Manmarziyan lucky everyday chp 5 part 3 The Love that healed my soul


Radhika hugged Arjun.He was happy that now they both loved each other.Nesam saw these heartwarming confession of both.They came in room and congratulations poured in for Ardhika.Soon Arjun and Nesam left the room as time had come for her Radhika to rest.Soon a man comes and Radhika sees him,the man whose face is not shown folds his hand and Radhika asks him if he has accepted what she asked and he nodded.Suddenly Arjun came and saw that man,he walked and gave him a nod as accepting his apologies and hugged him.Radhika smiles.After some days,Radhika is discharged from hospital.

Arjun and Nesam are taking Radhika from hospital.Radhika was happy as now finally she could do something freely.Suddenly the car stopped and Sam took Radhika to changing room.She told Arjun had given her to wear it.Radhika was puzzled.She looked at Sam gave a look that she must try it. Radhika went in and changed.Arjun who had wore his golden sherwani and Neil who wore a red sherwani reached Mata Rani temple and Arjun waited impatiently.Soon Radhika and Sam came.Radhika looked pretty in her blood red lehenga and Kundan jewellery and Sam wore her velvet purple saree with a simple diamond jewellery.Arjun was mesmerised.The Pandit started the chants.The pheras happened.Neil and Sam looked and imagined themselves there and soon came back to their senses.With each pheras they took promises.Soon marriage was completed.Sam and Neil came to tease but Radhika and Arjun instead started teasing causing them to blush.Sam and Neil dropped them at their home and went to Lonavala to spend time.Radhika and Arjun entered the house with their hands tangled with each other.But suddenly Radhika froze on her steps remembering about the picture.Arjun looked questioning to her.Radhika asked flatly to him,”Am I substitute for your that girl whom you sang for at night?”Her heart ached while asking this question,Arjun looked at her and made her face him,she did not look into his eyes and demanded for an answer.Arjun said,”Actually when I saw her,I had already decided that my heart my first love my first kiss and my body will be for hers and for none.”Radhika looked up with her tears filled eyes and asked if she has already done but stopped asking and asked I want to meet her.Arjun said,”Oh she is already here.”She heard a door bell.She thought she has come and went to room crying.Arjun opened the door and took it in his hands a small box and a bouquet of flower.Arjun went to room and dragged Radhika out.She did not want to come out but she saw a big mirror and Arjun hugged from back and said you are the girl the girl with whom I fell in love my first love,with whom I shared my kiss in unexpected place at office,and only thing is left is”Radhika hit him and blushed.He turned to Radhika and said,”I was in love with you since when we were teenagers.But when you too moved out to Rishikesh for your Dada ji’s health after your accident.I suddenly lost contact,my best friend and my love.But when I saw you when you saved Sam I recognised you.Soon Neil came and I got to know that you are my same Radhika.”He hugged her tightly and Radhika hugged him back.He said you are only one made piece made only for me.Arjun suddenly bent and proposed her with the ring and flowers and agreed to be his partner all her life no matter what.Radhika smiled and went running to her room saying she was changing.Arjun asked if she needed his help.Radhika laughed and went to bath.Arjun was happy.Soon they both had bathed and Radhika was wearing a pink saree and was brushing her wet hair.She smelled of lavender.Arjun just came and saw Radhika.His favourite colour and scent she wore today.He came from back and tickled her from behind and Radhika was literally laughing when started doing the same to Arjun. Both were engrossed at each other that they fell into the bed.Radhika wet hair came on Arjun ‘s face.Soon they realised they were too close and Arjun kissed Radhika passionately while Radhika too responded back.BG sound Aaj Phir tumpe pyaar Aaya.He says lets do the last part which is left to do with my love.Radhika blushes.Slowly he starts removing Radhika saree(and next what happened does not need to be explained I hope??)The two souls had become one.Since it was night they feel asleep in each was morning.Arjun and Radhika Had woken up early in morning as Today marriage date had to be decided.The pandit came and announced to everyone that the wedding had to take place in 1 week.Neil and Sam looked Sad.When everyone asked they said why so long time,everyone laugh.Arjun and Radhika hug Sam and Neil and say you won’t feel it for long.They continue to tease Sam and Neil when Nesam notice stone bindi on Arjun cheek and see Radhika bindi missing.Nesam start teasing now and both are embarrassed and they excuse themselves.They remembered when In morning Radhika and Arjun had got ready they again had some moments.

