Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 19)


Hii friends…. Apologies for late update and gratitude for all the comments…. So here z the next one….do read and let me know your reviews…. Till then love you all?
Part 19
ARjun entered his house drunk and drenched in rain…. He dragged his feet trying his best to not to fall off….when he was about to collapse on the floor two motherly hands caught him before he could hit the ground…, “Careful arjun.”
Dm glanced at his tired and lifeless eyes,”Arjun what’s wrong. ”

Arjun avoid meeting her gaze,”dm nothing z wrong…. I am fine.”
Arjun walked to his bar taking support of all the objects that came in his way…..he removed a champagne bottle from the shelf which had his collection…..he applied force to open the cap and all the foam was on his face…..
Dm cupped his face,”you think getting your face drenched will help to hide the tears you have in your eyes now.”
ARjun broke down and collapsed on the floor….,”First time in my life I prayed to your God and look what I got in return. ”
Dm got down and hugged him…..she kept rubbing his back trying her best to comfort him,”Arjun can you please brief me.”

ARjun buried his face in her arms and sobbed, “I proposed her and she said no to me….I still can’t believe ARjun Mehra got a negative answer from a girl.”
Dm caressed his dark locks,”Arjun she z different…. you can’t win her by force…..take this slow….I know you really love her but going against her will can ruin her trust on you….she z a good girl and a one man woman….if you get a yes from her she will stay yours whole life….be patient with her.”
ARjun got up….he spoke irritatingly, “dm she has a past and it still a part of her life….I wonder what was the limit of their relationship.”
Dm couldn’t take it anymore…. She got up and gave him a tight slap…,”This z all my mistake…. I spoilt you ARjun….I knew you are many things but not a pervet but after what I heard from you today….I was so wrong about you…..Just think once are you good enough to question her dignity…you have snooped around with so many that now you don’t even remember the number of girls you slept with….how disgusting ARjun.”

ARjun’s conscience was hit hard by dm’s words..he got down and placed his head on her feet…,”I am sorry please forgive me.”
Dm,”ARjun one sorry can’t take back what you just said and you shouldn’t be the one saying all this after what happened two years back.”
ARjun lost his cool, “dm why can’t you forget and let go those deeds of mine….I know I did wrong but I wasn’t the only one who was guilty….Even sona….”
Before he could complete dm kept her palm on his lips,”Don’t even utter that name ARjun….even the walls have ears….I buried that chapter forever so can you please stop taking her name infront of me….this name shouldn’t even come in our thoughts…. ARjun she was a dark spot on your image which I removed with great efforts…if she would have been alive you would have been behind bars….I never wanted her to die but it did benefit us.”
ARjun hugged her,”I am sorry dm…you are my strength…. my shield against all the odds….I am nothing without you.”

Dm cupped his face and pecked his forehead,”arjun I will protect you because you are my only reason to live….don’t worry nothing will go wrong now….ARjun you will have to work hard to take radhika to the altar….Love without commitment z worthless… If you want to tie her for life then scare her with the threat of ending your life….I am sure it will help to get her confession…. But first tell me everything about radhika’s past.”
ARjun took a deep breath and narrated all the events that occurred with him today and how shocked he was after seeing her commendable courage and commitment towards ranveer…
Dm smirked, “If I want I can make her marry you tomorrow but I want you to work hard to get her.”
ARjun smiled with confidence,”Even I don’t like when I don’t work hard to win…..She z mine and I will marry her one day.”

DM ruffled his hairs,”That’s like my Aru…I never taught you to fail in anything neither in business nor in matters of heart.”
ARjun fell on his back almost tortured his bed due to the force…..he whispered, “RAdhika tomorrow you will confess your feelings I will make you say it loud.”
He moved his finger all over his screensaver and kissed it….After sometime he slipped in deep slumber….
It was past 9 am…RAdhika entered BS……she walked to her desk but before she could start her work Sam’s stern voice made her squilt….

