manmarziyan on mars: chapter -7


Hello guys let me tell u something. Everyone knows our space is three dimensional and very light i.e. Weightless. So u may be excited but in actual space travel is most dangerous thing; u have no guarantee if u will return safely or not. Many problems, hurdles u may face .every single astronaut’s biggest fear that their spacecraft is destroyed whilst out on a space walk and they are floating in space completely alone with no way of contacting Earth!can u imagine that danger?

Neil as captain, radhika as assistant and samrat as pilot com a veteran space astronaut only went for this risky mission. ( p.s. Only few person even single person allowed like Rakesh Sharma, or Neil Armstrong ,Edwin Aldrin). One of the most dangerous places for an astronaut is the launch and re-entry of their rocket. Because The spacecraft needs to get up to least 25 000 miles per hour, which is a very scary and dangerous speed. From God’s grace it went smoothly as the HOM spaceship entered space. People hope this mission will be a success, which will become a milestone. But they never imagined what is awaiting for the astronauts.

Samrat Khanna, a veteran astronaut who already landed on moon, not once but twice. He also was part of many space missions. He told about the disasters they may face, as he faced once. But luckily he can contacted control room after some days, so they send another rescue flight. Important thing was he was just leaving moon surface when moon dust created havoc and he forgot to clean that but later that annoying dust stucked throughout his mission as it clogged up his suits . The dust was immediately airborne and samrat soon complained of congestion and something like that of ‘lunar hay fever’! Plus it blurred vision of the viewing glass. An unexpected accident was going to happen but, stopped. fear of lunar dust!

At mars
Arjun and Azian were busy discussing some new scientific research. Arjun expressed his annoyances that how could the extraterritorial ministry banned on him?? At the right time someone was seeking permission to enter. After some secrets codes chasing and breaking, one Martian enter. He read out the notification robotically,” all bans on Arjun were lifted by ministry. Arjun can resume his work, as ministry felt he was not that guilty and behaved properly”. A bit proudness and being superior feeling was clearly visible and audible from his talk. Azian stood up happily by clapping his hands and going to congratulate Arjun, Arjun stopped him.

Arjun looked at him straight and said in a stern voice,” not interested!! I am enjoying my free time and i don’t want to resume”.

That person got baffled while azian rolled his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.” What was gotten into Arjun? Is he truly weird or he was playing with”.

The person said more like a plead,” r u sure? Why r u saying this? Don’t u know what will happen in mars if u don’t resume?”

Arjun said like a king,” I know what I am!! I aslo know what m doing .now u get out of here and tell ur head of ministry I am not his pawn that I’ll do whatever he wants”.

That person seemed tensed and about to move Arjun said cunningly ,” tell ur head m moving to my comfort zone, my satellite RA07 very soon”. Now that person’s face fell and looked pale and almost ran out from there.

Arjun laughed seeing all this while Azian squinting at him flabbergasted. Finally azian came out of his thoughts and asked directly,” tell me one thing Arjun, a straight answer, r u really not interested to join back? I mean how much I know u, u r upto something this time. M I right?”.

Arjun smiled seeing azian’s confusion,” u r right as always. What they thought of me. A mere Martian who will dance on their tune!! ” he smiled mischievously and continued,” the way they banned me, behaved partially with me compared to Sam; how can I easily leave them.”

Azian seems like understand things,” then what is ur plan now? And why u added that u r going RA07?”.

Arjun narrowed his eyes ,” chief, R u really dumb or acting in some special times”.

Azian showed a fake anger while Arjun calmed him down,” relax chief. Chill down. I wanted that pig head come to me and beg me to join again. I added RA07 talk because everyone knew once I go there I won’t return for months. And u know what will that result.”

Azian stared Arjun in disbelief. He knew Arjun was not someone who will forget and forgive easily. But he didn’t knew he could go such extent even if that related to his career , for his self esteem, for his pride, for his own rules.

