Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 9)


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Chapter 9

Next Day

Sam was preparing lunch and Radhika was helping her in cooking. She was cutting the vegetables.

“ Sam please tell me na..How you and Neil met ? “ Radhika said while chopping veggies on kitchen bench.

Sam blushed with it.

“Well…..Apparently at book store where I was searching for good book for my brother and then Neil helped me for getting it. As I got my brothers call I left without thanking him…I felt very bad for that…But next day I saw him at local park near my home and went to him to thanks..He then asked me for dinner date with him to compensate his help. First I felt weird but he too good in nature so I agreed and went for dinner..It was like romantic date. Then after that we used meet often and hang out..Then on fine day proposed and I said yes obiously….We started Birdsong an ad agency….so now we got married one year ago….”
Sam was sharing all it like dream..

“Aww, That’s so cute..” Radhika said

“It is, isn’t it..n yours story is really interesting..You know I have seen Arjun from so long…you are like inspiration for him. He has made this all empire by himself. Me and neil, Papa..always offer him help to start business but he refused it..And build a name for himself by his hardwork…” Sam said

Radhika nod she thought for what to say but ended on keep nodding…
“But broking vases Chashini…can’t imagine… are really cute n sweet…can I call you chashni” Sam said

“ What can I say..yess ofcourse and I have been knocking vases since I was born…” radhika said and they both laugh.

Suddenly Radhika felt hand coming touching her waist and grabbing slice of carrot. She turns to find Arjun was standing at her behind.

“Sorry Sam..don’t mind” Arjun said

Sam giggles “ Go on Devaraji..This is your days..have a fun and romance…”

Radhika gave an angry look to him..He smiled and went to the living room.
After that Neil came and whispered something in Sam’s ear, first she refused but then agreed.

“Chashni, can you head down to the kitchen store room and grab a big tray” She said lifting some trays.. “ This are small one….”

“ Sure sam….” Radhika said and went down to the hall and crossing some rooms she found Kitchen store room. She saw that door is look lil bit old comparative to other.After trying hard it got able to open it.

She went inside and saw multiple panels with differet utensils..She saw line of different sizes trays..she left surprised.who need this much trays….She went to grab biggest one.Then she heard footsteps.

“Need any help? “ Arjun was standing leaning on the rack corner.

She frowns “ I’m fine..I can do it by myself”

“ Okay..Sam asked me to help you so I came….” He folds his arm across his chest and watching her intensely.

She tried to reach for biggest one which was right on the top of the rack. Her hand was not reaching so she searched for stool but didn’t found any. She got on her toe lifting her leg and put another on edge of rack.
Her leg slips from the edge and she was going to fall hard, she closed her eyes but she felt warm arms than hard floor. She opens her eyes and found Arjun holding her tightly.

“ you should have just asked for my help..” He said
She got up angrily and went towards the door.He removed the tray from rack.

“ Radhika listen to me..what happen? Why you are not talking to me…” Arjun went behind her.She didn’t react.
She tried to open the door but it seems locked.

“ Let me please…” Arjun come forward.she let go the knob.he handed tray to her.

He grabbed the knob and tried to pull with all the force and twist but no use.

She laughs “ Let me try…”

She grab the handle and pulled it forcefully but handle came in her hand and due to force she was going to hit the ground again..He grabbed her again

“How many times I have told you to be careful…” He frowned “ WE are stuck here…”
She went near the door “ is anyone there??? Help us”

Arjun walked off to the side and leaned on the wall. She screamed for sometimes but got no reply. She went to him.

“ I love you, you know..I can’t imagine my life without you..I know you angry on me because I didn’t tell you about I saw you already na….But I want you to know me first….” He said

Her body went still. She freeze

“You are the first and only girl I have ever cared for.i have never thought about my future with someone until you came into my life…I want you..I need you….” He had tears in his eyes.

He grabbed her hand and she let him hold. He was waiting for her answer.he was looking into her eyes.She didn’t speak anything.

“Speak up..I love you damn it…” He said desperately.

“ Arjun when I first saw you but to my unknown I got attracted to you..But I thought you were using many billionaires do to the girls…I got afraid..But you always cared for me like no one did in my entire life..nor my mom dad paid any attention to me…you woke up my self-confidence….but in this two days I saw that Arjun who had fallen for me six year back who had nothing but talent and true loved me unconditionally…..and Now I fallen for him truly” She said softly

She stopped.Arjun heart raced.

