Manmarziyan- Love you forever (Part 18)

Hey friends…. Thanks for your comments and unconditional support…. I know I said Tuesday but then I felt like surprising you people….. Do read this one and let me know your views…..hey one question for you all… you remember ‘This heart of mine still loves you’ ff of mine?….chalo enough of me you enjoy this one….

Arjun applied sudden brakes and radhika got up with a jerk as if she remembered some old wound while experiencing that sudden friction…..
He gave her a apologetic look for disturbing her sleep and gestered her to get down….she obliged and gave him a rather confused expression….

Arjun smiled, “you will know everything in sometime.”
She laid her eyes all over the place….they were standing on the edge and a big magnificent ship was waiting for them to board it…sun was on his way to kiss horizon…..he pulled her on the ship while she was still shocked to watch her king size portrait enjoying its place in the middle of sea….it was hooked to the pole….but this was just the start Arjun had many more surprises for his ladylove….

As radhika entered inside the deck,she felt something soft beneath her feet…she lowered her head to look down and got the second sweet surprise…. There was a path made of rose petals…Arjun was standing beside her but not stepping on rose petals,they were only meant for her small and soft feet…..

Radhika opened her mouth to say something but he made her quiet by keeping his index finger on her lustrous lips….she felt tickling sensation when his finger touched her lips….he took back his finger as if understanding her discomfort….
Arjun wrapped his hand around her shoulder and started walking along with her,but his feet a inch away from rose petals path…..
Radhika gasped at the beauty of the ship….it had almost everything…. A big hotel with a inclination of 6 floors….but not a single light lit in that magnificent hotel…it was beautiful but at the sametime deserted and no sign of life inside it….it didn’t require to get Eisenstein’s brains to tell that there was no one except both of them….
They reached the deck atlast after walking for at least 15 mins,..she was amazed after seeing the scenic beauty….beautiful sunset and two people deep down in love with each other…what a perfect combination indeed….
He placed his palm on her brown orbs and restricted her eyes from watching the ea eavesdropping view….
Radhika could feel Arjun’s hot breath on her skin and this made her cheeks turn red….his lips just a inch away from her cheeks….

Arjun whispered in her ears,”radhika open your eyes when I instruct you,am I clear?.”
She nodded like obedient kid….
After a matter of few seconds his spoke hoarsely, “open your eyes now radhika.”
She lifted her eyelids got the biggest shock of her life….fireworks sparkled up in the sky and form the initials of ‘I love you’….

Arjun nuzzled near her ear and mumbled,”I love you, will you marry you.”
Radhika felt as if her heartbeat stopped for that one second when his words reached her ears and echoed in her numb senses….she felt overjoyed but the thought of ranveer which crossed her mind made her jerk away arjun’s hand which was embedded around her waist….

Radhika in a stern voice, “I can never marry you sir.”
Arjun’s world which had reached the great heights came crumbling down after hearing those words which pierced his heart like glass

Arjun grabbed her arm tight enough to hurt her….. She winced in pain and jerked away his hand using all her strength…..
Arjun realized that hurting her will only break him apart…he cupped her face and spoke,”why you can’t marry me.”
Radhika’s eyes avoid meeting his gaze as if she was scared that he might know her true feelings which she kept hidden till now…he lifted her chin with his forefinger and touched her forehead to his….Arjun could see how she blushed beetroot red after this sudden unexpected intimacy….. He could hear her racing heartbeats which revealed her feelings to him…he didn’t fail to observe her lowered gaze which declared what effect he had on her….
Arjun spoke on the top of her head,”Radhika you love me and if you think hiding your feelings can divert my heart from you then you are strongly mistaken.”
Radhika was brought out of her dream world,she was seeping into….she pushed him away trying her best to make him think that all her feminine reaction to his sudden closeness was just a lie,but all in vain because arjun had read those brown orbs reflecting love…..

Radhika, “Arjun sir you are misunderstanding I am not in love with you.”
Arjun smiled and again erased the distance between them taking convenient steps towards her….
Arjun retorted, “If you don’t feel anything than why z you body not supporting your words….why z your heart racing at my touch….why had you lowered your gaze…..speak up radhika.”
Radhika, “I am not hiding anything sir,you are dreaming things.”
Arjun,”oh really how defensive of you….now answer what z stopping you from saying yes to me.”
Radhika, “Arjun sir please let me go.”
She struggled to escape his ironic grip but he tightened his claws more on her thus hurting her without having any such intension….

Radhika was tired fighting him but he remained adamant on knowing the truth….he didn’t care of the low painful moans that escaped her lips….

