Manmarziyan-Maanu Di’s little Princess (OS)


Hellooooo!! Hi hi hi hiiiiii… how are you all? Hope all’s well… One more OS!! Back here..

“I put you high up in the sky and now..
You’re not coming down
It slowly turned, you let me burn and now..
We’re ashes on the ground
Don’t you ever say I just walked away
I will always want you
And I can’t live a lie.. Running for my life
I will always want you”

Hehe I never go tired with this.. Stuck right there like an old gramaphone.. lol

Allahabad be so cold.. Bbrrrrr.. God save me.. I keep blinking looking at people around.. Waiting to get out of here.. Maaa.. thanks to Sammy for informing me beforehand to pack thermals..

This OS is for my little Arya.. my cuteo.. Maanu di’s little angel.. Happy birthday my little darling!! You turn three today.. Love you so much!! Make sure to eat mamma’s head and get as much as you can from her.. Not to forget pappa too.. Stay blessed and make us all proud.. Your mamma keeps calls you a little tigress.. Do grow up to be one… wanna hug you tight my sweeto.. Muuaaaahh to you.. enjoy..

Ritu di don’t kill me after reading.. I have put this piece that came up right after you mentioned about her birthday..

Happy birthday to Sammy’s mommy!! Aunty have a blast.. It’s your day.. Hehe… love you aunty.. It’s only cause you we got to meet crazy and naughty Sammy.. Enjoy.. Teddy hugs to you

Hope you all enjoy this little ride here..

Please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors.. As usual

Happy reading

A little girl, not more than the age of three to four was seen running in her room around the bed. It was the best way to irritate and annoy her mother. Or the best.. Tire her up.

Getting her worked up.

Her mother as a usual routine, was chasing her little sprinter tigress around to get her changed into soft pink comfy cozy powerpuff girls night suit.

“Arya please stop” Ritu’s voice came all tired and exasperated.

“Catch me mamma” the little angel poked her tongue out closing her eyes with her thumbs at her temples and the other fingers wiggling in the air.

Arya started to run again after seeing her mommy sag on the bed all haggard and tired. Ritu sat gripping her head watching her little energy ball. Arya kept running around squealing and clapping her hands.

“That’s one little fire ball you’ve got” Shree said as she entered.

“Yaar Shree help naa” Ritu pouted.

“How can I help di?” she asked.

“She listens to you. Please…” Ritu pleaded.

“OK OK” she chuckled “Arya chellam (baby).. come here” she called out.

“Shree didi!!” Arya jumped as she ran to her.

“Come here you” Shree crouched down to catch Arya.

“Change soon. See mamma is very tired. Please..” Shree pleaded with puppy eyes.

“March past” Arya sqeualed.

“Arya march past is done only during important functions in school. If you do it now, your legs will hurt and tummy will pain. Do you want that?” Shree asked.

“No tummy” Arya caught her tummy “Arya hate march past” she screamed.

“Now please change. See, mamma has pink colour puff didi dress” Shree smiled satisfied at her work, patting her shoulder.

“Puffy!!” Arya squealed as she ran to Ritu and got changed in no time.

“Cuteo” Shree muttered.

Arya had always called powerpuff girls “puffy”. Shree stayed with Ritu as a paying guest. She was doing her MBA in Delhi. Shree and Arya gelled well. Arya was a reflection of her father on the outside, but inside.. It was her mother who ruled her.

“Mamma story” Arya grinned as she pulled the ends of Ritu’s kurti.

“Maanu di you can’t escape today. I’m off duty tonight” Shree backed off raising her hands in a surrendering way.

“Sleep Arya it’s late” Ritu said.

“Ada swamy!! Potu utnaga da. Ade tape recorder aah. Toonga po nu” Shree facepalmed herself.
(Oh god!! Tape recorder has started playing. Go to sleep.. Go to sleep.)

Riti frowned as she saw Shree mumbling in tamil. She had no idea what she was talking. Shree smirked and arya snapped her fingers at Ritu’s face.

“Mamma story” Arya snapped.

“One day di. It’s k” Shree said.

“OK” Ritu breathed out “once upon a time” she started but was cut off by Arya.

“Shree di in story?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Mamma?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Gauri maasi?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Piku maasi?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Manhu maasi?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Sathya?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Roma aunty?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

Rosie?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

“Pikachu?” she asked.

“No” Ritu replied.

Arya was annoyed. She crossed her arms and gave her mother a stern look.

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Arya” Ritu said as she pulled Arya to her lap and rested her chin on her shoulder.

“Arya?” she turned around in her mother’s arms and hugged her tight.

“Yes” Ritu smiled and Shree winked as Ritu saw her.

Shree and Arya lied belly down on the bed, knees bent, legs in the air and chin supported by palms cupping them. Ritu chuckled and decided to continue.

“She was a beautiful girl who studied in Princess College..” she continued and was interrupted by Shree.

