Manmarziyan on mars :chapter 12

Aayannnnnnnnnn”, woke up Radhika by Screaming on her top voice by shocking Arjun.

Immediately he ran to her with a fear that something might be happened, serious. He saw Radhika sat on bed folding her knees and crossing hands. She was panting heavily, sweating profusely; chanting something unfamiliar. Without wasting a minute he released her form and took her in his embrace and patted her affectingly giving her the strength that she was not alone, he was with her always. This must be a bad dream, no need to be worry about. Nothing would ever happen. He tried to console her.

” But that was not a dream. It is reality.” Said Radhika parting her a little, which shocked him too. After so long she talked; but what? Some seriousness.

“What do you mean by that? Can you explain?” Arjun asked realizing her seriousness.

But before Radhika could tell anymore, looked like she got back her senses properly. She pushed Arjun a little and parted herself completely. She observed him completely and rethought things from start. She was squinting and walked slowly backward. Arjun stood there smilingly, amused seeing her reactions. How much he missed to see her original self; that two days of her silence killed him. Now it’s his turn of enjoyment, little fun. He was completely aware what’s going on her mind, and what next reactions were coming. In fact he was waiting for her chirpy and strong nature. If she dedicated at once she never backed off, even if it costs her life and he witnessed many examples.

“Impossible” a small word of shocking came out her mouth. “How on the earth this is possible?” her mind started running. “Wait one moment.. Earth… is it? I am still unsure where I am? Who is this man, is he real? oooh what I am saying? He was with me before and he is standing in front of me now; that means he is real? What!! But that does means I am died? No…no… I can still breathe.” though she was mumbling to herself like mad , her voice was quite audible by Arjun who controlled himself from burst out of laughter anytime. Hearing die, he got little serious.

“Why don’t you give a break to your thoughts? How absurd, am I real or not? What a joke?!!” Though he was serious from starting later laughed hysterically without control.

“Keep your piece of advice with you , whoever you are; real or fake , I don’t care.” Radhika got irritated with his constant laughter which made her feel she was stupid. if someone else said such words to him, then he or she might be lose talking power.

“Are you sure that you are a scientist of planet earth? But seeing you and your activity I don’t think so.” Arjun stated knowingly annoying her more.

“Look who is joking !! There he goes again. Don’t forget I took you once mental asylum.” Radhika said to mock back Arjun who made fun out of her.

She glared him. But Arjun stopped, at one thought. He went near her, “can’t you really recognize me, truly?” He was serious.

“Yes. I saw you before at Harvard and and then in air, god knows how you appear so suddenly like that.” She said still confused.

“That was because of our science inventions. But other than those time you don’t remember where you saw me.” He saw her to think deeply.

” NO” , her reply made him little upset. But he decided to tell her everything by himself only.

” Do you remember 5 years ago, I mean 10 years ago as per your calendar when you lived at Ladakh, you saved one guy……”

Before he could complete Radhika shouted, “How can I forget such ungrateful insolence brat. Huh. We saved him, fed him, cared for him but; stupid, idiotic fool left us without even a proper goodbye. I and Teji, Aayan fought with our classmate too for him too . anger rose to maximum level when I thought his leave.” She was showing everything by action of anger throwing hands in air.

” But why you fought for him? Why you were angry at him?” Asked Arjun being amused with happiness’

” Because we all loved him, cared for him. Wait!!” like she remembered something again. ” Wait!! How do you know about that? Why you asked about that?” she looked him suspiciously. Arjun was smiling.

“Because that was me. I know you won’t believe me now too”, He took her to another room where he saved those old dresses, shoes and other things very carefully. Finally he opened his metal case to show her the cracked crop circle designed pendant which was repaired by Aayan. Radhika was shocked at first then smiling a little.

” Why you are smiling? I found it fishy.” Arjun asked still unaware of her intention, who was moving toward him slowly.

” Fishy ? don’t say you are scared now !! why you think I don’t believe you, while your brain and heart completely shouted I know you. I and Dadaji both doubted from first when we saw your pendent last time. You were there at cliff while saved me and then vanished. Then you showed yourself through pendent navigation and gave me hint how to make disk shaped spaceship. Then I am alive here, in space you were the one who created protective shield to save us from clouds of space junk and meteoroids. At last not the least, before our last breathe at spaceship I pressed that pendent to reach you a signal and it worked perfectly. And importantly I know you are confirmed I know who you are!! Yes. I agree I couldn’t remember that little boy were you, but after recalling those events it makes sense now.” She said non stop with a mysterious smile. He stood dumbfounded this time. ” on above all this I am a scientist Arjun. My dadaji already told me about existence of extraterrestrials. All we need just a confirmation. I confirmed when you saved me at cliff out of nowhere from hollow of the pit. One thing I don’t know is which planet or galaxy you belong.”

” MARS. I belong to Mars.”, he said hypnotized due to sudden shock got by Radhika. How much a big fool he was who always underestimated earth human beings. In one sense yes!! They were less than Martians but they have some knowledge too. In that moment he felt his love increased for her as a size of whole universe. But a sudden realization hit him. ” one moment. You said , you are sure that I knew you believe me. How ? I never said anything like that.”

“Your brain continuously screaming that. How could I deny the fact.” She said nonchalantly without giving a thought to it.

” what !!” he was surprised. ” tell me, sometime before you got up screamed Aayan’s name. when I asked if that was a dream , you told it was real. What does that mean??” he was very serious.

” it was real and truth.” She become sad immediately. ” I heard Aayan was calling and Screaming my name to save him from dark world of prominences of umbra. He was in danger.” She went near Arjun and held his hand ” will you please help me to save him. I am glad I got to know him alive and scared he was in danger.”

