Manmarziyan Lucky everyday chp 4 part 1 together are we?

Radhika next day got up early and got ready fast.She decided to wear a collar kurti with leggings,it looked formal.She quickly made breakfast.She ate her breakfast.While keeping back at kitchen,she got a message.She checked it.The message was from Sam.She wrote She was enjoying the trip with Neil.She has got to know more about him.She thinks she likes him more.She also says to Radhika to take care of Herself and Arjun.Radhika was smiling,she wondered how Sam will look as Neil’s bride.She chuckled.Just then she heard footsteps.She turned,it was Arjun.Arjun sat at the table and was eating his breakfast.Radhika was all ready but she wanted to avoid Arjun.She quickly took her purse with all things ready,and announced to Arjun that she is going to office.Arjun wanted to speak but she cut him off and moved outside.She caught a taxi and reached at office of The Mehras Company.It was a magnificent one.She entered the office.She saw Grandpa already waiting.He smiled at her and congratulated her for her punctuality.He took her to the office.It was finance.She was going to handle finance.Well it wasn’t really a big task for her as when Her father’s company was there she could handle this.She looked at the stacks of file.Just then The grandpa whispered,”Carefully look into finance I smell a rat,from Nandini.”She nodded and was alert at his advice.She sat in the office and started to work.She just needed coffee and she could work for hours.She saw Arjun come in office but she did not really talked to him except when his signature was needed.Grandpa was impressed from her work.She reached home late,she refused to go with Arjun.Arjun too avoided it as he thought it was good for both.When Radhika arrived late she again heard music and remembered the photos she had to search but was too tired and slept.

After 4 days,
Radhika continued to avoid Arjun she thought she will have to live with him only for 1 month as grandpa had announced he will become the owner in 1 month.She had cried for few hours after reaching home but soon recovered herself.She had continued to work late and arrive home late and avoiding Arjun completely.She had found some rats in the finance which Grandpa had told,she smiled At her first success.She reported to grandpa about it.But she did not know that he will not give a share of property to Saral,when she told him.Saral was enraged at her. Arjun had seen Saral and was suspicious.

Next day,Radhika like everyday got ready to leave.Just then Arjun came and asked her to come he can drop her but she flatly refused and went away.Arjun wanted to grab her and make her sit but he couldn’t,initially he thought it was best that Radhika avoided him but now he thought this was worst.He angrily went to his room and did boxing with his bare hands which hurt him,he had to tie bandage.Arjun tried to talk to Radhika at office but she always cut him off.This made Arjun angry and left office at noon.Radhika thought it was good if he starts hating her then he will try to talk to that girl in photo that will bring him more closer and soon after 1 month he will marry her,love of his life.The last sentence made her cry.She saw at the clock it was 9.She decided to go home.Just when she got up someone covered her mouth and dropped her to the storeroom.She saw it was Saral.He laughed and said that Arjun will be blamed for killing Radhika for leaving her here and he(Saral)will get his full share.He left her there.This room was not opened usually and was soundproof.It was opened once a year and that too during Diwali to throw.Her hands tied,mouth closed and legs tied she could not move.Her eyes were flooded with tears and remembered her.One hour had passed she was sure she is going to die here,suddenly she heard someone trying to open storeroom Radhika got afraid if it is Saral.Then the door opened,Radhika closed her eyes she did not want to see Saral face before dying.But then she feels warm hug and lots of wet kisses on her face,it was Arjun.He opened the legs that were tied and hands and removed cover from her mouth.He hugged her so tightly but she. Had no strength left, but the might she had, she hugged him with all force.His shirt was drenched with her tears but the moment was like it had stopped.He then planted kisses at her face and her delicate hands.And saw her once again to assure if she was ok.Arjun said,”I….I am sorry.I promise I won’t leave you ever even if you are angry.”He was crying.She just hugged him and said,”It was all my mistake I shouldn’t have been alone.I would have been threat to your ownership.”She just had said when He suddenly pinned her to the outside wall and held her tightly at her waist and said,”You can never be threat to me.I don’t care for ownership,I just care for you.”He said it and kissed her hard.She too couldn’t resist and kissed him.He held her more tightly.They were lost in each other.When suddenly Arjun phone rang,they realised and both embarrassingly looked away and Radhika said,”I will sit in car”and said while going,”Are you ready to wait for me for this long hours then I can think you as dropping and taking me home.”Arjun said in smilingly,”I can wait for life”Radhika just smiled when she suddenly saw his hand injured,she took out piece of dupatta and tied it.Arjun looks on amazed.

