Manmarziyan Lucky Everyday Chp 4 part 2 Love for you breaking me


Radhika ties dupatta at the injured hand of Arjun.He looks on amazed.She asks him how did you get hurt.Arjun says,whenever I give you pain,i myself feel this pain.She looks at Arjun and they have an eyelock.BG sound:Khwahishon pe likhi.
They soon reach home.Suddenly rain starts.Arjun sits in the car for searching umbrella.While Radhika cannot control and goes out to enjoy rain.Arjun gets his umbrella and turns to see that Radhika is dancing in rain.He reminsces about a teenage girl and boy where the girl says,Mr.the real enjoyment is the small things like rain not that parties.Live it to fullest.He comes back to his senses.A lone tear escapes his eye.Radhika was dancing when suddenly she was going to slip when Arjun holds her.They are very close.Song Kabhi jo badal barse plays.Arjun carefully keeps the tresses of Radhika away from face.They are lost into each other just then they hear lightning.Suddenly Arjun hugs her tightly.Radhika is surprised.She takes him to the house.Radhika goes to bathroom to change and arjun decides to change in room.Radhika changes herself into night gown and comes out forgetting arjun is changing.They both see each other.Radhika says,She saw nothing.Arjun is not wearing his shirt and his well toned body is in view.Arjun says someone had said few days ago we must come in room by knocking and see now who is doing this.He laughs.Radhika says even i am surprised the man who I thought is afraid of nothing is afraid of lightning.She laughs when suddenly sees Arjun going out with sad face.She asks him and follows him,when Radhika says,Is it your past that is making us apart.Arjun turns and is silent.Radhika says to tell her if she could solve it.Arjun says,”Don’t try to see my past your present will be darkened with my past.”and he is leaving when he says,”We are together only for few weeks perhaps.If by mistake we came closer forget those.Those came by concern not by love.”and he leaves.Radhika wonders at his words and cries.She thinks he makes her feel together at one moment and next moment apart,why is he like this.Suddenly she hears doorbell.She opens.It is Sam and Neil.Sam hugs her and Neil leaves saying he just came to see her off.Radhika says bye to him.and turns towards Sam.Sam takes Radhika to her room.She makes Radhika see all the gifts she bought.She asks if Arjun was ok.She nods and remembers what had happened today.Sam says to Radhika to talk to Neil and Arjun about marrying Neil as she is in love.Radhika jumps with joy and assures her marriage will happen within few weeks as she remembers he said only few weeks are left.
Radhika says today she will sleep in Sam’s room.Sam happily says yes nanadji i mean bhabhiji and laughs.
Next day,
Radhika meets Neil.She talks to Neil about Sam and for marriage.She tells him that their parents are ready for marriage.Neil is tensed and says to talk with Arjun first.If he is ok with it,he is ready to marry her.Radhika asks but do you love her.He says “I love Sam since when we met.First deep attraction then deep bond which I don’t understood till you talked to me about love.You really are in love,aren’t you”She remembers the past day and says yes.

Precap: Radhika talks about Neil and Sam marriage and Arjun shouts that this marriage will never happen.Radhika challenging Arjun that the marriage will happen in 1 week no matter what.

So how was it?Next chapter is going to be clashing of Arjun and Radhika.She will soon know what Neil has in relation between Arjun and sam and why he is opposing.Please give suggestion and comments.Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. hey tanya today’s epi was good…had jst confusion abt y saral wanted to kill rads… like this mysterious story… keep going dear…

  2. Hey tanya u r killer yar so much suspense please update fast na

  3. Tanya superb yaar pls update next

  4. Hmmmm… It’s quite myesterious… But again a nice one Tanaya… I want to dedicate a song for you ” Kaisa Batau Tujhe,ki dill mera kai kaheraha…” I was listening it whole day.. But I hope you guys understood cause I don’t understand the hindi words properly..

  5. Tanya I was missing u. …today’s epi was rocking with aradhika scenes…eagerly waiting for next update plse update soon

  6. Hey Tanya?….wen ‘ll u unfold arjuns past n y did he disagree 4 nesam marriage????? n one mre y did saral wanna kill rads????

  7. Hey tanya…u have much suspense in your stories…..mysterious one…but still i like it….and today’s episode also very nice…liked arjun-radz romance…..plzz reveal the suspense soon…

  8. superb yaar tanya…great story awesome story writing….mind blowing yaar…cant wait for next episode

  9. Wow Tanya. ..superb story. . Lot of suspense. ..update soon. .

  10. Tanya, awesome one. Really mysterious buddy….

  11. Wow great Tanya loved it buddy, ardhika romance amazing yaar

  12. tanya really nice dr.waiting for next update dr.asap update buddy.

  13. hey tanyaa looooooooooooooooooooooooove this episode dear.

    Wooooooooooow Rain begins and romance starts in aradhika life.

    Loved today’s episode. dear.

    And yes something arjun is hiding for sure.
    And what the secret about the teenage boy and girl.
    So many secretsssssssssssssssssssss.

    Tell us give us some hint dear.

    Love the song also. Dear

    Kabhi jo baadal barse.

    Check out the song lyrics Deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies

    Kabhi jo baadal barse
    Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
    Tu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa

    Tere pahloo mein reh loon
    Main khudko paagal keh loon
    Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
    Seh loon saathiya

    Koi nahi.. tere siva mera yahaan
    Manzilein.. hain meri to sab yahaan
    Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
    Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le
    Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
    Main hoon kya?

    Woo.. aeee.. aeee.. aaa.. sathiyaa..
    Ae ae… aa….

    Pahle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya
    Phir mujhe, kyun tanha kar diya
    Guzaare thhe jo lamhe pyaar ke
    Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
    To phir tune badli kyun adaa
    Yeh kyun kiya?

    Wo o wo o.. Wo o wo o..

    Kabhi jo badal barse
    Main dekhun tujhe aankhein bharke
    Tu lage mujhe pehli barish ki duaa

    Tere pahloo mein rah loon
    Main khudko pagal kah loon
    Tu gham de ya khushiyaan, sathiya..

    u know the lyrics

    pehle kabhi naa tune mujhe gam diya r k
    phir mujhe kyun tanha kar diya
    guzare the jo lamhe pyaake
    hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
    to phir tune badli kyun adaa
    ye kyun kiyaaa

    Hey dear Check the lyrics of this para……

    So tanya can we expect that the teenage boy and girl is ardhika
    And they had some connection in past.

    Any reason for just recommending this song dear.

    Just a curosity Dear because we loved so much your story.

  14. I like the tom and jerry fight between ardhika.It always get them closer.
    Love this episode and but sad about that one week is there for themtogether.

    I don’t want separation of them .Something will happen to make them together

  15. Hey all!Thanks for your comment.The mystery is going to unravel.One mystery inravels,all mystery revelation will take place.So Don’t worry Mystery is going to be unravelled soon.

  16. hiiii tanya, amazing episode!!!!!!.
    I enjoyed it. .. with crunchy lase 🙂 😉
    omg arjun disagree for Neil sam marriage…seems ardhika challenge clash over to all the four lead .omg lots of secret in lucky every day…. we are eagerly waiting for next episode. ..

    nishaaaa my darling, love u baby. ohhh yarr what a song you choose. my favorite..
    I love arijit’s songs ♡♥♡

  17. Thanks zara , Loved you dear.

    Keep smiling . and Keep commenting dear.

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