Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Preview Part 21)


Hii friends…. Honestly I wasn’t sure I could even manage to type a word with this shaky cold hands but then how can I turn down birthday girl’s wish….
Sammy my fiery bold beauty….. I am sorry for not wishing you yesterday…. Honestly I was cranky nd irritated whole day so couldn’t comment on any ff….
So Apologies for wishing you late dear…..May this year bring you wisdom…prosperity and Good fortune…. May you always have the courage to stand up and fight back….

I know my sweety you are bold yet sweet but dear never let anyone take this aspect away from you….Always stay like this….
I wish I could tell you more but rightnow I am under the influence of medicine so my eyelids r heavy….
I wish I could gift you a proper update but if not now I will surely do in future and yes will mention that its for you my Doll?
Sneek preview-1
Its all over!!!….Yes its the end….How could she let him die….Her eyes show her a blur vision as they are moist with tears….
Her heart races at a abnormal rate and she screams out his name….ARRujnnnnnnn…..
The life she dreamed with now will always remain a dream….she stumbles over a small pebble and hits the ground….she hurts her ankle…blood oozes out but she does not care to wince or yelp in pain….

How could she let this happen to him…to her…to them….why was she so naive to see the truth???….why couldn’t she confess her motives???…why was her loyalty to her friend more important that his life at that moment???….why couldn’t they be together???…. All this questions knock her heart down causing immense pain in her chest….
Now its the end!!!….z it really the end or she ended up where she started from….
To know more stay tuned to Love You Forever…
Sammy once again Happy Birthday….
Guyzz I might update tom evening the next part….I am not sure if I would be able to complete or not….

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  1. Rg2015

    Hi supriya thanks to u and sammy for d preview. It’s sounds toooogud. Is it flash back or rads dream? As last episode it was arjun recollecting d past… So curious. By d way Wat do umean by d last sentence … I am not sure if I would be able to complete or not? You won’t give up writing right? I mean come back after u r feeling better… But pls don’t give up writing I love all ur ffs. Take care. Get better soon. Come back soon.

  2. Take care of yourself…don’t worry about other things as u wish Sammy now…so be at peace n have a good rest

  3. Sammy

    Oh my god suppu .. u know iam just crying so badly .. I mean …u just write in this terrible condition only for me and that too my fav one …I Cant believe ..:-) .seriously you made my day ….right now iam just rubbing my nose ..little one you are so sweet …and I am angry too ..I know you love me but you should think about your health first. . Just now I am feeling that I am the luckiest person in this whole world ..I am totally drenched in this love shower.
    Suppu ..thank uuuuuuuu sooooooooooooo much …and thanks for writing this .. and take care of your health dear . I am getting goosebumps right now . Still suppu you are awesome buddy ..amazing …and I will never forget this in my life .. thank u sooo much …lots of kisses and hugs ..just now iam hiding my face in my Teddy bear ..and really I am crying a lot you will think I am mad but still thank u so much suppu are really adorable πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry its not the part 21….its sneek preview…

  5. Jessie

    Take care of urself supriya.. I really admire d effort u took for sammy..! seriously surprised seeing everyone posting ffs as a gift.. yaar Sammy..U r showered wit gifts n blessings!! U r lucky!!

    And Supriya..The sneek preview is
    amazing… and nw u take rest..pls update oly after u recover..since u aren’t well we wish 4 ur health than updates..hope u will consider my words.. Take care dear.. Get well soon!!! I believe u will finish this ffs don’t worry .. come back all healthy my friend…

  6. supriya baby …..take rest.&sleep well….take care

  7. sorry…….amazing preview…..get well soon…tc

  8. Myra

    supriya……it sounds too good…….update asap….get will soon dear and take care of your health…that’s the only things that matters!

  9. Brin

    Awesome preview, Supriya take care of your health first, write when you feel better. πŸ™‚

  10. Shree

    Amazing preview… Please do take care of yourself..

    Love it ??

  11. S.v

    Supriya take care dear pls take care of ur health. Get well soon supriya and even few sentence made me go crazy. Lovely and take care of ur health and update once u r fully alright.

  12. Supu tc and get well soon πŸ™‚ waiting for ur update πŸ™‚

  13. Supriya dear take care of ur health and this preview was m too curious…waiting for ur update once u r fine..Get well soon πŸ™‚

  14. Dipika

    Supri darlie i am eager to read whole…but i knw ur please darling take care of your health first..m worried for you…n get well soon..take proper rest .n come with u shoo

  15. Take care Supriya n get well soon

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