Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 25)


Part 25
Radhika went back to her desk to collect all her belongings….She hurriedly typed her resignation letter and wept bitterly as memories flashed in her mind…Her eyes were unstoppable today….She wished that she had the power to end her life but then the thought of Randhir clashed with the negative thoughts and her inner self firmly told her that” You can’t end your life at any cost….Randhir z keeping his commitment to you even though going through unbearable pain….NO YOU CAN’T THINK ABOUT ENDING YOUR LIFE….”
Arjun who walked out of his cabin to get some air fumed looking at her….He looked at her with fury then went near her and angrily whispered…,”Why those fake tears now??…You got what you wanted….You wanted me broken….shattered.. NOW GO CELEBRATE WITH YOUR LOVER.” As the words escaped his filthy mouth, she gasped between her tears….she clutched her fist tightly to control her anger…
Radhika looked at him with intense sorrow and teary eyes, she chuckled at him… after a deep silent pause…she replied…,”Arjun Sir you are right I should be happy that I got rid of you….You are nothing but a HEARTLESS person…and YOU INDEED….CAN NEVER TRUST ANYONE” she closed her eyes when she felt deep pain in his red angry eyes….Even after all his brutality….she was not able to see a pain in his eyes….Finally…she opened her eyes to see him last time ever, her eyes filled with immense love for him and deep pain….She gazed at him as if this was the last time she was seeing her love of the life….
Soon she gathered herself and ran out towards the exit with sobs…He stood there with confused feeling…He could sense that it was painful for her to leave him, but couldn’t understand why. Her words actually pinched him, and repeated in his mind as he saw her running….He could feel her pain and love for him in her vulnerable innocent eyes….Her last words and loving gaze made him think as if he was wrong all the way….
Radhika straightaway headed towards Ranveer’s room after leaving Birdsong… She had decided to leave everything behind once she enters inside to meet that one person who mattered her the most….
As she entered inside again she felt vulnerable for his condition…. There were many drips attached to him…his oxygen mask was removed few days back and he could breath on his own but still he was lifeless…. BRAINDEAD z what the doctors said….But still she could feel that He was there only for her….she could sense that he could feel her presence around him though he couldn’t say a word….
She walked towards his bed and affectionately caressed his hair locks,” Its been Two and a half year now and still you want to lie down on this bed….You don’t know what I went through after you left me….Why Ranveer Why???…..”
She sobbed holding his hand and burying her face in his chest….Her tears made his sleeves wet….But something unusual happened today….A TEAR TRICKLED DOWN HIS CHEEK….But Radhika didn’t notice anything until she felt a sensation in his fingers….She wiped her tears and squeaked….she had no idea how to react…Her tears streamed down her cheeks and made their way till his forehead…
A old man hurriedly walked inside….he checked Ranveer’s pulse rate….,”Oh God!!!…This z a MIRACLE INDEED. “
He instructed her to wait outside before she could question him further….Radhika walked out disheartened….
After about half an hour Doctor walked out and gazed at her with a smile on his face,” He z a fighter….I had lost all my hope about him but you were never discouraged… RADHIKA HE GOT BACK HIS CONSCIOUS…. I seriously bow down in front of his love for you.”
Radhika’s eyes shed tears of happiness…. She took long strides towards his room and slammed open the door to find him fumbling with the drips…
As he felt the cracking sound of door, he lifted his eyes to look at the visitor….He gazed at her with endless love in his eyes….There was no need to speak up as their eyes were talking through the tears flowing down their cheeks….
She ran and hugged him tight….burying her face in his arms she wept…But suddenly she realized that he was still weak and it wasn’t right to put pressure on his body….she pulled back and cupped his face….she moved her fingers all over his face confirming that HE WAS REAL AND NOT A DREAM….
Randhir touched her forehead to his and whispered,” NOW YOU KNOW, NOBODY HAS LOVED ANYBODY AS MUCH AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.”
She nodded with a small smile and made him lie down completely and covered him with blanket,” We will talk tomorrow… you need rest and now don’t argue…you have my swear.”
He gave up and closed his eyes….A content look appeared on his face as he knew she will be there for him when he opened his eyes….
