Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 22)


Her thoughts are line of dominoes being knocked over one tipping the next and the next…her heart sinks with many emotions making her meek and helpless…Guilt pierces in the tender walls of her heart while her tears stream down her cheeks in anticipation…
“Keep calm.” was all she could murmur to sooth her racing heart rate…
She hurriedly and desperately walks down the slope almost tumbling down and earning severe wounds but she does not pay heed to her pain all she cares for z to save him…Her Arjun whom she can’t afford to lose at any cost…
Finally at last she feels a sign of relief after seeing his car in a miserable condition with all the smoke blowing from the it and almost burned and ready to dispose…she takes long strides towards it but gets terribly disappointed for not finding him inside…
She calls out his name repeatedly but only dead silence greeted her ears making her restless and all unpleasant thoughts sheer one after others….she crashes on the bare ground while the small sharp pebbles poke inside her ivory soft skin and blood oozes out but she does not even notice it let alone wincing in pain…
She feels a void in her trembling heart which lefts her crestfallen…she buries her head in her hands and weeps bitterly assuming she has killed her own love for her loyalty towards her friend…
But a known dark intense voice which conveyed,” Tears don’t suit you TRAITOR!!!” echoed in her ears and shocked her eyes when she lifted them to see whose voice it was…

There he was standing few feet away staring at her furiously…her face brimmed with pure happiness after seeing him safe and sound….she took long steps towards him but before she could loop her arms around his neck he pushed her to the ground harshly…she stared at him with tears in her eyes trying to understand what fury his dark eyes stored…
Arjun grabbed fistful of her hair and brought her to his eye level and shouted in a threatening voice,” You have showed your real intensions…you filthy b*t*h…How could you get this low with some other man?…Everything was planned, wasn’t it?….you were playing all along!!!…you have no idea whom you have played with…I can kill you for this treachery.”
Radhika gasped between her tears as he tightened his clasp on her hair….He pulled out his cell and showed her a video which made her shiver with fear…
Radhika pleaded with him with tears streaming down her cheeks….,”Arjun Sir please trust me….I was just consoling Neil and this video z all modified…..please listen to me for once.”
Before she could say anything further Arjun with a thundering loud scream shouted, “Stop it!!!…Not a single word…you are nothing but a characterless woman….you lured me with your beauty and innocence but am not a fool to believe you after seeing your truth….you are worst than a whore because at least those women are honest with their families.” He stared at her with the most disgusting gaze ever and dragged her along with him paying no heed to her painful cries…
Sam was relentlessly taking long strides thinking about what a horrible day it was for all of them…Few hours back everything was so blissful and now it turned into a disaster….
Arjun moved the steering wheel with all his might and drove the car down the slope with great difficulty… He unlocked the door and jumped outside the car next moment… The car exploded but Arjun got saved as he jumped inside the nearby lake across the slope…he kept on swimming until he reached the shore on the other side where Sam was waiting for him with a impatient look on her face…

She forwarded her hand which he willingly took and pulled her to his chest…,”She betrayed me. “
Sam felt wetness on her sleeve…she pulled back and cupped his face,” Maybe the truth z something else.”
Anger entered his nerves instantly…He furiously barked…,”Sammy Its crystal clear that she was the one behind all this….if not then how she knew that there z a bomb in my car?…what about this video which I got when I was struggling to apply brakes…Radhika z a blo*dy traitor…I won’t spare her.”
Sam hugged him to feel his warmth,” Arjun I am very happy to see you unharmed…if you hadn’t call me I would have never come here…I am pleased to know that you trust me the most in this world though you don’t love me.”
Arjun looked straight in her eyes and answered, “I don’t trust anyone…I was taught and told to trust only my eyes and ears that’s what I have followed whole my life….Sam you are precious to me though I don’t have feelings for you.”
Sam lifted her eyes and mumbled, “And Radhika?…”
As the name escaped from her lips a grim look replaced the smile on his face…he growled with immense anger…,”Betrayers are punished not loved hopelessly.”
Sam tried to reason with him but all in vain…
Arjun felt Radhika betrayed him for some other man…A deep pain pierced his heart like sharp glass pieces…He felt abandoned once again…
Sam,” So what next?”.
Arjun smirked, “I have a plan…you do as I say….I won’t rest in peace till I punish that woman.”
Sam looped her arms around his neck and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek,” I am always with you….you own me till the last breath of my life.”

Precap…. Arjun humiliates Radhika… Broken Arjun…Traumatized Radhika… Overjoyed Neil…Confused Sam..

Hii Guyzz….This chapter z specially dedicated to Feby Di….I wish you all the best for the new phase of your life…
Hope you don’t forget any of us….you are lovely person please don’t change…Love you sweetheart…
So people I hope your head z not spinning after reading…. To clear slight confusion you are having… Someone send Radhika and Neil’s video to Arjun now who z that person….
Z it Sam who z putting on a mask of good demeanour and covering up her evil intentions?
Z it Neil who wants to snatch Arjun’s every single happiness?.
Z it Dm who z a very shrewd woman?….
Keep on thinking and tell me your guess…
So next update two weeks later….Advance mein Happy Rakshabandan to you all….
I got my gift today, Lucky me!!!…
Sisters empty your brothers pockets and brothers shower your sisters with gifts….Have a great day…
Till the next update Love you all….Byeee….
Short one indeed but supriya promises you a double dhamaka for next one…

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  1. Myra

    Amazing episode!