In space

Neil was checking the system and notified every action to control room via media of satellite signal. Samrat was giving some advice radhika while neil marked by telescope something debris like junkyard going to bang with each other. It was very far away but something shivered him. He decided to tell but stopped seeing radz smiling behind her space suit. Samrat saw him and asked what happened. He just handed telescope to see and what samrat visualize it took away all colours of life. A small mummer’s escaped from his mouth ” space junk …bang”. Radz and neil could heard him. They asked what should they do now?

Space debris or space junk can be literally anything, from tiny flecks of paint, a metal bolt right up to a fully-sized defunct satellite.Two big and easy to spot satellites if banged , turn into thousands of hazardous pieces ranging in size from big to too tiny to track!They could be lethal! These tiny scary pieces of trash are “floating” at roughly 4 miles per second (6.6 km/s) which have capacity to damage spaceship and left astronauts floats in no way of contacting earth.

” what should we do now? Why this is happening with us? From this mission starting we faced problems”, said Neil with a frustrated sigh released in cover of his spacesuit. But they heard each other coz of newly designed spacesuit.

” nothing will happen to us. There must be a way to escape from this. We started to win. We can’t accept defeat so easily”, said samrat to encourage both new young astronauts.

After some moments of pause , a fear of unknown. Radz seemed like excited and spoke,” Neil turn our spaceship in other way immediately. U know why I gave u idea being spaceship like disk shaped”.

Samrat was like eureka moment gotten into him. Neil smiled as radz called him first time by name. Due to fear or excitement he doesn’t want to know. But it pleased his heart. Both Neil and samrat tried to change the direction before the blast happen and debris came to them to take wrath on them. It may be their luck that they successfully changed the direction of spaceship but by that time defunct satellites crash happened which caused some amount of debris, junkyards come toward them to destroy their spaceship. But , suddenly a brighten light covered their spaceship like a protective shield which led those debris to turned back and changed those direction. All three stood their by holding each other hand tightly. They didn’t know what happened suddenly.

Samrat said,” miracle, for the first time I see something like this to protect in space”.

Neil was in awe,” what is happening is mystery here. What will come next? We should be prepared to face”.

Radhika thought,” in my mind one can do this. Creating such shield ? Who must be? Is he…” . She stopped and gave a break to her thought and looked straight. The coted bright shield disappeared slowly as they all view the beauty of space. With all those stars we saw on earth surface looked beautiful, a meteor garden with a milk way another side. It was like a area come true to witness such views in reals. Glittering lighting bright galaxy with a mystery surrounding it. All three stood awestruck seeing the sight outside forgetting that they deviated their track when they changed direction.

On earth, at ISRO

People looked worried as they couldn’t find any trace of their spaceship. Where did spaceship suddenly disappeared?? If they were not move on track there was no way for them to contact with them. Right then somebody came and told he heard that samrat spoke about space junk. All feared now. After all no sign of them seen. They only prayed god that should be safe and contact them as soon as possible.

On mars

Arjun was sitting like a zombie. Not a single word coming from his mouth. He was trying to say something but everything stopped at his throat. Azian trying to calmed him down. Azian told in reassuring manner,” see , she is safe now. Nothing will happen to them until u r here for them. Don’t worry, it didn’t suit u”.

Arjun said after a long struggle,” how could? I mean it’s painful to see a direct blow on ur life. Her death means indirectly I’ll die here. At first I was happy that she was coming here . With excitement I forgot about space dangers.”

Arjun pauses a moment,” if I will be a little late anything can happen. It was better she stayed at earth without such harm and i can meet her peacefully. Now even nobody can predict the what will happen next,as we all know how unpredictable and mysterious the space is.”

Azian can feel his agony, his torment which stormed inside him. Once azian faced wrath of such flakes who almost took his life but saved by their own species. Arjun was right, more can happen.

Sam went to meet Arjun eavesdropped last some sentences. She only got that someone was coming , who are in space..important whom Arjun gave importance more than her. It burned her inside. She walked off without meeting as a devilish smirk appeared on her space.


Precap: More danger and final destination; but is it new beginning or THE END!!