” you don’t have to request me. It made me feel like I am distant from you. You just say and see what I am doing. On above Aayan is my friend too. But ; I have a doubt still. How you hear all this?” he said thoughtfully .

“not only hear, I can feel my all five senses got more functional powerful than before. I can see and smell from distant too, if I am concentrated. My tastes become more activate. Even I am confused what is happening with me.” ,said Radhika surprisingly.

Arjun reached near Radhika covering the two step distance and hugged her tight. He mumbled , ” though it’s not good too but it’s not harmful effects of space radiation. I am relieved. Might be change of morphological protein formulation in gene system.” he remembered once Azian told him if exteroceptors and interoceptors genetic code change due to sudden shock of something, Either of two things happen. They will function more or they lost their power.

Suzy was pacing around the room fiercely. She was tensed and scared. Samaira was coming to the centre. It was making her scared more. She was unsure what would happen if she knew the real story behind the Man from earth. Azian told he would come but he didn’t. That scared her most. If she was caught that she saved some earth species and did not informed, that would be her end . if she couldn’t save them or help them then Arjun would not leave her. In either way she was trapped. Seeing her scared Neil was amused . what it could be that scared this mini Dinosaur. He couldn’t control himself and asked , ” you looked like someone is going to put you in mouth of dinosaur?”

” Just shut up. Clench your teeth , you idiot. Its more dangerous than your lost species Dinosaur.” Suzy retorted irritate.

” if a mini dinosaur get scared and trying to find shelter for safety, I visualize the scene with my eyes now.” Neil joked and rolled on.

” This is not time for your joking you fool. If you know what can happen then you wouldn’t able to laugh more.” Said Suzy being irked.

“then tell me.”, Neil said easily.

“you don’t know about Martian crude regulations for fraud and hiding. More for other planetary living beings. If they will know you are from planet earth; I am sure you are going to be interrogated and may be executed or may be rescued later on. But if they find me helping in this I am gonna dead.”, said suzy seriously.

” its ok. Don’t worry. If you can tackle me you can handle anyone easily by hitting them.”, Neil said to ease moment but it added more fire in her.

“Hitting Samaira mam. Oh yes!! If I am bored with my life and wish for death, I will surely try this. You will be a idiot always.” Suzy stated with a mixed emotion.

” whatever !! can you tell what happened the other two. Where are chasini and elder man.” Neil asked curiously.

” I don’t know. Don’t eat my brain now.” Suzy shouted with tension.

” how you don’t know when you said you saved three of us.” Neil shouted with equal volume. Both stood silent hearing a sound.


Suzy pushed Neil behind the closet to hide and she stood erected herself trying to maintain a composed gesture. She sighed in relief when see Azian came with Samrat. Neil jumped out and hugged Samrat with a sudden force that he moved backward a few steps. Their eyes filled with tears as both are emotional now. Suzy and Azian understood them completely; the human emotions due to Arjun’s talk. After some moment Neil asked , ” are you alright sir? I am happy to see you again. Have you seen Chasini?”

” No my son. I am too happy to see you again. We should be thankful to them for saving us. And from now on we should be careful” Samrat said as Azian said him everything.

” But I am worried for chasini. I don’t believe anyone until I see her. I am afraid if they did something with her. Any trafficking or anything else.” Neil showed his worries.

“What ? Trafficking? How could you think that? We are not that Lowy like you earth species do. At least shouldn’t you be little grateful that we save you despite threatens of Martian laws.” Retorted back Suzy angrily.

” I am a earth species, so I am talking this way only. And it’s not like that you told me about Mars history, geography and rules & regulations and I could not remember.” Neil retorted equal arrogance.

Suzy was going to retort something , Azian stopped them.

“Stop it you both idiots. Lady was bit serious; so she was taken by him And you shouldn’t worry about lady. She is in safest hand of Mars now. Until he is there nobody can dare to do anything with her.” Stated Azian cooly.

” He ? who is he?” asked Neil being impatience and curious.

” Arjun Sir.” Suzy told proudly. ” We Martians respected him as god. We love him, respect him ,fear him if we are wrong. No matter how many authorities and ministries are there, for each Martian he comes first. Within few years he took Mars at such a height, which is unimaginable. He invented so many things with due respect of nature too. Even though he never showed off his powers, but he is most powerful living being in this solar system. That is our Arjun sir, for whom we all Martians can jump to death smilingly.” Suzy stated as her eyes gleaming with brightness. Neil never saw such avatar of her.

” Arjun !! I think I saw his name somewhere. But where?? If he was that powerful , why he is interested toward Chasini. He doesn’t give me a good vibe. Why I feel I am gonna lose something in front of him. Once let Chasini back, I will not leave her. Why my heart feels like something unusual gonna happen. I can’t lose Chasini.” He drowned in his thought.

Azian told everybody that they should not be worry. Only for some days , then they try to send them back. But in that period they were not allowed to contact earth and before they start for earth they should delete the memory of mars. For instance they have to behave like they were Martians , so that nobody could doubt him. He told them some basic knowledge and manners.

All stood startled when they heard , ” EARTH. Nowadays you guys are talking more about earth. Seems suspicious.”, Samaira entered while speaking those. She directly go to Neil and observed him head to toe giving a cunning smile. Neil mumbled near Suzy’s ear, ” what’s with her? She is looking good but behaving strange, peculiar. Is every martian girl a devil??” Suzy stomped her foot on neil on which he screamed ” Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….”    

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