manmarziyan on mars: chapter – 10

” chhoti see what happened here !! ” , screamed dadaji at his top notch of vocal cords.

” what happened dadaji”, radhika shouted on reply while running.

“Aaahhh”, muttered radz as she saw a boy lied near by a tree covered with blood, dust and coiled with shrubs.

As Ladakh was a cold place and the guy had no cover , dadaji immediately took out his warm clothes and covered him. Radz covered him with her scarf. Dadaji checked his pulse,” we have to stop his bleeding as soon as possible , else he will lose his bit saved consciousness and i am afraid what will happen next.”

Radhika was worried,” but ; dadaji hospital is about 55km away from here. And we don’t have any vehicle to shift him plus we are in middle of hill.” She was tensed now.

But dadaji was relaxed remembering something,” chhoti, u know how to stop bleeding by using astringent herbs, styptic sticks. Why don’t u found some and use it”.

Radz face brighten hearing that as she run here to there inside the forest to find such herbs. Finally she got something and crushed it by hand and apply over the bruises. After sometime bleeding stopped and condition of Arjun become little better. Both dadaji and radhika carried him to home. Dadaji suspected something before, so he took him home instead of hospital.

On their way of returning they saw some metal pieces scattered here and there. The triangular light which they saw before, was moving both vertically and horizontally on a faster speed. Somehow they avoided that and reached at home. Mala screamed on seeing them with a bruised guy. Dilip and Ankush came running hearing mala. But dadaji shut them up and told Ankush to shift Arjun to his room. He also warned not to tell anyone about him right then. Because dadaji was a scientist before, so he suspected something.

As per dadaji instructions every member of family took care of Arjun, unaware of his identity. So finally when Arjun got back his sense he saw radhika and Ankush were busy in sibling fight. He took time to understand what was happening around him, where is he? He only remembered some space junk hit their spaceship hard making their ship burst into pieces when entering earth atmosphere. Then he found himself now here, on planet earth.

As soon as everyone saw Arjun got up, Ankush and radz stopped their fighting. Ankush rush outside to let others know while radz jumped onto Arjun. She was excited for her first time treatment , placed her one hand on Arjun’s shoulders,” so, buddy how r u feeling now? Better!! Hmmm…alright Who are u? And how come u fell there? Anyone tried to kill u ; but why? “She was bombarding questions after questions like interrogation..

” holy shit, I can’t even understand what she’s saying? Is she a non-stop blabbering machine?”, thought Arjun as he couldn’t make out any bit of radz..then he remembered something and placed his hand on his chest, over the crop circle structural pendent and circling it round and round.” Now I understand her, human languages. But its better for me to act as dumb , n get out of here as soon as possible”, he thought again.

Mala , Ankush came in. Mala checked Arjun and mumbled,” he is alright now.” She patted him affectionately and asked,” how do u feel now? We got worried.” Arjun just nodded his head . He was puzzled at the fact that why many people stay in one house. In mars each and every person stayed alone, no matter how young they are. More of that they all were like having a good time, bond together. He never knew family kinda things.

” what if they are trying to trap me and keep me forever in prison. I need to get out of here as soon as possible”, his mind screamed.

His thoughts came into halt seeing a jumping radz, who jumped on table from ground by seeing a bug and kept talking with that. She was scared so much and stammering when found that bug trying to climb table ,” shooo….shoooooo….get off …get off u cockroach. You sticky nasty..get off cockroach”.. her sentence was not completed , Arjun laughed madly shocking everyone. He was literally rolled on holding his stomach by seeing radz action .

Radhika thought may be he mocked her, because the bug was still climbing the table, so she shouted loudly like a queen as if the bug was listening,” excuse me Mr. Cockroach, would you mind terribly moving on? I need this place , u little harmless.”

This time Arjun laughed harder than before, ankush and mala even joined him. Radz was angry , glaring ankush. Ankush gulped ,” choti , our intelligent girl can’t u differentiate between bugs. It’s a ground beetle ,not cockroach”.

Radz jaw dropped. She was brilliant girl in every aspect, no doubt ; but when it come to bugs she was a zero. Still she managed herself and passed a I don’t care look to everyone ,” whatever, bug is a bug; whether its cockroach or beetle”. With that she walked away from room with attitude; once out of the room , she ran out like storm and reached garden area and settled herself there on cement bench. She face palmed herself ,” embarrassing…aaargh.. “. Suddenly a naughty idea stuck up in her mind and her face glowed up.

