Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 4)


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Chapter 4

Next Day Morning
Radhika reached to the office and went directly to the Arjun’s cabin to get work schedule for today. As she open the door of his cabin she saw a lady sitting in his cabin. Both were discussing something important. But Radhika find that lady was flirting with him but he was totally engrossed in work.
“Ensure the files are delivered to me by Monday “ Arjun says

“ Why Monday..I will bring it today itself…especially for you Arjun….” She said with flirting smile…

Radhika couldn’t control herself , she desperately wants to stop her..She coughs a lil bit…

“ may I come in sir….” Radhika said at entrance..which makes that lady push back herself to her chair.

Arjun smiled looking at radhika “ You don’t need to ask Miss Mishra…”

Lady walks to radhika as she comes in…..” Oh so you are his new P A….I’m Maya from Royal International…”
Radhika shakes her hand with her and turned to face Arjun

“ I need to talk to you sir about today’s schedule….” Radhika said

“ This is so cute.She’s adorable..Thank god arjun you hired a clueless and no sense for fashion kinda girl..otherwise I would have be jealous….” Maya said sarcastically smiling and put her hand on his shoulder…
Radhika freeze with her words.

Arjun moves her hand aside with jerk..He was fuming in anger..
“ That’s my PA you are talking about..I don’t appreciate this kind of nonsense behavior..In fact I’m going to cancel this deal….” Arjun said with rude voice throwing a file away which named Royal Internationals..

Maya’s face turn red “ Just because of this stupid girl you are cancelling my deal..You can always hire new PA..but not this deal Arjun…”

“ Or I could always get a new deal….” Arjun smirks which is not s*xy one but telling “ I’m right “ kind of smirk.

“ This deal is average for me Maya..It just good only for you…So don’t use that favoring tone with me again…mind it…” Arjun said fiercely.

“ I think you know the exit Maya..” He said pointing towards the door..

Maya leaves tapping her feet in anger..
Radhika was all shocked, tears were forming in her eyes..She was standing like statue.

“ are you okay Miss Mishra? “ Arjun said holding her shoulder.

She couldn’t control herself and hugged him tight and started sobbing.
“ You shouldn’t cry Miss Mishra…” arjun

“ I’m so sorry sir..Because of me you have just lost the deal…” she said sobbing

“ It was minor deal..I cancel deals like this deal on daily basis. I could get deal like this within a minute..and I can’t tolerate that behavior in my office at all..Maya got what she deserved….” Arjun said calming her
Radhika notice her position and she get off from hug and find that his well ironed shirt got ruin because of her tears.

“ I’m so sorryyy sir..your shirt….” Radhika said panicked

Arjun looked towards his shirt and smiled

“ It just a shirt Miss Mishra..I guess you tend to apologies a lot, has anyone told you that….” He says

She smiles. He discussed about her work schedule. She came to her cabin.
While working for hour she just turned her right to see Arjun and find him staring her. She got blushed and tries to hide her face behind her hair.

After working for good six hour she picks her handbag and started to leave.

“ have you done with all the work ? “ Arjun asked

With sudden voice she got scared and sighed when she saw arjun standing..
“ Yes Sir except emailing back to your clients… I was just little bit distracted” She said..

“ Is everything okay Miss Mishra..”

“ yess sir..just little issues at home..” She lied she wanted to tell him that it was he who distracting her.

“ Okay tell me if you need any help Miss Mishra…” He smiled

“ Thanks sir..please you can call me radhika…”

“ Okay Radhika..See you tomorrow at party….” He smile with s*xy smirk and with radhika’s heart fluttered

She nodded and left..

As she got home and changed into shorts and tank top she switch on the tv as Richa had gone to office as she had nightshift for a month.

