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Episode- 12

Radhika narrated the whole incident that occurred few minutes ago in the green room to the team..She was burning like a volcano…Sam, Kritika and everyone present there were spellbound and dumbstruck..The sudden change of events left everyone shocked to the core…Bonnie`s messed up state, her fake tears , cut mark on her head everything were giving them a proof that Jai was the culprit and she was the victim…But these evidences were just for a show off.. to be honest the crucial evidence was the fact that she was a girl…the ultimate reality of the society was simply that people believe the girl in these cases and same happened with Radhika and the team…none of them pay heed to Jai constant pleadings..

Zubin called the police on Radhika`s order…Police arrived at the location and arrested Jai on the charges of molestation…Constable asked Bonnie to come along with them and file FIR and Radhika to sign as a witness..Bonnie was hell scared of getting caught in her own trap..She tried escaping from the mess but in vain..

Media captured the picture of Jai being arrested …They made a big spicy breaking news of the matter and published it…Every news channel showed only on headline “Jai Mehra being framed on molestation charges” ..the news spread everywhere like fire…Abhinav was in his office when he got to know the news from his secretary…He immediately dialed

Arjun…after two rings Arjun answered-“Yes Dad…something important.?.”

Abhinav-“Arjun…where are u..”

Arjun sensed his tensed voice-“Bird Song Dad…what happened”

Abhinav-“check out the news channels..they are showing that Jai got arrested..”

Arjun jerked up from the chair-“What..”He rushed out of his cabin and headed towards the reception…Arjun was surprised to find the mess..Samrat, Piyali, Teji and almost all BS employee were watching the news on the television of reception..
He made his way out of the crowd from side to the front and was shocked to watch Jai being taken by the police in their Van and media accusing him for molestation…within no time Arjun rushed back to his cabin .. grabbed his car keys and left..

Samrat turned to Piyali -“this is such a shameful act…Sam informed me about the matter and Radhu and Bonnie are coming back after filing FIR…I need to talk with Abhinav…how can his son do such a cheap act..”

Arjun entered inside PS and the constable guided him to Jai`s cell..Jai eyes sparkle watching Arjun-“Arjun thank god u came…where is Mom Dad…plz listen I didn`t do anything..”

Arjun hold Jai`s palm-“Mom Dad are on their way..and I know u cant do such things…tell me what happened there..”

Jai narrated the whole incident to Arjun how Bonnie tried seducing he rejected and scolded she turned the tables on him and how Radhika misunderstood the situation.

Hearing Radhika`s name gave the biggest shock to Arjun…he felt as if someone sucked life out of him…Arjun was completely frozen…he started breathing heavily…Anger and hatred for Radhika started pouring in his eyes and his heart…

Jai sensed Arjun`s emotions but before u could say something Abhinav and Nandini reached there…

Nandini cupped his face-“how are u Jai..” Jai smiled at them-“Mom Dad…

Abhinav shouted at the top of his voice-“Shut up…just shut up…don’t u dare call me Dad from ur voice… how could u even think of this cheap act..U had just made a joke of my reputation..Only because of u people are calling me names and making fun of Mehra. I already warned u that if ever because of u my prestige and respect got ruined I will never forgive u..

Nandini, Arjun and Jai all were dumbstruck with the sudden revelation..Arjun tried to explain-“Dad…give him a chance to explain..”

Abhinav interrupted-“chance to explain or chance to embarrass me more..actually it is not his fault…it is our fault that we failed to give him a good upbringing…should have killed him at the time of his birth itself…then we would not have seen such a day…but don’t worry I will get bail for him not because I am with him but just because my name is attached with his name…and after that we have no will be better if he die somewhere..”

Abhinav dragged Nandini out from there…Nandini pulled her hand away from his grip and pleaded the inspector to leave his son..

Inspector-“m sorry Mrs Mehra.. we are helpless…u need to get bail orders tommorrow from court but I don’t think it will be that easy…Court had become strict in these cases…the law usually favors the girl and moreover we have an eye witness…”
Abhinav called his lawyer for proceeding and left with Nandini…Media circled them in their questions..Abhinav gave them an angry glare and left..

Arjun was continuously convincing Jai-“Jai…listen to me…dad is just angry with u..he dosen`t mean what he spoke…u plz ignore his words..we trust u..say something please..”

Jai was completely he got to see the reality of his parent`s opinion about him…tears escaped from his eyes..His heart broke down into billion pieces and each pieces pierced his soul and gave him intense pain…what was the use of blaming outsider if his own parents were against him…He turned back-“Go Arjun…let me rot here for whole life..what is the use of getting free from this charges if I am already the culprit in everyone`s parents eyes…today I got to see my true place…just get lost from here and leave me alone..”

Arjun cut him-“No Jai..I will change everybody`s opinion..24 hours and u will be free of all the charges..just trust me till then..I vow everyone will realize their mistake…

Arjun came out of PS and messaged Neil about whole incident…he called his lawyer…Both stayed together in Arjun`s house for the night joining the pieces together to fetch a plan..Neil sensed Arjun`s feelings for Radhika..he came to him and hold his hand-“Arjun…Chashni was not at fault in this…plz try and understand her POV..

