manmarziyan: mausam pyaar ka…. (chapter 3)

Hey guys….. how are you all??? I’m a way too well. Got placed in one of my fav companies…… so its obvi that I’m flying in air….. And manmarziyaan: a new turn will be continued by spurthi. I didn’t get good response and I don’t think I should continue. And tell me if you like this or I will quit this also…..

Life isn’t that easy as we think nor it’s that difficult. Everything depends on how we feel it and proceed. After losing her parents, sam was shattered completely. But to complete the promise she had made to her dear parents, she has strived all her life. Now that she has a name for herself in a prestigious college of Mumbai, she wanted to see her parents and show them that she has kept her promise. After coming out of the college, they sat down in the cab they called for. Reaching the graveyard, sam sat on her knees, eye filled: hi dad, hi mom, how are you? See I came to meet you people. So how is heaven doing? Everyone is fine right? How is your love life? Duets and all at this age don’t suit you okay? She laughed a little and tears flooded. She continued: I just don’t know how you people are able to enjoy without me. It’s been ten years you left me in this cruel society. Daily someone or the other will be blaming me. What’s my fault if you had already booked your tickets? Now, see I didn’t come to talk to you about all these….. See I have got my job. Now samaira khanna will be going to mehra industries for her internship where she will be a professional in the future. She smiled. Sam: remember radhu, dad had bought me a big dairy milk chocolate when I got my rank in the school. Now, who will give me? See I have done such a big achievement and these two are not at all budging. Get up na pa….. Please…. She cried. None stopped her as this was the only day she let her heart spill out which will be caged for the rest of the days.
Radhika felt sam slowly losing her conscious. She slowly motioned neil to carry her. Neil went to her and lifted her up. She held his shirt tight circling her other hand around his neck. She whispered: don’t leave me neil, I’ll die….. She was unconscious. This wasn’t new for them to see her cry. This is what happened from the day she lost her parents. Seeing her other two would cry vigorously. They left the graveyard.
They were seated in the cab again. Neil was sitting with sam in his lap with radhika in the passenger seat. They journey was silent. Radhika was directing the route. She directed the driver towards her house. Neil: we will go to my house chasni.
Radhika; I want sam to have a sound sleep neil. Let it be.
Neil: that’s fine chasni, she can sleep the same way there too.
Radhika( sternly); no neil, she is going to my home. If you want you can stay with her tonight.
Neil: okay….
He didn’t know why radhika would always refuse sam going to his house. But he consoled himself saying she would be with him all her life. Little did he know his mom was his asli dushman. They reached radhika’s house. Dilip mishra, father of radhika mishra, stood at the door waiting for the trio. He didn’t want to be informed in prior of their planning. As I said all this things went on from 10 years to seem new. They got down from the cab. They smiled at him weakly walking further to radhika’s room. Neil made sam sleep on the bed and sat next to her. It was already and was snack time. Radhika went to her mom to help her in making snacks. She still hasn’t informed them about her internship as she wants to tell them with sam. Neil sat caressing sam.

@ mehra’s
Anand mehra was sitting with his wife prathima anand mehra having a cup of strong coffee. These two were fed up with their son. Seems they were waiting for someone…… oh!!! Yeah…. There enters match maker speaking to someone on phone. As soon as he saw them he held the cal and bent joining his hands.
Mm: helloji, namaskar…
Anand: namaskar shastriji, did you bring any pics?
shastri: ha ji….. See…
He said showing some pics. She is sheela, daughter of mukesh agnihotri….. And he continued his ranting showing pics. Suddenly god showed up. There prathima’s eye fell on a pic which he kept hiding. She took it in her hands.
Prathima: shastriji…. Who is this? You didn’t show her pic to us why?
Shastri: because madamji… she is a daughter of a middle class fellow. I met him today itself. She is doing her MBA last year.
Suddenly anand grabbed her hand and took the pic. He smiled seeing the photo.
Anand: prathi, this is one among the two girls I said you. Let us send the request. Let’s see if it’s possible to get her as my daughter in law…
Prathima: I want to meet her too…. Shastriji, you just see if possible to get the marriage fixed.
Shastri nodded: see ji…. I just got the photo and her marriage is fixed. Fine I’ll speak to them and will inform you. He left.
Anand: see I will fix this now and will tie a bell to the cat. He smirked
Arjun entered. Arjun: what bell?
Anand was shocked by his sudden entry: what bell? No bell…. I was saying in would pay the bill…. He smiled showing his white teeth.
Arjun nodded and went to his room. Prathima laughed and mimicked anand. Anand stares at her and then both burst out laughing…
Arjun’s room.

Arjun stood near a photo frame. He had unshed tears in his eyes. Anger reflected in his eyes.
Arjun: you left me and see now I have everything you desired of. You know why I have kept the photo of yours in my room? Just to boost my energy. I will someday show you what my power is. Till then have sound sleep. But the day I see you again you will regret your birth. And I promise you do that. Bad night.
He changed and went down to his parents. After having a good dinner he came back and lay down. Next day he had to meet his interns. Well co-workers. That girl’s eyes caught him. After drenching him with the coffee she had the nerve to run away without even apologizing. He would show her what he really can do to get an apology from her. But those brown orbs definitely had something that caught him off guard as he doesn’t really feel anything about someone too early. The way she closed her eyes while praying god after seeing him on the podium. The way she jumped after her names was announced and the way she pinched herself to make sure what she heard was true….. Everything about her is so cute…. What? Did he just think cute? Within a day she made him tell so about her. Hmmmm….. Fast move…. What if he would fall for her? Hey!!! What is he thinking…. Well that wouldn’t be a wrong decision though. Once he had committed that and not again…. But loving her won’t be a bad thing. Urghhh….. What’s he thinking?? Hmmmm…. Should avoid thinking about her. He thought so and slowly slipped into a deep slumber with a smile.

