manmarziyan on mars: chapter – 9


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At mars
Some kind of unusual unfamiliar noises shook the ear drums. Brightness of light felt like much more brighter than sun, pricking eyes. Unwanted body ache felt overall in body. What’s it? An enclosed empty dwelling place or some kind of huge vessel. What is happening around? Things happened so fast that mind couldn’t decipher any things. What’s this place exactly? Where they had fallen? Dead or alive; that confusion took samrat walk lazily toward a small glass panel through which outside view was clearly visible.

Some humanoid structure like bodies were doing some constructive works outside of the enclosed area. Shocking thing they were working in air , floating by themselves with just a small square like structures. On the ground those living beings walked, by jumping. Underwater sea activities also seen without any hurdle. Samrat was confused more the more he saw outside view. Suddenly he came to sense realizing the situation. He remembered he was with radhika and neil , mission to mars. If he was here alive, where were they? If they are alive or dead!! Mostly hows radhika. This realization made him sad and helpless, he screamed aloud. A sudden thud , one side of metal vessel opened out of no where from the wall like structure. Azian entered and warmly said,” welcome to mars , humans”!! seeing him samrat was dumbfounded, widely opened his eyes with utter shock.

Before some moments

Arjun and azian both were present at Sam’s punishment place. Azian tried to realize Arjun to behave good at least till he became 15 according to Martians norms. Arjun didn’t not bother to listen him , rather enjoying Sam and the head’s helplessness. Sudden beep sound broke his amusement. He walked away to some free space and opened his gadget to hear information; but he got biggest shock of his life. Azian looked his pale face, Arjun put a video mode to see the real view. As they saw all radz, neil n samrat fight for life, both realized being involved in such stupidity they forget about their safety. Without wasting a second both went to rescue them, secretly informed Suzy to make sure to prepare some comfortable place. As radz conditions was so serious due to radiation Arjun took her with him.

Suzy was pressing neil’s chest as much power held. Neil lost his consciousness due to lack of oxygen. He was already supplied oxygen and in good condition but couldn’t reciprocate anything other than chanting chasini. She finally opened up a video conversation with azian. Finally as per his instructions Suzy applied some rays treatment which gave the ultimatum shock to cells to function again. After sometime when neil come to senses slowly his vision tried to find radz but is it possible?? He screamed in a pained voice,” it’s my mistake. I couldn’t save u radhika. My chasini, first woman I acknowledged. I should have died”. He again fainted due to stress. Suzy let him recover fully. She injected something that will work faster to cure neil.

Azian’s face flung in air. Suzy told about Neil conditions with his worries about radz.

Azian,” same here. This old human constantly asking about his fellows. But the most important thing..”… He stopped abruptly and was thinking something deeply.

After a pause Suzy gathered some confidence and asked,” sir, if u have any idea about Arjun sir. I am afraid if he did something unbelievable in frustration or anger”.

Azian also tensed.his mind screamed,” where are u Arjun? Why u not contacted us? What happened to the girl, ur queen”.

Both looked tensed. Till that time both Suzy and azian understood the seriousness of situation. If anything happened to radhika Arjun would have ability to smash the whole due to his devastation. So they prayed for radz safety whole heartedly.

( p.s. I told u in first chapter that mars has its highly developed civilization that outer planet people won’t get idea about the life on mars. Until n unless they let out to know others)

Near just below the Olympus Mon, the biggest mountain of whole solar system which contained the dirt having some medicinal effects. A few feets away the great crop circle was present, which was being considered as most sacred place of mars having some magical effects. The pale, almost lifeless unconscious form of radhika laid on the ground between holy crop circle one side and medicinal valued Olympus Mon.

Arjun sat near her with a devastation condition. The same great Arjun, top Martian scientist , on whose name Martians stood erect to show respect. It was his last hope. First time he felt helpless, first time he felt his all inventions were useless. If only he could stop the change of genetic code, he will be able to save her, which was nearly impossible. Then azian recommended Arjun this last option. Sometimes more than human invention or treatment, nature helped. Arjun crashed on his knees crying remembering the five years ago meet. He mumbled in between in his sobbing,” please come back. U save me once on planet earth by nature help. I’ll try my best. Don’t leave me my queen. Wake up to punish me, why I was not attentive. Wake up to yell on me for my silly stupid recklessness. Plz I can’t leave without u”…

5years ago as per mars/ 10 years ago as per earth:-

Year 2006, on planet earth,
india , Ladakh

It was a bright sunny day. Radhika’s 10th grade result out. She topped , so her family kept a small celebration at home. All friends of her invited. One of her friend from boarder area , near Kongka la pass fell ill suddenly. She decided to visit that friend despite her family protest. Dadaji agreed to accompany her as she was his favourite grandchild. It was hilly slippery area so they maintained cautious. Suddenly they see a triangular light went upward vertically with a high speed. Dadaji’s interest doubled up. As a scientist he guessed the extraterritorial activities there. But radz didn’t gave the damn about it and dragged dadaji with her.

At mars, before some days

9 years Arjun banged extraterritorial ministry entrance door. Azian looked at him perplexed from behind. He dragged him asked the matter. Arjun said he wanted to visit planet earth this time with the spaceship. Azian’s eyes widen. He knew Arjun was stubborn too much , he would do whatever he wants. But how could he let such a tender guy ,to other planet . So he denied his request. But he got scared when he didn’t find Arjun after spaceship left for planet earth. Then he knew Arjun tricked him and went. He did what he wanted.

Radhika met her friend and gave some sweets to his friend. Radhika saw her friend’s mother treated her friend with some herbs , leaves and flowers. She curiously asked why they didn’t take any latest medication. The lady said natural way always better. She interestingly listen what she said carefully. After some time they returned.

On their way to return they heard some crashing sound. But they couldn’t found anything rather finding the same triangular lights movement rapidly.after going deeper dadaji screamed, followed by radz. Both saw a boy around 18( that’s what they guessed as per earth days) lies in pool of blood, Ashes waiting for his last breathe. He was coiled around by some wild bushes, shurbs. That was Arjun….

Precap: Arjun’s fondness and madness on radz, samrat and neil being interrogated…and sam?
God even I think what I wrote?? If my mind is ok or not tell me by ur reviews.

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