As she keeps flipping the channel she saw Arjun on tv screen. She blinks for several times to ensure if its an illusion.
No she was not dreaming its Arjun getting interviewed and asked how he gets such successful at very young age. She watched the entire interview without blinking for sec. after turning off the TV she got book to read but what she just saw his name flashing all over and couldn’t stop thinking about him…

She got herself a coffee and picked the phone while taking some sips. She messaged arjun
“ How are you sir? “
Ohhhh..Crap.crap..crap…stupid….Radhika scream

Radhika pov : How idiot I am..i mean who texts their boss asking them how they are…He will think I am weird. Rads you are complete Idiot stupid….
She slams her head and wished that he never get her message.

After complete two minute her phone beeped
“ I’m fine Radhika..what about you ? “ He replied

She replied “ I’m good thank you…”
She placed her mobile below pillow to refrain herself from messaging Arjun.After taking hot shower and step up on her bed and desperately wanting to check her mobile..After struggling so much she picked her phone and saw notification of his message.

“ That’s good..Any reason you are texting me? “ His reply came ten minuts ago.

Radhika pov : Damn now confirm he must be thinking I’m weird..I need to stop this messaging

“ No..i just saw you interview on TV…it was I thought of texting you…” She replied
Did he will think I’m stalker..m stalking him…damn fool Radhika..She blurts out and slams her head against wall.
Her phone beeps again
“ Thank you..I am glad you like is this the only reason you texted me or something else..? “ He replied
Radhika pov : Did he could read my mind
“ No sir..Its just a only reason…” She replied biting her nail

“ Okay Radhika. You should go to sleep now as its late..Good night..” Messaged came from him

“ Good night Sir “ She replied and went into bed.

Next day
Richa brings all her party dresses in front of Radhika and make her try dresses one by one..
“ I think I have found one rads…” Richa said pulling a red dress from pile of cloths.
It was beautiful red dress which was really very seductive having V cut at neck.

“ No..No…I’m not going to wear this…..” Radhika said bewilder when Richa handed her dress and push her to the room to change.

As she step out from the room rads scream
“ See Riiii its really very short….”

“ Are you kidding me have got this body of goddess and you hide it behind that salwar kurtha….you r looking extremely gorgeous….” Richa said

Then Rads eyes dropped on one of the dress having peach color and frill sleeves..Satin fabric was shining beautiful having dress length upto knee which was comfortable for her.

“ Richa I think I have found one that I want for myself….” Rads picking the dress up.
Radhika wear that dress which was cupped perfectly to her body.
“ Omg Rads you are looking like model….beautiful…first time I’m proud of your dressing choice…”

Then the dress got confirmed Richa made Radz practice for high heel walking.
After all practice and trials Richa make Radhika ready by making French knot of her hair putting one hair strip curled.
Radhika’s Dress and hair :
( like Harmione granger’s in prom of Harry potter and the goblet of fire movie )
Richa dropped radhika at the party venue which was outdoor.. “ Element’s Garden…”
“ You want me to pick you up radz..” Richa said starting the ignition

“ No need Richs..i will took taxi…”

“ Don’t be ridiculous…I will come to pick you up..okay..” Richa

“ Really its fine Richss….you enjoy Saturday night with your gang…”
“ okay darling byeee…” Richa drove off.

As she crossed the security guard and entered in she saw a gorgeous bricks and wooden gazebos around the whole garden and right in the center dazzling dance floor.The bunch of people were present talking and hugging .As she was new, she was barely recognize any one there.

“ radhika m so happy you came…” She heard Kritika’s voice and saw her walks over

“ Hey Kritika…..” radhika hugs her

“ You are looking extremely should dress like this often…” Kritika said
“ Thanks Kritika….” Radhika nods

Someone call Kritika’s name and she turns to walk in their direction . “ I will be back in a little get some drinks for yourself…”

“ Hey Radhika…”

Radhika turns back as the address of her name and finds Arjun standing behind her.
“ hi sir….”

Arjun looks her up and down not by any creep or greedy way that other men have done already

“ you are looking incredibly gorgeous. I must say…” Arjun

And his words made her go pink “ Thank you Sir..”

