop? How will I face Sam now? She loves you.”

“Radhika…” he dragged.

“Omg!!” she screamed “you didn’t use protection. What if I get pregnant?” she looked terrified.

“What happened between us was right. Yhe thing that happens between all couples” Arjun stated.

“No it wasn’t. We’re not a normal couple and our marriage was fake” she spoke.

“No it wasn’t” he screamed.

“Yes it was. And Sam loves you” she cried. It hurt so much that she loved him and she had slept with him and her best friend loved him.

“No Radhika!! Sam doesn’t love me” she screamed, cupping her face in his hands.

“What?! How?! Why?! When?!” she gasped.

***********FLASHBACK BEGINS*********

Sam barged into Arjun’s house and came to the balcony.

She said “Arjun we need to talk.”

He said “Not now Sam.”

“I don’t love you” she stated.

“What?” he gasped.

“And I knew that you don’t love me” she said.

“Sam I’m sorry” he said.

“I just wanted to say… stop Radhika from leaving. You love her. She too loves you. I know she can do anything for her loved ones, but never expected this. I feel so guilty for insulting her” she cried.

“I love her?” he seemed shocked “yes!! Yes I do!!” he screamed.

“You love your panoti and I love my idiot” she chuckled.

“Why don’t you go tell him?” he smiled.

“Oh, that I’m doing right away” she smiled.

“Good for you” he said.

Sam couldn’t stop blushing.

“All the best to you” he said.

“Thanks. Same to you” she said and left.

*********FLASHBACK ENDS**********

“Arjun sir I’m sorry” Radhika said as she had tears.

“It’s not your fault Radhika” he said.

“Radhika I’m sorry” he spoke again as he traced patterns on her bare back.

“Sorry for what?” she asked as she held him.

“For what just happened” he said.

“You mean the s*x? You regret it? But you f**ked me” she said panicked.

“No!! I never regret this. And I never will. It’s not f**ck. It’s love. We made love Radhika” he explained.

“Then what is it?” she asked.

“For hurting you. Sorry” I apologised.

“Arjun sir” she said.

“Yes Radhika?” I asked.

“I forgive you” she said.

“I need to tell you something” he said.

“Go on” she encouraged.

“I love you” he confessed.

She took a deep breath.

“I love you too” she said looking in my eyes.

That’s it. That was what he needed. She loved him and forgave him all in one night. All in a session of love making. He kissed her again. He then entered her again with all the happiness and love he had for her.

*********ENDS HERE********

She ran her hand over face and her expression changed. She looked up at him and then her left hand. Her eyes grew wide. She looked up at him with disbelief. There was a diamond ring on her finger. Arjun couldn’t help but smile. Her face flushed. So very cute.

“How.. when.. omg!!” she kept asking.

“Last night. I want you to be mine forever Radhika” he said honestly.

“This wasn’t necessary though” she said. She still wasn’t out of the shock.

“It was” he said “don’t you trust me?” he panicked.

“I do but… Omg!! Thank you” she said as she hugged him tight.

“Anything for you” he said.

“Mine” she whispered as he placed her palm over his chest where his heart was.

“Yours” he assured as he pulled her nose playfully

“I love you” she said as she kissed him hard.

“Love you more” he spoke against her lips.

So that’s it… I donno.. I’m kinda like not satisfied.. Nitu!! You asked for something sensual… Here it is.. Damn.. I just donno what I put in.. This is not the original one I had written.. This has so much edition..

My brother took me to Kabali day before yesterday as a birthday treat and spoiled my day… That movie wasn’t worth the hyle given.. You can watch it as a normal movie, but not as a Rajnikanth movie… Movie that can be watched nkt more than once.. The biggest shock!! I find my neighbour watching the movie, sitting next to me ??.. lol..

Please do let me know of how it was.. So it’s a tata babaye now.. Love you all loads.. Tc . Keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you ??

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