manmarziyan on mars: chapter 4


Mars 4

Hiii everyone..first of all m very thankful to you for showing interest in sci-fi story. In previous chapter u all asked if I did home work before posting the chapter? M telling u truth, I attended workshops n conferences on space facts at our planetarium when I was doing masters. So that helped me now.

Teleportation is a controversial subject today taken seriously from 1993. It happens in microscopic world ; but if we use quantum mechanics and electrodynamics in subatomic level may be an object or human can be teleported.

Crop circle is a mysterious mark believed to be drawn by aliens.


Azian was very much tensed for Arjun. His fear was Arjun’s aggressiveness and stubborn nature. If he would do something absurd and gone missing like before….Ahhhh

” out of dream, come to reality. I am much more mature now. Don’t worry. I’ll be in contact with u always”, said Arjun mischievously by seeing Azian face who is known for his strength and not so emotional nature. But he care , care only for Arjun.

Azian came to his original ever composed form and ordered to Arjun;” don’t u dare to do something stupid,u will see me. Make sure on the invisible button before you enter planet earth atmosphere . No human should see u”.

Arjun rolled his eyes with a mocking smile;” no human,don’t forget I am going to see a human only who driving me crazy all time. Those humans can’t even touch me with their mere power”. With that he bid his bye and entered their extremely advanced spaceship who held the capacity to travel faster than light . When he crossed near phobeas he saw his satellite RA-07 . A contented big smile appeared on his face.

Arjun ‘s POV
” finally I got chance to see u. I am too much excited. Without ur saying I am doing many stupid invention for u, for ur comfort. If u say me anything to do I don’t know what I will do. The great Arjun,Martian scientist whom Martians regarding as god is wanted to rule by u ,only u. I don’t even know if u recognize me or not. Do u remember me? Its only because of u I came to know what is a family and love of a family. Martian doesn’t have family. I don’t care about anything until I remember u. I am waiting for u to come our home planet some day. I want to feel u , want to hug u, want to laugh with u in real because nobody even make me feel special like u did. Those five days are best days of my life. See u soon my love.”

With that he pressed some keys in air which showed a laser screen in air . He opened the recent location to find radhika was busy with her final submission of thesis along with teji who cracked jokes. Both were giggling. He zoomed out radhika’s form and hugged that air form emotionally.

We often says heart and mind have different opinions. But the science told us about their interconnection even though they differ, still they are intertwined. Radhika was feeling something strange. She couldn’t figure out. Teji told her someone must be missing her badly to which she glared him. Teji gave her a mockery look that he was kidding. After they finished their work they decided to enjoy last day at Harvard university. Next day they will leave for their destination. Both were emotional as they were leaving and hugged each other.

At the same time Neil submitted a rough sketch of HOM mission. He was happy and sad at same time. He thought;” why it’s so hard miss Mishra?? Is Neil Malhotra such a despicable person. M I lacking some where?? Why u never looked at me like I did. I fell for u again after meeting u in ISA work shop, like I did in childhood when I saw u first time with ur dadaji. But I was unaware about such feelings at that time. I joined this mission and put my absurd conditions just to get u near me. Please for god shake accept my request. I am in verge of loosing myself. The mission is about to start. Come back please.”
He opened his phone and caressed radhika’s photo which they took at science conference. A smile appeared on his face.

Sam was pacing like a fierce fire. Suzy was just wishing on her luck. She was very well known to Sam’s crazy behaviour when it comes to Arjun. Sam asked fuming ;” from when did he plan to visit planet earth? I know he doesn’t want anyone to question him . But didn’t he say that he believed me. Why he hide that fact? And i don’t get it why he bear all space sickness just to visit planet earth and very frequently. ”

Suzy said slowly;” if my guess is correct ,either he visit for research purposes or….” She stopped abruptly.

Sam gave her a sharp look and asked;” or…just spill out beans . What do u think?”

Suzy gulped and replied;” or he might have somebody special there, so he visited frequently without caring much about himself also. Today i saw him at the time of leaving . The spark, the glow his face had , I never saw him in such happy mood here.”

