Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 28)


Part 28
Arjun’s eyes widen in shock after seeing her condition…she was not wearing any make up and was wearing very simple clothes…but even in her simplicity she looked beautiful and divine…He could clearly see that she had lost lot of weight in one month…Her face became smaller and pale…She lost her glow, but still her truthful divine glow was keeping the charm of her beauty…

Radhika looked at him with extreme fury and disgusted stare then without saying a word, she tried to slam the door on his face…But he caught the doorknob in his ironic grip in nick of time…Radhika looked at him bitterly with a furious face she asked him dryly in a sarcastic tone,” Why have you come to this ‘Whore’, Arjun Mehra, the most noble character I have ever seen?”.

Arjun got shaken hearing that word from Radhika’s mouth. He could see her Fire and Pain….his eyes got filled with tears. He never seen Radhika this angry. He had never expected to hear this word from her mouth. He closed his eyes for a second to gulp her pain and his tears…
He cleared his throat, gathered his courage and with guilt he said in a calm tone,” Radhika, I am here to bring you back in my life…I came here to apologize for my grave mistake…please forgive me, it was a misunderstanding.. Now I know what they mean by faith…I should have trusted you. My anger destroyed everything. You raised a doubt in my head when you informed me about the bomb planted in my car and that video made my doubt stronger. When I saw you hugging Neil I lost all my wits and control of my anger. I completely lost myself in disbelief and said disgraceful things to you…please forgive me.”

When he noticed his words has no impact on her at all…he continued pursueing,” Radhika… I have never folded my hands and bowed down…but today I am folding my hands and bowing my head and asking for your forgiveness…please forgive me…Give me one last chance….I promise I will trust you blindly for my life.”

His kingly ego was shattering him from inside out, First time ever he bowed down with apology…His pain….his suffocation…his guilt…his extreme remorse breakdown with uncontrolled tears and his voice turned heavy with deep sorrow….
Even after extreme begging for apology…When he saw no reaction from Radhika…She just stood there as if he said nothing….completely impassive, her blank stare at him shook him….
After about a minute, she raised her hand to slam the door on his face, but he caught her wrist in nick of time before she could do anything….Radhika glared at him murderously and tried freeing her hand, but she was in a very strong grip…After a lot of struggling, he let go off her hand and apologized again for the bruise that got imprinted on her hand due to his tight grip
“ How dare you touch me?….You have lost all your rights over me…For God’s sake stop pretending, your crocodile tears have no effect on me….Remember, I will never forgive you for the humiliation you have given me…

you didn’t even try to find out the truth…you didn’t give me any opportunity to speak up….Now you are pretending and apologizing… Very well dramatic act by Mr Arjun Mehra, after slaughtering and cutting me into million pieces….Arjun Mehra z here to apologize. But sorry to say, you have already killed your so called love Radhika in front of your people…..I am only a dead corpse breathing now, who z just passing her days for Randhir, the man who risked his life for saving me….the man who loves me more than anyone else….the man who went through extreme pain and agony to keep his commitment intact….the man who came back to life just for me and the man who I will gladly marry for my commitment to him…Why tears???….Sir, you never loved me if there was even a bit truth in your love then you would have trusted me…..

You have humiliated me to extreme and ruined my prestige and dignity. Arjun sir, everything between us z over. Our relation z over….you will be never be able to trap me again.” She spat venom bitterly in a loud tone and then angrily slammed the door on his face….
She gazed at Randhir who had closed his eyes tight….She heaved a sign of relief assuming he never heard anything whatever happened few minutes back…she wiped her tears and treaded towards her room….

As soon as she left, Randhir opened his eyes which were filled with tears…he had heard the complete conversation between Radhika and Arjun…He felt a throbbing pain in the nerves of his forehead…Entire scenario got cleared in a moment. Now he understood, why Radhika has altered so drastically. Why she was keeping herself away from everyone….Intense pain in her eyes…Deep sorrow on her face….Her silence…Her masked smile….All questions got answered…He cursed his fate for trauma, he went through and lost her. He was so desperate to see love in her big brown eyes now the love was there but unfortunately it was not for him. He gulped his pain down his throat, smiled between his tears. He closed his eyes and opened after taking a decision in his mind. His face had a deep pain masked by confidence faintly….

