manmarziyan: mausam pyaar ka…. (chapter 4)

Hey guys….. maybe you would have forgot this…. Rossy dear… thank you for the support. So here it is. Well, this is about the love and arrange marriage stuffs. Nesam are the love birds and radhika and arjun will be bound by arrange marriage… hope you like it.

The next day they were at the college quite early. They were to meet their intern heads on that day. Radhika’s instinct was telling her that her intern head maybe HIM, the Coffee man….. she prayed her luck. His glares…… uffff…… she feared him. She feared to get screwed by him. If it was the coffee matter alone, then it was fine. But in the morning she bumped into him twice. Once at the college and before that in the parking lot. Urgh…… this wasn’t fair on her part. She never bumped into someone….. but this fellow…, They were informed about the classrooms or cubicles where they were supposed to meet their intern heads for the further instructions. Ranesam were supposed to enter room no. 193 in the fifth floor. As the lift was only for the faculty, they were supposed get through the staircase.
“umph….. I’m tired” cried nesam together and laughed at it…. radhika was too busy with the thoughts about the coffee man….as she refers him so…..
“whats wrong?” she asked them as their chuckles banged her out of her thoughts.
“nothing…” they said together and laughed once more.
“is that a matter to laugh at, at least?” she was annoyed at their childishness.
“okay… cool now…. we need to get there soon…. Before he starts searching us….”
The other two agreed.

They reached the room, sam who was standing in front of the door, moved back to end leaving neil in the front and neil followed her lead….. radhika sighed throwing an impossible look at them. She knocked the door once before getting in. her fingers crossed and her eyes on the floor.
“mom, I had asked you not to do this without my permission. Didn’t i?” the person who had his back to them, questioned through his phone.
“i…..” maybe he was cut off by the other end….

“fine…. okay….. I’ll do it…” he said each word after a pause. He seemed irritated to the hilt.

“excuse me sir” radhika called out…. He turned over….
“you?” he asked as soon as he saw her face.
Radhika was in horror. Her eyes widened. Mouth slightly opened with a perfect ‘o’. her left hand gripped her skirt tighter, and her right, her file. She blinked at him repeatedly. Could life be ever better. He would take the revenge of bumping into him. For spilling coffee on his shirt. Not once or twice she did it…. five times….. his stare at her made her conscious.
He looked back at his phone once it beeped…
“have your seat…. You three….” He said with his eyes fixed on his phone. As if gone crazy, radhika went on her toes to peep into his phone. Sam pulled her before he noticed.
“idiot….” Sam muttered while radhika shrugged…

Radhika was observing the changes in his face. She danced and stood up as her phone vibrated against her body, in her pocket.
It was a message from her mother, asking her to go home fast with nesam. It beeped again this time it was a photo. And again…’ he is the guy… he’s handsome…. We are up for it……’ it stated.
Radhika was nervous now. she did decide to get married. But the thing she was worried about was, will they allow her to pursue her studies? She had always considered her studies as her first priority. So, now her parents are done searching for the bridegroom. But she would accept this only when they allow her to finish her studies. Now, that she has decided, no one can change her decision. Her parents would accept her decision, anyway they only want her happiness.

She was disturbed by the tug on her hand. Neil pinched her arm.. She glared at him and he glared back.
“see here…” she showed her phone pulling sam. Both of them looked at it.
Neil was happy. He was about to shout when arjun lifted his head in shock. Anyway, they weren’t aware about his gaze yet. All the three were now looking at her phone. The green circle on the photo was loading painfully slow.
“hey do it fast…” neil scolded her phone.
“dare you blame my phone…” radhika warned.
“its my first love….” She added.

These three were out of their minds. They forgot about the other person in the room. Arjun was staring them amused. They were no less than kids. They were pushing each other and were peeping into the phone. He cleared his throat once….. twice…. They weren’t paying attention.
“can you please wait?” Radhika said without looking at him.
He stared at her, his mouth with a perfect ‘o’.
“just a second…” Sam chimed. Arjun thought they spoke about the phone. He was now curious about the thing in her phone that had them involved in it so deeply. He now peeped, but no use. It wasn’t visible.

Radhika closed her mouth with her hands and her eyes went wide when she saw the pic. She dropped the phone which was caught by neil. Of course all the three were shocked. They together lifted their head and stared at him shocked. Arjun stared back. After a perfect silence of 2 minutes he stomped his foot and went to the door.
“lets meet tomorrow….” He said sternly gritting his teeth, without looking at them.
Radhika dropped herself on the chair nearby staring at the ground. Neil stared at her.
“what now?” neil asked.
“how are you going to handle the angry bird all your life?” sam asked.
“can something be better in my life?” radhika asked them lifting her head off the ground.
“we need to go. Mom will be waiting…” she said and dragged them out. Nesam were shocked at her behaviour which changed every second.
“aunty, do you think he is good for radhika?” neil asked mala, sitting on the kitchen counter.
“he is, neil. She will be happy…” mala stated handing him his coffee.
“but you should have asked her once?” he took a sip.
“I know. Once she meets him, she can take a decision. And her decision will be last. We won’t force her.”
“we promise….”