Mala was busy preparing dinner , while Ankush was doing his assignment with help of radz. Ankush was two year older than radz. Ridhima was eldest of all who married already. Arjun was busy checking their activities intently. Radz jumped out when she heard dilip’s voice and went to him. Arjun was shocked seeing still four member came,” I wondered how many humans stayed at one place. Is it any cage or research area where they are tested”. His thought stopped when dadaji asked him about his health. He just nodded without saying anything.

When ridhima and his husband asked about Arjun. Dadaji replied how they got him, how radz herbal treatment saved Arjun etc. now Arjun stared at his little life savior with an honest obliged look. Ridhima was happy asked Arjun about his name, address. Before he thought anything radz said,” mmmm… he is dumbo beetle and and his address is under ground . he is reckless too.” And winked her eyes to Arjun and gave a don,t mess with me look. Arjun wanted to open his mouth but controlled himself,” calm down Arjun, just relax. U never know what’s going to happen”, his mind screamed. Dadaji signaled her to stop. That was how two days passed .

On third day radhika’s friends called to invite her to amusement park. As Arjun felt little better he wanted to join too. His motive was if he could repair his pendent, he can contacted any of the Martian stations of earth and get out of here, though he slowly liked their care , gotta to know about family things ; But still he missed his planet, azian and his new career at research center. As soon as they reached amusement park, all were enjoying, having fun. some of them were trying to pull a prank on Arjun as they got to know he was dumb. That was his first experience even , so he tricked easily. Some one thrown pebbles to him , he jumped And some body threw a banana cover and Arjun slipped to fell on a colored pool. His bruises pained more. He growled, He was too much angry , he wanted to teach them lesson but neither his body supports nor his gadget. Radz was not with him as one of her friend took away. When she came and saw this , she scolded everybody.

“ u guys lost ur senses, could not u see he was hurt. He can,t say , that does not mean u can do anything to him. Its shame for me to say u are my friends. Disgusting”, yelled radz at her top notch. She was breathing hard due to anger.

One of her friend replied,” u scold us for some unknown beast. Is he important for u now?? It was us who were with u always, not him. But u scolded us just because we played with him. U will regret it later”.

“enough. First u did wrong , then u r threatening. Isn’t friends suppose to correct each other’s mistake”, shouted teji, whom radz considered her bff.

“ stop teji, whom u were trying to make understand. They won’t. better we leave now”, said Radhika as she didn’t wanted the argument continue.

“ this is the limit. Our friendship is over. Just stay with your newly dumbo friend or else throw him aside and come with us . choice is yours”, said one of her friends.

Teji was going to retort,” what, ridiculous…. Stopped by radz. Arjun was just dumbfounded what’s happened so fast. He was helpless then , he was looking radz hopefully. And his hope, belief won. Radz went to Arjun and wiped his bruises gently and asked teji to accompanied her to home. Both were left leaving their shocking friends.

When they reached, dadaji got worried seeing them. Teji told about incidents. Dadaji patted radz as if he knew something. But she felt sad too. She never wanted to loose her friends too. Arjun understood her, he thought to open his mouth, to say something ; but radz stopped him,” don’t . you are not responsible for anything. Itz just I came to know who are my true friends.” She paused for some moments and continued ,” you go and Take rest. Itz needed for u”. teji seconded that.

In that whole evening Arjun didn’t thought about his returning or anything, he just wanted to see chirpy, fun loving Radhika who dared to mock him. He missed her. But what could he do when she shut her up by herself. Its when dadaji and ankush returned, they ease her mood by their banters. And finally she was back; that’s when Arjun realized true value of a family thing. Mala happily fed them all. Arjun was going to sleep , felt himself happy and very happy. “ its weird when I saw her smile, I smile too”, he mumbled and dozed off.

Next day teji came with their another friend, Aayan who missed yesterday outing. Seeing Aayan radz jumped to him. Arjun looked at him perplexed. But his heart jumped out when Aayan said dramatically to radz by hugging ,” awwww…my sweetie baby, I heard everything from teji. But u don’t worry, I will teach everyone who hurt u”.

Radz laughed as she knew Aayan was a complete nautanki dramebazz,” sure, my baby. I know what u can do for me”. Arjun coughed at radz reply.