Arjun walked lifelessly on the streets of Mumbai… He was left with no desire to live further….The very thought of Radhika marrying someone else was suffocating him…he felt as if someone was strangling him…He was breathing heavily, while his ears could almost feel the thuds of his pounding heart in his chest….he could only remember her specific words saying that,’ she’ll gladly marry Randhir’…..Her words were killing him…He treaded towards his car hastily which was parked few steps ahead and got inside… He banged his head on the steering wheel….
He came home completely muddled in alcoholic liquor….He was drunk maybe not staggering drunk but drunk enough to impair his judgement…He crossly gawked at his mom and dad’s portrait on the wall…He walked taking support from everything that came in his way to reach the wall size portrait…He stared at them with hatred in his dark eyes which was slowly and steadily turning into pain….He yelled in a very loud voice filled with pure rage,”

I hate you Mom and Dad….Wow!!! what parents I got….they say guardians are the one responsible for shaping a kid’s mind, But my mom was so busy in her extramarital affair that she forgot about her six year old boy…” he paused and uttered sarcastically in a mocking tone,” And my Dad, Mr Aryan Mehra, the man who abandoned his own blood for a pretty f**king lass…Hate you Dad…My hatred for you both grows everyday…every minute…every second of my life….” He gazed at the portrait with his dark ocean like eyes filled with tears….,”You are responsible for making me what I am today… destroyed my tender childhood and forced me to be a ruthless monster….I couldn’t trust anyone after my own parents betrayal….People call me a devil, did anyone tried to find why I became a heartless devil….did you people think about me once in this 21 years?……Why everything I love gets snatched away from me??.” He crashed on the ground….his gaze still fixed on the portrait….he stared at his parents until his eyes became heavy and he slipped in a deep slumber under the effect of liquor…..

As the warm morning rays of Sun escaped from the window and disturbed Randhir’s peaceful sleep, he muttered low curses and blinked his eyelids, but didn’t open his eyes completely…
Radhika who was sitting on a chair and peeling off the potatoes was watching him with pure affection in her eyes…She stood up and drew the curtains apart…Randhir gave her a mocking glare, but she just poured her lips like a innocent and stubborn two year old…,”Ronnu, common get up, its already past 8.”

He just pulled the quilt over him and resumed back to his peaceful sleep…But this didn’t go well with Radhika…she walked to the dining table and took the water jar and poured all on the sleepy head….he got up with a jerk,” Radhu, are you crazy???….”
She fluttered her eyebrows like a Disney princess and replied in a adamant yet a dainty tone….,” You dozy and lethargic fellow….sleep all day and become roly-poly.”
Randhir replied in a high-pitched voice,” Did you just call me dozy and lethargic???.”
She replied in a chunky tone….”Yes, I called you roly- poly too.”
He got down from the bed and toddled towards her….,” Take your words back, you rigid dobby.”
She glared at him and replied in a loud recusant tone,” You called me RIGID DOBBY!!!….you are a pig headed roly-poly…Not only that you are a mindless moronic.”
He snatched the water jug from her hands and emptied all the water on her head…,” Serves you right balky creature.”

Radhika’s nostrils flared….She was breathing heavily and huffing….Her long stresses got drenched in water while her attire soaked wet…she raced behind him but he hastened his speed,”…..He yammer while trifling ahead of her, “You can’t win against me even after two years so just admit that am more fit and I am not a roly-poly….”
Radhika toppled over the water puddle, but before she could fall down, he caught hold of her waist in nick of time…..He looked straight into her eyes and whispered,” When will you learn to walk properly….Sometimes we just ignore everything and get stuck on one thing and then we cry.”
He made her stand erect….She composed herself and spoke in a befuddled tone,” Ronnu, if ever I fall now, I will always have you to catch me before I blunder and what you mean by that get stuck on one thing?.”

