manmarziyan- My childhood love..and i m still possesive about him..episode 4

Hii guys Nikki here..sry all of u..a big sry..i couldn’t update it as after my exams I met with a minor accident..don’t worry guys..i m ok now so decided to write a nxt one..
Enjoy reading..

Radz confesses her feelings to Arjun in a store room..
Radz was crying after her love confessions and Arjun was blank..he couldn’t understand how to react..this was something unexpected..yeah he has many friends who are in a relationship since they were he was aware of the word love but when it comes to feelings..he was not aware of how it would be..but at that moment he couldn’t see radz crying in front of him..don’t know why but it pained him to see her like that..
Arjun- radhu plz don’t is a feeling which is not in our control..if u love me then it’s not your or my fault that u have punished both of us for these 4 years..plz don’t saying this he wiped her tears from his fingers..
Radz- she was clutching arjun’s t-shirt like a baby..her nose was cherry red..her skin was warm..dat showed how sensitive she was..she cutely asked arjun- will u leave me?? Will my love affect our friendship?? Will u think bad about me??
Arjun now wiping her tears with his school tie(cute na) – no can I leave my best was you who made me realize the importance of friendship..after u went I lost faith in friendship..i never trusted people with can u say that I’ll again let u be a good girl and stop crying first otherwise today’s gupchup( pani Puri) party cancel..
Radz being a big foodie quickly showed Arjun all her 32 teeth?
Arjun- well I think I can give ur feelings a chance..
Radz being confused asked- wat do u mean?

Aru- see u love me ryt..and I think I like u..i care about u..I don’t want to loose I m thinking to give this a chance..lets be in a relationship ..if I’ll develop love for you then perfect otherwise v will and always will b best buddy..wats say..!!!
Radz shocked..she never expected this reaction from her Arjun..wat just he he going to give me chance..radz was now flying on cloud 9.. The Arjun mehra- heart of all the ready to be her boyfriend..she couldn’t believe her ears so just to confirm asked him again- wat just u said?
Aru-( kissing her knuckles)- will u be my girlfriend?? Proposed radz bending down in his knees..
Radz was about to faint by the shock but Arjun held her at the ryt time..he was now worried for her but radz just became straight and hugged him in excitement..
Radz- love u aru..u gave me the best gift of my life..
Arjun- now common lets go to the library..v have to complete our project..remember only one week is there for the coming exhibition..
Radz- yeah lets will be the best since v are together..she held his hand tightly while walking through the corridor..showing the whole school that Arjun was hers.. Many hearts broke that day..they were being watched by many eyes..some were filled of jealousy..and some were happy for them..
Arjun’s pov- oh god this girl is crazy herself as well as driving me crazy..she is so innocent..hope I fall for her coz I can’t hurt her feelings..little did he know that he had already fallen for her..he was feeling happy..satisfied the way radhu was showing her ryts on him by holding his hand..
Both went to library..
Both worked together..this tym will full concentration..days passed..nd their bonding grew stronger..through this project they got to spend lots of tym together…final day arrived..all were bzy in radz was nervous..will they be able to qualify in this project or not..arjun was going on asking radz to have confidence..bug nothing worked..finally he took her to the same store room..
Arjun hugged her tightly trying to calm her come on say me why are u so tensed/? Don’t u trust me/? U only said na that day that if I m with u thn v will get frst wat happened??
Radz- now became silent..she just kept her puppy face..sry aru..i was nervous and I got scared..i trust u..i m sorry for bothering you..
Arjun- why are u sry my gf??
He intentionally uttered the word gf to divert radz mind..and yeah he succeeded..she turned rossy hearing word gf from him..after their relationship..this was the frst tym aru addressed her as gf..

Aru- now if u will blush like this then I have to do something which every bf does..
Radz confused- wat every bf do? Asked aru like an innocent child..
Arjun brought himself closer to radz bend towards her earlobes..said huskily- KISS..i have to kiss u..
Radz was completely shocked by this behaviour of aru..she was just wanting the land to split up so that she could hide herself within it..she was so shy..
Radz- come v have to be there in the’s already time..she tried to act normal and ignore her racing heart by arjun’s proximity..
Radz- aru all the saying this she was about to go but she was strongly pulled back by the pair of her back was completely stuck with aru’s front..
Arjun-is this the way how u say all d best to ur bf??
Radz was breathing harder this tym..don’t knw y but this moment she couldn’t hold herself..
Radz- ar..arj.arjun..plz leave me v are in a store room..wat if anyone see us?
Arjun(in mind)-oo god! This girl is so sweet..she trust me so much..i m not gonna break her trust..i know my limits..but ryt now I m enjoying her nervousness..let me tease her some more..
Arjun- u forgot baby..d door is saying this he with a force turned radz towards his front..he bent towards her..she was hell nervous..lots of things running in her mind..
Radz-(mind)oo god!!my first kiss..but I m too small..I don’t know also how to kiss..wat will happen..
Arjun leaning further close enjoying her nervousness..come on lets KISS..
Radz unknowingly pushed Arjun and slapped him..she was herself shocked by her behaviour..she felt guilty of how can she slap her Arjun..
Arjun’s pov -I felt proud that my radhu is so strong..she knows her limit..she is not d one who can get carried out so easily..but his wicked mind was on something else..he held his cheeks which was burning due to d slap..looked radz angryly(fake anger guys..dramaqueen na)..
Arjun-how dare u slap me? I m ur bf don’t I have d ryt to kiss u..ohk leave it..don’t talk to me..v are over with this relationship..
Radz hearing him going away from him now felt very guilty..she holded arjun’s collar and in between her sobs-aru don’t leave me..plzz..i m sorry..u can kiss me..saying this she closed her eyes..i m sry..plzz kiss me..but don’t leave me..i shouldn’t have slapped u..u have full ryt on me..
Arjun’s pov -oohh god..she is a kid and I m doing this to her..
Arjun cupped her cheeks..kissing her forehead shocking radz more..coz she didn’t expected this..
Arjun- sry radhu..i didn’t wanted to hurt u..i was just teasing u..plz forgive ur aru…how can aru live without his radhu..sry bacha..
Radz-u are so bad..go I won’t talk to u..(guyxz her nose was red and she was continuously wiping her nosy with aru’s tie)..
Seeing radz,Arjun couldn’t control himself..she was lookin so a baby..which was only his..only she has d ryt to rule over his heart..his life..his soul..
Radz was now hell shocked..she couldn’t take this..
Radz- Arjun this is not a joke..don’t tease me in this way..

