Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 8)


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Chapter 8

Radhika was getting ready to meet Arjun’s family. After rejecting dozens of dresses she finally wore gorgeous red Anarkali dress having deep back neck. She put on red lipstick and apply black kohl on her hazel eyes..she never wear this much make up but now she was meeting one of the high profile family in India and can’t wear her usual cloths.

As she reached to grab her scooty she heard voice from her behind
“ Good evening mam, Arjun Sir sent me to pick you up….” Rana said pointing finger towards posh Lamborghini.
She got surprised but then she refused to go by it.She dialed to Arjun but he didn’t pick up the call as he knew why she was calling.

“ Mam..please..we getting late..” Rana said politely. Now she can’t help but nod.

After travelling for half an hour in Mumbai traffic they entered in Mehra Mansion..Crossing the gate she saw luscious, green trees everywhere. Flowers in all colors. It took five minutes’ drive to the main mansion from gate.

Her mouth got dry watching the big it’s not a house..It’s a castle, mansion..The kind it shows in magazines or in movies.

“How many rooms this house has?? “ she asked to Rana

“Ummm..near about 24..” He replied

“What??really..who needs this much..” she screamed almost..

After getting down from the car, she saw security guards at door. They didn’t stop her. She pressed the doorbell. Arjun opened the door smiling..with his signature smile…He was looking s*xy wearing sky blue color shirt tucked into pair of black pants with a belt. His shoes so polished that some can see his reflection in it.

“You look Gorgeous!!” He said smiling.

She went crimson. She was nervous to meet his family and how they will react after meeting her.

“Is this dress okay? “ She said

He smiles and moves from the way grabbing her hand walking in with her.

“ Oh my god! It’s so lovely to finally meet you,” Sonali said as she saw Radhika entering with Arjun.

“ I have been waiting to see you since Arjun told us about you…” Sonali pulls Radhika in hug.

“ Mom, this is Radhika and Radhika this is my mom…” Arjun introduced

“Its so lovey to meet you Mam “ radhika said and bent to touch sonali’s feet. Sonali grab her quickly.

“ Don’t be silly..don’t be so formal….” Sonali insist

“Oh my god she is so gorgeous Arjun…best choice for you..” Sonali says..Arjun smiled and

As Sonali took Radhika to the living room, Raj stands from the couch.
“ Hi beta..I am Arjun’s father Raj Mehra..” Raj introduced

Radhika touched his feet.
After that Nesam, jai and Nandini came and introduced themselves.
Then they took dinner and Radhika found they all were so free in talking with her like she knew the from so long. She felt relieved and homely.Specially with sam and nandini she jelled so easily like her own sisters.

“ Radhika you staying with us for two after that we are leaving for Banglore..Don’t refuse….” Sonali said

“ But Aunty….how can I live here.I didn’t bring my cloths…” Radhika said in hesitation.

“ Don’t worry..i have extra pairs of my all cloths…u can wear it….problem you are staying here….” Sam said
“ But..” radhika said

“ Please stay here na…” Nandini insist

“ Okay” Radhika couldn’t resist more but agreed.

“ Radhika you sleep in Arjun’s room…” Sonali says

“ What?? “ Radhika said in shocked..She looked at Arjun who’s face is expressionless.

“Beta I mean..You sleep in Arjun’s room and Arjun will shift to another one…” Sonali corrected.

Radhika sighed. Arjun winked at her.

“ No need of it aunty..I will sleep in another room…” Radhika says

“Beta after your marriage it will be your bedroom took it charge from today itself…” Sonali said

Everyone went to sleep.


As Radhika entered into the Kitchen she saw Sonali who was busy preparing breakfast as Arjun wants all mom made food as far as sonali was with him.

“ Good Morning Aunty..Can I help you?? “ Radhika says

“ Yess..Take this coffee and give it to Arjun…and wake him up….” Sonali handed coffee tray to Radhika…

“ Me????” Radhika said in surprised

“ ofcourse…after marriage you have to handle all this things na beta..then why not from now…” Sonali said

Radhika went to the room where Arjun was sleeping.She knocked for couple of times but entered hesitantly when he didn’t open the door.

She saw him sleeping peacefully and smiling in sleep.

“ Devil..smiling in sleep..must be torturing me in his dreams too” radhika said to herself and placed the tray on lamp table beside the bed.

As she turned to go she felt a strong grip on her wrist and in no time she was on Arjun’s top..Arjun arrested her in his strong loop.

“ Hey..leave me…what are you doing??? “ Radhika fidgeted and tried to escape from his grip…

“ you look cute with pink….” He whispered in her ear leaning close to his chaste..Their body is touching each other..She blushed

“ Ohhh..You look s*xy when you blushed….” He again whisper

“ let go of me” she said attempting to get free.