Aayan made a poker face ,” u know sweetheart how much I love u.. its aayan’s ionic iconic rock promise. When Aayan is here ,why fear my Dear, I love u my baby bear. Understand”. He pinched radz’s cheek . both teji and radz laughed, they knew Aayan was a guy who always tried to make them laugh.

But Arjun didn’t feel comfortable hearing Aayan, even he had no idea why.!! He glared him when Aayan patted his shoulder,” yo yo bro.. so u r that person. Beetle man.” And trio laughed. But it was Aayan who found Arjun was struggling with his crop circle pendent. He took it from him and tried to repair it. All exclaimed,” its something different, we never see such designed pendent.” Aayan had a good amount of knowledge about gadgets and he believes in astronomy, aliens. People made out his fun for this, but he never cares. Finally after many struggle Aayan repaired it. Arjun was perplexed seeing his intelligence. He thought human beings are weak and jealous, that was true also, but not in every cases. he found everything different here. He liked it but when it comes his little savior queen , he wanted herself for him only. But, Aayan was the one who could help Arjun to return back and Arjun was aware of this.

It was fifth day arjun’s pendent buzzed non stop, after it got repaired. Everybody looked at him perplexed , especially radz bombarded questions after questions. But kept mum as he knew what it meant. He didn’t want to leave but itz compulsory. He silenced his crop circle locket and walked to radz. First time he held her hand in his and stared to her eyes deep. The moment he wanted to stay always, out of blue he hugged her and mumbled something in his alien language; which others thought he might try to speak, they encouraged him. His eyes filled with unknown tears. He told them in signal by hands actions that he wanted to sleep in silence. So tears fell down from his yawning. After some moment he peeped other room to gave a final look this family, which saved him , cared for him, loved him ;and left for his destination without telling them. Because he did not wanted to cry or make them.

Aayan opened door hearing a hard knock on his door. He was shocked to see Arjun there. He asked him seeing his dried line of tears,” hey, did u cry”.

And to his shock Arjun spoke for the first time,” I didn’t. I was just shedding tears “.
Aayan perplexed and shocked hearing Arjun n his voice,” doesn’t they mean similar thing!! And why did u act as dumb? “

Arjun asked hurriedly,” I needed that. Can u help me? Do u believe in existence of aliens?”

Aayan replied,” yes, I do believe in them. What help u need buddy”.

Arjun told,” calm down and don’t yell. Be at ease , okay……after a moment of silence he repeated,” I am not belong to this planet and I need your help to return , can u help me please!!”

Aayan was shocked and stared Arjun for log time. He came back to his senses and pinched him from distance, he stammered,” r-e-a-ll-y…how can I believe u?? show me something, some extra powers which human doesn’t possess.”

Arjun laughed and said,” I have no such qualities now but I had acquired some magnetic powers . I will show u that.” With that he uses his power that all metallic things gathered at one point and floating around house. Aayan stood numb. Later when Arjun told if he needed more proof, Aayan hugged him and said to him becomes his friend. Arjun nodded and requested Aayan not to tell anything about him to others. “ don’t worry , ur secret is safe with me”, said Aayan smilingly. Arjun’s pendent buzzed again, Aayan had invented some signal code which works perfectly. Arjun’s pendent was cracked little, so they couldn’t reach him. So Aayan punched that code in his system and merged with arjun’s track system from pendent. Very soon they reached. Before Arjun left he promise Aayan he would definitely visit him in future.

As per his promise Arjun visited earth in between and spent time with Aayan and saw radz from distance.only Aayan knew Arjun’s madness about radz. Well he never went in front of her again, let her complete her dreams and then he would tell his true identity .everything went smoothly, until one day Arjun visited earth and could not find radz at ladakh . later he got to know Aayan was kidnapped and killed. Teji and radz couldn’t tolerate the fact, went to study abroad. Her family shifted to Bangalore.
But later after much analysis Arjun found that Aayan was not killed, he was just abducted, by some paranormal activities. It was an alien abduction. There was another planet in other constellation of meteoroids, out of our this solar system, might be some light years away : might be abducted Aayan, but for why and to where , he still needed to find that. But from past one year he had only his eyes on isro’s HOM mission and radz..