Radz-also knelt down hugging Arjun tightly..I LOVE U MY IDIOT..
Announcement -all students participating in science exhibition kindly report to the auditorium..
Hearing this radz and Arjun came to reality..
Arjun-come my gf..lets rock in d project..radz just nodded and blushed harder..
Both came to the presentation..chief guest started coming and examining everyone’s presentation..when they reached to our ardhika’s table..they were really impressed coz till now they have never seen this kind of set up..they asked them few questions..radz was explaining them how lights can dance with the help of waves..and Arjun gave d demonstration..they were asked few questions and all were answered with full confidence by radhika and if she was unable to answer then Arjun how beautifully would answer them..holding radz hands tightly beneath the if telling her that he will always be with her..her support in all phase of life..guests got really impressed by them.
After completing their examination,guests came on stage and gave award for the first prize to ardhika..both were so exited that they hugged each other in front of the whom school..but everyone considered it as an effect due their getting first prize..but our ardhika was so lost in a hug..that their class teacher had to shake them and ask them to go on stage and receive the awards..
Both received the award..and everyone congratulated them..
The day was very special for both of them..their confession and their winning..
After school Arjun took radhika on bike to drop her at middle..radz asked Arjun to stop the bike and Arjun stopped the bike with a jerk..with this radhika sticked to arjun’s front and held his waist very tightly..
Arjun-radhu I know u want to hug me..but this is road..everyone is seeing us..plz forgive me if i did anything wrong..but in public at least spare my respect..with this he gave her a naughty wink..
Radz getting down the bike staring him angrily..but Arjun made such a cute dramatic face that radz gave him a kiss on his cheeks..shocking him to the core..
How about this??asked radz breaking his trance..
Arjun-radhu Ki bachi..wait I’ll show u how to kiss..but before Arjun gets down the bike..radz ran from there..she came to the gupchup stall..
Radz-bhaiya plz give me gupchup..and yeah it must be very spicy..till then Arjun also came to her and stood beside her..
Radz-winks at Arjun..wat happened Arjun u were going to teach me how to kiss?now wat happened??radz said this very slowly that only Arjun can hear her words..
Arjun-(in radz ears) radhu wat u think this 5 minutes will save u from me?? After eating gupchup u will come to me only then I will not only teach u how to kiss but a lot more things are yet to come..
Radz in fear- Arjun u won’t do anything otherwise..
Till then arjun’s hand landed on her waist..though she was in school shirt but the warmth in his hands were making such effect that it pierced through radz shirt and made her shiver..
Arjun(in radz ears) otherwise wat radhu?(keeping his face very normal so that gupchup wala cannot doubt anything)..
Radz(mind) this idiot always makes me feel awkward..always teases me..suddenly an idea struck her in mind and she gave him a devilish smirk..
Radz-otherwise..till then without arjun’s notice she took a gupchup and inserted it in his mouth..she know Arjun can’t bear spicy food..
Arjun started jumping for water(haha guys imagine him.).he started coughing..till then radz was laughing very hardly but when his cough was not stopping..her happiness were replaced by concern and worry..
Radhu-Arjun are u okay??wait a minute..she searched her back..thank god..she always keep a chocolate with her..for the first time she thanked god for making her a big foodie..she quickly made that eat Arjun and was patting his back giving him water..her eyes was teary..she can’t even think of harming her Arjun..but intentionally or unintentionally she always end up doing it..she was crying and asking Arjun for his forgiveness..
Arjun seeing her concern was overwhelmed..he hugged her to console her irrespective of the surrounding..radhu see na ur aru is fine but I m angry on u.saying this he made a pout..
Radz- sorry aru..wo u were teasing me so I did dis..i didn’t mean to hurt you..
Arjun- no I m not angry about that thing..i m angry because I thought u will give me a kiss in my lips to sooth my burning sensation but u gave me a chocolate..
Before radz could understand wat he said Arjun gave her a wink and ran from their for his life..and radhika kept on throwing her Arjun..
Like this both went home..

Sry guys..i said na I had an I m sry..but then for my Jessie I came..i had been reading manmarziyan updates as a silent reader..wao gauri di ur cross roads..amazing..everyone’s ff was little bride..sweet mistake..married by story..all one shots..i love u all..

Precap- radhika in Arjun’s home and ardhika romance..(as I m crazy about their romance)

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