manmarziyan: mausam pyaar ka…. (chapter 6)

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The streets of Mumbai were never this long until today. The three were supposed to meet Arjun at the beach and from there they were going to some place where they would work as interns. The slow moving traffic had sucked the blood out of Radhika who drove her dad’s white swift. The other two sat quietly annoying her more. She banged the horn frustrated and yelled them to get going.
“this is what happens when we have something important. That angry bird would just suck us off….” She said banging the horn again with her fist.
“what’s wrong between you two? Why the hell are you silent?” she yelled at them. Sam glared her. She bit her tongue.
“okay… okay… see you two fought, and there is no fault of mine in that. So please do punish me with your silence…” she said, her hands in air.
“get going Radhika…” Neil said when the green lit.
“hmm…” she shook her head disapproving their behaviour and started.
After a perfect drive of fifteen minutes, they reached the beach.
Sam got down followed by Neil. Sam was all silent in the class and even in their way she hadn’t uttered a word. Neil was worried not knowing what was up. He wanted to speak to her about the other days’ incident, but she wouldn’t look at him at least, for him to get started. He tried speaking to her many times. But all in vain. She was as stubborn.

On the other side sam was hurt. His words never left her ears. ‘we’ll split…’ how could he just say that and pretend as if nothing happened? This is what she feared would happen and that is what happened. Maybe their splitting meant nothing to him, but it meant everything to her. Him and radhika were all she had now. and losing them was a choice for her with losing her life. She would choose the latter in that matter. He was with her all the time she needed him, but now. she did believe in him. But trusting would take some time. Maybe a little more, after her encounter with prerna. She knew he would screw her, but she didn’t expect that he would leave her with a word. She just required some time to track her heart to place and then everything would have set.

To blame him, there was no mistake of his. And this was fact. Any guy would do the same when his girlfriend didn’t trust him. He had been with her for almost two decades. Trusting him shouldn’t have been a problem, but she couldn’t help it.

A lone tear rolled down her cheeks. She wiped it with the full arm sleeve of her blue t-shirt, which neil had selected for her. They walked in silence.

The beach was quite noisy with small kids playing around. Arjun stood there…. in the water, with his pant folded to his knees. He enjoyed the waves that hit his legs. He was a person with few talks. He was a person who liked silence more than words. He wouldn’t speak something he wouldn’t do. radhika should have known this. Playing against him, would cost her a huge price. He will bend her to his accord. No one ever dared speaking to him raising their voice other than his parents. But this girl snapped her finger and spoke pointing him with her pointer. That hurt his ego. Now, she should definitely pay.
He glanced at his watch. He had asked them to be there by 2 and now, it was 2:30. Thirty minutes late. Now he had to finish explaining about their project and also shop a ring for the engagement, that was held the next day, in about 4 hrs. His mother didn’t give a damn to his words, whilst she ordered him to take her and buy them. His father was no helpful. He asked him to take her on a date. Sometimes, he felt, he was more mature than them.
He sighed.
Neil and Sam were standing two steps behind arjun who had his back to them. He was unaware of their presence. Sam was fidgeting while neil was busy watching her. Radhika ran over to them once she parked.
“hey!!” she called out as she reached them.
Arjun turned to them.
“half-an-hour late…” he said pointing his watch and his brows cocked up.
“traffic…” she breathed out. She had her body bent, her palm resting on her knees. Her black locks covered her face.
“you should have started earlier?” he offered.
“well I didn’t dream about the traffic last night…” she mocked, standing up. She gently pushed her locks beside her ears. He stared her.
Sam pressed her lips in a line to hide her smile, and neil just stood looking at her as she did.
Arjun raised his brows while Radhika smirked.
“smart…” he commented.
“I know… tell me something I don’t know…” she said crossing her arms across her chest.
“well, that attitude…. doesn’t suit you…” he said creaming each of his word. She huffed.
“can we get to work?” sam asked irritated by neil’s stare on her.
“hmm… yeah…” arjun said smiling at her, which she returned. Radhika wondered what he was up to.
“well, we are supposed to shop for the engagement tomorrow. So, I guess, we will start. And I’ll explain everything on the way. Is that okay?” arjun asked.
“nope… how is that possible when you are in your car and we in ours?” radhika mocked.
“well, we all will travel in my car.”
“what about my car?”
“the driver will drive for you. fine? anything other than this?” he was irritated.
“no…” she said accepting the fate.
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