He bite gently on her ear shell arousing thousands of butterflies in her stomach..She shivered…. he whispered
“ Sam can sees us through the garden window…if we don’t behave like couple other will doubt on us…”

He tilts her chin at left she can see window near the wardrobe leads to the garden.Sam was there in the garden.

“ she can see you are romancing with me..this things should happen behind the closed door?? “ She said still trying to free

“Are you suggesting me that we should do it behind closed door? “He laughs

“ Ofcourse not..and you are taking advantage of the situation, don’t you? “ She shaked her head

“ I am going to take full advantage of the know that I love you….” He said smirking….

She freezed. He quickly kisses her on forehead before she say anything and hop off the bed and went to washroom.she came out of shocked in few minutes and went to downstairs remembering their moment.
After some time….

In living room Arjun sees everyone was talking and laughing as he came from upstairs.

Nandini walked to Arjun and making him seat on couch opposite to Radhika.

“ So Radhika bhabi tell us how you meet bhai?? Nandini said

“ Its just casual new thing…” Radhika said looking at arjun

Sonali exited in joy “ no you must tell us…”

Radhika couldn’t get any story so she thought to throw this story ball to arjun “ Arjun will tell you all..”
Arjun smiled

“ Okay bhai you tell us..bhabi is getting shy…but first you have to sing a song for bhabhi….” Jai said with excitement..

Neil bring guitar and throw it to Arjun…

“ bro…shuru ho jaa…” Neil winked

Arjun played guitar flawlessly and start singing a song which is one of his favorites

“ Aaj Kal Tanha Main Kaha Hoon, Saath Chalata Koi…
Uski Hume Aadat Hone Ki Aadat Ho Gayi..
Vo Jo Mila Hai Jab Se Uski Saubhat Ho Gayi…
Ek Zara Massom Se Dil Ki Aafat Ho Gayi
Sun Le Zara , Sun Le Zara…
Dil Ne Kaha Hai , Itana Bas Mujhe Pata Hain
I Am In Love, I Am In Love
Tu Hi Bataa Jaane Kya Mujhe Hua Hai…”

All engrossed in his singing..radhika couldn’t believe he could sing so well….like a professional one…he was perfect in all kind…she thought she was not at all near to him to make pair…She was shocked. He was just looking at her all the while..

Everyone applauded…
“ Now story please….” Sam said

Arjun placed guitar beside the couch…

“ Okay….I am going to tell you all about how first time I saw Radhika…Six year ago…

It was my last year of engineering in IIT Mumbai …As that you guys know I was never talked to girl…..
( PS : Arjun charater is inspired of R Madhavan in Rehena hai tere Dil him he too used to hate girls…)


IIT Pawai, Mumbai campus

“ Hey Arjun lets go for movie as our exams got over…our gang is ready to party hard.” Rahul his friend suggested
“Only on one condition…don’t bring you all your stupid GFs..You know how I hate their girly talk…..” Arjun said

“ Okay baba…We are meeting To Tom Cruise…PVR @6 pm…” Rahul said and went

As movie got started Arjun was enjoying movie with his gang teasing each other , throwing popcorn and getting scolded by some elder people.

At the mean time one of the mobile rang in theater..with girly ringtone…romantic tone….
Arjun got irked and turned to curse the person.

“ What the hell…don’t you have manners to….…..” He froze seeing a girl

She was watching her ringing phone with worried eyes.
But he lost his heart…The faint blue light of phone was illuminating her beautiful face.. Her deep brown almond shaped hazel eyes were elegant..she was flipping her eyes in worry.
Her cute lotus pink lips was so tempting that he wanted to kiss her at that time.. She was incredibly beautiful….He couldn’t able to turned his gaze from her towards the screen. All the time he was watching her in that blue light of her cell as she was getting calls continuously and she wasn’t picking it.

As movie pause for interval she went hurriedly out from theater.

“ Radhika stoppp….what happen…” Her friend ran behind her.

“ Radhika” Arjun whispered and felt an electric current just only by her name.. He too ran to search her..But due to crowd in mall he could able to find her.
“ What happen bro…” Rahul patted on Arjun’s shoulder.

“ That girl…Radhika..i need to find her …” Arjun said still looking here and there

“ woooowooo..Arjun Mehra is talking about girl…Yeh to Chamtkar Ho gaya….” He laughs..

“Cut your crap…let’s help to find her… I lost my heart to her I need to find her….” Arjun said desperately…

After that incident he was restless to meet her..He and his gang tried to search her everywhere could possible..They searched every art, science, engineering, medical and other colleges in Mumbai..But they couldn’t find her… after that Arjun got scholarship to do MS in New York University…and he had flown to USA…
**********Flashback Ends*************

As Arjun stopped everyone is in stance like they were still in the flashback…Radhika was stunned.Freeze. Numb.Surprised.