Pre cap:Radhika and Arjun drenched in rain.They come closer.Neil and Sam in Jaipur.She slips and Neil holds her and tries to catch the one who tries to shoot Sam.

How was it?Plz give comments and suggestions,it means a lot.Give your views on Ardhika scene and precap.

Spoiler for you all :Neil is not only friend of Sam but also has a secret connection with Arjun and Sam.Soon coming for Ardhika scenes.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Wow very nice dr…ardhika scene was awesome…waiting for next episode…

  2. Heyyy Tanaya…Woww…. Whatan episode Dude… Buddy you had totally crushed it… I think now Radika will understand that Arjun loves her… But How did Arjun got to know about Radika’s position??? And what’s the connection of Neil with Sam and Arjun??? Really very excited… And one more.. GOOD MORNING…

  3. Superb episode. ..ardhika moment amazing. .no words to say… eagerly waiting for next episode. ..

  4. Ohoooo…. super tanya dear….. is there any rival relation between sam arjun and neil…. or good relation? Thanks for ur update….. dear

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  6. Mind blowing episode dear… loved it sooooi much.I’m getting very addicted to your story. Eagerly waiting for the next you loads…Keep it up, please continue …. 🙂

  7. Fantastic..Eagerly waiting for next epi

  8. Awsm yaar plz update the same, everyday, you are jz awsm

  9. Awesome Tanya. Plz update next part soon.

  10. Exciting maan
    pls update soon

  11. hey Tanya, amazing yar. unique plot. loveeeeee it. keep it going dear. luvd tat sore room scene a looootttttttt…..

    1. Update ur story dr thena..

    2. hey thena..plzz update ur story….i m eagerly waiting for it dear……

  12. nice epi tanya

  13. hai Tanya, great episode,
    ardhika scenes – super,
    precap – exciting, and
    spoiler – interesting and thrilling.
    waiting for next epi.

  14. Amazing yaar by reading your story am going crazy pls update daily .

  15. Hey tanya….amazing episode dear….just loved it…ardhika moments super….keep it going dear….and suspense in spoilers…waiting for next update…..

  16. Tanya i like ur idea of giving spoiler

  17. Tanya aradhika scenes were awesome….plse try to update daily……today’s epi was fantastic. …..n thanks for the spoiler…

  18. tanya i simply lovd it……….lookng frwrd 2 mre ardhika scenes

  19. hiiii tanya, episode was awesome!!! I’m really very curious…. thnx for giving spoilers . eagerly waiting for episode in which summary of Neil’s secret connection between bro- sis…. we are waiting for next epi.
    hey tanya please post our mnm epi daily if possible. once again I like it… waiting for many and more twist n turns.
    🙂 luv you buddy

  20. Hey tanya,
    Back for now here.
    Somehow managed to read the story and comment.
    Welll for a lesser time but so what.

    Anything for my dearies.

    Wooooooooooooooooooooow I just loved your story.

    Its a breath taking story day by day.

    Dear I loved it.

    Song of the day when arjun sees radhika in pain and come with fear and with teary eyes.

    jo bheji thi dua wo jaake aasman se takra gayee

    Lovely lyrics soulful song. listen to it my all dearies.

  21. Amazing deary just loved it. Al da stories made my day today yaar 😀

  22. Tanya waiting for your story yaar. …plse update soon. …

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