Don’t know what I wrote is good enough to read or not ..m just trying to write something…good , bad whatever ur views share it. Ur suggestions and opinions needed how to proceed this plot. And if u liked my sci-fi version or not.

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  1. Jessie

    Lal….dil khush kar diya tune….!! Marz on Mangalwar…wow!! Hehe…. my most awaited RA 07 moments…am dancing….

    Rosie…this is stupendofantabulous!!!! I don’t know abt space …so happy 2 get 2 know frm u..and yes…the space travel..I now cud imagine how dangerous it would be….Samrat’s part was too interesting and got 2 know abt Luna dust….Arjun… Mars prince…loved his attitude wala reply..but yea..its so realistic..hota hai… it’s his turn…!! Super..Am eager for RA07 moments…Yaar Sam needs 2 be seriously controlled…ye to devil jaise kyun karti hai…Neil aadhe paagal ho gaya..!! Arjun’s shock.!! Even I was…bechara kitna darr gaya..Azian convincing..sweet…but I understood the is more dangerous..!!! U explained the beauty of earth n it’s view from space…wow.!!! So the shield was Arjun’s doing na.. eager n curious for next….don’t try 2 scare me with ur precap. ???? why the end…its new beginning…Radz ke…rofl…????? now wat Sam will do…ofc yes..the head was partial 2 Sam…and I agree Arjun…but devilish smirk… God save Rosie if she foils Arjun’s plans..heheheheh….love u loads…TC….Bear hugs…how are u…am still sneezing..

    1. Rossy

      Lol….jazzy…mangalbar me mars…hahaha…chill out dear…ra07 moments…lol…wait a bit…thank u for liking this chapter…i only smile and laugh seeing you…u r gemmy…..and why not the end??? See that is high lighted…plus u know my love for Arjun ??? hahaha

  2. Myra

    Rossy, liked it or not? I am loving it…..wonder what this sam is upto now….cant she just let ardhika live in peace?
    Wonder how neil will react on meeting arjun…
    Arjun toh boss player hai… ?
    Love you…update soon …

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Myra for liking…yup Sam will learn a lesson…well Neil’s reaction…wait for that dear…update inmate ??

  3. Sriya

    hats off rossy dear it was phenomenal tremendous masterpiece fabulously written and explained i also want to become an astronaut but i m not sure of it….anyways arjun was angry young man…hahaha and sam…what she is upto…? and i m scared of precap….please post asap and u asked if we liked sci-fi version obviously no yaar we loved it…….lol … is damn amazing keep rocking ….post asap waiting love u loads take care……
    your jabra fan…..(with proud)
    signing off sriya……..bye…

    1. Rossy

      Thanks sriya dear for liking…jabra fan…lol…ur words reminds me of ladooo Sammy…miss her…u wanna become an astronaut…gud luck dear…??? Sam will get a lesson soon

  4. Brin

    I like it, keep this story going, will Arjun save Radhika? Eagerly waiting for the next update. Rossy you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks brin…u know. U r a great support to everyone here..??? update both stories

  5. S.v

    god my god my god arjun was so helpless when it was about radhika and he saved her awww he is a cuteset alien ever . I love him tons he is hell cute and radhika did she talk to arjun during the flight ?? want to know that say me oki and what was in the last one sam heard what they spoke very bad habit sam very bad habit. and the way u explained about the space journey was so realistic and so informative. next part soon captain and this mission is a great success captain i copy that. When is mission 8 captain pls do say me captain . Love u captain lol twin muhhhaaaa bear hugs

    1. Rossy

      Twin Arjun cute alien??? Lol…m rolling on…nope radz didn’t contact…mission 8 will be soon…sam will learn a lesson soon????

  6. Sathya

    Whooaaaaaa…..BRILLIANT ONE…A MASTER PIECE. I don’t have words to my gratitude towards you Rosie…i am just bowing my head down to give respect to you. You are my little sister but i don’t know how i am worthy to have you as my sister. It is a brilliant knock all over the episode.

