Manmarziyan Lucky Everyday Chp 8 A secret surprise Part 1 The clash of titans


It was the first night for Nesam.Radhika led Sam and Arjun Neil.They were giving them advice on marriage,faith,love,etc.NeSam were feeling nervous.Neil with all his strength,opened the door.Sam was hiding herself with the veil.Neil smirked.Never in life,she had hidden her face for anything,her mistakes,scars of childhood,she braved them and now when beautiful night came she is hiding herself.He slowly went their and said,”I am still in shock you are hiding yourself in this ghunghat,I never knew it.”He took her hand and said,”Well,its your wish.I just want to say,remember Sam,no matter whatever circumstances,I will love you and will never leave you or hurt you.”

At other room,
Sam was sitting at the dressing table.She was not hiding her face.She heard the door open.She closed her eyes.As the footsteps were heard,her heart beat was so fast that if it would be in race,it would have surely shamed world’s best runners.She said,”Neil,this is the new chapter,we are opening in our life.No matter what,you never left me or hurt me.I had realized that I loved you when you left the city.First I thought,it was infatuation,but sooner I realized I was in love.I had lost hopes till I met with my disaster but you and Radhika saved me.It taught me to never leave the hopes,sooner or later they are fulfilled.

Neil,I have told you many times,but once again this time I say,I love you Neil.”After his hearty speech,she opened her eyes and shouted,”Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”There Neil opened the veil and shouted,”Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”They ran out of the room and saw each other and hugged tightly.Sam said,”I never knew there were ghosts here.”Neil said,”Oh no!We are married in a haunted house!”Arjun and Radhika came listening their sound and Arjun said,”Hey what’s happening,you don’t know you broke my precious moment.”Radhika smacked at his arm and felt her cheeks flushed and blushed.Neil and Sam said looking at the doors,”See those ghosts coming here.”Radhika and Arjun looked at them and made their face as oh! as if understood.They were continuously laughing and Nesam looked at them as if Mad fellows.Until they looked back at the direction,they saw ghosts so near and were about to scream when the ghost removed their mask.It was Shanaya and Rohit.

———————FB START———————-
Neil opens the veil and in the veil is a witch faced Ghost who laughs hysterically.Neil is scared and Screamed and runs.Shanaya removes her mask and takes her phone and says,”I got the video,Look how funny it is.”SHe was laughing and put on the mask again.
Sam opens her eyes and sees The ghost man standing and seeing her.Sam sees and runs and screams too.Rohit removes his mask and says,”I am a good actor.This video I will send to Shanaya.She must see.”

—————–FB end——————————-
Shanaya and Rohit were laughing.Shanaya said,”Look I won!” Rohit argued,”No I Won.”They were arguing when both said,”You all decide.”Radhika said,”Look how scared is he.Shanaya great work.”But Arjun argued,”But Sam was more horrified so I will say Rohit has done good job.”Radhika said,”Hello,Mr Boring Drum,see the video,how scared is he!”Arjun replied,”Hello Mrs-Tantrum Queen,see carefully how my bhai has done.”Sam said,”I Believe Radhika is right,she scared hell out of Neil!I would have scolded her too badly but you see,girls are best in everything.”Neil said,”I agree,Girls are best in scaring too,like if they do not apply makeup half of men would just run too fast.”Arjun and Neil laughed.Sam said,”How dare you bring say these things to Me and Di.”Radhika stepped in front,”Everyone says right.All Boys are same,egoist,arrogant.”Arjun stepped in and said,” Of course!All girls are same.Tantrums throwing..

“They continued and soon Radhika and Sam together went to other side and closed the door of the room.and Neil Arjun went to other room and closed room.Shanaya and Rohit looked at each other with confusion and were like what just happened?Shanaya suddenly sat at the stair and cried,”Look,I always end up making fights.I was the cause why my parents abandoned me,thanks to Mala Ma,I am here all grown.But why am I cause always?”Rohit saw her and sat at the stair and she hugged him tight.She was crying so much his sherwani was wet with her tears.He consoled her and said,”Look Shana,don’t cry.You are always the cause…”She looked at him as he was going to say,he continued and said looking at her eyes,”You are the cause for happiness like you keep donating your pocket money to those who need it,you help everyone.

You are not cause of sadness.Mala ma understands this.And about your parents.”cupping her face in between his hands,he says,”They don’t know they have lost a rare diamond.When given light she shines bright.”She smiles and hugs him.He smiles too.Sam and Radhika did not hear anything but saw everything and understood she must be cursing herself.No matter how showed herself as brave she was as sensitive to her family.Neil and Arjun too watched,how Rohit consoled Shanaya like he did when they were children.BG song plays….Jo tu mera humdard hai.

