Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5

After spending Sunday in tension, Radhika feared to facing Arjun. She got ready for office and leaves from home.
As she got in to her cabin she saw big piece of paper taped on her desk. It was the list of the things she has to do for a day.

1 Organize conference hall for meeting
2 call the clients regarding deals
3 check finance report
4 Bring Arjun coffee at ten and at afternoon
5 prepare financial report and so on….the list went upto 100 point..including giving lunch and breakfast to him on given time

Radhika pov “What??? He must be kidding….what he think that I am a robot or wizard….n I’m not his butler to provide coffee and lunch to him..He is trying purposely to piss me off. But I will show him what I am..
She ripped off that paper and storm off to his office.
She knocked but he didn’t even bothered to look at her and replied to her knocking. After knocking for several times she went inside by herself.

“ what is this? “ She asked him showing pieces of ripped sheet.

“The list of the things you HAVE to do by today itself..I guess you can read it by are literate , right?” He said in annoying tone without looking at her and doing his work on his laptop.

“Of course I can read it..but this is too much…” she said with equally annoyed tone. She didn’t realized what gotten into her to speak like this otherwise she is calm girl.

“ What did you expect then Miss Mishra…You have got a job in best place in the India..Did you really think it does gonna easy to work with this much Big corporation…” He said finally looking at her with no expression on his face.

She shake her head in no..but she felt heavy storm of tears coming into her eyes..but she don’t want to show him that he was hurting her
“ I know but it’s too much for one person “ radhika said gulping her tears

He stands up and walked to her and stands very close to her like he was going to kiss her again but..

“ Well I’m leaving this upto you..You either do the job or get a job elsewhere..” He said rudely
She was about to leave then he stopped her

“ Wait….” He said “ Join that paper the way you ripped it..i am not going to tell you again what is your task for the day…”

She nod quietly and unable to hold back her tears she ran towards her cabin. She got in to washroom lock the door and cried for minute.She was watching his new avatar about which she had only heard.

Arjun banged his fist on table for behaving rudely with her. A Small cut happen to his fist letting oozing little but blood out of it..
After few hour while doing work Radhika turned to find arjun’s glare on her as he always do but found his avoidance..He was still burring his head in his blo*dy lappy..Since morning several times she checked to got his gaze on her but he didn’t stare at her..not for a once…

5.15 PM

Fifteen minutes left for office hours to end. She got called from Arjun cabin. She knew why he called her.She took her time to goes to his cabin with a file.

“ Did you complete everything I asked you to do Miss Mishra? “ He asked formally

“ Of course, SIR “ She said with equal formal voice

She placed file and USB on his desk.
“ This has everything you ask for…In case you don’t belive can check it properly “ She said with winning smile.

He face lost the shine with it..He thought she couldn’t able to do this much work.
“ I’m sure you have done the work correctly” arjun said attaching USB to his lappy

“I have sent in your coffees, tea and lunch on correct get it, right ? “ She said smirking

“I did..Now you can leave for the day..” He said without giving any expression on his face..

“ Well..Thank you sir…” She turned and walked off from his cabin.
She was smiling dancing from inside.
As she reached the parking lot she jumped in happiness for proving him wrong and winning his so called task.

Next Day
As she entered the office, found whole office was quite.It seems odd no one around in ground floor lobby including reception desk.
As she went to upstairs she found only one receptionist at fourteenth floor and when radhika asked her about whereabout of other people she shrugs.
“ I don’t have any idea..” she said

Radhika knocked to Arjun’s cabin but when no response came she got in and found empty cabin.She came to her cabin and put her handbag on desk. She was hell worried now and thought calling arjun but then she stopped herself and decided to wait.
After passing three hours lonely in office she decided to go outside to check with other levels. She went to other floors to check but found whole building is empty.
When she got back to 14 th floor found receptionist perhaps the only other person in the building was gone too. Radhika checked bathroom if she’s there but it was empty. She again checked Arjun’s cabin he still was not there.
Now Radhika got panicked genuinely. She picked her phone and called Arjun but she got busy tone so decided to leave the voice message.
“ What is going on? Why aren’t you here? If this because what happened at the party. I’m genuinely sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. Please come back, I’m worried about you..”