“ I love you too damn it…..” Radhika said smiling. A tear drop escaped from her eyes on her chicks.

Arjun who was shocked with her confession stood numb. She saw a thin layer of water in his eyes. She can’t help but press her lips on his.

“Don’t break my heart ever Arjun…” She whispered

“ Never ever..” He said and presses his lips harder on her.They were kissing like they are thirsted for it from so long. His warm lips were brushing against her soft lips with synchronization and his tongue granted permission to entire into the mouth. It was most passionate kiss which was getting more intense with each passing minutes.His hand was travelling on her back and she held his shirt tightly. Her hand went to explore his abs..

“ I love touching me…” he whispered and again went for kissing

“ Don’t stop…” She whispered.

A knock on the door jolts them..

“ Is everything okay” Sam screams from outside. They got apart.
“Sam Thank god..You are here…we got stuck here” Radhika screamed back.

“ Okay I will get a help..” Sam said and went

Arjun looked at her. She was busy arranging her hair.

“ Don’t worry you look gorgeous always…” He whispers near her neck…She went crimson.

Sam brought Neil and Jai..They banged the door and it burst open. Neil winked at Arjun..It was NeSam plan to give Aradhika some time alone but that crappy door played important part fortunately.

Aradhika’s day went stealing glances of each other. Arjun demanding her to meet him in his room but every time someone calls her and she couldn’t able to go to meet him.At night time Nandini and Sam hold her for gossiping. After waiting for so long Arjun falls asleep in his room.

Next day Morning Arjun’s family was getting ready to leave for Bangalore.

Radhika got up from bed and quickly run into the shower,as night she got late to sleep eventually she left for littile bit late than usual.

When she got out from the shower she noticed she had forgotten her clothes and towel in the bedroom. Slowly peeking her head through the door, she looks around to see if anyone is in the bedroom.

Noticing no one, she opened door a little bit more then she slammed shut immediately as she noticed Arjun entering the room.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything “ He said smiling.

“Arjun I forgot my clothes and towel, can you please pass it to me…..” Radhika said from behind the door.

She waits but didn’t get any reply so she peeped from the door again and noticed he was sitting on bed giving smug look.

“If you want it, come and get it yourself..” he said smirking.

“ What..u must n joking..don’t you “ She said in surprised
“not at all… you heard it’s your punishment for not coming to at night “ he was smiling happily

She slammed the door and scan the bathroom but found napkin only but then she noticed one of the Arjun’s office button up shirt hanging on hanger.

She grabbed it and worn his shirt. The shirt comes up to her mid-thigh which was enough to cover herself. She confidently steps out from the bathroom.

Arjun’s mouth was wide open when saw her like that. She walks over and grab her clothes, Arjun immediately snatches her cloths.

“ No way this is cheating…” He said

“ this not fair..Give it back to me…..” She said trying to grab her clothes but he was swiping it from one hand to other.

“Did I tell you that you look cute in my shirt.You should wear it often…” he winks

She blushed but said “give it back Arjun..its getting late”

As Arjun started to walks towards her which making her walk backwards.and then she slammed on the wall.

Arjun leans in putting his hands on the wall , locking her.

“I will give your clothes if you give me mine” He said huskly

“ Ok deal….now give it mine..” She said

He smiles “ you still haven’t learn to not make deals with me…You will never learn..I need my shirt now…”

His hand reaches to unbutton the top button of shirt.

“No way…Arjun..”she said

He laughs “You said deal,right”

He unbutton the first one when suddenly bang on the door caught their attention.

“ Chashni come fast..we are almost ready….” Sam shouts from other side

“ Yesss coming sam..just five minutes….” Radhika shouts back

“ Okay” Sam left

Arjun chuckled “ So where was I ?”

“ This is not done…” She said

“ You made a know that how much I took deals seriously “ He smirks

“ Okay then I want kiss first…” She said and lean on him.
“ I am always ready…” He said

She went near to his face, she caressed his face and hover her lips near his which was enough for her to distract him. As their lips were merely inches apart she snatched her clothes from his and ran into the bathroom quickly.