It was about more than a week now, Everything was completely lifeless….calm…still in Arjun’s life…Arjun felt like birds stopped chirped around Mehra Mansion….colours were looking pale, and food has become tasteless. Part of his new born heart stopped beating…Mourned full sadness surrounded him…He was again feeling lonely, his life had no meaning left and his routine had changed….He was behaving like a machine, his decisions became more heartless and cruel…he spend his nights alone with alcohol….He was terribly missing her….he wanted to curse her, but her parting words ‘you don’t have heart’ gave him immense sting and shook him entirely. Her deep, intense innocent and vulnerable loving eyes were haunting him every second… The purity in her eyes did not let him sleep peacefully….He was feeling suffocated, somewhere inside his heart he trusted her but he couldn’t deny what he saw…..He tried not to think about her, but the more he tried the more he became helpless….Her brown beautiful orbs…Her innocent talks….Her lowered gaze to his proximity was making it more deserted….But her betrayal wiped away all those sweet memories… As the time passed his anger calmed down, His heart and brain both began to question him, Can Radhika do this?…..And every time his heart denied and shouted No….She can’t betray….It was once again a war between his heart and mind….He was completely trapped my her thoughts…
His chain of thoughts broke as he felt his phone ringing… It was DM….he received the call and spoke in a choked voice which was coming out of his throat with great difficulty,” I have mailed you the details of new client…have a look…..And…”
Before he could complete she cut him off in middle, “Arjun call up Sam….ask her where she z???….Don’t argue with me just do as I say.”
Arjun gave her a positive assurance and disconnected…. He called up Sam….Finally she answered after two trial…,”Hello….Arjun you remembered your best friend after a long time.”
Arjun felt her voice trembling as if she was hiding something or scared….He spoke suspiciously, “Sammy can we dine together???….If you are free I will pick you up in 15 minutes… Tell me where are you.”
Sam hurriedly denied, “Arjun actually I am not feeling well so I have taken a day off.”
Arjun wasn’t sure but he felt something wrong with her…He disconnected after telling her to take care and dialled DM next minute….
Arjun,”Dm Sam has taken a day off….She z not well now answer me why you told me to check on her.”
DM, “Arjun I have traced Sam….she z not home and I have been following her car since half an hour…. I am texting you a address… Reach fast as soon as you can…this z the last chance to get the answer of the questions you are having. “
He grabbed his car keys and hurriedly walked down the staircase….He reached the basement and got inside his car to drive off in lightening speed….
Sam entered inside the studio….she called out for Neil but dead silence greeted her ears…
Suddenly a deep voice made her shiver with fright….Samaira Khanaa, the one among the three culprits responsible for my Sona’s death z here….
She couldn’t see him but could hear his voice clearly….she trembled and spoke,” Neil where are you???….Look I didn’t did anything to Sona…I only destroyed the evidences as per Dm’s instruction…I bribed the officer in charge……”
Before she could say anything more a strong hand harshly brushed her cheek and got imprinted there leaving her skin red and bruised….”Really?….You only destroyed the evidence and bribed the officer in charge… I think you have forgot many things….”
She wiped the sweat on her forehead and screamed out loud as he twisted her wrist brutally….” I forced her to JUMP off…”
Sam was burning in ablaze as she saw Arjun hugging Sona lovingly…Though He was not in love with her but was ready to marry her this very thought was suffocating Sam….
Arjun was drawn towards Sona more and this feeling was strangling her….She could tolerate him sleeping with some girl but not giving someone place in his life…She always thought that she z the only girl who ruled Arjun’s mind….it wasn’t acceptable to her that some random girl will become Arjun’s confidant and he won’t come to her….
Her POV,” Arjun I don’t care how many girls you bed but I do care if you don’t come to me the following morning…. I have always been with you since childhood… You don’t have a heart to love someone but I have always ruled over your mind….I won’t let any girl take you away from me….I can go to any height for breaking your relation with that Sona.”
Few Days Later….
Sona was traumatized after being threatened by DM repeatedly…. She had stopped meeting Arjun….she wasn’t answering his calls…Neil was out of station so she was terribly missing him in her loneliness….
She was sitting on the sofa gazing at her and Neil’s photo frame….Her eyes were pouring….her heart was sinking in pain….Deep immense Pain…
Her POV, “Bhai you were always right about this world…. It takes away more than it gives you…I am so alone… I should have listened to you from the very start…I am sorry Bhai….I am really very sorry….I miss you so much.”