Sam lost her patience and banged the gadget on the table. She gave a furious look to Suzy ;” don’t u ever dare to say such kind of absurd things about him. Stop fooling around. And didn’t u only said before that I am the only one for him!! Remember I’ll be the one”. Sam went away.

Suzy inhaled peacefully and looked at the direction where Sam & mumbled ;” I told that in case of mars, not for other planet. And toady i confirmed why Arjun sir never looked at u. I hope he’ll get best in his life.”


Radhika and teji were spending their time happily. But later teji drank sooo much . He started blabbering some butterfly story, alien saviour, new planet discovery ,how he is gonna miss radz etc. Radhika was trying hard to come him out but failed. So she asked she asked manager to take care of him and came out. She was on her way , at a turning point, little bit darker where a group of hunches present. They passed slangs comments towards her in drunken state. She thought better to avoid it. As she moved one of them was trying to grab her hand ; but before that a strong kick on him and he blown away to kiss the ground some meters distance. The whole group moves toward the man in hood for a big fight. Rads stood shocked staring here and there. But she was surprised most when the hood man grab her hand and stared to run.

Radz came out of startled and asked as she was annoyed;” who are u mister? From where did u fall so suddenly?

Hoody man smiled seeing her annoyance;” I am Arjun. Btw u r cute.” He tried to pinch her cheeks.

Radz annoyed more ;” wah…. I have never seen such a jerk. More than Arjun u r behaving like duryodhan”. She was trying to free her hand, but he held her tightly as if his priceless possession.

Arjun asked in that running mode, jealousy clearly covered his voice;” who is he? Is he more handsome and intelligent than me”.

Radz eyes widen hearing him;” don’t u know about our epic? I can’t believe I am trapped by a crazy mad person.”

Arjun did nothing but smiling continuously;” we don’t have any kind of epics like u. Btw why r u so annoyed now?”

Radhika shot an angry glare toward him ;” thanks to u , with hunches police are also behind us. If they will see my face my reputation,career will have a black point.I never involved in such incident in my life. And who told u to jump in-between? I know how to handle them. So I called police.”

Arjun was seems to enjoy her anger,annoyance like a fool. If it was mars and one Martian girl told that much,might be that girl would lost her voice power in the next moments. Immediately Arjun pulled her behind a tree as police crossed them by chasing goons. Radhika sighed in relief and said;” thanks anyway mister. Now lets move”. She was starting to leave noticed Arjun was following her. She stopped;” don’t say u r a stalker or pervert. Why r u following me? Go to ur home?”

Arjun replied;” I can’t. Its very far from ur planet.”

Rads thought what this man is saying. She asked again;” my planet!! Isn’t this ur planet? Did u lost ur mind?”

Arjun was laughing out loud seeing her confused;” yes this is not my planet. I came from other planet. I m not human, an alien”. He was speaking truth genuinely.

Till now radhika was annoyed, angry but hearing this she shot a deep look at Arjun and stood silently thinking something serious. She was asking curiously but in a low stern voice ;” so u r an alien. That’s why ur kick had such power and u run so fast that I couldn’t match u even. And u don’t have a home to return now. Ohk…follow me.”

Arjun was happy that she didn’t create a fuss over him being an alien. He was overwhelmed overjoyed;” so u r accepted me. Let’s be friends. I want to say u many things.”he quietly followed her . He stopped at a place as she stopped. Rads called someone. Arjun looked at her and smiling when his gaze fall at the place name ” MENTAL ASYLUM”.

Radhika told him sounding very concerned;” don’t worry. U will be fine very soon.they will take good care of u. One of my friend is working here.”