She hangs up the phone but after half an hour she didn’t get any reply from him and she started to think she had done another mistake by messaging him. Waiting for his call she got slept on the chair..After passing two hours she got up from sleep with jerk and checked her watch it reads 4 pm.. She went outside but still no sign of any human being there to be found.

She picked her bag and got into elevator to leave for home..As elevator hit the tenth floor and doors got open she saw Arjun standing by the elevator door.
She tried not to look worried. He got in and elevator door got closed.They were only two present in the elevator. Radhika felt isolated.

“ so you are worried about me..” He said with smirk on his face

“ no..why would I be..” She said
“ I don’t know..but you told it by yourself to me…” He said

“ Me?? I never did such a thing…” She said with confused look
He reached to his coat pocket and pulled his phone out and tapped some keys and played her voicemail.

“ Stop it..It’s not my voice…” she said quickly.
His smirks grows wider “ Oh I see…” and he again hit the play button and raise his eyebrow and asked “ If it’s not your then whose it..”

“ I don’t’s your phone….” Radhika said pretending to be naive about it

He leans closer to her “ so do tell me why you left this message..”

“ BEACAUSE M FALLING…..” she gulped hard..she was sweating…She was confessing….He raised his eyebrows at her again

“ falling ill….yess…I think I’m falling ill so I sent know that ppl say all kind of things when they fall ill….” She said coughing lil bit…pretending to be coughing…
“ Is that so???….” He got distanced himself from her

“ yess..i should ask you..where was everyone today….” She asked

“ I gave day off to all..” Arjun

“ Oh really..and you didn’t think once to informed me..” radhika said with sarcasm

“ I have told receptionist to tell all..i guess she must have forgotten you..” he said with smirk.
Radhika got it..he purposely did this… He was present in office at 10th floor.As elevator hit the ground floor she ran out from elevator not bothering to look him again..

The next two months passes by blur. Arjun was avoiding Radhika. Radhika was avoiding Arjun.He was kept bothering her by his rudeness and weired office task. She was getting angry day by day.

At One Day
Radhika reached to the office, she was walking hurriedly as she was late by 15 minutes. She knew how Arjun was strict about being punctual.

Radhika PoV : OHHHH ganesha please save me today ..He is already mad at me..n by coming late I added fuel to his anger.

She reached to the 14th floor and entered into her cabin. She got shocked. There was a piece of paper stick to her desk reading 200 points of tasks for the day having note at the bottom.
PS : 100 point more for being late.
She got pissed off but as being late she have to do work by list.
First work was to get reviewed about clothing styles from 100 men. She got shocked how could he do this. But as instructed she went to auditorium and took the review of 100 men but at the end she got tired and send some people off without asking and filled their reviews as per other. Only one task had completed from list and half day was passed. She got into her cabin when she got call from Arjun’s office that was in his 10th floor’s office cabin. That office is round shaped room with window cutting and below is cubicles. Radhika hate that office cos she always thought she might get fall from window instead going to the door.

She got into his office , he was leaning on his chair.

“ Yes sir? “ she said

“What work have you done Ms Mishra? “ He banged the file on desk.She got frighten.

“ Some outfits are not matching as per requirement…How did that happen ? “ He said smirking like he got some opportunity to torture her.
“ There were lot of men,by the end I got tired. Must have been silly mistake” She said

He walked closer to her until she was against one of the glass panels. She looks down and got scared.He leaned further.

“you know I don’t have time for this” His voice was rising “ I don’t tolerate this kind of rubbish…”

She too got angry with that and burst “ I have done only one mistake that too first time.You really been pushing me and I haven’t said word till..”
He raises his eyebrows “ No one ever had spoken to me like that….”