Radhika blurted out in frustration, “Fine!you want to know the truth than listen I have a past…..I never thought I would talk about this phase of my life with anyone….I have a past sir and….before she could complete she heard his sparkling laughter….
Arjun giggled,” I have a encyclopedia if you talk about past.”
Radhika retorted, “Arjun sir you are not understanding I am talking about a serious relationship.”
Arjun’s smile vanished….but he loved her too much to consider his male ego….he cupped her face and whispered, “I don’t care about the relationship you ended or it met an end on its own.”
Radhika, “I do care sir….I cannot start a relationship until I fulfil my commitment to someone who loved me more than his own life.”
Arjun in a curious tone,”what you mean.”
Radhika distanced herself from him and peeped down to look at the deep, majestic sea surrounding them….
Radhika, “I lost my parents in a plane crash when I was 5 years old….the most displeasing fact z that my small family….my small world ended on my birthday…. I was send to orphanage after that….After I turned 18 I decided to stand on my own feet so I moved out of orphanage…. I met ranveer in the company from where I got a call for interview… was love at first sight for him….we became very good friends in just few months….I got everything to call as my own….his family loved me like I am their own blood…I got a mother who showered me with undying affectio…everything was so perfect I was scared that it might end as a dream….but when I opened my eyes I got all the happiness of this world…. ranveer finally proposed me and I was sure about that relation because I could see his unconditional love in his eyes….we got engaged in presence of his family and almighty….he never said no to me for anything….everything I desired was infront of me the very next moment….one day I laid my finger on the steering wheel….that day also he couldn’t refuse me….I lost my control on the car,he was struggling to stop the car but brakes were failed…. A truck approached infront of us and I became stiff,I couldn’t move a bit….ranveer sensed the danger and pushed me outside the car….everything was over in that one minute…..he didn’t care of his life after seeing that truck which was going to crash with our car….he just did what he felt could save his love…I lost everything that day.”
She sobbed profusely after remembering those haunting memories….
Arjun,”radhika it was not your fault…it was his destiny to die…you shouldn’t blame yourself. ”
Radhika retorted,”Sir ranveer z not dead….since last two years he z lying on a bed in a sanitorium….Doctors say there z no sensation in his body….he z braindead….but I know he z going through that unbearable pain only to keep his commitment with me…he promised to never leave me alone and in this state too he z fulfilling his promise…. Now you tell me how can I break my commitment with someone because of whom I am alive today.”

Arjun spoke in a pained voice, “Do you love him.”
Radhika,”No,I never loved him but I am committed to him and this fact will remain the same….I only loved…..she realized what she was going to say and stopped in between….
A tear escaped her eyes which he caught in his palm before it could fall down and mix with dust….
Arjun,”For who you are shedding tears for me or ranveer.”
Radhika,”I am shedding tears on my fate….you won’t understand and I can’t make you understand….I need to leave now….I have to visit ranveer before visiting hours end….can you drop me home.”
Arjun’s mind started putting the pieces together…. This was the reason she was not ready to work in the evening shift….her mother whom she called her own was actually ranveer’s mom….he was not able to accept the fact that she lied to him all this days…..she rejected him despite of having feelings for him…..
As the ship reached the seashore, radhika hurriedly walked to the highway take a cab…she didn’t even turn to spare arjun a glance….

Arjun watched her until she was out of his sight…he crashed on his knees…a pain strike his body…he touched his chest and felt as if instead of sound of his own heartbeats… he could only hear radhika….
But he was Arjun Mehra and he never learnt to lose on anything….he knew what has to be done to make her confess her love for him…

Precap….Arjun’s plan to make radhika confess her feelings…. Neil’s plan to harm arjun…will radhika save him in nick of time…let’s see….

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  1. Rg2015

    Oh supriya beautiful yet painful. Will ranveer come back alive? Oh god feel very bad for ardhika. Wats going to happen whn arjun discovers radhikas treachery ? Will rads confess her feelings? Wats Neil going to do? Will Neil and rads frdship break? Wat abt Neil sisters past with arjun ? Pls supriya pls give me answers for a few atleast.

    Wat abt janemaan????????? pls tell me will u update tat? Pretty pls supriya.. Yes I remember this heart of mine still loves u ff.

    1. Thanks dear Rg for this amazing comment…. now your answers….I have not thought abt ranveer that much but he z a positive character….. radhika will confess in next one….arjun won’t leave her alone till she says yes….abt Neil let it be a small suspense till next one….no Neil nd radhika’s frdship won’t brk she promised him to always stay frds with him…..abt sona’s past that will be after few more updates…. sorry dear to keep you waiting for jannemaan…. I will start writing from today…..will update ASAP…..loads of love…

  2. This just osum yaar loved it honey ……….I me waiting for your other updates also …….be soon

    1. Thanks Shreya?will update soon….loads of love?stay blessed?

  3. Jessie

    Woohoo…. am dancing …. thank u so much supriya..bear hugs… this is one of my fav.. loved d proposal.. I know he will rise back bit felt lil bad when she said no.. wow a magnificent proposal..Ah.. he got tat its just a commitment.. now am all eager 2 know how he will make her confess her love..

