Manmarziyan – Meri Maa Part 2


Hiee all here is the next part of the emotional ride. Thank u all for the support and pls do comment ur views love u all

Mom part 2
Radhika was working in her lap when she got a call. It was from Arjun. He whenever feels to romance his wife does that by calling her and speaking to her all romantic and her only response is making a wide smile and rolling her eyes and at times blushing as well. She was all tough outside but very very innocent inside a kid who is longing for love a pure love to trust. It was Arjun who did that for his Radhu. Just then tara her P A came and informed that someone by name Mr.Swamy has come to visit her Radhika nodded her head . She immediately changed her face to as always to a business woman mode and then she started to work , just then there was a knock of the door. She called come in…..

He was there standing a guy who is elder to me but he did all nonsense to his cousin i can see the day he shouted my dad sometimes i will be possessive even if my so called father did not like it. He was all the time bashing him infront of all the whole family and what not pointing me and saying that i was always a expense to the family….. all was ringing my head. He entered and wished me. Hmm i gave him a smirk look he till that time did not see me but i made my throat clear to make him see me. The great cousin brother who was once my real family was standing in front of me and i am sitting in the MD seat. I made a clear statement ; sit down mr rahul swamy. I sounded professional for the first time in front of him the so called family.

He jerked and sat and was all the time twisting and turning. I was enjoying it after all it was the same person who spoke all rubbish about my dad and mom and my little brother how can i not take this a chance to see his discomfort….

Rahul ; Radhu….. she came running to him. They were best friends not a sibling relationship she respected him so much and he loved her so much. He was her father’s elder brother’s son technically my cousin brother but he was so close to Radhika. They were best buddies of all the time and then one fine day he went far away from her as swamy got a job in abroad well shekar stayed back and his sister was the one who helped swamy to get his job in abroad and those family was well settled but shekar’s family was as always middle class.. Their early visit made the siblings so happy they were a gang of 3 rahul Radhika and disha her sister daughter of Shriya sister of swamy (1st) and shekar (2nd). As always Radhika’s mom was the odd one out to do all the house hold chores at that time vishwa was not there. Radhika totally loved her brother rahul he was her everything she loves him so much and so was disha but rahul who was first so happy with Radhika started to hate her only reason they were growing while shekar and family was in the same place where they left.

Status problem went down so well that Radhika was being insulted. Shekar who was an perfect man who will always makes his wife and daughter last priority. His mother is the perfect example for woman who can make any insane to critical insane. She is woman with venomous tongue. A woman who hated woman kind and the best result is making Radhika and her mother Viji to suffer and shekar was all the time def dumb and blind.

Rahul was the only person she loved more and he one time rahul insulted speaking to suraksha (shekar’s mother) ; grandmother ask them to stay far from us. It is because of this shekar my mother is losing her cool and also i hate that person and his family cant he earn for his own always depending on others for everything my father has given enough for their expenses they have their own hands and legs let he earn for his family.

Shekar for the first time felt bad for losing his dignity. He was asking them for money as he was short of money for the expense for Vishwa’s study expenses but the answer came out to be this way. The one who was supposed to respect him was speaking all bad and rahul asked shekar to step out of the house.

Shekar never said that to Radhika but she got to know that from viji who never hides anything from her daughter. That time viji was crying pours fully and she spoke in between her crys ; i cannot go to work because my back bone has totally damaged and i am helpless to ur father Radhu and she cried hugging her daughter.
I wiped a lone tear from my eyes and saw him straight. He dared not had any guts to see me. I felt pity after all he is just an arrow i knew his bow is his mother and suraksha my so called grandmother. I felt myself proud of being born to the family where they themselves ditched their own blood just for money. I laughed a bit and then spoke to him.

Rahul ; Radhu i…… i cut him off
Mrs. Mehra for u ok i am Mrs. Radhika Mehra. He smirked and said ; so this is also a trap right u made a big business man urs and u r now enjoying a luxurious life but we were the one who gave u money to study for that u have to give me a job.
Radhika was hell furious she thought “u r in this stage still male chauvinism u guys are sick 100 % and i guess that would have come from ur grandmother”. She held a pen and was rolling it in between her hands and looking at him in a cool face.
Radhika ; So u mother is only still feeding u food right ?? She asked in a cool tone. Rahul frowned and saw her and she gave him a smile a proud smile.
Rahul ; what are u asking ?? i dont understand.

Radhika (keeping the pen down) ; well whenever i see u ur mother will feed the food u r still her loveable son who cant even stand on his own leg and speaking about others and laughed. Rahul had enough and shouted ; Radhika…… a tight slap was given to him by Radhika. He held his cheeks and she pointing a finger and with a low yet dangerous tone ; never raise ur voice against Radhika Mehra i am a woman who knows how to makes things done by the way i want to and dare not show ur male attitute to me Mr.Rahul swamy now out of my office now.

He said ; u will face the lot i will speak to shekar cha cha. Radhika clapped and said ; ooh to him speak speak u know what u are a coward ur family totally is a coward the male people in ur family ur father was hiding behind ur mother when she raised her voice against us and ur shekar cha cha hid himself behind his mother it was me and my mother who stood strong and one more thing ur mother is not ur father’s first he had pre marital affair which sank and then ur mother was next so ask her to control her tongue atleast now so off ur feet away from my office immediately and sat on her table calling her guards to dispose the unwanted baggage in her office.
Few hours later shekar barged inside Radhika’s cabin. He was shouting on his top of his voice.