Finally it seems like medicinal effect of Olympus mon and magical effect of sacred crop circle, created its protecting shield. Radz winced in pain but; tried to got up. Arjun was so much happy that finally she woke up, his queen. Azian already permitted him, once radz woke up, took her away from crowded place, she needs some silence now. Later they would check if any internal change happened or not. He wrapped his hands around her fragile body and held her tight; after a moment he teleported to his RA-07, which radz named in earth septania-07.

End of the story is near, may be after some chapter.

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  1. Sathya

    I am first…..desperately waiting for it…

    1. Sathya

      IT IS A BRILLIANT EPISODE. Sissy, you just stole my heart. I love you lot for ur briliance. Everything is perfect…i just love the way Rads and family take care of Arjun, how arjun acted to be dumbo seeing them..the funniest part is he thinks they are in prison, or doing some research since they are staying in same roof. lol….and bettle & cockroach…lol…you just rocked it baby. he is Beetle man..he he he found underground….oh god u don’t know how i laughed.
      Wow…Ayan s so intelligent ya…yes i know sometime ppl won’t believe the intelligent people…lol i am one live example 😛 😛 😛

      He helped Arjun and they become friends..but suddenly why that twist..somebody jealous on Ayan or abduction happened coz of his intelligence…or his smartness.. lol my mind is thinking in all the ways..but finally land on my Martian….who gets happy seeing his princess and i am too happy….:) love you

      1. Rossy

        Thanks sissy…happy new year…m too much happy on ur comment…lol…we know u r intelligent…don’t worry ? hehehe…i can guess ur happiness on radz being alive…but what will happen next…big question…but something interesting n unbelievable…but next one will be fun on mars…u will see Martians…hehe

  2. Hi rossy this is stupendous awesome amazing n what not.. was waiting for it like mad… now what has happened to ayaan who is the genius helped a great Martian scientist? Rossy this is too good n pls post sn

    1. Rossy

      Thanks farjana….seeing u after so many days…happy new year…will see what happened to aayan…

  3. Rossyy… Awesomw man!!! U nailed it.. And end of story … ??? No way plz continue… Just cant let go of ths awesome sci-fic

    1. Rossy

      Thanks shankari…happy new year..yeah will add some more chapters

  4. Sangee

    Super one rossy di ? Waiting for next one

    1. Rossy

      Thanks sangu…happy new year ?

  5. S.v

    aaaahhhhh it is like watching like an science fiction movie super twin super awesome…. cupcake… u know what wen i read Aayan was killed i was like oh god then when i saw read he was kept in some other planet i was like fwwww i know my alien will take care…. so what will be rads reaction knowing Arjun is actually an alien and what about nesam and samrat i am really loving this story…. love u so much twin…. love u soooooo much…………

    1. Rossy

      Twini…my pan cake…yup u guessed right…alien can take care of alien…hehehe…but radz reaction…nothing will happen what u have imagined….happy new year dear

  6. Brin

    Outstanding episode, love it to the core, Rossy you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks brinda di…happy new year ?

  7. Dipika

    Rosieeee darling seriously m dumbfounded now.. Literally no words coming.. M at aww…now…you just rocked darling.. Everything everything is just beyond my imagination or wht i can imagine… Radx n dadaji finding arjun, treating him with sub harbal medicine.. Dadaji knew..thn y he didn’t spoke it loud??
    Arjun decided to play dumb.. Lol.. Radz talking to tht bug.. Lol.. M too like her.. Zeto knowledge abt bug n feared to all of them.. Hahaha.. I too joined arjun whn radz did that talkinv to bug…. N those frnds of her.. Cheap ones… Aayan.. Ohhh.. His rhymes.. Dear bear.. N alll.. I just loved him.. So he did knew abt arjun.. But which planet abducted him… God m so curious.. Rose one request yarr.. Pls don’t end this story so soon.. U r going on interesting path n i knw u can add more to this.. So pls pls pretty pls make this story little longer.. I wanna see aradhika romance.. How thy will discover thiet love… M so excited so my partner make my wish granted.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Rossy heroine…thank u very much…happy new year…and u should not request anything..u demand me…we had that much closeness at least I feel…next time I’ll beat u?? if u do that..and dadaji just doubted not confirmed…romance??? I need to learn something yaar to add romance…hehehe…

  8. arti viswanathan

    Rossy darling very nice episode…. I loved it….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks aarti dear…happy new year

  9. Sulbi

    Amazing yaar… u r such a brilliant girl… u made evrything in front of my eyes… i loved it to the core… u r genius dear… love u tc…

    1. Rossy

      Thank dear for such compliments..happy new year ?