“Wait.. Princess College?” she looked confused.

“Arya’s imaginary college. Her dream to study there” Ritu replied and Shree chuckled.

“Pwincess (princess) college!! Pwincess college!! Pwincess college!!” Arya clapped.

Shree smiled imagining the college. All pink. With animated characters.

Kids and their imagination.

“She was the best one. Had two best friends called Radhika and Sam. Her brother Arjun loved her so much and his best friend Neil left no stone unturned in pampering her. Arjun and Neil studied in Prince college. Boys cannot go to Princess college and girls cannot to Prince college..” she was interrupted by Arya.

“Why mamma?” Arya pouted.

“Because boys and girls always fight. You will be punished if you don’t follow rules” Ritu replied and Shree laughed to the explanation.

It was going to be a night.

A very long night.

Shree shook her head at the characters. Arjun, Neil, Radhika and Sam. Die hard Manmarziyan fan. She too was, not to forget. She saw Arya who was in trance. Ritu had made her daughter a fan of the serial too. She was thinking how it was going to take off. Prince college. Princess college.

Pink. Blue.

Ummm…new thing.

And Arya?

What was she doing in the story?

Was stupid Saral going to be there too?

She hoped not.

A long night indeed it was going to be.

“What is pamper?” Arya asked as she shook herself off her trance.

“Pamper is….” Ritu thought.

“Santusht karna” Shree replied.

Ritu glared “laad karna” she said.

“Oh” Arya looked at both of them.

“Can I continue?” Ritu asked. She was tired already.

“YES!!” both of them in unison.

“She lived in hostel and her brother hated it. Radhika and Sam were her roommates. She loved singing and dancing. She had her own dance group and band. Radhika would sing and Sam dance. Arjun hated both, but encouraged his sister. Neil was the one who had spoilt her. Got her drums and flutes and other instruments. Took her to dance classes secretly. But what she didn’t know was, Neil and Arjun loved Sam and Radhika respectively. They knew that they’d be in big big big trouble if Arya came to know. Hehe. Arjun and Neil were scared of Arya though she was their little doll. Arjun and Neil would do a lot of drama and hungama to meet Radhika and Sam.

One day…

“Radhika come with me” Arjun dragged her.

“Where are you taking me?” she sneered trying to free herself from his grip.

“Sam you’re coming with me” Neil dragged Sam with to the other side.

“Idiot let go” she sneered.

They were at a park, sitting together with Arya in the middle. Arya was watching the couples glare at each other in the middle.

“Bhai what are you both doing?” Arya got up and placed her hands on her hips.

Both of them turned to her and whispered respectively on either side of her ears, which made her gasp and eyes wide.

“I love her” they whispered together.

“WHAT?!” she gasped.

“Yes” they said together pleading with puppy eyes.

“I need an explanation how this happened behind my back” she screamed.

“What?” Radhika asked.

“Shut up Radz” she screamed.

“Why are you screaming at her?” Arjun pulled her elbow.

“You” she pointed a finger.

“Even I’m at fault then” Neil looked frightened.

“Obviously” she sneered “you realised soon” she mocked.

“Aryaa..” Arjun raised his voice.

“Yeah me” she mocked.

What’s wrong?” Sam asked.

“We told that we love you. I love you” Neil turned to Sam “and Arjun loves Radhika” he said.

Neil then realized what he had said. He saw Arjun and then Arya. he was blinking. He saw Sam who was fuming. Radhika who was glaring at both Arjun and Neil. Arya was standing in between Arjun and Neil shaking her head. She didn’t expect it to happen like this. She was thinking of how to handle her best friends and brothers. She had to deal one by one. But.. for now, she had to deal with her best friends. Then her brothers.


She ran to her hostel gripping her head. Sam and Radhika ran behind her. They saw her sitting on the sofa gripping her head.

“Arya..” Radhika started off.

“Please” Arya raised her hand.

“We need to tell you something” Sam stuttered.

“Sam not now. I need a peace of mind now” Arya snapped as she walked to her bed and pulled the blanket over her.

“Damn. Does she not accept us?” Radhika looked at Sam disappointed.

“Even the idiots don’t know we like them” Sam smiled.

“Whaaat?” Arya gasped from underneath the sheets. This confession was a shock too.

She facepalmed herself smiling and drifted to sleep as if giving her friends a cold shoulder. Which was impossible.

“Arya coffee” Sam said as she walked out after a shower.

“Thank you” she sipped the contents “so what’s the decision?” she asked.

“What decision?” Sam asked.

“About my brothers” she replied casually.

Both of them turned pink. Arya smirked at the reaction. Her best friends were soon going to be her sister in laws.


But she had to take care. Not so fast. An Oscar performance was coming up. She smirked on the inside and put a stone hard face on the outside.

“I need to meet Princess Belle (beauty and the beast)” she said.

(I’ll be using Disney characters here. Since it’s Prince and Princess college.. We

“Arya didn’t you ask us something?” Radhika asked.