He smiled and patted her cheek,” Nothing, will tell you some day when it’s the right time….So miss bulky, today I will be preparing lunch…its been a long time, I haven’t cooked anything….So Miss Radhika, tell me what would you like to treat your tongue with?”
Her face brimmed with happiness….She spoke in a excitement filled voice……..”Ronnu, all dishes you make are luscious and tempting…I think I’ll love to have cheese pasta…stuffed egg roll and my favourite…Vegetable biryani.”
Randhir spoke in exasperated voice,” Oh God!!! Now this girl will hire me as a cook and won’t even pay me my wages.”

He trotted towards the kitchen while she look long strides behind him blabbering nonstop….
As he gazed at her, a small smile of satisfaction crept on his face,” Radhika, I’ll make everything alright soon….I know you have forgotten your pain for sometime but I promise I will return your smile back.”

Arjun entered office with blood shot eyes….everyone were scared to even greet him….He directly entered his cabin and started working, but his mind was still stuck on Radhika’s hatred filled words….Her words were so bitter that he felt he’ll die remembering her intense screeching….There was a fear too,” What if she forgets me and falls for Randhir.’
He couldn’t get a escape from all those horrible thoughts creeping in his mind….He felt that if he gives her time, she’ll sip away from his hand and his life….But he knew that rushing things and going against her will may erase off the remaining good she thinks about him….He was helpless but giving up on anything was just not Arjun Mehra….His mind started pumping ideas to stay near her….His POV,” Yes, her resignation…How could I forget….According to the company policy the employee has to give prior notice at least before 1 month and she didn’t give it….I will reject her resignation letter….DM taught me hit where it hurts the most and apply medicine where it pains the most….I will return you everything you lost because of me…you said I took away your pride and dignity now I’ll return your prestige and honour in abundance….Just watch me do that….you are all mine….only mine….I won’t let anyone take you from me….NO ONE.”

He kissed his screensaver deep, which was her pic and a calmness soothed his burning heart….
Neil was living in intense guilt….he knew he was terribly wrong but couldn’t gather the courage to admit his grave betrayal to his friend….Finally, he decided to apologize to her soon….
Randhir was circling the spoon in the vessel….He gazed at Radhika who was staring outside the window…His heart cried In pain after seeing her dejected and sorrowful pain….He poured the steaming hot brewing pasta into the plate….He trudged towards her and whispered in her ears……..,” You think turning your face away from me can hide those tears from my sight.”
She turned and hugged him tight,” Randhir, I am sorry.”
He detached her face from his chest and caressed her face…….,” Why are you sorry?.”
She wiped her tears and spoke hesitantly,” Nothing….

I am sorry for calling you roly-poly.”….Her heart stinted for lying to him but she didn’t had the courage to admit that she loved someone else…….Her POV,” I wish I could tell you why my eyes are so gloomy but I can’t break your heart….I just can’t…Sorry for not speaking the truth.”

He averted his gaze from her and wiped the constant stream of tears straining from the corner of his eyes……….His POV,” You think hiding the truth will misguide me….I have lost myself deep in your eyes, they express a lot when you don’t talk.”

Precap….Arjun’s jealousy…Radhika forgives Neil….Arjun asks Radhika to join BS….

Hii Friends…sorry for being late….I’ll try to update soon…So howz it???…..Do let me know your reviews…Love you all…Till then Byee Dearies!!

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  1. Jessie

    Randhir heard d convo..! Super…now he will prove how a lover shld be.. hope Arjun learns..Rads reply., Arjun’s apology., and Randhir-Radz scenes were awesome dear..he tries his best to make her smile.. Learn this Arjun!!.. Arjun’s sad.. Radz forgives Neil!! Why..??? No.. he betrayed Radz na.. waiting 4 nxt chappy.. Arjun jealous.. let him!
    Supriya.. when will u update Heart of mine still loves you..?

