Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 6 & 7)


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Chapter 6
One week goes by like it has the past two months, Arjun deliberately trying to piss her off.

Second week got started and Radhika was doing her best to win the challenge. She too didn’t know from where she got this much confidence to face Arjun or his challenge. Two months ago she was hell afraid and nervous to attend this interview and she was always feared to raise her voice against anything but in this two month she challenged CEO of one of the biggest corporation in India.

Now it was last day of challenge. It’s Friday

Arjun sent her at one of his client who was developing software for his companies. He sent her to check if everything up to their requirements or not. He knows her disinterest in technology and stuff.

With folder in hand she went to the Axel Technologies. It was a small firm like it has just started recently. A few desks here and there and Arjun believes to give opportunity to grow to new companies.

Radhika reaches to Axel technologies and went to the one of the desk and ask

“ Excuse me..can I meet your manager ? “ Radhika

He was busy in working on his pc and gave unpleased look to her.
“Can’t you see we are busy? Go upstairs…” he points to the stairs and rushes to another desk.

She went to the manager’s cabin
“May I come in sir? “ Radhika said while turning the knob of entrance and saw a guys in his late 20s.

“Yes of course..You are Miss Mishra, right ? Mr Mehra told me that you will pay visit here..” He said scanning her up and down. Radhika felt weird.

“ yes..Its right…” She willfully tries to keep her talk short and gave folder to him.
He scanned some pages and ticked and some points and handed back that folder to Radhika.
“You will have to go down the hallway and talk to Mr Sharma. See if he completed this part…” He said

She nod and thank him and went down to hallway to find Mr. Sharma.

When she gets down to hallway she found a door there but no around it. She twisted the door but found empty room. She noticed another room inside the blank room. She went to there to open the door and get inside found a dark room. She understands she came to wrong place and Mr sharma wouldn’t be here. She turned to go but right then that door bust closed.
She got frighten and went to the door and bang it to get it opened.
But all in vain what happened to this creepy door.but its seems jammed.
She finds a switch and she flick it on and found that room filled with so many boxes..its looks like store room.
She heard a lot noise from outside and went to window and saw people running from the office building.
Oh my god what happening here??? She said to her

She went to door again to pull it all her strength and called for help..

“Mr Sharma….please help me…” She shouts but don’t get any reply.

After a minute she heard from and heard people screaming.Suddenly lights got off..darkness spread all over.She went to one of the corner when door get burst open and one man entered whose hand is tied with rope after a minute she heard gun shot and that man collapse…

Now she was sweating like hell. She grabbed her bag try to call Arjun but she was not finding network there..Then she found small knife in bag..She holds the knife tightly and covers her mouth to not scream. She feels she was going to die now….

After some time a man entered,as he searched by torch, he found Radhika..He was looking cruel… he grabs her and tried to pull an attempt to run she got cut on her thigh.she winced in a pain..That man got call and he left Radhika there in pain and shutting the door closed

She sat on floor taking wall support and pressing her thigh to ease the pain.She thought it’s her last one dare to look to check her.

After a half an hour she heard a bang on door, she winced again and tried to stand but pain was unbearable and couldn’t have any energy to move an inch..
Door got opened with another bang and she found Arjun standing with all sweaty he was run for some times.

“ Radhikaaaaa…” He screamed worriedly..He grabs her and lifts her in his arm.He saw cut over her thigh and he pulls her closer to his chest and ran towards door.Thrashing all the things in his way…
Radhika wrapped her around his neck..she was losing her consciousness.The place was surrounded by Police and ambulance.

He puts her in car and asked Rana to drive fast..She saw in half consciousness a tear dropped from his eyes on her hand..He was crying….

“ You did this purposely..You tried to kill me….” She said grabbing her breath

“ No..radhika…Please listen to me…” His voice was filled with tension.

“ No you listen to me…I had it all..I quite…” she said slamming her hand against his hard chest..He didn’t stop her.

“I did’t mean to hurt you..If I knew it was dangerous place..i wouldn’t have send you there.. I am sorry Radhika…”He said pacifying

“ You are not hurt me….” She grabs his shirt.