    And yes.I remember my heart still loves u where Rads is said to be dead n Arjun is adamant on his daughter whom Sam claims..last chappy was so emotional of Arneil bond n lil Rads holding Arjun’s finger is my fav scene.. very much eager 4 ur updates dear… TC n loads of love.. when is nxt update or any surprise..

    1. Thanks Jessie dear….m feeling on the top of the world after seeing your comment…. Thanks for remembering hrt ff will update that one soon….you r a swthrt….will update this one soon too….loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  4. yes supriya I have remember ur ff “this heart of mine still loves u” n missed that so much plz update that

    1. Thanks dear for keeping that ff in your memories….will update soon….loads of love…

  5. Kavina

    I loved it

    1. Thanks kavina?

  6. Sammy

    Yipee suppu darling ..oh god arjun ..I love him so much ….pls update next chappy on Tuesday pls …this was amazing 🙂

    1. Thanks Sammy darling…..will update soon sweety….love you…tc?

  7. S.v

    Way too awesone superb. Radhika loves arjun but committed to ranveer. Lovely. The way she explained her feel was soo truthful. Precap oh my gosh something big and the way u explained abt the boat was super cute and rose petals. Wow lovely. Live u so much and pls next one soon. I know that was too mych but update soon.

    1. Thanks Svswthrt… dear you r not asking too much….don’t request just demand….you r my swthrt nd no formalities btw us….will try to update ASAP….loads of love and million hugs for you?

  8. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for your other ff. 🙂

    1. Thanks Brin?loads of love?

  9. Lakshmi05

    Amazing episode dear… ‘This heart of mine still loves you’ is nice ff dear…will be waiting for ur next update…luv u…tc…

    1. Thanks a ton darling?will update next one soon….loads of love?stay blessed?

  10. Supriya baby this was so emotional and beautiful… Arjun’s confession was so beautiful … the pain he felt when Radhika refused… felt his pain… now waiting to see what will Arjun do to make her confess … what will Neil do now.. how will Radhika save him…and also where is Sam now ??? tc care loads of love sweety

    1. Thanks alot di?your words touched my heart….thanks for making me feel special….. Let Neil’s plan be a suspense will reveal in next dear…..loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  11. thnx dear for posting early…really a painful past of rads..hope ranveer get well soon and he plays cupid in making aradhika one..arjun’s proposal for rads was jst awesome..precap sounds superb..waiting to see how arjun will make rads confess her feelings and how she will save him from Neil.. one question dear..will nesam also unite here?? and yes I remember ur that was jst amazing. and plz post next one soon as I can barely wait and update other ffs 🙂

    1. Thanks dear for the lovely analysis?…you made my day….don’t worry won’t make you wait for too long will post ASAP….loads of love….tc?

  12. ooohhh my god supriya darling m just spell bound with thr truth of ranveer….omg this dead lock kind situation how arjun will pass this…m so eager rocked it…love you

    1. Thanks di?loads of love?stay blessed darling?

  13. hey supriya …
    it was superb..
    i guess this story is taken from marathi movie MITWA…
    u have awesomely compared it with ardhika….
    u have described each scene of movie MITWA here beutifully….

    1. Thanks vsk?your appreciation made me feel on the top of the world… But dear my story z not completely similar to MITWA movie I have made a different package by mixing up different stories…. you will know this in future….keep commenting….loads of love?

  14. Aasthu

    awesome………….u made me cry…………..

    1. No baby don’t cry….bad times add spice in the story but they don’t last long….promise to make you smile in next one…loads of love?stay blessed?

  15. U made me.emotional 🙁

    1. Suppu ..
      Y r u not updating jaanemaan ??? Its been loong tym.. 🙁

      1. Thanks neetz?i have post Jannemaan in the afternoon today maybe will get updated in sometime…. sorry for the long wait…loads of love?

  16. Dhara


    1. Thanks dhara?loads of love?stay blessed?

  17. amazing episode……eagerly waiting next one……….tc

    1. Thanks subha?loads of love?

  18. Awwwwwww so romantic, how can she say no after such a romantic and beautifully narrated proposal. Loved the proposal, amazing update

    1. Thanks Gianna di?loads of love?stay blessed?

  19. Awesome, marvellous episode. …very very heart wrenching n emotional. …you nailed it my honeyyy as always. ..arjun’s proposal n rads refusal…her fb n ranveer’s story revelation very beautifully narrated. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh. ..n yes we haven’t forgotten any of your stories, just waiting for you to update it… 🙂 take care….♡

    1. Thanks for those wonderful words my di….was waiting for your comment….thanks for remembering nd loving my all stories….. will post soon….love you…muaaaaaaaah….. Tc

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