“ Call me Arjun….” He says

“But Sir….”
Arjun interrupts “ Arjun will do…”

“ Okay….”
He reaches his hands out and ask “ Want to dance ? “
Radhika : “I don’t dance at all…honestly”

He smiles grows wider “ Just follow me “. He grabs her hand politely and pulls her to dance floor

He wraps his left arm around her waist and pulls her closure as he grabs her other hand into his.
“Really I can’t do this…” Radhika said

“ Just trust me radhika…” Arjun
Just with those words she don’t know why but she believes him and result they dance one point she slips but he grabs her by her waist tightly and hold her from falling which made an elegant pose of she was lying in his arm. people around them clapping which leads them to broke their intense eye lock.

After dancing Arjun introduce her to some of their business associates and other business people.
While walking they reached to extreme end of gazebo and got seated one the table placed there.

Then one lady came with high heels and wearing a dress which hides nothing and got seated next to Arjun. Arjun hold Radhika’s hand tight. Radhika feels weird.
“Its nice to see You Bonnie..” Arjun said with different not interested tone to that lady

“ It’s my pleasure to see you Mr Mehra “ Bonnie said throwing s*xy smile and she place her hand on his lap.
In reaction he pulls Radhika closure to him.
“ You are not single by any chance huhh..A girls throws themselves at you..” Bonnie said looking at radhika

Radhika giggles at the contradict statement of her which made Arjun and bonnie to look at her..He smiles but bonnie fumes.
“ Who is this little puppet who is laughing at nothing…” Bonnie

“ I warn you that she is my guest and don’t you dare to disrespect her “ arjun
Bonnie got calmed “ Yes ofcourse Mr answer my question..are you single? “

Radhika does most contradict things against her shy nature. She pulled herself closure to him and wrapped her arm around his and replied before Arjun could

“ I am his Girlfriend only “ Radhika said with smile
Arjun looked at radhika with shocked expression and he replied “ Meet Radhika Mishra My girlfriend “

With that Bonnie’s face turned dull and she said with fake smile of embarrassment “ That’s nice..but I think you can deserve Better..”
Arjun pulled radhika in tight embarrassed and gave light kiss on radhika’s cheek “ This is the best I deserves “
Radhika’s legs started to shake with this much closeness of His. With the kiss she feels her leg went jelly…She could smell his body cologne. Arjun noticed it.
Bonnie storms off

For a whole two minutes Aradhika stared each other and then burst into a big laughter…

“ Thanks Radhika for saving me like that…I’m afraid I have to drag you everywhere now with me so you can save me if it happen again….” Arjun said and winked to radhika.

That made Radhika to laugh her heart out..She was laughing uncontrollably.
Arjun stopped laughing couldn’t control himself staring at her.

Arjun pov : She looks really beautiful when she is herself..laughing whole heartedly…no much apologies…
Radhika stopped laughing when she noticed Arjun’s constat stare on her.
She took a step back due to high heels she was about to fall again but Arjun grab her again.

“ You can’t go with this high heels..why you wore them…” Arjun

“ This is a party and it doesn’t suit going with flat one na…” She replied

He took his mobile from his pocket and punch something on his mobile..

“ Sorry for that kiss…” Arjun said

“ Its just a kiss on cheeks not on…” She blurt out in haste and suddenly realized what she said to her, she flinched her lips.stupid me again..

Arjun smirked and asked “ And what if it was ? “

“ Then..i ….ummm…” She couldn’t form any sentence and remained silent.

After ten minutes of talking, he noticed a guy coming to them with a shopping bag.. Radhika noticed him he was his personal manager and bodyguard Rana. He handed Arjun that bag.
“ Sir here is the sandals you ordered..” Rana said and left.
“ Now took off that high heels and wore this…” Arjun said to Radhika handed bag to her.

She can’t belives he brought new sandals for her. She took them off from bag and found matching flat sandals to her dress..extremely beautiful one.