Pre cap:Rohit comes on the handi day and Sam shouts at him.

How was it?and yes the BG song when the wedding takes place is Taare hai barati,diya Aur baati hum from movie Virasat.Try to guess who was that man whom Arjun and Radhika accepted the apologises and also guess what was Radhika talking about to that man if he has accepted.Well typed in hurry so plz ignore mistakes.

I thank my inspiration from whom I get inspiration:Fanfic writer such as kfar,thena,Natasha,Deepa and all others whom I have forgotten to write name. And also to those who comment daily and give me suggestions and motivating comment such as Nisha,Romi, Hayathi,Aradhna,Nandini Zara,Anwesha,valli,daizy,Brity,Chinni,Aaliya,Kavya,Devi,Sree,Harani,lulu and all those whose name I have forgotten to mention.I hope brity your injury has made you relief.Get well soon.

So plz give me your suggestions and comments.Till then,love u all.

Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks Dude… Yesss Now I can walk well…. I had also joined my campus today… Busy…. Anyways… How much I am busy but I surely find out times for you GUYS… Episode was coollllll…….. Love it Tanaya….

    1. God to know Brity.and yes thank you.

  2. I’m a silent reader……but 2day i couldn’t control myself form commenting on this awesome episode……i love all of ur episodes….love ur writing….plzz update soon

  3. Tanya dear…. h r u….. fabulous update dear…..

  4. It was such a great all time favourite ardhika can be seen through uur narration dr
    …loads of love ❤ fr u…waiting for your next post….

  5. I loved this epi. … thanks for the update yaar. ..

  6. Awsme episode..ardhika’s love story awsme.. I m big ardhika fan so.only I luv wid ur stories.. N I think the guy is rohit since u said in last episode he will turn positive.. Plz keep it up.. Really I daily wait for ur,thena,deep’s n sree stories..

    1. Thank you rupshika,Ameena,Hayathi,Harani,lulu,Anwesha for your comments

  7. Very nice yaar, Tanya 😀

  8. Oops sorry, spel mistake… Tanaya 🙂

    1. Oh looks I like I have typed my name wrong in hurry,actually it is Tanya. By the way thank you kfar.

  9. Nice epi buddy…Waiting for next part..i liked NeSam part when they said how long for one week for their teasing part too buddy…I am too thinking whose that Man was?…well waiting for next part eagerly…Take care ? buddy..pls post soon next part..

    1. Thanks Aaliya.will try to do soon.

  10. Superb yaar waiting for next episode

  11. Very nice tanya. Gud epi. Nesam thinking 1 week is far. Love birds nothing can be said. Arjuns love for radz.superb. Dont radz remember anything. Show us some past moments yaar.

  12. Nice one.
    Now nesam I want equally waiting for nesam too.
    Who is that person met in hospital..
    Please continue this one yaar.

  13. lvd it.was rads te teenage girl he sees n hs fb?????????????does nshe nt rem anythg abt hr past??????i mean meetng arjun n sam????????????


  15. luved today’s episode tanya dr.waiting for nxt yaar.

  16. Hey tanya always loved ur story dear. Loved the remarriage of aradhika really wish to see in serial but they shut the door for us very soon.

    But you wrote it in ur story really loved it. And yes , its ok if u not mention that scenes. but really loved to read their first morning loved I think their people just cherished to read about that .

    If u remember the 2 morning romance in serial too they are seriously very romantic moments and we are really getting very happy if we wll read about their morning moments cherished moments .

    Jise hum chote chote cute moments kehte hain.

    Mostly sweet moment of the day of your story. When arjun tell radhika that she is her childhood love.

    As before memory loss he loved her so much And Specially to stand her in front of the mirror hugged her and propose her. Really heart touching scene.

    Loved u dear. Keep loving u always.

    Taare hai baarati is such a sweet song I very well remembered always meant this song for that kind of marriage which is such grand full of rituals full of your relatives and so many people.

    Dear if u recommend this song than we are expecting such kind of grand wedding sequence from u . And we are so sure that u made it with such an ease .