“ That’s so unfair radhika “ Arjun shouted

She again peeped from the door and smirking “ I won the deal…”

He smiled at her naughtiness “yes baby you did..” and he left.

As Radhika changed she came down stairs and meet to everyone. She had tears in her eyes. She felt his family like her..In just short time she grows a strong relation with Arjun’s family..She got all the care, love and affection which she didn’t get from her family.
Aradhika stood at the door as all leave. Jai got into sport car while all others sat together in another car.

As she turned around and wipe a tear.

Arjun wraps around his arms around her from behind “ Why are you crying??”

“Umm..nothing…..” She says wiping tears

He turned to face her “It’s not nothing .”

She sighed “’s everything

He waited for her to speak
“ you have perfect family Arjun. I’m very much jealous of you..In fact you yourself are perfect and so that your life…”

He grabbed her hand and makes her seat on couch and cupped her face

“ My life wasn’t perfect..untill you came into it…” He said softly “ I am not perfect either Radhika….”

“ You know Arjun I got all the love and affection from your family for that I crave for ages..My mom dad they were always busy fighting with each other. My dad used to doubt on my mom and she was always busy in her high class friends. I have always seen them fighting only and I was so frighten with that my nervousness increased and I used to fear a lot to everything….I didn’t want to be a reason for their fights so lived in fear. That day you first saw dad was calling me and mom and dad fought again..and they separated…” She said all crying.

Arjun grabbed her in and consoled her and they sat like this for hours.

“ I love you damn it..” He said smilingly

“ I love you too damn it..” She said smiling

He kissed her on her forehead then Rana entered into the house

“ Sir I need to talk to you…” Rana said

“ don’t I told you to knock…” Arjun said to Rana glancing once at Radhika

“ Sorry Sir but its urgent….Jai met with accident..He is in hospital…” Rana said

At that Aradhika freezed

“ Sir please…hurry..” He said

Arjun face lost his color

“ which hospital ? “

“Tata hospital..”

Arjun grabbed radhika’s hand and rushed towards his car.

Tata Hospital

As Arjun entered into the hospital through the glass panel he saw jai was helpless lying on bed. His almost entire body in bandage.
Arjun reminded of their childhood memory of playing cricket and Jai got hit by the ball on leg..He couldn’t see his pain n how badly he hit that boy who throws ball at Jai..

Radhika squeezed his hand for reassurance.. He saw Sonali crying continuously in the corner of waiting room and Raj hugging her consoling.. Sam get her to eat something but she refused.. Sam and Neil looked shattered too…

Arjun remembered just yesterday they were laughing and enjoying now his beloved brother is on bed..He feel numb.

“ You need to be strong Arjun “ Radhika pacifying him she too was tears in her eyes.. Jai is like her brother to her..In just two days they became a good buddies.

Arjun hugged her tightly.

After six hour of some test and treatment Doctor told them that Jai is out of danger.

Neil frowns “ I am going to find that truck driver and going to kill him what he did with my brother…”
Sam made him relaxed.
Then Arjun’s phone rang

Arjun : “ Hello “

“ Hello, Arjun Mehra” a gruffy voice from another side said

Arjun : Yes who is this ?

Voice : It doesn’t matter who am I.What matter is your brother might not live..

Arjun got stif “ What do you mean ? “

Voice : Did you really think your brother in hospital because of is there because we put him there..

Arjun squeezed his phone harder and through gritted teeth said “ you f**king basted..What do you want ?

Voice : Money..isn’t it obious..he is recovering because we let him..but not for much time..if I don’t get any money you brother may not recover ever…”

Arjun “ Who are you creep…”

Voice : It doesn’t matter..I want 2000 cr at Shivaji Park at 7 pm..If you aren’t there then Jai won’t be there..

Phone lines went dead.Arjun stared the screen..Its private number..

Precap “ Arjun went to killer…Jai got attacked again but Radhika tred to save him..Goons attacked on her too.

That was that..Hows it..
Gauri please come soon yarrr..Missing you and your stories badly….Song for you…
“ Beheti hawa sa tha vo..udati patang sa tha vo..kaha gaya use dhuno….”

Sooo come soon…..

Stay always KHush my deariesss

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