She was lost in her thoughts when the sudden pressed doorbell broke her trance….Her eyes shone with hope to see her brother on the other side but were terribly disappointed after finding Sam….
Sona,” Sam I don’t wish to talk to anyone…. If Arjun has send you then tell him I want to be alone. “
Sam smirked, “You really think Arjun has time to think about you….the day you left him, he resumed to his lifestyle which he changed for you.”
Sona spoke in a broken voice….,” Sam please I don’t want to hear anything about him…..please GO.”
She tried to close the door but Sam pushed her inside harshly…. She winced in pain..,” What the f**k…..I am pregnant….are you out of your mind.”
Sam cupped her face and whispered,” Are you out of your mind to keep hopes from someone like Arjun….He never loved you and will never love you.”
Sona was on the verge of crying hearing that….she removed her hands hastily and replied, “ I know that but I am going to give birth to his child… I saw happiness in his eyes…..He really genuinely cares for me.”
Sam chuckled, “ You really are the most stupidest girl I ever met….You really think he accepted you wholeheartedly, He feels pity after seeing you….You are nothing but a dark stain on his image for him.”
Sona was totally shattered hearing her last sentence….she knew he did not love her but believed that he cared for her….her all hopes were demolished….
Sam,” Sweetie, you are a used tissue for him and you know what they do with used tissues…. THEY ARE THROWN IN THE BIN.”
Sona collapsed on the ground after hearing that….She felt a severe pain in her stomach… She pleaded Sam to stop and leave her alone….Her eyes were shedding unstoppable tears and ears were bleeding meticulously after hearing that SHE WAS A USED TISSUE FOR THE MAN SHE LOVED….
Sam,” What z the use of crying now?….You know Arjun hates meek kittens like you who can’t take a stand….You know why Arjun bends in front of me???….she paused and continued…,”Because I am shrewd just like him….you must have heard….Birds of same feathers fly together….you are emotional fool and you know what he says about girls like you….Meek kittens are easy to bed.”
Sona’s heart broke….. She couldn’t differentiate between the Arjun she saw few days ago and the business tycoon Arjun who was famous for only two things….His Affairs and His wide spreading business….She wanted to believe the good side of Arjun but she couldn’t deny that Sam was his best friend and your best friends know you better than yourself….
She begged Sam to leave her alone and this time she obliged….
She walked towards the door….turned and said mockingly,” Sona if I had been in your place, I would have just end my life instead of giving birth to illegitimate child.”
She smirked as she saw a traumatized Sona….she left behind a soul who was totally broken by her words….
Sam’s POV, “ I don’t know what DM did to keep you away from Arjun but I had to do this….this z my payback dear….I was pained to see Arjun’s care towards you and you were enjoying his attention, I had to see tears in your eyes to sooth my burning heart.”
As the flashback ended Sam was brought out of her thoughts hearing Neil’s harsh raging intense voice…
Neil clasped her hair tight and angrily growled, “ You made her take that extreme step….Who told you to certify your good for nothing best friend in front of her???….if she was happy believing in the fake Arjun then why you had to break her hopes.”
Sam pushed him away and shrieked, “Because I envied her….She was taking my place in Arjun’s life….I couldn’t tolerate that….He had stopped coming to me…Every single day since the day we became friends….He couldn’t stay without talking to me at least once in a day….But your sister was taking him away from me.”
Neil shock her hard clutching her shoulders, “ You very well knew he never loved her then why was you jealous…. She was just like any other girl for him….if he cared truly then she would have been alive today.”
Sam pushed him away and spat venomously, “ He did care for her and I felt like ripping her apart for that.”
Neil,” Not a word against my sister….you should be thankful towards me that I helped you in keeping Arjun all for yourself…. I betrayed my dear friend for giving him pain….I felt vulnerable after seeing Radhika’s condition… I still can’t forget that day when I was holding my sister lifeless in my arms….I haven’t slept peacefully since two years….Do you know how it feels to see the person you love most lying in a pool of blood….totally lifeless….”
Sam,” Neil I had no intention to push her to take that step I just wanted to give her pain.”…..she paused for a second and spoke again, “ I am sorry for your loss.”
As the words escaped her lips, She was turned harshly by someone… As she saw the person her eyes trembled in fear….