    The way they work and understand the samrat is guiding them i could even see everything infront my eyes rads stand inside the space suite with a cute smile…they way they hold their hands and suddenly something stops the danger hitting them and it gives the clear way for them to admire the beauty of the space. I could feel that i am standing with them and viewing all this. Well done Rosie…the way you described the space beauty hooks us to travel to space and look at the beauty directly.

    When Arjun is there why fear…lol Finally my hero..THE MARTIAN..KING OF MARS..kya attitude hai..superb…its a real KING attitude he showed to the person..Sabaash. And finally he saved his life from the danger. Oh god..he is so tensed and Azian is consoling him. I love Azian ji. But What this Sam is upto now….evil smirk…god pls make her see Neil soon. Then only she will leve ardhika peacefully.

    Last but not least…Arjun is going to RA07…is it RADHIKA ARJUN 07….lol….love you sissy. Post next soon and yes post Arts and sculpture. Now i became fan for that.

    1. Rossy

      Lol…sissy m trying to find places for hiding…what was that first para…god…in front of u, m nothing…know that clearly…else I will fly away and don’t come back to update…lol…after seeing the danger u r the only one who still wants to go space travel…guts…sam will learn lessons and next is arts and sculpture soon???

  7. arti viswanathan

    Rossy I want arjun and radhika together in same space centre dear… They both should love each each… U have excellently written it. I will be waiting for next episode dear….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks aarti…ardhika will love each other but same space centre…radhika is human and Arjun Martian…still will try that….

  8. Jewel

    Superb rossy… When I read that space junk part I was like move, move to some where ( it was like l am playing video game and my vehicle is going to crash) I was really scared. I know when our hero is there why fear…. And rads understand that miracle happened because of Arjun…. And I liked arjun’s attitude…. Precap u again scaring me…. It will be a new beginning I am sure… Waiting for that….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks jewel…lol…don’t be scared dear…it’s fiction…yup radz guessed not confirmed yet…next is arts n sculpture ???

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    Rossy first Kuddos to your knowledge on space ..amazing girl…and about the update how can one noy love it its so different…and unique from all the others stories….just so brilliant …I am loving it amazing keep it going and sorry for being late 🙂 love u

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      Thanks abha…glad to see u again…u like means…!!! And never be sorry…its a command ??

  10. hi rossy, this is the first time i am commenting. I am a silent reader and i do read every update in this page. Mmz in mars was the first ff i hav read and i became a fan of all ff. Ur choice of story is unique in everyway. The way u explain things is superb and plz update Regularly waiting for ur update including art & sculptures. Fingers crossed.

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much shankari dear…i think once I saw u in mars or other story…anyway glad to see u…give ur views in further chapters also…my choice is unique..thanks for saying that ?? ? next will be arts and sculpture…looking forward ur views x?

  11. Starz

    Wow di…ur knowledge on space is just amazing….loved the post like anything… becoming addicted to it…please post next one soon… love you and take care

    1. Rossy

      Thanks starz…me n my knowledge…lol…very small they are…will update ur story ?

  12. Dipika

    Rosssyyyy i m going to throw ? on you if u ever say tht it is worth to read or not… Really.. R u asking tht insane questions.. Here m forget to blink, breath n think… U just mesmerised me.. M in bewilderment… Oh god.. Hats off… Tere charano k darshan do.. Lol… But seriously this awesome se bhi Awsome yarrrr… Splendid..
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    1. Rossy

      Heroine if u will throw that tomato ? I’ll eat it directly…see my mouth ? opened….mere charan mere legs Ki saath hai…nahi bhej sakti????…now yes…space is most dangerous thing…only u point out that is highlighted..yup I have some reason for that…next will be arts n sculpture

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    1. Rossy

      Aweeeeee…..appi di…soul di….that mysterious space unpredictable…idea to apka tha….thank u very much my di….love u till eternity…yup m thinking about Sam only…which lesson will be good for her…but the precap was very dangerous di…will update soon….stay happy always….and keep safe my candies…send them through courier…mouth watering ? ? ?

  14. mindblowing,awesome

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