manmarziyan: mausam pyaar ka…. (chapter 2)


I know I’m terribly late. Sorry for the inconvenience. Actually I’m stuck with my placements. So was busy. I know I couldn’t even comment on the pages. And I was terribly late even to reply your comments.. sorry sorry 10000 times sorry. I dedicate this epi to one of my friend who is an orphan. I just want to tell her that she should stop considering herself as orphan. She has many others in her life. So lets get into the chapter.

All the three entered different cabins. As soon as they turned after entering they found that all of them entered the same cabin from different doors. They smiled nervously at each other. Soon they were disturbed from a voice asking them to get in and sit. The person inside asked them to get in. they wore a confident mask and entered the cabin. He made them seated as he sat. He introduced himself: morning kids, I’m Anand Mehra. M.D. of Mehra industries…. And I’m here in search of good professionals. Let me start the interaction after your introduction. He passed a look at them. All the three held their hands together closing their eyes mumbling some prayers. He tapped on the wooden block in the front to gain their attention. They opened their eyes as if they heard some sound of flood and jerked a little.
Anand: I asked you people to introduce yourself.
They stood up and pointed their fingers at each other. Radhika at sam, san at neil and neil at radhika… all at once said the name of the other.
Radhika: samaira khanna…
Sam: neil malhotra.
Neil: radhika mishra.
Sam blushed a little which was ofcourse noticed by the three. Neil smiled, radhika frowned and anand was left shocked. He came to take an interview of them but there was something else going on…. He brushed his thoughts aside…..
Anand: so you are radhika khanna, samaira malhotra and neil mishra. He was confused with their surnames as they told it together. Sam blushed some more. Hayee my blushing queen thought neil.
All the three: no sir….
Radhika: its radhika mishra
Sam: samaira khanna
Neil: neil malhotra.
Anand: oh!!! Okay have your seats. They nod in a negation.
Anand: arey, you are not being punished. Please take your seat.

He could read their nervousness. He smiled which went unnoticed by them. He finally made them sit. He wanted to see how confident they were about themselves.
Anand: come’ on guys market about yourself. All the three took their file and gave it to him. He again gave a look at them: I want you to speak about yourself. I don’t need marks I want to know how much you people know about yourself. What you can provide me after being my employee? Tell me that.
He seemed quite annoyed. Maybe whosoever he interviewed till now had done the same thing. These three had the responsibility of keeping their college pride and prestige up…. They looked at each other again as if forwarding the message of being strong. Finally sam started.
Sam: morning sir, sorry for the behavior. And here is my introduction. I’m samaira khanna. I have been in Mumbai from my birth. I am an orphan, lost my parents when I was 13. I did my schooling at St. Mary’s, my engineering from IIT-delhi, and now doing my MBA course here in this college, Sophia’s. I’m a FCD holder in my college at IIT. And I feel I have good marks and skills here too. I am done with all the computer programming courses and am certified in them. I need a job and I can provide my 100% attention towards my job, if am provided with it. as I know majorly your company deals with both construction of device and its software, I think I can get a place in the software dept. it is up to you to provide me the work.
She was all frank about her words. Now it was neil who started.
Neil: morning sir, even I’m sorry for the behavior. I’m neil malhotra. I’m here in Mumbai from past 20 years and I don’t know where I was before. I’m single parented. I have only my mother. As I have seen her struggling for money, I know the value of it. Finishing my schooling in St. Mary’s and engineering from IIT-delhi, am doing my MBA here in Sophia’s. I want this job to make my mom proud. I’m fine with construction of machine as I’m done with my engineering from electronics and communication. I’m well trained with designing chips and hardware for machines. I can help you with that. I’m also done with my computer programming and I can also help you with that. It’s your wish to hire me or not, but I can promise you my 100% if given a chance.
After this it was radhika’s turn
Radhika: I’m radhika mishra. I’m living here in Mumbai with my parents from my birth. I want this job to show people that girls are no less than guys in the matter of profession. And also to make my parents to feel proud of their daughter. I’m done with my schooling from St. Mary’s, engineering from IIT-delhi and MBA here in Sophia’s. I’m done with my engineering with E&E as the subject of interest. I have received an award at national level for designing robots. I am well trained in designing the chips too. If am provided with the job I can promise to help in all the problems of my knowledge.