Neil sat there with his head in his hand.
“aunty, they….” He was cut by dilip who announced arrival of mehras.
“neil, see if they have finished.” Mala said pointing to Radhika’s room.
“okay…” neil said hesitant.
Radhika was dressed in a light blue sari. She had nothing but a pendant and a bangle on her right hand. She was simple. She was dressed like a doll. But her smile was missing.
“he will fall for you….” sam praised.
“shut up…” radhika said. Her cheeks turned pink.
“guys… they have come…” neil said entering the room.
Radhika turned nervous. She stared at her fingers which were locked together.
“radhika, everything will be fine…” neil said giving her an arm hug. Sam joined. Radhika tried smiling.

“I doubt it…”
“we’re with you…” sam squeezed her hand.
“please have your seat….” Dilip motioned anand and nandini.
“thank you…” anand said.
“our kids know each other. Arjun is radhika’s intern head.” Anand said excitedly.
Dilip and mala looked at each other surprised. They were unaware about it. and also, they were amused seeing anand’s excitement.
“so… where’s radhika…. I’ve met her too….” Anand asked still excited.
“I will get her….” Mala said before waking to her room.
“where’s your son?” dilip asked, little hesitant.

“he’s on a call… he’ll be here anytime….” Nandini replied.
“hi child….” Nandini and anand wished.
Radhika just smiled nervously.
“please sit down…. No formalities….” Nandini said tugging her next to herself.
“how was your day?” she asked.
Before radhika could reply, arjun stormed in. he strode like a storm untilhe lost his balance when his leg hit the table nearby and he fell on radhika. Radhika who was nervous till then, now was shocked. She stared into his eyes, and he did the same. Sam closed her mouth in shock and neil’s eyes went wide. Arjun was so drowned in her brown orbs. He observed her every emotion that passed through her eyes. They were brought back to reality by neil clearing his throat. Arjun huffed at her and got up. He walked backwards with his eyes fixed on her. He sat down and immediately his dad screamed.
“arjunnnnnnnnn…. Sit next to me…. not on me….” he said patting the vacant seat next to him rubbing his thigh.
“you are heavy…” he said which granted an angry glare at him by his son. Radhika neil and sam laughed out loud. He glared at them and they tried hiding their smile.
“khadoos” radhika whispered.

“we liked radhika… she’s perfect….” Nandini said. Arjun was off guard. He didn’t even look at her properly. Okay, he did see her before, but didn’t speak to her.
He was cut by radhika….
“ma’am I want to finish my studies. Until then I’m not willing to marry. If you are against I’m sorry I can’t marry this kha…. I mean you son.” Radhika said in one go. Her eyes were squeeze shut. She opened her right eye and glanced around and then opened her left one. She beamed. She looked at her parents who smiled and nodded at her. Arjun just stared at her expressionless.
Nandini smiled.
“sure dear…. You can finish your studies…. And if you want you can work after your marriage too…” she said.
Radhika was now relieved. She smiled back.

“and if that is in our company… we’ll be blessed….” Anand added.
Arjun was angry on his parents. Firstly, they fixed the meeting without informing him. Now they are speaking as if the alliance is fixed. They are promising a post in their company, without asking him. It is as if they forgot about him being the CEO of the company.
“I think, we should leave these two to talk, so that we can hear their decision too.” Mala suggested.
Nandini and anand nodded with a smile.
“radhika…. I’m expecting a good news…” anand said looking at her and then at arjun.
Arjun felt the real happiness oozing out of his parents’ eyes. They wanted him to accept what they think is best for him. But he knew, this would screw up.
Radhika opened the door of her room and went in. Arjun followed her lead. The others were eagerly waiting….
Both of them sat on the either end of her bed silently. Radhika was bored with the silent treatment going on. She grabbed her phone which was next to him and started playing candy crush. She jumped and squealed when she cleared a level. Her tongue, stuck outside always. She started with the next and again squealed. She accidentally dropped her phone.
“sorry jaanu….” She said picking it up.

“are you hurt?” she asked her phone caressing it. she lifted her head to see arjun who was staring at her as if she was some alien dropped by. She raised her eyebrow asking ‘what?’, he remained as he was. She shrugged and started again.
“I want you to reject me telling them that I’m not fit to be your partner… I can’t tell them that I can’t marry you as my parents think that you are perfect for me…. I can help you with your marks in the project. I can get you a job in some other company too… this will be your reward.” arjun said in one go.
Radhika starred him amused.
“you can reject me giving the same reason…” she stated on his face. She surprised herself with her boldness as well as him.