Rohit and Shanaya smile and Shanaya says,”I missed you so much.No matter how much we fight,I still couldn’t find a better friend than you.You know I shifted to hostel saying that my college would be near but the real reason was I couldn’t cry infront of them,when I was ragged.But then i read the letter when you gave me when I was 6 yrs old,when I was bullied.That gave me strength.You know,till now all boys fear me and I was like Hero.”Rohit laughed.He said,”Now lets clear the mess.But how?”Shanaya says,”I already have that Idea.”He said,”Looks like someone has Bf.”She said,”Nah!That someone has no Bf but her roomates surely had,so I have some brainstorming and crazy ideas.”He looked and said,”Mission Milan!You ready Agent XX”She said and smiled,”Of course Agent XY”!

Next Part:Mission Milan,Accomplished or Deleted and Dilip and Grandpa announcing.Everyone shocked.

Summary of Cast and Crew:
Arjun,Radhika,Sam,Mala,Dilip,Saral,Nandini:-Original Cast
New Cast:
Shanaya :Vrushika Mehta
Rohit: Shantanu Maheshwari
Grandpa:Shishir Sharma

In my story I found these two perfect!
How was It?I know long time.I got time today and wrote short part.You have to wait for longer parts.I was laughing while I was writing to scare NESAM.Well,plz write your valuable comments and suggestions.Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Tanya Seriously What an episode dear.
    I seriusly laugh a lot while reading. It makes my day perfect now with a wide smile. Love u tanya waiting seriously for my dearyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for a long time. And so happy to get to know you have got a smile while wriitng it .

    We all write or comment or share our manmarziyaan to loosen ourself in this place . and always loved u by heart dear.

    And yaar I also message for u dear. that your name another meaning is popular Ms Popular it makes u more popular dear Love u always keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. Thanks Nisha.I didn’t know Ms Popular was another name.Love you and yes,once a friend always a friend.

  2. Tanya dr its just awesome fibally u r here yaar what happend to u yaar….

    1. Can’t tell how many assignments were there,so to complete them,I had to take off some time.By the way Thanks Hayathi.

  3. This is too good !! Just couldn’t stop laughing .. Loved ardhika argument … Rohit and shanaya are just too cute … Plz keep posting

    1. Thanks Shree.Loved to know it made you smile.

  4. Wow amazing yaar .after long time ,hru.

    1. Thanks Devi.I won’t answer fine and that,but would say feeling awsome after speaking

      1. Awsome after reading your comments.

  5. Hey shree are you the same who write ff my dear.

    If yes then really missing u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear.

    And if not then really nice to meet u dear.

    Really its my pleasure to meet a new shree friend of manmarziyaan. always my pleasure .

    Love u dear Keep smiling always .

    Once a friend always a friend.

  6. Superb epi. Short but very sweet. New faces. U chose the best. ShanIt jodi rocks. This was very funny. I couldn’t stop my laughter. Arjun mr.boring drum n radz ms. Tantrum queen. From where did u get these names. Arjun n radz they r superb in anything fighting or romance. Really u hav brainstorming with crazy ideas. Today was just fantastic. I loved it. Arj

  7. Bechare nesam itna acha din tha par kya kardiya tumne. Dara diya unko aur phir ladwa bhi diya. U r just amazing.

    1. Hahaha……I know.Thanks Manha. 🙂

  8. Heyyyyy Tanya dear loved it……
    Awesooooooooooooooooooooome sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet epi bursted into a laugh…

    Love u loads

    1. Thanks hareem.Feeling gud to know I brought some laugh.

  9. Tanya great Dr…loved it buddy

    1. Thanks Deepa.

  10. Episode was really nice and cute with ardhika and nesam fighting. Ghost scene was very funny. All ur stories r different and amazing.

    1. Thank u so much hari!

      1. Thankyou tanya for reply and take care.

  11. ❤Ameena❤

    Heyyy tanya….wow dear…I was completely laughing while reading ur update….loved it from my heart…Good luck!!…for exams….trust me nd urself nd u will do good…love uuuuu…???
    One lovee?

    1. Thanks Ameena!read ur story,totally awesome like you.?

  12. Hey tanya dear……missed u so much…..i was really missing ur this story since many days….awesome episode dear….it was fun to see arjun-radhika fighting….plzz update….’manmarziyan always with me’ also………keep smiling…

  13. Te fi8 scene,frightening scene,consolings were all gud….im confu abt lst part….i dnt tink I understood u completely……..

    1. Thanks Aastha.?

  14. Fabulous episode tanya was laughing while reading, oh can imagine there scared faces so funny…waited long for this…thanks for posting..

    1. Thanks Kirti.?

  15. Sweet fights between Arjun and Radhika..thanks for keeping manmarzian alive through your stories!

    1. Thank you so much Isha.

  16. Thanks Daizy!will update always with me soon.

  17. O my Tanya dearrrrr, it’s superb, awesome, hilarious, episode..can’t control my laugh…scared nesam was hilarious n shanit have amazing chemistry…loved it very much, ardhika also were very good. ..can’t wait for the next episode, plzzzz upload soooooooon, precap very interesting, mission Milan has to be accomplished, go for it my cute agents…love you loads dear, very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  18. plz update

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