Manmarziyan Meet (Article)

Manmarziyan Serial fanfic Writers Only


A big hello to all the mmz writers. How have you been all? Please do visit this page. After a long time. Guys. Where are you all? Have you not missed your dear show? Have you not missed the comment section pages of the serial, where we used to write stuff. While later it became a much more than a comment section page.

Looking back now there were so many stories connecting to each of us. Where are you all people? Come here. Let’s meet up. It’s been what? Three years? Since the show ended and since we are still making ffs on it.

Hmm. Lot of everyone.

Comment below fast. Missed you all. I don’t want to name me. Nor I want to name you. Because we all know who we were before commenting here all those years ago and now coming back too. If you know what I mean or understand what I mean.

Come back guys.

Please comment below in the comment section and remince the old days. If I phrased it correctly. Lol. Hope it does not make me sound so old blubbering about ‘all those years ago’ dialogue.


Don’t mind my mumblings.


Manmarziyan fan

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  1. Sorry. Should have written mmz fans and readers and writers. Sorry for the mistake again.

  2. Hey where are you all mmz fans.

    Sorry should have written mmz fans and readers and writers of the serial.
    Come on up here guys.

  3. Oh it is taking alot of time to get the comments appear here.

  4. Shubhadha

    Hey..hope all are doing good..after three years also my favourite couple is Arjun and Radhika..

    1. Welcome! Shubhadha!
      How are you?

      Finally. Someone. Hey have you been here since a long time. Like since the comment section days of mmz serial? Then long time huh?

      Yeah me too. My fav Jodi.

  5. It’s so sad that everyone has gone to some other source and forgotten about manmarziyan tellyupdates. Because of nobody turning up here I have finally come to a conclusion that everyone has moved on. Sigh.

  6. Hii i m a reader of mmz fanfics i love to read my fav couple is ardhika please updateand write new fanfic i m waiting .

    1. Hey Abi, nice to see you here. How are you?

      Which fanfic do you like to read? There are a lot of fanfics. I might. But I don’t know. Let’s see.

      1. I love mafia king . And many others too thanks . And i m fine . How r u ?

      2. I’m good Ab and yes I had liked a lot of ffs too. Im now rarely watching shows so particularly.

        I have actually been watching old epis of Mmz and ipkknd1.

        So good ol days.

      3. Yes dear ☺️ glad to talk to u .

  7. Hey mmz fan, tats a fantastic thing u hv cum up wid. Thanks fr makin me relive those insanely beautiful days. Surely the comment section stuff r evr unforgettable. Crazy. nd as u mentioned tat urself I hope u knew me well. Fingers crossed. Regards to u πŸ˜€

    1. I know you very very very well dear Thena. How are you?

      Hahaha can’t and never forget the days spent here even if in any difficult times or busy times or any times. So so nostalgic. Craziness of mmz I cannot forget. How can I forget re.

      1. super great here. I think I too hvnt forgotten u, dear mmzfan. Glad we talked again πŸ˜€

  8. Thanks for bringing everyone back. I was sad when i couldn’t see many of my fanfics here. Pls everyone come back. I’m waiting. I love ????? Ardhika

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