Manmarziyan Lucky Everyday Chp 6 Part 2 The Ardhika secret unfolds….

Radhika signed Arjun that it is time to tell truth.Arjun comes forward and says,”Yes Sam,in all our planning he was with us.Today I am going to tell truth to both of you(Nesam).Please close the door,no one must hear us.”Neil closed the door and said,”Now tell us.”Arjun said,”Rohit was never in NaRal gang.”To this Nesam looked confused.Arjun realised and told short form of Nandini and Saral.They understood,he further continued saying,”We always considered ourselves as family,but you and your antics annoyed him when you were small,our parents used to laugh as us.”He paused and radhika tried to remove tears coming from his eyes when he remembered.All in the room were emotional.Arjun continued,”But when our parents had that accident,chacha took everything,even our relation with Nandini,Saral but could not break the family bond between him and me.We kept in touch through letters.He would tell us how he filled venom in all their brains.But Rohit never got affected.But all those event,Sam,you had lost faith in him because of Naral.I remember how he wrote his letter for you and sent gifts on raksha bandhan by spending entire pocket money.”Sam looked at Rohit and remembered asking Arjun always on raksha bandhan why she gets 2 gift if she has only one brother then arjun replied there are two and Sam would smile.Her lips curved to a smile and eyes watered remembering it.Arjun saw and said,”When Radhika’s accident took place when we were teen,he told us that how Nandini and Saral tried to harm me and how they threatened her.We searched for her everywhere but to are dismay she had left the city.Later,we decided we would join the same college.Grandpa was so happy when he learnt that we still were together.He told me and Rohit that we restored his faith that trust really exist.You remember the day,when that Saral on fresher’s party….”,Sam had tears already and nodded.Radhika came to her side and told,”I arrived there and saw you were in dizzy state,he had not planned to molest you but throw you in swimming pool.I was shocked.I saw Rohit.He tried to save you and hence he splashed water on you so that you might wake up.You woke up but before you could see that rohit saved you,Saral hit rohit with an iron Rod.But rohit saw me from distant and came near to me and said that he knew I was Radhika,Arjun’s friend.I looked shocked and he pointed to my bracelet which Arjun gave through Neil to gift me.He said Save Sam else he will kill you or lose her dignity.I cried at that and then you know what happened.”Radhika too had tears.Sam and Radhika hugged and cried.But Neil said,”What about those insults and shooting you.”
Radhika wiped her tears and said,”I didn’t know about this till we were attacked by Saral when Sam was with you.”
Arjun and Radhika had danced on the song Uff.Arjun had opened the door and he saw the box was left,he saw the threat box(See chp 3 part-1 of lucky everyday for entire information).He understood the warning and saw Radhika standing at back seeing a bleeding hand.She asks Arjun,”Ok Yesterday,I said i trust you but now I want to know truth,its enough of everything.I am concerned for Sam.Whats going on?”Arjun answered,”Look Rohit has sent this.”Radhika looked shocked and sarcastically said,”Oh he thinks you like me so he will harm you.”Inside she was bursting with happiness.Arjun replied,”First of all,he only teased you because I told.And secondly this is a joke we share as we are brothers and thirdly YOU.ARE.NOT.MY.TYPE.”Radhika looked on sad.She comes at room and sees the Song uff and laughs remembering the song.Later gets the message threatning for Arjun life,it was from Rohit.
——end of FB——-
Radhika tells,” later that when Rohit entered the place in my house and told everything.He told me I am like a sister to him.I was happy at his honesty and remembered same little Rohit who would call me di.We were nervous when will Arjun enter like a hero and save me from this small devil.But I don’t know who tried to kill Rohit.Maybe Amiya and Amaya or Nandini di or Saral.”Sam hears everything shocked and Rohit now breaks down and says to everyone,”I never wanted to hurt Radhika di neither you my little sam nor you Jiju(Neil).I am sorry if I have done anything that has really hurted you all,but I have only tried that NaRal never must get suspicious.And Radhika di,you proved that you are real sister when you protected me by taking bullet yourself.”Rohit cried and joined his hands.Sam and Radhika came,”Our bhai must not cry.”To make situation light,Neil says,”I must say Radhika and Rohit are good actors.But if we would have not come on time,Arjun had not married Radhika then he would have thrashed you.”Rohit stood up and said,”Oh no Jiju,that I would have not happen that because I knew Arjun loved her from when he saw her.”Radhika blushed and Arjun punched Rohit saying not to reveal his secret of Radhika.All start teasing them.Suddenly Sam stops everyone and says,”Oh no still so many hours are left for me to get marry.This is so slow can’t I run in a temple and marry Neil.”Rohit says,”Oh why do you want him to torture so soon let him enjoy some moments of freedom and after that he is only have to caged with you.”Everyone laugh seeing Sam chasing Rohit and Rohit receiving flying sandal of her.

Precap: Wedding of SAM AND NEIL.

Hey everyone!How was the chapter did you like it?More shocking revelation coming of Nandini soon.How did you like Rohit’s character?Ardhika will soon expect some more happiness and try to guess what it would be.Plz continue to give suggestion and comments.Love you all.

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  1. Baby u made my cry… like family affection and all… i hate family affection all needs money only… but here i like the bonding dr… superrr

  2. Awesome. Awesome . Awesome…..loved it tanya…plzzz update u from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

  3. Though the story is really nice but I am really confused. I don’t remember that Radhika n Arjun knew each other from childhood n if Radhika knew why arjun married her then why she pretented to be hurt from arjun behavior n I thought Radhika saved Sam from being hurt from rohit or saral in party how did this rohit angle came. When did this accident happened???? I have read every part but still m confused. May be I need to read it again. I guess I missed few parts.

    1. Radhika did not know that Arjun loved her or not.They had not confessed anything before.So she was hurt though she knew he was arjun she knew.And Sam was being hurt by Saral not Rohit(see chp 2 part 2),this angle of Rohit was unknown till know to Sam but is revealed now.The accident of Radhika had happened when she was teenager,15 years.Hope your doubts are clear Preity.

      1. Thanks Tanya

  4. Hiii Tanya nice episode.. Rohit is actually positive that’s nice … N the good news may be radhika will b pregnant..

  5. This is too good..What an awesome episode..liked it very much..please do continue..i was following you since beginning ma’am.. am a great admirer of yours..

  6. Tanya plss…make radhika’s pregnency revealation in very dramatic way

  7. hey tanya..awesome episode dear…..

  8. 2 gud, hapy to knw dat der is 1 less devil nw:-) n updt nxt part fast. . .

  9. Superb Tanya. ….

  10. Dear this is the most wonderful episode among all your episodes…..loved it a lot

  11. Awesome episode Tanya. ..keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode. .love you loads and very very tight warm hug

  12. Loved it tanya . Luved ur story dear. Keep going . Waiting for next eagerly

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