manmarziyan on mars: chapter – 11


Whether it’s medicinal effect of Olympus Mon or magical effect of sacred crop circle, radhika woke up slowly. Her eyelids tried to find out exactly where was she, and what’s going on around her. She tried to got up by herself to sit and had a look her surrounding, but failed; only to laid on ground again. Arjun immediately rush to her to held her. She spoke faintly while stammering a bit ,” you !! Are you for real….”. Arjun stopped her from talking more , placing his finger on her mouth. He smiled leisurely,” ssshhhhhh….we have much time to talk and clarify. Now you need rest. Lets don’t be afraid or worry, just hold me tight”. Radhika just looked on him in disbelief, remembering past encounter with him. Arjun embraced her , holding her tightly without letting her think anything else further. He said again,” have faith on me. I won’t let anything happen to you.” With that he used teleportation to travel both of them to his own created satellite RA-07, which had every comfort like planet earth.

Samrat was sitting in his closest, looking outside through glass panel. Till then he somehow mentally prepared himself that he was being saved, abducted and watched. He had a fight going inside his brain if he should be happy that another life form exist in other planet than earth or he should be sad being stayed like a prisoner in extra advanced planet.

Exactly the things were not like that. Azian didn’t inform head authority and Martians suprimo about human beings they saved. If he didn’t do that immediately without taking care of their health, they were put into sudden interrogation which might be lead to loose their brain, later might be life too. In Martians colony they didn’t have any internal conflicts or chaos regarding anything. One leader for each management and department. All present their issues to suprimo if needed, till now it’s not needed except once when a severe incident happened. Rules were strictly followed and rules for other planet people were very crude. Azian and Arjun were aware about it, so they rescued radhika,Neil and samrat secretly but; till how long they could hide !!

Neil was screaming all aloud while pacing inside. Suzy was trying her best to shut him up. The more Suzy tried to shut him, the more he shouted making Suzy afraid out of day-night. Without getting anyway Suzy banged neil’s head.

” ouch.. What kind of girl you are”, growled Neil with pain rubbing his hand on his head?

“And which kind of human being you are? Do all male species from earth shout loudly without thinking about further consequences being in a new place”, replied Suzy with equal stern voice.

Neil rolled his eyes as if he was thinking something important, “one minute!! Wait!! I have a doubt? What do you mean by I am a human being, a male species from earth?? then who are you ?? ghost or devil , from mars !!”.

Suzy knew he was mocking and observing from head to toe as if he saw a mad man escaped from mental asylum. She thought to give him some piece of his scene , ” it’s better for you , not to know who I am? But if you insist should I tell you about me!! mmmm…..”. She stopped and acted like thinking by placing her thumb and index on her chin.

Neil sighed a frustrated and mumbled to himself, “What she is saying? Had she lost her mind?” and he asked Suzy, “hey, drama queen don’t play ‘I am Martian game’ with me. Tell me who are you and why I am here.” He stood erected;” no…correction…Which place is it??”

Suzy gave a victorious cunning smile, “you are right.”

Neil replied suddenly as he couldn’t figure out anything, “what?”

Suzy smiled seeing his confusion, “what is what? You said that I am Martian and this is my planet.”

Neil stood dumbfounded. He started to stammer, ” A-R-E Y-O-U kiddinggggggggg”. Though he started to realize things from start.

Suzy laughed seeing Neil was stammering, she asked playfully, “do you really think I am kidding!! Martians don’t fool around like you humans do. Still get a view of outside and think carefully.”

Neil urgently and immediately rushed toward entrance to see outside. His head was spinning in 360 degree. His mind started to recall the things before; they were in spaceship waiting for their destruction. “So it’s impossible for anyone to rescue them to planet earth on such less time span!! so, she is right !! This is planet Mars and a well developed one, billions times ahead of planet earth. And brilliance level of people not comparable to human. But they were appeared much different what we imagined. What should I do; run away. That was height of foolishness. But where was Samrat sir and chasini. My god, did anything happen or they did some blunder with them. If anything happen to chasini, I would never leave them.”, Neil’s thoughts were running in various directions.

Still he managed to ask , ” but we thought other species in space look like serpent or insects. But….you look much like humanoid structure or more than that.”

Suzy now frowned and fumed with anger, “huh….now I got to know why human beings and planet earth is so much behind than other planet, galaxy or cosmos. Fools.” And seriously Neil was giving her fool expressions being perplexed.