Precap…Arjun’s Repentance…. Randhir express his wish to get married to Radhika soon…
Hii friends…. So how was this one???….I hope I didn’t bored you….if I did then to let me know…
My mind z clear about this plot….No confusion but the thing z I am confused about who should have prime focus….Randhir….Arjun or Radhika??….So please tell me what you want to see….
Many of you wanted me to bring back Randhir….. So I did that now don’t ask me that are you pairing Radhika with Randhir…..Because even you know my answer….
Enough of my blabbering…. Along with the reviews please give me suggestions….I don’t want to mess up with the story….
This chappy z dedicated to my sweetheart SV… are a wonderful author and awesome friend…your writing skills z a exception dear……Love you….keep smiling…
Till then byee….love you all….

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  1. Oh my Gosh….full of drama….i loved it…its Monday morning here…and i have got my doze:::) Joke a part… i loved the chappy. it was very nice…story is now in pick….i loved it..waiting on next already my dear….have a great day!!!

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton Kk….I have post the next part….waiting for TU to upload… you too have a grt day…tc

      Love You??

  2. Jessie

    Sam deserves d worst… so DM n Arjun are der..wanna know d rest… Sam turned so cruel.. will Rads get 2 know abt it..Neil’s reaction after this n is Arjun really responsible for sona’s death..?? Will dm say abt Rads 2 Arjun? So curious for next updates.. when is nxt one yaar? Arjun’s POV on his situation., Randhir regains his conscious at ri8 moment..! DM rocked..wat made sam to meet Neil.. Supriya.. I really loved this chappy yaar..well done!! Bear hug.. TC n loads of love.

  3. Shree

    Oye!! What is this?! I was waiting for the past.. but tiiaiz like.. ??

    Radhika’s words I loved… What can I scold Sam with? Even the worst word on earth won’t be enough to scold her… I felt so bad for Sona.. She shouldn’t have taken the extreme step though Sam had shaken her so much.. atleast for her baby.. Good thing dm told Arjun to go…

    Randhir woke up!! Yey!! Now get Radhika and Randhir together.. let it prick Arjun inside out..
    The past was needed.. but.. ouch.. it is hurtful.. Neil did lose his world.. Sons should have listened to her brother.. ok the one who caught her was Arjun… Obviously.. now please don’t be easy on him as he has hurted Radhika a lot.. I know you won’t..

    Now post the next one like a good baby.. Muuaaahh to you ??

    Love you ??

  4. Rossy

    I too second shree..Arjun should not forgiven easily..if it was my control don’t know what I would have done with him…idiot rascal dare of him,humiliate girl…i still boiled in anger for his humiliation..when own character has so many defects he said radz characterless…aargh???? I can’t control myself..welcome back my ranveer..btw he become Randhir from ranveer I think..i read n remember everything well…silly me leave that

    1. Gummiebear

      Oh cool down angry Bird!!!!…I will make sure arjun goes through the worst treatment I can ever think of….thanks di…sorry actually I like that name a lot…isliye Ranveer hogaya randhir…lol
      ….I’ll reply to your comment on next update in some time….