“I’m getting late. Will later” she snapped as she walked out gulping the coffee.

“This is going bad” Radhika shook her head.

“Let’s first let the guys know” Sam said.

“So desperate aren’t we?” Radhika smirked.

“Why wait? They’ve opened up” Sam blushed.

“Ok, you’re going way tooooo crimson. We’ll soon” Radhika backed seeing blush more.

Arya laughed silently. Love changes people a lot. She had observed visible changes in Radhika and Sam. They were too happy. Seemed carefree. Her brothers too. Neil and Arjun who were short tempered seemed to be sober and smiled a lot. She shook her head and walked out.

Now wait….

Did she have to Princess Belle or Araura (sleeping beauty)?


Or was it Mulan (Mulan) or Snow White (Snow White)?

Lucy or Susan (Pevinsie sisters from Narnia)?

Damn damn damn.


Oh well. Meeting one was same as meeting the other. She shook her head and walked further.

“Prince Philip (sleeping beauty) Ok?” asked Arjun.

“Why not Shang (Mulan)?” asked Neil.

“Somebody” said Arjun.

“Edmand or Peter (Pevinsie brothers from Narnia)?” Neil looked up the ceiling.

“By the way, why were we talking about them now?” Arjun scratched his head.

“Beacause we have to meet them silly” Neil rolled his eyes.

“Why is that?” Arjun asked again.

“Ummmm.. Lemme think… I don’t know” Neil replied.

Both the stupids looked at each other and after seconds of deathly silence, they burst out laughing. The laughter subsided minutes later. A knock on the door interrupted their good moment. Arjun frowned as his legs moved to the door to see who the bone was. To his shock, it was his sister Arya.

“Thought me to be a bone?” Arya sneered.

“No not at all” Arjun stuttered.

“Sorry to interrupt the good moment between you best friends” she said casually as she got in and took out a can of fanta from the fridge and sipped on.

“No no rockstar. Nothing like that” Neil grinned.

Arya rolled her eyes at the mention of “rockstar”.

“What plans on confessing your feelings to my best friends?” Arya yawned.

“How? We don’t even know if they like us?” Neil pouted.

“You will only if they?” she snapped.

Both of them blinked and Arya smirked. But she was quick enough to hide it.

“What if they like you?” she asked.

“They do?” their faces beamed like a 1000 watt bulb.

“I said what if. Not they do?” she sighed.

The door was being pounded. Arjun and Neil blinked. Arjun went to the door and opened. Neil stood rooted and Arya sipped onto her soft drink like nothing happened. Radhika barged in and held Arjun by his collar. Sam went to Neil and did the same. Arya sipped on and on. She went to the kitchen and made herself some popcorn. When she came back, it was the same position. She sat down and gorged onto her popcorn enjoying the scene in front of her.

“You stupid, how many times do I have to call you?” Radhika sneered.

“Radhika I swear, you look like a vampire now” Arjun gulped down.

“And you?” Sam screamed.

“Umm..” Neil gulped down.

“Aaru” Arjun turned to Arya and froze “you eating popcorn? This is no action flick” he frowned.

“This is so entertaining. Why can’t I?” she said as she popped some popcorn in her mouth.

“What kind of a sister are you?” Neil cried.

“Umm.. let’s see.. What about.. The nasty sister? Evil sister? Or how about gothic? Sounds cool right?” she mocked.

“Where are your phones?” Radhika and Sam screamed together.

The boys released themselves from the women’s clutches and ran to the room. They came back with their phones and gave a sheepish grin. 15 missed calls on each phone.

“Arya what are you doing here?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, you were supposed to meet Belle” Radhika said.

“Well, I changed my mind” she replied cooly.

“I love you. Will you marry me?” Neil and Arjun said together.

Sam and Radhika’s heads snapped to the direction to see Neil and Arjun on one knee with a ring in their hands. Arya almost spat her drink. Her eyes widened. She never expected them to it. The girls squealed as they pounced the boys hugging them tight. They got married days later in the presence of all the princes and princesses.

Arya found her Prince Charming after a few days and they lived happily ever after” Ritu clapped as she finished her story.

Ritu turned to see a confused Shree and a sleeping Arya. The clock struck 12 and Ritu smiled.

“Happy birthday My Little Princess!” Ritu whispered as she kissed her daughter’s head slowly.

“Happy birthday Fireball!” Shree ruffled her hair and went to sleep.

Next evening all were there. Arya happily celebrated her birthday and drifted off to sleep only after all the presents were unwrapped.

Ok.. I really don’t know.. Typed quickly.. Beating afterwards.. Maanu di don’t kill me.. Bye now.. Time to escape.. Love you all loads… tc.. Keep smiling.. Bearhugs to all of you..

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    1. Shree

      Jess! nandri ponne.. adada unna marandutene.. adaan patukute irunden .. edo marakurene nu.. chaa.. manika vendum..

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