    Itna to bharosaa hai tum pe.

    a song recommendation for today.

    For ur manmarziyaan feelings whenever u r outside or want to live ur manmarziyaan listen to this song. dear .

    Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Chahta Hai
    Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Na Beete Chamkeele Din
    Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahein Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin
    Din Din Bhar Ho Pyaari Baatein
    Jhoome Shaame, Gaaye Raatein
    Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa
    Humko Raahon Mein Yoonhi Milti Rahein Khushiyaan
    Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Na Beete Chamkile Din,
    Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahe Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin

    Jagmagaate Hain, Jhilmilaate Hain Apne Raastein
    Yeh Khushi Rahe, Roshni Rahe Apne Waaste
    Oh Oh Oh …

    Jahan Ruke Hum, Jahan Bhi Jaayein
    Jo Hum Chaahein, Voh Hum Paayein
    Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa
    Humko Raahon Mein Yoonhi Milti Rahein Khushiyaan
    Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Chahta Hai

    Kaisa Ajab Yeh Safar Hai, Socho To Har Ik Hi Bekhabar Hai
    Usko Jaana Kidhar Hai, Jo Waqt Aaye, Jaane Kya Dikhaaye
    Oh Oh Oh …

    Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Chahta Hai
    Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Na Beete Chamkeele Din
    Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahein Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin
    Din Din Bhar Ho Pyaari Baatein
    Jhoome Shaame, Gaaye Raatein
    Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa
    Humko Raahon Mein Yoonhi Milti Rahein Khushiyaan

    Jagmagaate Hain, Jhilmilaate Hain Apne Raastein
    Yeh Khushi Rahe, Roshni Rahe Apne Waaste
    Oh Oh Oh …

    Dil Chahta Hai …

    And video also enjoy it dear

    Dil chaahta hai hum na rahein kabhin yaaron ke bin song

    Love u dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees lov u all

    1. Very nice song hai yaar Nisha !!!?????

  17. Hey Tanya just fabulous chapter!!! Pls cntinu dear!!!?????

  18. hey mansi how r u dear.

    Luv u dear Well just sharing a song remember u all as I missed my dearieeeeeeeeeeeees always and the winter begins now for us ..

    luv u dear keep writing keep commenting

  19. hiii tanya dear … how r you?
    loved today’s episode. ardhika’s marriage done peacefully.
    haha… most like teasing part. first ardhika teased nesam then….. solid masati.. 🙂
    anyways eager to read next episode.
    I thing that person may be rohit.
    soon you show positive character of rohit so may be possible that is his first attempt to appologize from ardhika… .
    anyways whoever, l like it.
    plzz next part jldiii do, can’t wait for it.
    love you ¡

  20. @ nisha- how r u? ??
    I missed you dear! tight hug for you.
    your song dedication choice is superb. I enjoyed it very well. I saw radhika’s promo for &tv movies. even there is she also acts as our cute chashni.
    love you dear.

    guys can anyone tell me where is anaya’s story DHKMN episode 3. if anyone knows so plzz send me link.

  21. Short and fantastic movie. My best serial .the writer is brilliant writer. Keep on writing fantastic movies like this. Realistic and interesting story.

  22. it ws romantic.. loved it…

  23. Hi Tanya, very sweet and cute episode. ..loved every part of it. Ardhika’s love confession and wedding night awesome scene…and song ‘Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai’ is my favorite. Very good. .keep it up buddyyy and please update next episode soon…eagerly waiting. .love you loads and very tight hug. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

  24. Hey zara, luv u dear sooooooooooo much. Miss u dear. Miltee raha karo acha lagta hain.

    Even I luv the promo soooooooooooooo much . Rads is looking too cute.

    JUst waiting eagerly dear for her to appeaer soon in a serial or anywhere.

    Luv u dear Keep writing dear.

  25. nice epi tanya…loved it

  26. Plzzzz tanya update the nxt episode sOOn…’s been 5 dayzz….ik u r very
    busy…ik u have a personal life but plzzz try to update soon…..eagerly waiting for nxt episode….nd i like the way u describe everything as if we can see and feel every part of the story…..thx for sharing such a
    beautiful story with us….i really miss #DYM but seriously thanks to u nd all fan fiction
    writers for making my each day beautiful….???
    One lovee?

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