“ Plases radhika I’m sorry really…” He holds her hand but she fall unconscious.

Arjun was very distressed looking her unconscious form.He wiped his tears. They reached to her apartment. She gains some consciousness but pretend to be unconscious.

Arjun knocked the door with elbow still holding her tightly in his arm..
Richa opened the door and she got shocked seeing Rdahika like this..He gets in and placed her on bed.

“ What happened to her ? “ Richa shouts.
He didn’t reply to her. He caressed her hair and put off her sandals.

“ What the hell..what happened…” Richa shouts with raising her voice.
But like deaf he passed her unanswered and went to the downstairs and come back in minute with doctor.

“ Doctor please make sure she is okay….” He said with pointing towards Radhika.
Doctor made them go outside and treat Radhika’s wound giving anesthesia to her. She recognized he is one of the reputed doctors from city.

Richa came in and doctor handed her some medicine and left.

“Thanks for bringing doctor but I’m still angry on you..why you hurt her? “ Richa asked
“ I’m sorry but I didn’t hurt her anymore..I don’t know that place is going to be attacked by some prisoner..They broke jail and went to that building..I have sent Rana behind radhika and as I got this news of attack I ran there…” He said answering calmly.

Richa eye’s popped up from socket because she has read many magazines that said Arjun Mehra had never said sorry in his entire life.

“ Just Leave Mr Mehra..Please…” Richa said pointing towards door.

Arjun goes to radhika caressed her face and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead and come near to her ear
“I don’t know how but I love you radhika “ He whispered and left.

Next Morning

Radhika woke up at morning blinking several times. Richa jumped in happiness and run towards her spread her arms around rads.

“Thank are okay..Had me worried for whole night…how are you feeling??” Richa said..she too had tears in her eyes.

Radhika smiles and pull her in tight hug..

“ Good” Radhika replied and Richa made her sit properly.
“ Okay that’s good..tomorrow morning you are going to Arjun Mehra and tell him you are quite. He is so different wht I thought..i can’t believe I had crush on him…” Richa said

“ I can’t..i sighed the contract…” Radhika said
“ Screw that blo*dy contract Radzz..your life is important..what if something happened to you? “ Richa said offering glass of milk to her.Richa was genuinely concerned about radhika. She knew very well whts going on with radhika in office.

“Okay..I will quite tommarow…” radhika sighed but she knew she don’t have single penny to pay to Arjun..from where she is going to bring 50 lakhs.

Monday morning

Radhika got in to Mehra’s corporation. So many eyes were watching her with amusement. She got into his cabin he was busy discussing something with a guy. He saw her.

“You may leave. We’ll discuss the rest of the deal tomorrow…” Arjun said to the guy.

As the guy left Radhika went to his desk and placed an enveloped on it.
“ here you won Mr Mehra..i quit “ She said folding her hands on her chest.

Arjun froze but didn’t say a word.

“ Do whatever you want. Take me to the court..ruin me..But I don’t have money to pay you..but I will fight with you…” she said fuming in anger

Still he doesn’t reply but stare deeply into her eyes.She got disturbed by his silence.

“How are you?” He said finally

“ Much better then you hoped that’s for sure” She cringed

“ Listen radhika I didn’t mean to send you there..I don’t know what was going to happened there please…” He frowned
She tried to answer back but he stopped her.
“ I got call from Rana that some prisoner broke jail and got into that building…murder and stuff..I tried to call you several times but you phone was out of coverage area…I got worried for you” He completed

“ You got worried..really?? and about the torture you gave to me?? “ she asked raising his eyebrows.

“ Radhika I want to trigger your are very talented girl but You were all nervous all the time.I wanted to boost your self-confidence and make you speak for yourself..i don’t want anyone to taunt you like Maya and Bonnie did…I want you to be fearless…overpower your fears…you don’t know but it hurts me too” he said
Radhika got speechless..Yess he did changed her a lot without her knowing it..but still she was angry on him..
“ Really??? Why do you care for me..m just employee in your company” She said

“ Because I lo…” He stopped

“ What?? “ she asked

“ It doesn’t matter now…” He replied looking at down

“ See I didn’t matter to you..if I would die doesn’t matter to you” She say tears fall down from her eyes..