Arjun fumed hearing Radhika`s name-“right now..I m only bothered for Jai…stop talking nonsense

Neil nodded and they just prayed that this scary night end soon and new morning with new hopes enter their life..but none of them were aware of the coming storm…Both wished each other night but neither of them slept…”


ArNeil immediately headed with their plan..

Bonnie was busy packing her stuffs…She was fully prepared to escape from the city so that she don’t get caught…She signed her resignation ..mailed it to BS and booked her bus tickets when someone pressed her intercom..

Scared to the core she opened the door and was completely shaken to find Arjun and Neil giving her a killer look…Bonnie knew Jai, Neil and Arjun were close friends…She tried closing the door again but Arjun pushed her and slapped her hard-“this one for framing someone innocent..”

Bonnie hold her cheeks-“u b*** dare u slap a girl..”

Neil-“ u will also send us behind bars for this like u did with Jai…” This time Neil slapped her-“this one for insulting the emotions of every other girl..

Arjun and Neil gave constant slaps to her and thrashed her…her cheeks got red due to blood clots…She hold them and begged for her life-“plz leave me..I am sorry for what I did…In the process of saving myself I accused Jai…but I was not knowing Radhika will drag the matter to this extent…I will do as u say but plz leave me..”

Arjun-“u have no other choice left…just come and take ur fake statement back and apologize to Jai infront of everyone otherwise we will kill u..”

Duo dragged Bonnie to PS and she took her complained back..Inspector thrashed her and asked the constable to bring Jai back..The constable went to Jai`s cell and screamed at the top of his voice…Everyone outside heard the scream and rushed there but what they saw made everyone shiver…Jai was lying in the pool of blood oozing out from the slit in his wrist…his other hand was holding broken glass pieces..and beside his lifeless body , two letters was for his parents and other for Arjun…Constable recalled Jai requesting him for two papers and a pen from him…The world changed for them that very moment…

After two months

Bonnie was sentenced to prison for two years for her crime…Abhinav had not filed case against Radhika as more than her it was he who was responsible for Jai`s death…Their house which was once filled with complete happiness was now not less than a haunted place…Everywhere there was complete silence..The only sound in the house was of crying, sobbing and cursing their fate..

Nandini was standing in her balcony facing the moon and reading one of Jai`s letter-

” Dear Mom Dad,

By the moment u will get these letters I will not be there anymore..I know that moment will be like a nightmare for u both..but forgive me for the pain I am giving to u but I was helpless..m just frustated giving explanations to everyone..U know Dad I always used to thought that u are just angry on me because I choosed a profession u never wanted me to choose and one day u will definitely understand me… but I was wrong..I realized that u never trust me..and will never do..from childhood my only goal was to make u proud..I tried everypossible way that u proudly declare to the whole world that Jai is my son..Abhinav Mehra`s son but I failed…..Dad plz don`t think I m accusing u..what happened it is not anyone`s fault…I am just pouring my heart out for one last time…Mom u remebered u always asked me why am I so strange..because I never belong to this world and I am going to my world…hope u both will forgive me for one last time..plz don`t blame urself for anything…I will pray that in next birth also I get u both as my parents and I promise not in this birth but in next birth I will definitely make u both proud..take care and always keep smiling..

Nandini closed the letter and kept staring the moon…She prayed God doesn`t show this state to even her enemy…any mother`s biggest pain is watching her son dead in front of her eyes…

Arjun came to the place where he decided to propose Radhika…The day he thought to be the best day of his life turned out as his biggest nightmare.. He opened Jai`s letter-

“Dear Arjun,

First of all a big thank u for coming in my life…for giving unconditional love and support to me.. for the trust u always had on me..u proved that heart relations are much more stronger than blood relations…getting u in my life was the best gift I ever got..Arjun I know right now ur mind will be full of anger and hatred for Radhika…but plz forgive her…She was not at fault for what happened..It was my destiny..She just believed what anyone would have believed if they were in her place..plz try understanding the situation from her side..As far as I know her she would be punishing herself every single second for what all happened.U just stay beside her ..I always had a dream of seeing u both together for eternity and plz fulfill my this last wish…marry her and keep my niece name as Jai if he will be a boy or Jaya if she will be a girl..I will assume I am with u both in the form of u loads… take care of urself and my Bhabhi..

Arjun kept the letter back in his pocket…he took a rod and smashed everything there…this was almost 50th time he was doing this..he wanted everything present there to be vanished from his sight which will remind him of that haunted day.Arjun threw the rod and screamed Radhika Khanna…I wish u would have never came in my life…I hate u and will always hate u…u will pay for ur every deed..I will never forgive u…never..
That’s it for today guys…I have not include about Radhika`s repentance here as this was Arjun`s POV…will show her

Credit to: Ritu

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    Amazing update dear…it’s really superb n emotional too…update next one soon…luv u…tc…

    1. thnx lakshmi..yes suicide is the worst thing…more than the person who commit it, it is theor family frnds who had to bear the pain…suicide is not the problem any solution…I wanted to focus on this thats y thought to write…
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    1. Thnx Rg..Arjun is just angry on her right now..Rads and everyone got to know the truth when Bonnie accepted her crime…her repentance I will show when Arjun will come to know about that but it has some will be Arjun only who will make her overcome from her guilt…wait for that…will post u

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