Before anybody could approach Arjun again grab radhika’s hand and ran away. She was shouting;” leave my hand. Don’t u know u r a mad now. What?? Alien, that to looking such handsome human kind. M I looking like a fool to believe all these. I saw in movies………………….

this time Arjun cut her off and said with a stern voice;” u think m joking or having some brain problem. Now I came to know why humans are so much behind. They lack in brain consistency. At a time u believe the existence of extraterritorial species and next time think it as a joke. And about ur movies based on aliens, don’t even talk about that. I am really getting hyper seeing those what planet of apes, godzilla, x- file, u.f.o…seriously have they ever been such planet. They even don’t know there are many planets in this galaxy n cosmos having more beautiful creatures than human. And ur scientist founded the existence of aliens looked like serpent, insecticide while they clearly retrieved the information from the people who are abducted that they are looking like humanoid structure wearing space suits.” Annoyance clearly visible in Arjun’s face.

Radhika stood silent hearing him .she was confused now. Arjun was leaving rads said from back;” then come and find me tomorrow evening. Then only I’ll believe u”. Arjun thumbs up her and went away. Rads couldn’t sleep at that night, thinking about Arjun and his words. Arjun could see her restlessness through his screen n mumbled;” u r really something. Very different and difficult person , that’s why I fall for u even more n more.see u tomorrow” he caressed her visual form and went to sleep…

Neil was impatiently pacing inside ISRO office. His chief asked what’s happening with him to which he replied;”I am waiting for my team to join”. But in real he got mail from radhika is coming to join that made him excited and crazy. He was Crushing time why it’s so slow today. Finally all new recruits came. Neil’s eyes were just trying to find radz he saw she is coming behind with her ever soothing smile pestered on her face which gave him solace, happiness wherever he saw her. He rushed to her and said;” thanks miss Mishra for joining here.I am so happy”.. He extended his hand…

Arjun was witnessing this at Ladakh alien base. He banged his fist on wall n mumbled ;” what a crazy scientist? What’s the need to over excited seeing my queen? Isn’t that absurd to look others possession….
His sentence cut in midway as Azian started taking with him through their video signal system which showed his face in air saying ;” there is only you now who is doing absurd things, that man looks fine to me”.

Arjun startled;” what do u mean by that? M doing absurd…

Azian laughed;” do you want me to say what u r upto do yesterday night. After all those drama u created she went to sleep and u…….

Arjun coughed aloud to hide his embarrassment being caught by Azian.he said;” warn samaira never try to trace me. Does she think she could tail me without me unnoticed? This is a last warning from my side”.
They continued their talk…

Sam was observing newly beam ray gun invented by Arjun. But before applying it Arjun left for planet earth. It was consist of beams like powerful alpha rays, gamma rays and infrared radiation by using interchangeable position of electrons n neutrons ; but Arjun made it so strong that it can even hit a target of another planet. If something or someone hit by this rays this can have ability to destroy the object.

Suzy exclaimed;” if it was okay to use that new invention without permission of Arjun sir”.

Sam said with a sarcastic voice;” why not?? In either way he is going to punish me for tailing him, then it would be better if I will do something to get punishment”…

Suzy said with a thoughtful manner;” still we have a chance now. But touching his invention without his permission that to when he didn’t applied it, he won’t leave us”.

Sam threw a dead glare to her and said;” stop talking nonsense and come set the target”.. She ordered Suzy to zoom the screen on planet earth,specifically India.

Radhika was driving to her home after letting their driver go for some was nearly a turning point at cliff area a sudden beam rays hit her car very hard. Car lost its balance and went in wrong direction toward the edge of the cliff. She was afraid to the core screaming on her top notch” save me, please someone help me”. The car was falling from the cliff, some sudden force stop it from front side of edge of the cliff .she lost her consciousness with fear ; but before that she saw Arjun’s face in front who was trying to stop her vehicle. It was a grave mistake for Martians below 15 to use teleportation; but…………….

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear…don’t worry I’ll use ur suggestions in future update but by bending it slightly ?

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  23. Oh My dear Rossy you are such a great writer…… I really like your ff…. I think Radhika should remember Arjun saving her and she should fire train of questions… He should confess his love and show her what he had done in madness of her love… Then intergalactic war and Radhika getting super natural power she became saviour of Earth….. And then Aradhika union and new generation of of Aradhika kids… This is my suggestion I hope you would like it….. Love u ? and take care ?… With Lots of love ❀ and best wishes… . ……. Update soon.

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