He came closer and placed his fingers on her lips.

“ Say what you want..but don’t say this..” he said.his voive is husky.

“ Why not..” radhika said

“ Because I love you damn it…” He said frowning

She left shocked and went back step by said and slammed to the glass door with that vase fall near the door and shattered …not again…she stood shocked

Arjun smiles..” watch it might get hurt yourself…” he said

She ran fast out of his cabin and hurriedly got into elevator and got cab and left for the home.. she was unable to understand what was happening to her life..

She got messaged from Richa “ Hey Rads I’m going to home cos mom is not well..please stay out of trouble…I will try to come soon…”

“ Okay Richa…take care of aunty….” Radhika replied..


Chapter 7

Mehra Mansion, Bandra

Arjun was under shower..Cool water stream was cascading from his well-built body. But his mind was elsewhere. Her words were echoing in his mind..Suddenly a flash got in her mind. A girl was holding balloons dancing with children.
He smiled. Yes from very long he was smiling from past two months when she came in to his life. She fully mesmerized him. But now she was was hurting him.

Today his family is coming to Mumbai to spend time with him. His parents Raj and Sonali..His elder brother Neil and his wife samaira aka sam and his younger brother and sister Jai and Nandini who stayed at Bangalore..But he was not in mood to meet them.

As he got ready and changed into casual cloths his manager Rana peaks into his room.

“ Sir your clients for Ritz entertainment deal are here and…” rana said when Arjun cut him off

“ Cancel all meetings for today. I will speak with them tommarrow..” Arjun said

“ But sir…” rana said and freeze when arjun looked at him with steered look

“ I said CANCEL them…” Arjun said
Rana nods and left with folder.

Arjun went to mirror and then he heard doorbell rang…no its bang…
He smiles “ They are here..early as usual…”

He walked downstairs to the living room and finds his servant rushing to open the door.

Jai ran to him and hugged him tight “ Arjun bhai..i missed you soo much…”..Arjun too hugged him back

Neil popped into the hug and crushing Arjun and Jai “ Looks like someone forget that he would have guest at home…” Neil said breaking their bromance hug

“ May be someone forget I asked them to come by seven not five…” Arjun said smirking

Sonali and Raj came with Sam and Nandini..Arjun touched his parent’s feet.

Sonali frowns “ Since when we are immune to hug…Don’t we deserved one”

Arjun smiles “ Ohhh my sweet mom..come here..” He gave tight hug to her.

After an hour of chit chatting they took breakfast and seated on couch. Nandini came to Arjun
“ Bhai I was missed you like a lot..and you didn’t pay any visit to us…I am angry at you”

Arjun pulled her into hug “ bad luck darling…last time maaf kar do…”

“ So tell us Arjun because we didn’t get much from news and you are living your private life here in Mumbai..Your family is clueless about are you still single or we expect someone in your life..
“ Raj asked

Arjun frown even he don’t know whats going on in his life. He was sure Radhika was angry on him and not going to come back to him.
“ dad Really ?? “ He ignore

“ Arjun we want answer..” Sam winked

“Okay.I’m single..” he replied

“ Oh are single. You are getting old and you still haven’t found any one…” Sonali exaggerates

“ Relax mom..I’m only twenty seven….” Arjun rolled his eyes.
“ That’s my point beta..till the time you will find someone and get married you will turn thirty. Maybe forty..” Sonali said

Neil laughs “ Mom you are really roasting him..aren’t you?”
All laughed
“ Don’t get me started should find someone for you or I will start searching daughter in law for me…Neil you are flirt and you got such sweet wife like sam..but Arjun don’t talk much to women..” Sonali said

“ Don’t call me flirt in front of my wife mom..” Neil said with fake anger..sam laughed heard and gave hi fi to sonali.
After teasing Arjun was all engrossed in watching match.
Jai came to Arjun “ Bhai you need to find someone otherwise mom will drives you crazy…”

Arjun stopped for minute. Thought of radhika came to his mind..He care about Jai more and shares his feeling with him.
“ I do have my girl” Arjun said

“ wait..what? “ Jai was shocked

“ I lied cos you guys will drives me crazy…” arjun

Jai stands and rushes infront of tv set and announced “ Ladies and’s official..arjun Bhai has a girl..”