“ You shouln’t have..please..” radhika pleaded

“ I can’t see my employee falling every now and then…” He insist
Radhika took off old one and wore that new..Its beautiful.

Waiter came to call them for dinner. As someone called Arjun he went to talk to some business person. Radhika joined kritika , teji, zubin and others for dinner.
Food got served and when everyone was about to start then Arjun came to them.

“ Radhika I would like if you join me at my table..” Arjun
Everyone started staring to radhika and she was shocked hell.
“ Only big business people seated there na…” someone said which made Radhika more nervous.

“ radhika can you join me..” Arjun said coming forward.

Radhika got up and walked with him leaving behind bewilder stares of her new friends.

Arjun introduced her to every one near his table but she was nervous and couldn’t able to eat anything. Arjun noticed this..

“ Be it..” He whispered
Somehow she ate something but her appetite lost all her hunger way back.

As party over Radhika was walking towards the entrance then Arjun came to her again.
“ Lets go I will drop you at home…” arjun

“ No Arjun..I will manage…” radhika said
He smiled “ That sounds nice..My name from you…”
She blushed
“ Now lets go…” He pulled her hand and went towards car park..

Suddenly rain started pouring making them little bit drenched..They come under roof of car park by running across.
He looked at her, she was shivering, some of her hair tugged to her face due to wet.
He couldn’t control himself.
“ Can I kiss you ? “ he asked
She couldn’t react but to her surprised she nodded positively.
He leaned and kisses her on her lips. He pulls her closer with that their body touched
She was shocked with his sudden action.but after few second her body started reacting too.she too started kissing him back. His lips was moving in synchronization with her.He was catching his breath but still kissing her deeply and passionately.

Car horn made them come into reality. Radhika was embarrassed on her act of reacting. She can’t able to meet up to his eyes.
Radhika pov: what I have done..its my first kiss..and I gave it so easily..i want to give it to someone whom I marry..but Arjun..He will never marry someone like me…may b he is using me..I must b timepass for him…

Tears rolled down from her eyes. She runs towards the road..

Arjun got shocked and called “ Radhika…stop..what happened? “
She didn’t stopped but increases her speed. Arjun too run behind her. He grabs her hand and make her stop.
“ whats wrong radhika “ He asked

“ I want to go home..”
“ I will drop you..”

“ no..i want to go home alone…”

“ what happened? Did I do anything wrong ? “ Arjun

“ No. I did” Radhika said and again she started walking fast towards bus stop across the road and seats on metal strip.
Arjun too come to her

“ what are you doing here? “ She asked

“ catching bus..” Arjun
“ No you are have plenty of cars that’s include that audi…go by them.Don’t follow me.” radhika

“Call it change . Its my country too..i can do whatever I want..i m not following you by the way“ He smirks

Bus came to stop and Radhika hopped on to it followed by arjun too.
He sat next row seat to opposite to her seat..They drove off in silence. Radhika got off from the bus as her stopped came. Arjun too got off from the bus.

“ Please stop this Arjun..This is so fast…I think you are using me…”Radhika said

“What?? You think I m a pervert..And I kissed you when you said yess..right ? “ Arjun

“ Yess..but I couldn’t able to think..its so quick..please you leave now…I will talk to you later” she said pleading

“ Later? You are blowing me off. Right?” He said

“Oh my god..we should stop here…please…” Radhika said

“ Okay..if you want me gone..I will go…” He said turned and no time his car was standing there..he got in and drove off.

Radhika couldn’t control but to cry.

Next chapter : Arjun avoids radhika..Radhika got worried..they fight again…someone attacked on radhika and she get injured.

Hows This guys?? IF you guys thinking Arjun’s motive is wrong or something like that but that’s not the part..I will disclose it in coming chapter why arjun is soft with Radhika…till then pls wait lil bit….
And it may take some time for me to reply you back cos I might b busy in you guys also invited for party..come soon…love you all sooooo much..muhhaaa..take care…

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