Anand could see the confidence now. He wanted the same thing. He was now sure that it would be his great mistake if he would not hire them. For the sake of interview he asked them some questions to which they answered honestly with confidence. He asked them to wait in the campus and he would announce the result soon.
Soon they were out of the placement section. Sam ran to the other side of the college. She sat there sticking to the wall, closing he mouth crying bitterly. She had controlled her emotion till now. It was difficult for her to behave normal. That person asked them to be professional. She wanted the job badly as the orphanage she stayed will be shutting in a year. She had to make her future secured by then. This day was the day she lost her parents. She had maintained her emotions buried in herself since morning. Her tears would make her friends feel bad. That’s the reason even raneil were joking around with the matter of fearing about the interview. Of course they were quite afraid about the interview but still they wanted to support her.
Sam had promised her parents to make them feel proud about her in the heaven. She looked at the sky: I’m afraid pa…. maybe raneil were more confident. I want to make you feel proud about me pa… ma, pa…. please bless me. She said between her sobs. She felt a touch on her shoulder; she knew it was her soul sister who came running after her while she ran. Radhika had always been by her. Even her parents asked her to come with them but she refused to be a burden on them. Radhika loved sam next to herself. She was her dad’s friend’s daughter. But she considered sam to be her twin sister. They used to make fun together. Laugh and cry together. Sam got up and hugged radhika. She felt home in her embrace. After some sobs, she broke the hug and smiled a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. Yet radhika smiled without questioning her. Sam: how was the interview chasni? You seemed too confident while speaking.
Radhika: Sammy, you are talking as if you heard something, well even then, I was not as confident as you. You were the one started and it tells that you were more confident.
Sam: chasni, did I really sound confident? Don’t lie to make me forget my pain.
Radhika: ofcourse you did sound confident Sammy. I don’t need to lie. I’ll speak to you later. Your boyfriend is looking at me as if he would eat me alive. Let me leave you with him for few minutes. She said looking at neil who had a sad smile on his face. Radhika left the love birds together.
Radhika was going to canteen when one of her classmate asked some doubt. She solved it and the girl went. Radhika turned around and bumped into a man in his early twenties. Her leg slipped and she closed her eyes with a fear of falling down and soon she landed on the floor with a thud. The person whom she bumped into was rubbing his shirt as his shirt tasted the coffee he held when she bumped into him. He frowned. Man: what is this? Are you bli…… radhika got up and ran in a rocket speed. He blinked at the way she went, shook his head and mumbled a stupid. He went up to his car, changed and again entered the college. He went to the placement section. He was guided further by a guard up to anand. Anand who was finally up with the selection, turned to him: see arjun, I’ve appointed as many people required. Now, its your responsibility to guide them. And I want you to be friendly with them as you are with other staffs.
Arjun: sure dad. Will train them for the best.
Anand: don’t let them know that I’m your father until they are adjusted with you son, if not they will be to formal.
Arjun: sure dad.
Then they discussed about the number of people selected in all from every company that participated that day. And some formal talks also went on with the other company people.

Neil slowly went to sam who smiled faintly at him.
Neil: you are trying hiding your emotions from me and you think that is even possible?
Sam again broke down hugging him. Sam: you know neil 10 years back my dad and mom died in an accident. I saw them dying with my own eyes. That truck driver who hit pa’s bike just escaped without even caring about us. At the hospital, ma and pa asked me not to show myself weak in front of people who I don’t trust. They even took a promise from me that I would make them feel proud. All my life as much as I have gained is very less than what I have lost. Radhika is like an angel of my life. You are my god. If you too would ever leave me I would die the instant. Neil broke the hug and stopped her from speaking. He knew he should let her tell her heart out so kept quiet and hugged her.
Radhika who came running up till there sat adoring her friends. She wished she would get such a sweet husband like neil. He was the sweetest among the three. Rasam met him at the age of six. He had already lost his father when they met him. They had grown close and even rasam’s parents considered him as their son. He had seen every single phase of their life. His mother prerna initially liked rasam. But later she started hating sam once she came to know that sam’s parents’ property was taken over by their relatives. All she respected was money. Sam had experienced her hatred but was still unaware. But radhika had seen that hatred in her eyes for sam. And that was the reason she made sam promise her that she wouldn’t go to neil’s house without informing her.
Neil who saw radhika sitting watching them: Sammy, if we don’t go there where chasni is, then once again I will have to beg her to meet you. Sam smiled. She loved both her friends and what neil told was an utter truth. Radhika would always do something unexpected.
Sam: come lets go before she drags me from you. They both smiled at each other and held their hands walking forward. Sam’s heart seemed calm comparatively. She was sure that the two most important people of her life would always be by her.
They came to radhika who was staring them adoringly. Her brain stroke with an idea of teasing them. Radhika: I was seeing you people. You were just hugging, then neil broke the hug and placed his palm on your mouth. By then I thought you would kiss…. But shit just miss again you hugged. You know what I have never seen people kissing live. So thought of experiencing but you stopped. Nesam were embarrassed. Both hit her head. She didn’t need any microphone to speak. Her voice box seemed too strong and her voice was audible to the whole college if stayed quiet. Sam blushed red. Radhika couldn’t control.
Radhika: see your cheeks Sammy, they are red like tomato. She said pulling her cheeks.
Sam screamed in pain: chasni, you are a devil see my cheeks turned red at your grip.
Radhika: was that due to my grip or……..
Neil shut her mouth stuffing popcorns: every dog has its day. Let aunty uncle think of getting you married then I will show you to what range I can tease you. Now it was radhika’s time to stay quiet.

Soon there was announcement for the students to gather in the auditorium. Sam gripped neil’s hand tight.
Sam: will I get the job idiot?
Neil: no doubt. Whenever you feel doubting about your ability just say you can do it to yourself. Remember the face of your dearest ones.
Sam smiled and mumbled: okay, thanks.
Everyone entered the auditorium including the trio. The head of all the companies were seated on the podium. As this was the day where all the big companies have come to place the students, the result would be announced by the principal in front of the gathering. The trio was shivering in fear of results. Radhika looked up to just have a glance at the people over the podium. Her eyes stuck seeing the person whom she bumped into on the podium with Mr. Mehra.
Radhika: Sammy, ask god to bless me with some job. I’m able to see my future.
Sam was confused: chasni, when did you learn to tell about stars?
Radhika: stupid Sammy, see there on the podium, there is a person wearing a cloud blue shirt with black pant, and she narrated everything. Sam laughed closing her mouth whereas neil who stood behind them laughed out loud to get a death glare from her.
Soon results were announced. And the trio was selected by mehra industries and was offered to work on a project before joining as an employee.
Sam: neil, I want to go to meet pa and ma….
Neil smiled and nodded. They informed radhika and the trio went to the graveyard to meet sam’s parents who were resting inside the grave peacefully, leaving their child to fight for herself in this cruel society.

So that’s it for today please do tell me how you felt and sorry for being late, both in comment section and update……….. hope you understand.

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