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Jessie Di?i think when everything you love gets snatched from you then you are left with nothing except Revenge… That’s the case with Neil…moreover a relationship shud have trust so Arjun has hurt Radhika more than any one else….whatever Neil did that was for sona….love z blind naa…that’s y I thought he shud get forgiveness….loads of love?

  2. Amazing update, arjun’s apology and Rads reply n Randhir heard their talk. I want Arjun to burn of jealousy but I don’t Rads to forgive Neil so soon but well I will leave everything to u, u r the writer and am sure I will love it like I loved this update too.

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Gia Dii think when everything you love gets snatched from you then you are left with nothing except Revenge… That’s the case with Neil…moreover a relationship shud have trust so Arjun has hurt Radhika more than any one else….whatever Neil did that was for sona….love z blind naa…that’s y I thought he shud get forgiveness….loads of love?

  3. S.v

    Super awesome supriya i am so glad for the reaction of Radhika, god why did randhir heard the convo gosh he will take step to unite them but now i can see why Arjun was like that ?? It was paining to see him like that one side but his face slapping by RAdhika was also correct god you make me feel sad for Arjun why are you doing this ?? I want to hate the character but im feeling sad for him why all because of you…….
    Neil is going to apologies for his mistake and let them again unite wow arjun is trying to hurt her again with the so called contract , It will surely hurt Arjun surely hurt her. Loved the way RAndhir and radhika talked. Love you so much update the next part soon. Love you .Muhhaaaa…..

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Swthrt…. You must have heard every coin has two sides….we judge by what we see….we keep on changing our opinions and conclusions as different POV comes in front of us….arjun had a very bad childhood so that all things shaped his mind….abt the contract thing….Right now he z very helpless and restless but he won’t hurt her now….he’ll give back her respect nd prestige which he took away…’ll see…I m typing will post when I finish…. Loads of love… Muaaaaaaaah…. Tc?

  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode, you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

  5. Sammy

    so happy randhir heard that i don’t want him to become villain ..had enough of villains already …and Arjun so jealous ..radhika she rocked soo many slaps with her words ..too good dear suppu ….i loved it

  6. Myra

    Suppu yaar….you rocked it…. 🙂 loved arjun’s emotional out pour….update soon ?

  7. Awesome update dear….I feel so bad for Arjun…I know I know what he did was very wrong…but still…I feel bad for Arjun’s state…hope his plan get successful…waiting on happy wala time..

  8. Rossy

    Very nice dear..rads need to be strong now..Arjun needs to learn many things..Randhir..k..wanna see u guy in action

  9. Jnana


  10. Gauri

    Suppu…..Mazza aagaya….kya diya Radhika ne ARjun ko ….loved it but he is one stubborn man want to know what will he do 🙂 amazing girl 🙂 tc love u 🙂 Radhir…..I feel bad for him 🙂 and waiting for Neil to aplologise 🙂

  11. mindblowing episode………..

  12. _Ritu

    Amazing update Supriya…Arjun Mehra is now guilty…bt I don’t want Rads to forgive him so easily. ..and even to Neil also…everyone here deserves punishment…feeling sad for Randhir.. All curious to know what will happen nxt…love 🙂 🙂

  13. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode. ..finally arjun apologized to rads. ….but she is very hurt…how can she forgive him so easily. …ahhh…very tough situation for both arjun n rads….I like randhir’s role…he is very sincere n mature…knows the hurt of his ladylove…n determined to bring her smile back….loved the nok jhok of rads n ronnu…neil also regretting for betraying rads…….arjun very jealous n possessive…..precap is very interesting n exciting. …keep it up honeyyy….you’re doing phenomenal job. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeet darling supu….♡♡♡ 😉

  14. Awesome.. story… cant wait for nxt part..plz update fast..

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