All left shocked..Arjun gave killer look to Jai for blabbering it.All started questioning to him

Sonali said “ You said you didn’t have..”
Sam said “ who is she?? “

Nandini said “ Bhai when we gonna meet her? “

“ Ladies hold on your horses..She works in my next week she will be here for dinner..okay..” Arjun repled

Neil pats his shoulder “ Good going bro..whats her name? “

“ I am not going to tell you all find out it by next week..” Arjun smirked and left for his room.

All got very happy listening to this news.

Arjun laid on bed and thinking and how to bring fake girlfriend. He loves Radhika but she ran away from him. He got an idea..He smiles.

Next day

Radhika was lying on bed reading her favorite book then the doorbell rang.

She got up from bed but again doorbell rang..Oh my god who is so impatient..

“ Hold on…m coming….” She screamed
When she opened the door left shocked seeing Arjun at her door.she never expect he will come at her place.. He have worn white t-shirt blue faded jeans with brown color jacket wearing aviator glasses..he was looking hot…He was looking like million dollar model posing for some page 3 magazine.
Radhika lost herself looking at him. He blow a tweak in front of her face.

“ wha..what are you doing here? “ radhika said coming down on earth from her thoughts

“I need your help” he says

She laughs “ Really? New flash “The Arjun Mehra needs my help”…are you really think I will?? “ Radhika

“Can I come in?? “

“ No way…you can leave…” She said placing her hand against the door.

“ Really?? You think you can stop me?? “ He said pushing her hand gently away and sat on the couch.

“I am not helping….” She said folding her hands across her chest

“ Say yes..i don’t want to do something which will hurt you…” Arjun said

“Ohhh…you think you are still not hurt me enough…” she laughs
His face cringed a little.
He placed his hand into his jacket’s pocket and pull out a contract document.

“ you don’t need to pay me anything if you pretend to be my girlfriend in front of my family..” He said pushing that contract paper to her.

She coughed “ No way..i will pay you somehow but not going to pretend to be your girlfriend..”

His s*xy smile smirks appears on his face “ Lets be real”..he said leaning on couch “ you will never pay me back..”

“ you have this much money that you can make any girl to be your fake fact you don’t need to pay..girls always throws themselves at you..then why me? “ She asked

“ That’s true,,but I want you to b my gf…and as per contract you have to pay the amount in one week there are not many days left..accept it..” His smile grows wider.

She thought for a minute.She really don’t have money and court n all will be too costly.

“ Fine I will..” she said with greeted teeth.

“ So my girlfriend…lets have coffee together…” He said offering hand to her

“Thanks but I always prefer only green tea..” She said giving him a look

“ Oh now I found…” He said pretending to be thinking deep

“ Found what? “ she said confused

“Reason behind you being single….” He chuckled

She frowns in irritation.

“ see you at my house at 7..we will have dinner with my family…” he smiles..his winning smile and he gave peck her at cheeks and left.

She left shocked with sudden kiss.

Next chapter: radhika goes to his house..All got happy to see her..Arjun tells how he fall for her to his family..Radhika got shocked listening to true story…

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      Hey sree Darling you made my morning by ur sweet words…m just top of the world….Thank you sooooo much dearyyyyy for ur immense support n love..m literally overwhelm…hving happy tears… N abt rads no she didn’t knw abt arJun’s falling for her…she thought he would b playing with her… So lot more is coming… I will surely post soon…loads n loads of love darling.. Stay blessed.. Tc

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    1. Dipika

      Suga Darling thank you soooooo much….i was waiting for ur comment..m soooo happy that u liked the epi..i will post soon dear..loads of

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