Sam,”Radhika Mishra today because of you ARjun took this extreme step…..He going to end his life because you refused him….I will never forgive if I lose my ARjun because of you. ”
RAdhika was shocked to hear that….her eyes started pouring…. Her all senses became numb…she shaked Sam vigorously and almost screamed,”Sam please tell me where z ARjun Sir…please I can’t let anything happen to him.”
Sam looked straight in her eyes as if trying to read them,”I saw him heading towards terrace….I thought only you can save him please don’t let anything happen to my ARjun.”
RAdhika didn’t wait to reply her but just kept running….she was out of breath after climbing stairs frantically…. Atlast she reached the terrace… Her heavy pants showed how much she had stressed her body….her eyes zoomed all over the place to find him…
There he was standing on the seeling all ready to jump off…. She hurriedly walked towards him but he warned her to back off otherwise he will jump off…

Radhika with tears in her eyes,”ARjun Sir why do you want to end your life?.”
ARjun replied without looking at her face, “Life without you z a curse…..I can’t live without you.”
RAdhika was frustrated, “Sir what can stop you from doing this ghastly deed.”
ARjun,”Give me one good reason to convince me to rethink my decision. ”
RAdhika spoke in a choked voice,”Think about Dm.”
ARjun smiled, “Not good enough.”….his POV,”sweety this all z her idea….I love you from the bottom of my heart but I cannot take my life for you.”
RAdhika, “Think about Sam…she loves you alot.”

ARjun,”Not good enough….I am going to jump now. ”
RAdhika couldn’t hold more….she was on the verge of collapsing on the floor…..,”Sir think about me…..please don’t do this.”
ARjun smirked, “Why do you want to save me….Radhika speak up now.”
RAdhika shrieked, “Because I love you and I have always loved you but I didn’t had the courage to admit it.”
ARjun triumph in victory…. He got down and stood infront of her glanced at her angelic face….her eyes were filled with tears….one of her sleeves was a bit torn because it got stuck somewhere while she was running relentlessly…. She was breathing heavily still…
ARjun removed his jacket and covered her to hide her bare skin from the lustful gazes she would earn once they reach down….
He cupped her face and kissed her forehead,’we will talk in the lobby….Sam has a pair of clothes in her locker…I will ask her to give you something decent to divert the eyes on you.”
RAdhika smiled, “Sir your jacket covers up everything.”

ARjun pulled her closer,”why you need my jacket when you have me.”
Radhika blushed at his naughtly words and hide her face in his hard chest….he gave her a teddy hug but didn’t tighten his grip….he didn’t wanted to make her uncomfortable but she buried herself more in his arms.”
Sam watched them from a distance….. she smiled…. Her POV, “I am happy for you ARjun….I know I have been the worst in last few days but now I have realized how wrong I was….I just want your happiness.”
Neil dialled a number, “Did you plant bomb in his car.”
The person on the other side,”Sir I did but Radhika mam z with him…..what if she joins him inside the car.”

Neil smirked, “Radhika won’t….. It’s past 5 this z ranveer’s time….she will never give this two hours to ARjun….I know she will leave BS in next 10 mins.”
The person on the other side,”When she will return we will party for our victory. ”
Neil chuckled, “I hope she considers this a good news.”
He disconnected and smiled contently….his POV,”Sona I will avenge your death….I wish you could see ARjun suffer.”

Precap…. Never underestimate your enemy….Life teaches lessons….
Next on Thursday hopefully….

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  1. Awesome supriya…finally u posted…loved the way Arjun made Rads confess her feelings..and m really happy u didn’t made sam an obsessed lover…Neil after Arjun’s life..plz dont let him harm Arjun..and when u will unfold the past??waiting for nxt..plz post

    1. Thanks a ton ritu dear?past after two or three updates….. will post ASAP…..loads of love…. Tc?

  2. Suppuuuuuu finallllly u updatedddd total filmy style … yaar yeh na insafi hai ..meri fav ff ka chappy itna chota kyu ….nahiiiiii…suppu you are lucky that iam not in Mumbai ..otherwise I would have eaten you raw . .why so late update .. iam crying …i want it more ….he he arjun bechara devdas .. phir mujnoo …lol liked his technique ..but yaar he really did wrong with sona???? I wish arjun was not wrong and pls try to bring Nesam romance ..old ..thanks for the update dear 🙂 🙂

    1. Sammy my sweety thanks alot for your so much excitement nd curiosity for my this ff… you…..gosh m safe you r not in Mumbai….. But I have my arjun with me?
      you can’t do anything babes…..sorry couldn’t write long…..but will try for next dear….sona’s past after two or three updates….. will update on Thursday…. Loads of love…. Tc?