On planet earth

ISRO finally declared sadly that they couldn’t find any trace of spaceship for HOM mission. Whole nation got shocked ; but the most affected person were Mishra family. Dadaji cursed himself for letting his dreams inherited in radz , so she went for such terrible mission. He was so engrossed to send some of his descendants to space, he forgot the risks at space. Mala enclosed herself in a room, come out whenever necessary. Ankush and Dilip behaved little sane though they were affected too. Not only they were worried about their daughter; but for Neil too. At least Dadaji and Ankush knew him; and Ankush thought him for Radhika after Aayan’s mysterious abduction. Aayan was his first choice. ISRO was preparing the emergency dummy spaceship for their further news.

At RA-07 satellite

Arjun was sitting near Radhika bed , watching her peacefully, observing her silently. A few hour before he just thought to destroy the whole space with his newly found power inventions. Even Martians had no idea about it except Azian. Now he was all smiling himself by thinking about his anger, his wrath. He slowly took radhika’s palm in his, caressed, “you don’t know how much you changed me to a crazy creature. Yes!! I am crazy but for you my queen. I had no idea what would I do if anything happened to you”.

A sudden current of thought was passing through him. It’s like he remembered something which he forgot before. There was something must changed inside her body after space radiation hit; but the question was what?? She seemed fine when she got back to her sense. Genetically changes would be two types according to Azian. He had to wait for her complete recovery to know further. He promised whatever it may be, he will protect her. He got up, covered Radhika with a protective shield as he was not fully come out of his fear. Slowly he moved outside.

Outside view of house, in satellite RA-07 was just like planet earth. When Arjun visited earth once in presence of Aayan, Aayan gave him one rough sketch of radhika’s dream house. He came back and created RA-07 to make that dream into reality. Because he always considered her dream as his, because he loved her most. He made RA-07 a private satellite, in such a level of security, if anybody from outside wanna accessed it and invaded, failure must be there Followed by his end. To make Azian tense free and to know further about Samrat and Neil, he dialed Azian.

“Arjun, are you for real. You are getting more careless as you grow. What is it”, azian shouted at his top voice being annoyed with Arjun’s reckless behavior.

“Don’t shout chief. I am not in a very good mood now; still I wanted to check everything. If you shout again I will bound to stop all connections to contacts.”, Arjun replied sternly but low voice.

“What happened? Isn’t she alright now? Don’t worry about further things here”, azian said concerned.

“Though I am reckless; I am not selfish to let you alone in trouble and worry about my tension. I know about Martian rules too. It is today or next day ; they all will face interrogation along with us too. Don’t worry I will handle it”, Arjun said casually as if it was not a big deal for him.

” wow.. wow..seriously this is my Arjun, confident and confined. You know I liked your ruthless, merciless versions more. You are a king born to rule Mars.” , Azian was speaking excitedly.

” cut the crap chief. I really wonder sometimes, who gave you that position, flattering all the while.” Arjun said nonchalantly. ” by the way what’s the situation there”.

” Jerk, narcissist prince. They are all good. Are you happy now?” Arjun frowned on Azian”s expression. ” oh…yes !! that younger man, Neil created a scene, but Suzy handled it nicely.”

“Tell them to behave normal without letting out inner turmoil. That would be best. I need some time with my queen , so I can figure out things clearly.” Arjun cleared like he ordered that.

“Don’t worry. She will be completely fine. And today Sam will visit Suzy anytime.” Azian brought Sam’s name knowingly to divert Arjun’s mind.

“Just do as I said. I will handle later.”, expressed Arjun without being worried and cut the connection. Though he didn’t said anything to Azian , but He was worried a little; next moment he cleared his mind as he had confidence on him and went to Radhika.

Somewhere, far from mars , few light years away, on a route of milk way leading to a space dark world, surrounded by comet, meteoroid and a black chromospheres creating a hallucination of prominences of umbra, another galaxy present having some dangerous living signs there. A living being was pacing inside a closet and banged his hand on metal wall being frustrated.

” How much time I have to wait? Why those planets of solar system are so ahead of us? When we are powerful enough to tackle the situation if there will be inter galaxy war. We brought a foolish human by following that blo*dy Martian, but it’s in vain.” That creature went out to other space, where a person laid down nearly unconscious and pale. He took out his weapon to attack……..

” Aayannnnnnnnnn”, woke up Radhika by Screaming on her top voice by shocking Arjun……

note: guys no neil sam pair as of now. but plzzzzzz tell me how was neil and suzy confrontation.

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