Manmarziyan Lucky Everyday (Chapter 2)


Just then the teacher came,everyone took their seats.Just then,a girl and a boy came late.The teacher scolded them.The girl was Arjun’s sister,Sam and the boy was Radhika’s brother,Neil.They were of same age.Sam was the best friend of Radhika nd Neil.But Radhika still didn’t know about Arjun.The teacher cleared her throat and said that their exams are postponed as they have to submit assignment.The teacher was Mr Samrat.He said that they will do in group of 2 people.He made some chits and wrote some names.He called one by one to select their chits.Rohit had to do with Amiya,Anshika with Amaya,Zubin with Teji,Sam with Neil and Radhika had to with Arjun.Radhika was nervous and happy at both time.Soon the bell rang and everyone went to their room.Radhika nd sam had took their home away from hostel to avoid the teasers.

Sam came and gave her tight hug.She was very happy.Radhika asked her,Sam replied,”I am happy that I am working with Neil.I hate those bumbo jumbo girls,3 idiots and that atyant murk(extremely foolish) Rohit.You too today was saved.You know bhai will work you can do your manicure,pedicure,etc.”Last line Sam said jokingly and laughed.Soon they ate dinner and Sam slept quickly.Radhika started reminscing about Arjun.She remembered that they though never met and talked but once in college they had come close enough.

——————–FB STARTS——————–
It was frshers party in engin college.Radhika had wore her jeans and a kurti.She had tied her head and wore her specs.When she arrived,she met many,but teasers.She was teased for her nerdy looks and for wearing indian kurti.Radhika could not understand why they made fun of her if she wore any indian dress.After being teased almost party,Radhika decided to go out of the party.While she stepped out of the venue.She heard someone shouting for help.She ran to help that person and was shocked.

End of chp2 part

Give your comments on was the story till now? you like the relation changed between characters 😛 3.Try to guess who is in problem?Love u all.

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Wow tanya great work yaar….fb is interesting……….liked it buddy….pls continue yaar

    1. Thanks Deepa.

  2. hey tanya….good going….superrrr dear….n who is in problem yaar

    1. Thanks Thena .Thats what i am saying you to guess. 😛

  3. May be it is our sam???? Anyway nice…when i read ur story i was surprised…coz in 1st chap u wrote viren is rads bro nd nw neil…awsm buddy

    1. I think you are talking about kfar’s story(viren part)but thanks for compliment 🙂

  4. Wow nice story and gudluck

    1. Thank you 🙂

  5. Hey Tanya.

    Just loved this fresh track , Relate with the characters totally.

    Just want Arjun character to be mysterious for radhika in upcoming episodes.
    So that she will Try to solve it just like jicksaw puzzle.

    Jitna uski personality yahaan mysterious hogi utan hi interest badegaa.

    And yeah I have 2 thoughts whether it was Sam or neil. The person who shout for help.

    LOve you dear. And love you all. Samiha , thena, farha, Sona deepa. natasha. love and lots of love.

    Song of the day.

    Ishq blawa from hasee to phasee. Check out girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllles.

    1. Thank you 🙂 and u will get to know about Arjun soon.

  6. Monalisa mohanty

    So nice..wait to read more with changed relation…very interesting..plz continue..

    1. Thank you 🙂

  7. Hey Tanya really like the flow of words here and the story as well aur characters are nicely potrayed 😀
    Thumbs up!!!!!

    1. Thank you Kfar?

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