Manmarziyan- Love you forever (prologue)

Hey guyzz this z supriya again.I had idea about this ff before jaanemaan but I wanted to work on Jaanemaan guyzz I hope you give the same love and support to this one too.
Love you forever

We often say that we don’t believe in love until we come across such a person who brings a big change in our lives. This is the story about two people who are completely opposite to eachother who fall in love with each other but fate challenges their love.let’s see if they can overcome this hurdles and stay together. This z journey of two people who struggle alot to stay with each other.let’s see where this love takes them.
Main characters

Arjun Mehra:He z a playboy who changes girls like clothes at the same time he z a hardworking businessman. He does not believe in love and commitments until he comes across a girl who z different and least interested in his looks,personality or wealth.he falls for her but fate will play a cruel game with him.let’s see if he will win this game or not.
Radhika Mishra:She z beautiful, cute but mysterious at the same time.she has a past which she can never forget.Her past z her every night’s nightmare.She believes in love and commitment but can’t commit to anyone in life. ..reason z her past.let’s see if she gets a the world which she has only dreamed of.

Samira khanna or Sam:she z a beauty with brains.she z successful businesswoman but also one gem of a person.she z in love with arjun but knows that he z never serious about anyone.she z arjun’s best friend and can sacrifice anything for his happiness. Let’s see how her and arjun’s equation change when he falls in love with a girl.

Neil Malhotra:he z a happy go lucky guy who never fails to live life to the fullest.but life plays a game with him which changes him and makes him stonehearted.
Let’s see how this four people solve the complications of their life.
So guyzz this z it.plz plz plz do comment…let me know should I continue or not


  1. Gauri

    Supriya darling….wow…this idea is amazing…keep it going…will wait for the next one 🙂 love u loads 🙂

    • Supriya

      Di I knew it you will like it…..thx for ur amazing comment..m waiting for ur update too….love u nd tc

    • Supriya

      Hi suga dear I just have one thing to say. .u wait for my upcoming updates. . neil’s character z a surprise package sweetie u will know more in future… Love u loads nd tc

    • Supriya

      Hey Rosie….ur request z already granted dear….most of the focus will be on them dear…love u loads tc darling

  2. Roma

    Awesomeeeeee, lovely, marvellous intro…the characterization is mind blowing for all 4, specially neil’s….wowwww I’m already in to this amazing story….keep it up honeyyy. …all the best, love you loads

    • Supriya

      Ohh my darling Roma…..u make me feel so happy nd energetic… I have posted part 1 of this ff dear…love u loads tc

  3. Its really amazing intro yaar …..pls make first arjun fall for rads….can’t wait pla update soon dear…best of luck..keep it going…love u

    • Supriya

      Ohh sweetie…. Arjun will fall for radz only…u just c…have updated next 1,have a look….love u nd tc dear

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.