  10. amazing chappy as always!!!

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear..happy new year ?

  11. Gauri

    Outstanding !!!!!!! . I am simly bowled pver my your knowledege about alines palnets ….I don’t think anyone else could right a story like this so perfectly . loved it Ayan is a great friend….guess he is alive and now Arjun will launch a search operation for hi 😀 . That Bug part was amazing…and yes this marian is seriously mad about Rads…waiing for her to discover his identity and their past 🙂 loved it dear stay blessed 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much ? abha dear…happy new year…glad you enjoyed it…that’s a great compliment from a great operations…awww…and radz will know about his identity…nothing big is there..coz already Arjun told her when he visited earth…hehehe..and msg me when u update any ??

  12. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ….rosieee my sunshineee…muaaaaahhhhhh….very superbbbb n mind blowing narration my darling sissyyyy. ….the flashback of arjun’s first visit to planet earth was very dangerous for him n he almost lost his life in that if not rads n dadaji saved him….rads herbal remedies treated arjun well n he got new life n rads his savior…..the chirpyness, fun loving rads was very cuteeeee….the bug scene was hilarious….n friends fight n rads scolding showed arjun new things of this place. …family, siblings, friendship n love…..ayan was good. ..he helped arjun to return mars…wow. …but who abducted him?…he might be still alive….n rads might be searching him….well…rads recovering. ..that’s great news. ….I hope she get totally healthy soon n ardhika’s love story get to next step……wowwww awesome….. very interesting story ….I’m really very happy to read this unique amazing story. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sunshineeee…♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Rossy

      Hiiii di…..happy new year….thank u very much….ur observation is completely right…radz operations for aayan..only u guessed that…lol…love u so much…and aayan..we will see I he alive or dead..radz will be healthy soon n about ardhika moments…I’ll need to think something…but next will be full of Martians moments…lol

  13. Gianna

    When Arjun thought Rads to be a non-stop blabbering machine LOL that made me laugh like anything. There was so much in this chap, we saw Rads family care for Arjun, Arjun’s change of heart, Aayan is abducted by aliens n finally Rads got well. Enjoyed reading this so much.
    Stay blessed

    1. Rossy

      Thanks giu baby…happy new year…m glad u liked it dear n u laughed…always laugh …i want that…stay happy n fine …be a free bird…Watson needs a full form Holmes ?

  14. _Ritu

    Rosie..block buster epi dear 🙂 Rads concern was a treat to watch 🙂 DadaJi had a slight doubt on Arjun.. ? nd when Arjun felt weird at d care nd unity of a family..dat part was too adorable 🙂 Ayan kidnapped..guessing who could do dat..desperate for nxt..plz be sooner..dere r no other way of pestering u as u have bribed TU 😉 loads of love. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks ritu…happy new year…don’t worry…everything will be fiine…n u stop research on my brain…just update ldr for my new year gift…pretty soon…plz dear…and i didn’t bribed tu..u just come to hangout n ping me at sushri.suchismita [email protected]…ohk…

      1. _Ritu

        Dear..actually I don’t use hangouts so have no idea how to contact u there..

    2. Rossy

      Then only u join in gmail…mail some msg…u see my id there na?

      1. _Ritu

        Rossy ..dear have sent u msg over ur email..My user name is Swarnima Shekhar

  15. Rossy, this chapter is amazing…. Arjun observing family life in earth, I liked the way u wrote that…. And Ayan, their friendship….. Who kidnapped Ayan?? Rads, she is ok now, excited that what will happen next…. How will be the life of rads in mars…. Waiting for next….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks jewel..happy new year…thanks u liked my way of writings…about aayan..we will see later and radz is fyn…next will be full of Martians moments…

  16. Sweetie

    Didu,I made it before the comment section was closed,hehe.. 😀 What a brilliant write up yaar,if you were infront of me,I would have hugged you tight.. 🙂 Radhika is calling him beetle man,lol and the flashback is utterly amazing..Where is Ayaan now??Someone is using his intelligence,poor fella.. 🙁 End is near,itni jaldi??Arjun’s queen opened her eyes,what a relief to our crazy lover,no?Love you loads Di and take care.. 🙂

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