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Di? Stay blessed?

  2. Shree

    Ok.. I never expected him to be so harsh.. video.. who sent? Um not guessing cause i can be wrong too.. so I’ll Wait . Sam is still being a b*t*h.. Im not liking the precap.. so sad.

    Now post soon like a good baccha.. Mamma’s order..

    Love you ??

    1. Gummiebear

      Oh Thank You mamma…okkk keep on guessing just joking you know everything…..will post soon…

      Love You??

  3. Sammy

    i think may be neil did that ..or may be sam ..suppu he know the truth now yipee the story will be like so much pain …lol i love intense ardhika ..loved it to the core ..i was jumping when i saw this update ..dear mindblowing lil one ..update next soon and a looong one

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks my doll?kk keep on guessing but don’t forget to read the next one which I just post few mins back….hehehehe not kidding its true….read and tell me…

      Love You??

  4. Jnana

    I hate you neil… I hate you Arjun…. But I loved the update…. Post soon please… Waiting for the next….

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks jnana? next one posted…..eager for your review…

      Stay Blessed??

  5. Jessie

    Wat a twist.. it is Neil I guess..! Else DM.. coz she too was saved by last min by Rads.. but he is too harsh.. hmm .. yes.. he will be..! Wat ya.. u had a updated a short one.. hmmm… I will cry.. u are updating aftr real long time n tat too short..TC n loads of love.. plss update next one Fast.

    1. Gummiebear

      Guess baby guess but your wait z for only sometime now as I posted the next update….hope TU will upload soon….now plz don’t be angry on me….I have post double dhamaka….so do read nd tell me your reviews…

      Love You??

      1. Jessie

        Woohoo..double dhamaka.
        Thank u Supriya..

  6. Aasthu

    Neil…..did he sent the video???if so he is a cheater……….poor Rads…….hope they’ll unite…….

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Baby…..I have post next update do read and tell me your review….hope your studies r going awesome….

      Love You??

  7. Brin

    Outstanding episode, my guess is Sam and Neil both have the motive, eagerly waiting for the dhamaka. 🙂

  8. Rossy

    M very poor at guessing …anyone could do that..but once u told after knowing truth Arjun will not change…humiliation…omg…now I want rads to be bed ridden with ranveer…both will be at no one can humilate them..ranveer get up man…ur radz needs u

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Rosie Di….oh God!!!…you are so much into the story….kk next update posted hope TU uploads soon….Kk read nd tell me your review….

      Love You??

  9. S.v

    Super u r asking me to guess wow nice joke you know what you asked all the possible question which i can think now this one too. Video……….. argh wait last he said he will be with her then now traitor ?? Neil ?? Sam ?? DM ?? Super my brain is totally drained as i am not able to think more than these 3 people but u gave their names not so fair and dear your other ffs pls wanna read them all and really missed it. He made so many preparation to propose her and also made her confess her love but now he is behaving rudely and precap gosh pls save me dear update soon and pls i wanna read that Ardhika had joined hands but i know that will not be soon yet some some that he is doing that to make her safe. Like that. Love you so much dear and missed you.

  10. Lakshmi05

    Superb update suppu….but arjun was so rude. Hmm…about video… neil i don’t think that he had sent that video coz arjun’ll definitely get his details after seeing that video coz that’s natural anyone like arjun wanted to know for whom did rads betrayed him n for what….,which means his whole plan will be destroyed. This is only my doubt.About Sam n DM ….Sam’s behavior is little suspicious n don’t know about DM… Update soon….waiting to knowabout the person who had sent that video…luv u….tc…

  11. Kavina

    Loved it

  12. So sad for rads 🙁 arjun pls pls open ur eyes 😮 superbbbbbbbb one priya 😀 😀 loved it 😀 love u 😀

  13. nyc episode suppu

  14. it was super duper…neil is the evil one who did this???Arjun was too rude today..but overall it was nice…i am already waiting on next one…blow out…

  15. Was waiting for this update for so long, glad u updated and u dropped a bomb with this update. I think it’s Neil who sent that video to Arjun.

  16. Shubhadha

    Nice one dear…Again missmunderstandings btween Aradhika…

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Dear?

  17. Supri darling sorry for coming late here as i hav very vad internet speed last night.. This update u wrote omg this fabulous.. Arjun’s words pierced my could he evn think tht radz cud b the traitor at girste place…n yess y sam is behaving like the..n who the hell senf tht crap to arjun n tried to kill many questions.. U put me on cliffhanger… So m impatiently waiting for nxt one..come soon…love u my baby sis..

  18. Omg supu…it was very heart wrenching episode. ..poor rads…I’m feeling sooo bad for her….arjun just trusting his eyes n ears but not trying to find the real truth of rads n her true love for him….he was so harsh to rads…ahhh…it hurt…it could be neil I guess…coz he only can record rads video with him…as he is unknown to the world…no one knows about him….then who else can record his video…it has to neil himself to break ardhika pure love bond….keep it up honeyyy. ..n feby…we all love you. ..will miss u….take care sweetie. ..muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

  19. _Ritu

    Amazing Supriya dear…bt it was scary too..glad to Arjun is all fine bt who sent those videos…Neil…?? Waiting to know more..hope Arjun trust Rads or atleast Sam should trust her…waiting for 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton Di….read next one it’s updated… Eager for your review…

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