  3. Shree

    Wow!! That much was much needed… Golu!! For the past two days you’re putting in all slaps… ??.. I can relate to a lot of it.. Slaps need to be given at the right time.. But this one was not too late.. Sona’s death is cause of dm? What kind of an idea did dm give.. wow.. she confessed.. Sam is a good girl… Neil please.. don’t do that.. Precap is interesting… Thursday?! Please do post.. Pleeeaaassseee

    Love you ??

    1. Thanks a ton di?yup I m removing my anger through that slaps…..bichare arjun or RAdhika….. Hehehe I want to slap someone hard….you know the person….. Thanks for your lovely words sweety….sona’s past after two to three updates….. Yup di Thursday for sure… you….muaaaaaaaah…. Tc?

  4. Really di u r eating up my brain with all ur writing….the Epi was superb…..but di pls a longer one next time plsss….and now am so anxious to know about sona’s story……i wish arjun is not a culprit…..if he is i wish he repents genuinely for it….post next one soon di….am waiting…love u…take care…..muahhhhhh……☺☺☺☺

    1. Thanks darling?don’t worry m revealing sona’s past after two to three updates…..will update long next time….next on Tuesday…. Love you….muaaaaaaaah to you too…tc?

  5. Jessie

    Woohoo am dancing.. Rads confessed.. and wats tat Arjun said abt sona..? I was all stopped it… walls have dm we are d ones.. lol.. Glad tat Sam dint turn all obsessive..waiting 4 nxt update.. bt yaar he scared her to confess.. hmm..poor Rads.. was waiting 4 a long time 4 this one…

    1. Thanks Jessie dear?hehehe so eager babes….don’t worry after 2 to 3 updates I will remove the cat out of the bag…..will update on Thursday….. Loads of love?

  6. And m only banging my head what could have happened in past so that Neil has so much vengeance in him…Arjun did wrong with sona included…lol m scratching my head now…eager to know…now m doubt if ranveer is in his sense n acted in front of rads???

    1. No please don’t bang your head….what if all your stories slip out nd you get partial amnesia?thanks di… dear ranveer z positive…. will update on Thursday…. Loads of love…. Tc?

  7. Awesome episode, what happen to Sona was she murdered or did she sucide, eagerly waiting for the next update, Supriya you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin dear?i will reply sona’s past after two to three updates…. will update next on Thursday…. Loads of love…. Tc?

  8. wow……..amazing episode…as usual u r rocking….precap interesting ……….eagerly waiting next one….pls pls pls update soon.thanks for updating……tc

    1. Thanks a ton di?will update soon….loads of love….. Tc?

  9. Supriya Darling its superb…i like the way rads get worried n confess her feelings.. sam was brilliant here..n wht neil planted bomb..ohhh i cant wait for pls nxt one soon

    1. Thanks a ton di?will update on Thursday for sure….loads of love?stay blessed?

  10. S.v

    Supriya i’m jumping in happiness Radhika confessed her heart to Arjun yippiee and what is that DM did with Sona and she is asking not to take her name. Omg omg omg you are seriously awesome . I’m in happy mood as now ardhika can have some romance but what have you done in precap that never underestimate the power of your enemy ?? What is that dear , update soon and please say me what happened in past yaar ?? Love you lods my lil one. Love you so much.

  11. Oh god d pre cap looks scary. I loved today’s episode. But how will rads allow arjun to b hurt. How will she prove his innocence. But then when will d past get unfold? Has dm really done something to sona and not told arjun abt it?

  12. Sorry Darling for the late comment …. it was amazing I am happy she confessed but scared what will do Neil now…will he harm Radhika … but now I am curious how was Sona at fault …. and what did DM do.. will Radhika get injured….I am curious please post the next one soon 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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