manmarziyan-i m so lonely broken angel shot 3

Radhika was about to go back arjun held her hand and carried her like a sack..while radhika was beating his back..
Radhika-arjun leave me..i said put me down now..
Arjun- called sam..hey sam i m taking radhika with me..she will be in my apartment so don’t worry about her..
Radhika-arjun stop it plz..u know i hate myself when we do this..plz..
Arjun- radhika don’t worry..u also know that i have full ryt on u ..and i m not asking u..its my ryt on u..
Radhika- plz arjun few years earlier we were kids..we flowed with the moment..i don’t want to be in any physical relationship anymore..if u want we can be will i face my father?? What will i say to my future husband??

On even thinking about someone else toughing his radhika,his blood boiled..he slapped radhika’s butt..and threw her in the car..he was literally driving too fast..radhika got scared..
Radhika-arjun where are u taking me?? Wat are u gonna do??
Arjun- just shut up radhika..its important for me to make u realise that in ur life only I’m the man who can touch u..explore u..taste u saying this he squeezed her assets very tightly whereas radhika yelled in pain and pleasure..
Her mind was asking her to back off but her heart was enjoying every touch of her arjun..only he can arouse her..only he has the ryt to touch her anywhere..she scolded her heart to think about this..but it was her can she go away from him..??
Car halted making a screech..arjun came out dragging Radhika..carried her on his shoulder..smacked on her butt..squeezed it roughly..and followed towards his room..
Arjun- only u knw how it’s been without u for these days…i wanted u so very badly..wat u said?? U want to marry someone else..?? Saying this he pushed radhika near the wall..pressed his body on her..smashed his lips On hers..after 15 mins..he released the kiss as radhika was going breathless..
Arjun- now say can he do this?? Saying this he again sucked her cleavage..pulling down the sleeves of her kurta he kissed her shoulder..can he do this?? Saying this he turned her around and removed her hair on one side and kissed the nape of her neck..
Radhika- arjun plzz..nooo..plz..

Arjun- in a very authoritativetone..radhika say that u are mine otherwise have many more ways..
Radhika- arjun plz understand..saying this she was trying to free this attempt she fall on the bed..for suppot she tried to hold arjun but arjun also fall over her..
Arjun- radhika I love you madly..i love u bacha..i promise I’llalways be by ur side..plz u also know how much u are hurting both of us..i promise I’llmake everything fine..plzz bacha trust me..
Radhika’s heart knew her answer..she was all arjun’’s..but still she pushed him and got up..she sat on the nearby sofa and arjun too came to her..
Radhika-arjun I’m give my heart to u..i love u..u know that ryt..but..
Arjun pressed her neck lightly and stood up making her stand too and turned her and threw her on the bed..before radhika could understand arjun broke all the buttons of his shirt..removed it threw it somewhere on the floor..and hovered over her..pinning her hands besides their head and fused his lips with her for a deep passionate kiss..
After feeling breathless they broke apart..and Arjun said in a stern tone..”YOU ARE MINE”.
Radhika-i missed u arjun..i missed u so much..
Arjun-i missed u too..saying this he again kissed her sucking the blood out of her lips..while radhika started rubbing her hand on his back..
After leaving her lips he immediately threw her duppatta and started kissing her neck harshly..while radhika pulled him more into her trying to adopt his presence..
After kissing her whole neck and face arjun came on her side..hugged her..opened the zip of her kurta and started removing it..kissing her shoulder n hickeys and wet kisses on it..while radhika was hissing and moaning entwining their fingers together..

Arjun removed her kurta and started kissing her assets over her bra..pressing it lightly and came down on her belly..caressing it…
He then came more down and started kissing her naval while radhika could just moan..he started removing her churidaar kissing her thighs not leaving any inch on her body..
After kising her their,he again came to her face..and again captured her lips..and during the kiss he opened her bra and panty..after her lips,he attacked her br*ast..kissing,sucking,biting and everything he felt wheras Radhika didn’t stopped him..instead she was arching her back..moving her head left,right fisting the pillow and bedsheet in pleasure.
Arjun was already behaving like a beast on her but now after satisfying himself with her upper part..he came down kissing her thighs and vagina..
While radhika fisted the bedsheet moaning very badly..arjun then started licking her area and the portion..
Arjun then entered his finger inside her while radhika was arched backward both in pain and pleasure..while arjun started moving his finger in and out..and radhika moaned..
Arjun was kissing her thighs and moving his fingers in and out..he then came to face her covering themselves with the duvet..and asked rather said-are u ready??
Radhika just bobbed her head once and arjun entered like a beast inside her..while Radhika moaningly yelled..

N tears starred floating from her eyes..arjun drank it and remained in their position..only soothing her with sweets notings giving feature kisses on her ear..
Once she was adjusted arjun started moving inside her very roughly..while kissing her and radhika’s pain soon turned into pleasure..she was kneading his hair and back scratching it..
After moving inside her for a long time arjun climaxed inside her while Radhika moaned to the loudest feeling his hot seeds inside her..
Radhika helded his skin tightly.. after he was done,he came out of her..and laid down beside her taking her shivering body in his embrace..and said-shh’s’s over..
Arjun-it’s the most beautiful night..coz I have the most beautiful women in my life..i love u my love…i promise to never leave ur me..
Radhika-i love u arjun..i trust u..i love u so much..i m only urs..
Arjun finally after hearing those words patted her head and said-sleep baby u are tired..u need rest..
Radhika-first give me a good night kiss..
Arjun-uuummmaaahhhh my baby..
They both slept in each other’s arm..

Precap-ardhika romance..

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    Loved it

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    Hearty darling superb, excellent,nice,good,awesome,outstanding,fabulous,fantastic,mind- blowing episode…… I loved it to the core…… I liked all the scenes……. Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u….. Will be waiting for next episode……

  3. hai hearty,can u plz update my childhood love and I am possosive about him ….plz ya ..I am early waiting for long ya…..

  4. Loved this episode.waiting for their upcoming nailed it ???

  5. Awesome dear. Pls update my childhood love and i am still possessive about him.

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    Awesome, you nail it, well done, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  7. Atleast gyv d same love n share d same emotion wid ur bf….only writing in d blog won’t make d situation good fr both f u…BTW u presented very well n plot of d story is well maintained….gd luck n m eagerly waiting fr d next one…plzzz try to update d next one soon…2 times a day I visit d site to look through ur update…

  8. And at d same give same importance even to ur bf…presented very well just in love wid ur blogss

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