Shekar ; what ever u did is not right …
Radhu ; never teach me which is right and wrong my mom has taught me so shut up.
Shekar ; he is ur brother for that cant u just give him some respect ??
Radhika ; i have only one brother his name is Vishwa now in college no one is my brother understood ??
Shekar ; why are u speaking like this ?? Cant u speak properly ??

Radhika ; ur mother spoke me that i will have a fateful life and also asked my mother to throw me in the dustbin just because i am a girl what were u doing all the time ?? Silent right maintain the same silent even now so that u can live in peace in my out house and u never have any right to question me Mr. Shekar it is either Arjun or Vishwa not u or ur clumsy family.

Shekar (in a higher tone) ; I am ur father mind that…..
Radhika (in a equal high tone) ; he was the one who asked me to leave him and his life when i was just 13 and the reason was horoscope where someone said if i was with u, u will die so u were so cautious in ur life but never considered us as a family and it was my mother who held my hand and took me to her place and u came behind us just because ur mother’s torture…….. never claim ur right to me and then u played an emotional drama and made us to back to the jail where ur mother was and ultimately killed my mother but still u have ur family. Out……….. now……….. She shouted.

He went out and she lost her cool and only place of peace is her house. She straight away went to her house and found her 2 angels making Vishwa go all mad with their food demands and he with apron and spoons in his hands and ear was looking typically exhausted. Radhika kept her bag over the sofa and slowly kept her chin over vishwa’s shoulder.

He signed a relief and said ; thank god Radhu u came. These 2 bundles of urs are taking my life. She giggled and kissed his cheeks. He too smiled at her smiling face. She was always calmed down only by her mother, Vishwa Arjun and now her 2 angels. Just then there was a cute voice but that was angry, Mamu this is not fair ?? Vishwa jerked and found Aardhna standing below his knees and with a folded arms. He went on his knees and Radhika sat on the kitchen slab,

Aardhna ; mamu u gave her one kiss and u did not give me. Radhu giggled and Vishwa glared at her and she kept her fingers on her lips.
Vishwa ; sorry princess and gave her a peak. Aardhna shouted no not left side right side , this time Radhu laughed hard looking at her daughter’s antiques and her brother’s helplessness. He again peaked her in the right cheeks and she ran away shouting i love u mamu…… He turned and saw Radhu she said ; wow looks like ur would be wifes are fighting for u……
Vishwa shooed her by shouting Radhu……… she ran away with giggling……

The angel who sacrificed her life……… looking back..

Thats it guys happy weekend. Love u all…

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Excellent and marvellous episde enjoyed reading this episode sv dear..

    1. S.v

      thank u arti for the continuous support do support me love u so much

  2. Brin

    Outstanding episode, Radhika is so powerful in this story, love it to the core, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thanks brin she is made what she is today lot more to come love u tons will update soon

  3. Aasthu

    Sv can u gie me links to prev epi???

  4. Gauri

    SV so beautiful….so amazing and a lovely story ….kind of a different story loving Radhika the most ….you rock my cutie pie….loved the mother daughter bond…and yes people do stupid things in the name of horoscopes ….very well written and presented stay blessed 🙂 keep smiling and million hearts for you?????????????

    1. S.v

      radhika is different as she was faced so much hard. Hope u will like the upcoming track love u di bear my tight hugs and kisses tooo

  5. Myra

    Cupcake….it was really emotional one…sad reality it is, that male chauvinism still exists…you caught the right note here, sister….

    Love you loads….
    Update soon..

    1. S.v

      yup teddy i am taking that as a main theme which crushes woman under their legs, and also gonna speak about domestic violence against woman. thank u my darling love u to much will update soon.

  6. Nayan

    Really nice epi…enjoyed lot… plzzzzzzzzz update HAM … eagerly waiting for the next update … stay blessed:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

    1. S.v

      Nayan thank u HAK half way through will update that max tomo morning. u can read by tomo evening. Love u so much

  7. Jessie

    Baby…male chauvinism…horoscope blunder…female child partiality..status prob…well pointed…reality!! The status prob is the biggest enemy for cousin relationships…granny..villi…heard some like this…so realistic dear..I felt a lady pouring her heart out before me…good job…radhu stood against all odds..!! The devil’s words abt Arjun for Rads..Argh… slap correct thaaan…thangachiya pathi thappa pesuran…last part cute….loved it baby….kalukra..! TC n loads of love

    1. S.v

      ur words are 100 % true dear she is pouring her heart to us. Let us see what all radhika, viji, vishwa and shekar went through because of all those social problems and family stupidity. Avan thirundha maatan. Love u so much baby . bear hugs dear. muhhhaaaaa

  8. Roma

    Wowwww SV my special friend. …marvellous episode n awesoooooome story. …it’s really superbbbb….radhika here very powerpack…loved her role…the mother-daughter bond so sweet…very brilliantly narrated…loved it very very much….keep it up honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. S.v

      thank u so much roma u r my best gift muhhaaa for that . Radhika is yes a power pack but her past is so horrible will let u know soon love u so much bear hugs and the main part is mom and her daughter. love u muhhahaa take care.

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