At that she leaned against the glass which makes it too open the glass panel and she fall back. She closed her eyes but felt strong grip on her hand.she opend her eyes and found Arjun was holding her in his strong grip.

“ Should I pull you up or let you go of your hand being so disrespectful to me…” he said smiling.

She cringe and got more angry “ You may as well let go me..”

He looked down out at the glass panel and smiled mischievously “ okay if that only you want..” and with that he realized her hand from his grip.

She was falling and she felt like she was going to die now. She hit something..something soft..she didn’t felt any pain.she fell on cardboard boxes filled with cotton and as she tried to get off but knocked to the nearby ladder which made paint bucket fall on her which placed on ladder..Which got result that she got drenched in paint.
When she looked up Arjun was watching her and smiling wide showing all his white teeth.He turned around walked off from the window.

Now she was fuming in anger and shuffles from the boxes and headed to the washroom leaving trail of blue paint across the tiles.

When step out from bathroom she saw Kritika standing there with a dress in her hand.

“ Arjun sent this. Said you should change” Kritika offering her dress.

“ No thanks..Tell Arjun I don’t want his help or pity “ Radhika said in anger and storm off towards the elevator.

Kritika ran behind her and stopped her.

“Where are you going ? “ Kritika

“ To meet Arjun…” Radhka

“ you can’t go..he just got in to the meeting…” Kritika

Radhika got in the elevator “ Really…I’m not in the mood….” She placed 10 on display.

Placing her hand on door knob she pushed door opened of conference room with that all glares turned to her.

“ How dare you to do this to I worked for you it didn’t get you any right to torture me…” radhika blurt in anger.

Arjun stands and signal her to stop and turned to other “ LEAVE “

With his one command everyone hurried out.
He got seated on his chair like he is some kind of king.

“How could….” She started again but he stopped her

“Uhhhhh…ummmhhhh…I believe I asked you whether I should let go your hand or not…” He said smiling and scanning her face filled with paint

“ Yeahhh..but I wouldn’t think you would ….” Radhika

“That’s your problem..I am man of words..I keep my words…” He said playing with paperweight and with his “ I’m right” smirked…which she hated the most.

“ Well then keep your job..i m leaving…” She said bursting and turned to go out.

“ you quit? You are this weak??…It’s a surprised for me…I thought you are strong person…” He said smilingly with teasing tone.

“ I’m not understand…and I will fight with you..” She said raising her finger.

“oh really..but you just quite..remember? “ He said playfully.

“ Do hell with you..i’m not quitting at all..” She said firmly

He smiles

“ ohhh..then I’m challenging will quite in two weeks…” He smirks

“ I won’t..i am accepting this challenge…” Radhika said

“ well lets me turn it into a bet…I will bring up the contract for it..You have to do every work for me no matters what happens and you should complete whatever work I will give to you in this two weeks..else you will have to pay 50 lakhs to me…” He reached to her offering hand “ Deal???? “

She grab his hand “ Fine..Deal…”

“ You can go now I will call you as contract is made “ He said giving a tashan look to her.

Radhika storms off to her cabin and after an hour she got called from Arjun

As she got in she found a document placed on table

“ Sign it” He said giving her document
She walked and turned some pages and read the contract and signed on the paper.

His corner of lips lift in smile “ Deal done..”

“Yess..but you never gonna win it “ she said smiling and folding her hands

He tilts his head and smiled “ We will see it..”

As she got into her cabin after changing into other cloths she saw a new list of work allotted to her. She looked at him through glass panel while peeling off the paper from screen. He was smiling

Radhika pov “ I’m not going too loose Mr Arjun Mehra..never ever…..”

Precap: Arjun gives her task and someone attacked her..Arjun’s family came in picture..Nesam entry…

So hows it? Sorry I couldn’t complete what I write in previous precap..Please give me your precious reviews…Love you all..Take care in this rainy days…muhhaa..

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