      Love You

  5. I wnt radz n randhir pairing ……..coz want to see Arjun die in the pain of hell……..bluddy idiot …….feeling bad for radz

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks darling… But a marriage without love z worthless… You cannot marry someone who holds feelings for someone else….you’ll see extreme repentance…

      Love You??

  6. Brin

    Awesome episode, Arjun should regret for hurting Radhika and will Neil Forgive Arjun, eagerly waiting for the next update, Supriya you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Di….will reply to your comment on next post soon….tc.

      Love You??

  7. Myra

    Ohh suppu…you crazy little girl ?
    Randhir ko utha diya aur arjun ko sachai dikha di…that too in a single episode…the next’s is gonna be bang…bang..bang!
    I wonder how radhika will react when randhir proposes?
    Another q, will nesam be a pair?
    Loved it to the core sweetie…update soon…love you ?

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Di…yup m a crazy….cute girl…I haven’t thought abt nesam…will think nd tell….waiting for your comment on next update… Its updated…

      Love You??

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Dear


  9. S.v

    Supriya thanks a ton for giving me this wonderful update. Thank you so much no words to praise you. A perfect slap for Arjun. Let him burn more. This time no way mercy idiot cant even see what is real and fake. I can even go to the side of Neil as he was the one who lost his lovely sister.

    Sona should have talked to Arjun before taking any decision but he was made culprit but it does not mean that he is a good person. Seriously i hate this Arjun to the core. Even if Radhika marries Radhir i would be happy. Coz hurting the one who is caring is such a stupidity and he had crossed the limits by hurting radhika more which is not excusable.

    Randhir is back to give his support to the shattered Radhika. I really feel sorry for her as she was being used as a toy between Neil and she was the one who witnessed the real anger of the so called business tycoon Arjun mehra.

    Sam wow should give the best award for her deeds, idiot argh i donno why but my blood is seriously boiling after i came to know about what sam did to Sona. Arjun came to know the real fox was Sam and then its the show time Mr. Arjun for hurting a pure soul called Radhika.

    This was really nice and for heaven sake dont say it was boring nope it was really making me like my twin. Love you lods supriya bear hugs.

    1. Gummiebear

      Awww….thank you so much for such lovely words….m feeling loved and honoured swthrt…. Love you loads and loads….

      Don’t worry….ARjun will pay tremendously every day…its painful to see your love with someone else…he’ll feel suffocation every second…

      Dear…if I get Radhika married to Radhir….then many of you will be hurt nd I don’t want to displease anyone…. Moreover if they get married then too they won’t live happily… Love cannot be forced naa….its either there or its not there….

      Abt Arjun nd Radhika…. She’ll be determined to never to go back to him…w8 for upcoming updates….he’ll change a lot in the process to get her back…you’ll see that soon…

      Love you so much….muaaaaaaaah… Tc


      1. S.v

        No dear I cannot see radhika in pain. Yes she first made a mistake by hearing to thw words of neil but then what happened her own friend betrayed her and arjun wow said he loved her and made her confess by threatening her that he will end his life then what he did he made her ashamed in front of everyone. She took a major step to save his life wothout thinking of the consequence. I donno why everykne is pointingthe others for the mistake when they themselves are not proper or perfect. Yup even I love only ardhika but cant see her being humiliated by arjun when he said he loved her. Thats y i said those words dear. Love I for ur lovely comment and btw how r u ?? How is ur health ?? U all fine ?? Love u lods and pls take care of ur health dear.

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      Thanks happy dear…next one updated…Go have a look…tc

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      Thanks Baby…

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    1. Gummiebear

      Omg….GOOSEBUMPS… Lol…Sam z all yours di…slap her to yours heart’s content…. Thanks Di…Sam was blind to see the difference BTW right nd wrong…waiting for your comment on next one nd also for your ff…

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