“see, I don’t want to marry you…. not anyone else too… I’m not interested in girls…”
she felt dejected. First time in her life she wanted to fight for herself.
“anyways…. I’m not dying to marry you… and I’m not at all interested in an angry bird like you…. by the way this wasn’t the answer to my question….” She said bluntly.
Arjun was shocked. No one till date had spoken to him this way. This girl was getting to his nerves.
“I don’t want to hurt my parents, you got it? if you reject, they will think that you are not interested in me. they may leave the topic.” She gaped at his words. Even she wouldn’t disrespect her parents.
“by doing this I may hurt my parents too… anyways… I’m really not interested in you…”
“don’t you test my patience…” he said running his hand round his face.
“you have something of that kind too? Interesting….” She said walking to the window.
He held her hand, pulled her and pinned her to the wall. He bent down towards her right. She shivered at his touch. Her eyes closed to the stimulus. An unknown smile played on his lips seeing her reaction to his touch which was soon replaced by his anger.
“I want you to reject me…. if not you will see the consequences later…” he whispered on her neck. He could feel the goose bumps raising on her skin. She shivered a way too much to his touch. His touch was different from others. He was harsh on her, yet caring. He closed his eyes inhaling her scent. He could listen to her heartbeat. It sped at a lightning speed. His, was no less but he was too drowned in her scent to notice that. He took a long breath and pulled back.
“you will do it…. right?” he asked his lips curled in a heart breaking smirk. He turned and walked to the door without waiting for her reply. All the way he smiled stupidly thinking about her.
Neil and sam who were standing at the door as if waiting for him to come out, barged in as soon as he exited.
Radhika stood there like a rock. Her features were as it is. Her eyes widened. Her legs shaking. Her mouth slightly opened. Her hands balled in a fist. She was blindly staring at the wall opposite to her.
Nesam walked over to her. Neil clicked his fingers to get her attention, but no use. Sam waved her hands, but still no use….
“I guess this is why aunty said that they are perfect for eachother” neil commented. They giggled. Both of them went to either of her side and held her shoulders. Sam nodded and both shook her hard.
“earthquake…. Earthquake…” radhika shouted.
Nesam laughed hard rolling on her bed.
“shut up….” She said angrily.
“say something else, we’re tired of your shut ups…” sam commented. Radhika rolled her eyes.
“so what now?” neil asked curiously.
“he wants me to reject him. He said he can’t do it himself because, he may hurt his parents….”
They saw her shockingly.
“what are you going to do now?” sam asked after a pause.
“I’m not rejecting….” Radhika stated. Her voice said that her decision was made.
“but radhika….” Sam was cut off by radhika who went away without listening her. Neil smiled at this.
Sam frowned.
“idiot, why are you smiling?”
“because Sammy, they are perfect for each other…” neil replied wrapping his arms around her. Sam rested her head on his chest.
“if you say so, idiot.” He smiled again.
“you will see…..” he said.
“we need to move to see our drama queen’s new drama, with her would be husband.” He said. Sam nodded still confused and both walked out.
“we are fine with each other. I have no issues with the alliance…” radhika said her gaze fixed on arjun. arjun gaped at her surprised, shocked. He shook his head dismissively. Radhika smirked at him. Nandini jumped and launched herself to radhika. She hugged her tight as if she was her possession. Anand squealed from his place.
“you are perfect for my imperfect son radhika…” nandini said.
Arjun now gaped at his mother. Was he really his mother? He doubted at once. Now his life was no less than a movie.

“are you fine, young man?” dilip asked arjun.
Arjun was too angry to say something… but too helpless at the same time. Radhika’s lips never lost its smirk. He definitely wouldn’t hurt his parents at any cost. He had no option but to flash a smile and nod his head. His decision cheered all the elders. They congratulated each other warmly. The atmosphere was so filled with happiness that made arjun not to think about his decision again. But this decision was the one which he forced himself into.
Argh…. What am I supposed to do now? this little lady has made my life difficult within days… I donno what would happen if marry her. Mom, dad…. They knew that I wouldn’t agree, so they decided everything without telling me. at times I feel they are the only enemies of my life. Seriously? What will you do in this situation? They’re so happy now that I’m not able to tell my wish now.
This girl is smirking at me. she is the only one who spoke to me till date with an eye to eye contact. I’m not at all able to control my anger. Shit…. Shitshitshit…… those eyes has some confidence. I’m able to sense it. it is hurting my ego. Now the only way I can take my revenge against this is her project….
Now he had an evil smirk dancing on his lips. Radhika hadn’t taken her eyes off him since then. She was screening her mind with all his expressions. First helplessness, then angry, then evil smirk. She was now confirmed. She started the game with the first move. He would finish this with one of his own. What would he do? she prayed her luck that let his plan wouldn’t go with her project. She hoped so. He winked at her. She gasped.
“its time to go… we’ll be back in two days…. We’ll have their engagement on that day. Then we’ll fix the date of marriage too…” anand chirped.
“un… sir, I want marriage only after my graduation. You know, this is my last sem….” Radhika said.
There was some uneasiness with the decision. But nandini covered it with a smile.
“as you wish dear…”
They bid bye and were near the door. Arjun was just before radhika. He bent to her height.
“you will definitely regret….” He said with an angry smirk.
Even though, she was affected by his way of approach, she still answered….
“lets see.”
“wait and watch.”
“you too”
he took the driver seat and his parents sat at back. He smiled and greeted mala and dilip and drove off. He waved his hand to radhika as he disappeared.
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