Yess..She was the same girl to whom he saw six year back..As She was in first year of Engineering she too went with her friends to watch the movie..but her dad was kept calling her as he got to know she went for movie..on that day her mom and dad was fighting vigorously…After that day her parents got separated and she took one year drop from her college to get over from that trauma.. Sam poked her by her elbow she came out of her thought.

Arjun was smiling looking at her.

“ What you didn’t able to find her…what happen you meet her second time then…????” Jai and nandini said in chorus

Arjun laughs…

“ Well….am telling it na……after that I never forgot her every day she was in my thought and heart..She is the only girl for whom I fell….she became my inspiration….n I got myself indulged in work and making name for myself…..

Six month before….

I was going for an important business meeting..I was tensed because it was important presentation going to be held..I I wanted that project for Mehra corporation…..
But to My luck my car got stopped near Marine drive. I scolded Rana for being careless about the Car and busy checking my mails.
But then I heard the name “ RADHIKAA “
I quickly turned my gaze in direction of the sound and found few poor kids shouting her name
“ Radhika di come fast na….”

I saw Her again….she was there..She was holding a bunch of balloons in one hand and cake in other. After whole six year I was seeing her.

She came to that children and gave each a balloon and made wear them birthday cap…

“ happy birthday Jaggu….” She wished a little boy from that kids and gave him a peck..I got mesmerized watching her and forgot about the surroundings. She was smiling like a kid. Enjoying the moment whole heartedly.. I lost my heart again….
I stepped outside the car to talk to her but stopped by Rana. He informed me that another car came to pick me up and it was getting late for meeting…I took her picture in my cell….and went to the meeting…only her glance made me lively and I gave my best presentation ever and I got the contract also…

I asked Rana to get all the information of Radhika..but before he could gave me any info..Radhika come to my office for interview….and after that..we are toghether…..”

Now with this Radhika was bowled and mesmerized by his love…She never thought that Arjun had seen her twice before meeting him… She remembered jaggu’s b’day….As she always help the poor children by providing them books and other stationaries….Thats why she was running behind her rent and bills before joining Arjun’s company…

Now she got why he was so closed and cared about her from first day itself…

“ Devarji….not turn out to be so romantic huhhhh….” Sam teased

“ Bhai amazing …..” jai said

“ Arjun…Radhika is totally best and perfect for you in every aspect….” Sonali had tears in her eyes…

“ Bro one song for Radhika……” Neil demanded hugging Sonali and wiping her tears..

Arjun refuses but all were insisting him..

“ guys making me singer..i am really bad at it….” Arjun

“ Don’t demand your eulogy from us..Sing…” Neil teased him

He grabbed his Guitar and started playing

( Song Suggested by Ritu Di….Thank you di for this amazing and lovely song..)

“ Na Wo Akhiyan Ruhani Kahin

Na Wo Chehra Noorani Kahin

Kahin Dil Wali Baatein Bhi Na

Na Wo Sajri Jawani Kahin

Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi…

Na Toh Hansa Rumaani Kahin

Na Toh Khushboo Suhani Kahin

Na Who Rangli Adayein Dekhin

Na Wo Pyari Si Nadani Kahin

Jaisi Tu Hai Waisi Rehna

Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi…

Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi…

Arjun looked at Radhika she was still surprised. He winked at her. She blushed.

“ Okay bhai..what happened when bhabhi joined your office..means how you propose her ? “ nandini demand

Arjun sensed Radhika was shocked so he thought to make the environment lighter for her by teasing her.

“ Radhika got job..But she was the clumsy girl, knocking everything over, making mess of everything…” Arjun smiled teasingly..

He was right, she got frown and cut him off “ No I wasn’t did anything like this..”

“You dropped about three or four vases since working at my office..don’t you?” He winked

“ That’s about it…but you got drunk at party and how your throwing yourself at me…” radhika winked telling false story to make him embarrass.
“ Oh..Arjun what on earth were you doing getting drunk?? Where is that only one drink mantra…” Neil said playfully.

Arjun didn’t got angry on her instead he was smiling “ Well bro it worked..I got my girl after all..”

“ after that I dropped him home off..and next he was begging me to say yes to him…” Radhika said plyfully.

Arjun lifts his left eyebrow in her direction.

“ You did what?? This I wished I had saw..” Neil said laughing uncontrollably..

When all got busy discussing their love story Arjun walks to her and whispered at her ear “say all you want, I think it’s cute…” and pecked at her cheek and left..

Radhika got shocked..

Precap : Aradhika will stuck in store room..radhika will confess her love…but news of accident…..

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