Radhika and mala mishra her mom, had prepared dinner and dilip pulled neil to the dining table. Sam had gained conscious and she was also sitting with everyone. Her heart felt light. She had a smile plastered to her face. Everyone was enjoying the time. Dilip’s phone buzzed indicating a call from shastri. Radhika had known about her marriage. Only after taking her acceptance, dilip spoke to the match maker. Dilip answered the call and spoke to him. He held the call.
Dilip: mala, radhika beta, shastriji has got a proposal. It seems the groom’s father knows you people. I mean you three…. So he was like we should have a talk.
Mala nodded after sometime.
Radhika was still processing things. Marriage….. this soon…. No….. But she didn’t want to be a burden on them. Of course they didn’t think her as a burden and they would never do that. But she should think about them too….
Radhika: what’s this papa… you want to send me this soon….
Dilip: then what when will I romance my wife? Everyone laughed while radhika pouted and mala hung her head down with shy due to husband’s shameless act. These two would do something or the other to embarrass her.
Door bell rang. Dilip looked at the clock it was 10p.m. already. He went to see the door while the others chit chatted. Dilip started yelling at the delivery boy that he had not ordered anything but the boy argued that he did. Sam came running. Sam: uncle I ordered that. Dilip paid him off glaring at him. He turned to her. Dilip: sam we have enough food. I know you eat more but you shouldn’t have ordered. Sam pouted: I know I eat more but see I maintain myself. But sometime I can’t. Well I have a surprise for you…. Come…. She dragged him. Once with everyone she broke about their internship. Mala and silip were over joyed. They celebrated. Their phone buzzed with a message that they should be early to the college as their intern head is going to meet them. Everyone dozed off after the small party.

She held him tight to her. He is hers’ and just hers’. That lady standing nearby came to her and dragged him. He shouted: I love you radhika. Get me back to you fast. I will die without you and there she hears a sound of slap. Radhika got up shivering, sweating and trembling. She shook from head to toe. She didn’t know why she dreamt of this always. The face of the man who said he loves her was always blurred. She feared about her future. She cooled herself and slept again….

Next day…..
Ranesam got ready early and left to college. Neil had informed prerna and she faked some sympathy for sam. Neil was moved by some of her words which though she said sarcastically, he didn’t find so.
All the three came to college and they were informed to meet their head who will be arriving in no time at the placement section.
Radhika closed her eyes and prayed: god let that fellow not be my head. Aiyyo I haven’t even apologized to him. He will fry me like a pop corn and would eat me. Please no…. she said and fell on her knees to prostrate against the god in front of her in the temple of the college. She bent and again she hit her back to the same person. Without even knowing that she bent finished her work and turned around after getting up. she met with those eyes boiling with anger. She started to run when he stopped her. Arjun: Ms. Mishra can’t you just see before you do something? This is the second time you are bumping into me.
Radhika didn’t want to show that she was afraid of him: I may think the same mister. Please think before you talk. She said and ran. Arjun banged his head. She did the mistake and she herself blamed me. nonsense. What does she think of herself? He’ll show her. But this time he will not see her orbs. They are so deep for him to get drowned…………….

That’s it now tell me how the chapter is. Please let me know your reviews. And tell me if I have to continue with this.

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  1. Jessie

    Hey Jnana… Congos dear.. !!! Enjoy ur life..!!
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    Take care n loads of love to u both…

    1. Jnana

      Thank you Jessie….. Yup prerna is a villain here….. Next….. Need to think…. Tc…

  2. Feeling so sad for Sam …. Awesome one

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    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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      That’s true dear….. But we do need lil encouragement to do some thing….. I feel low about myself when the see the response I get…… So….

  6. Sweetie

    Jnana dear,firstly hearty congratulations yaar… 😀 Next,please don’t stop writing,alright??Story is too good.. 🙂 Glad to know Spurthi is feeling better to continue the story..This episode is awesome.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you sweetie….. Spurthi will continue the other one…. Tc…..

  7. Rossy

    Don’t stop writing yaar…not this not that…this story is too good..m eagerly waiting for next as always…what will happen when Arjun will know his parents choose the same girl…lol…bechara whose photo he kept looking and cursed…previous girlfriend??

    1. Jnana

      Thank you Rossy…… Girl friend …… Guessed right…..let’s see what’s up now…… Tc….

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    congo… party hard..
    this was awesome one.. do continue soon

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    Congrats Jnana on ur achievement. 🙂 may all ur wishes comes true 🙂 nd about d was fab dear.. I seriously enjoyed ArDhika’s tom nd jerry fight. Nd plz continue wid both d ffs dear…m so much in love wid ur story…really want to read further…loads of love. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      thank you ritu…. even i would love to continue…. thanks for the support…..

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