Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3

As Radhika came to home she saw Richa dancing making full volume of stereo. She saw radhika and pulled her to dance with her. Radhika did some dance moves and intelligently she turned off the Stereo.

“ Hey..Radz you no fun girl yaarrr…” Richa exclaimed as music stops.

“ Fun??? I am exhausted with this Interview….” Radhika sighed..

“ Aree have an interview at Mehra’s corporation na?? You are lucky girl.I’m very jealous.. I’m sure I have melted had Arjun himself taken my interview. If you get this job I’m willing to swap..May be you can introduce me…” Richa chuckled…

Richa has huge crush on Arjun for years. Well actually every girl have crush on him to whom Radhika knew..except her…But she is different..She is amazed about his hardwork.

“ Richs…stop it….” Radhika giggle at her fangirling. Radhika shared all her experienced and Richa burst into laughter..After fighting and chit chatting both girls slept.

Two days later Radhika got call letter from Mehra’s corporation, telling she have got the job. She got very excited and started dancing crazily. All her tension got vanished with that only call letter.

She dialed to Richa to share her happiness.

“ Hello Richsssss…..” radhika with all cheery voice

“ Hey rads, why do you sound out of breath…” Richa on other end
“Well you know. I got the job” Radhika said and next second she heard sequel of Richa in happiness

“ Ohhh my god Radz…No wayyyy..i knew it..congrats my girl…..”

“ Thanksss…” Radhika

“ Throw your Thanks..Now will you introduce me to Arjun na…” Richa said playfully

“ I just got the job and I don’t intend on losing it…ohh…and my answer is never…” Radhika giggle.

“ Ohh come on Radz…you have to…he is damn hot…I just want to touch his abs or stare at him…whatever works…” Richa giggles

“ Godddd Richsss…you sound like a creep….” Radhika

“Maybe I could pop in one day at your ofc and just say hi…to you ofcourse…then perhaps bump into him too” Richa chuckled.
Radhika giggle “ Godddd…you are impossible…I’m gonna hang up before you get more ideas..”

Radhika hung up the call and text mala her mom to informed about her job.

Next Morning

Radhika had to be office by eight in morning sharp.
She look at her wardrobe and pick up churidar and kurtha to wear but then she remember she told him she dress more accordingly if she got the job..
Radhika pov : oh god why I thinking about what to wear I’m going to do job there not to do any fashion show…

After so many dos and don’ts she pick pencil skirt and white button down shirt and got ready to go to the office.
When she walks in, receptionist informs her that Arjun is waiting for her.She got into elevator but This skirt thing making her much more uncomfortable she was unable to walk properly with that tightly fitted skirt holding wall for support.
Somehow she got into Arjun’s cabin floor avoiding many averted gazes of his employees which adding her uncomfortable to no extent.

When she knocks for three times she got answer ” come in “ from arjun’s cabin

As she walked in Arjun got amazed seeing her in all business suit but soon his eyes captured her uneasiness in that attire.

“ That’s different “ He says while smirking
“ Different ?” Radhika looks puzzled at him.

“ Your cloths Miss Radhika” He said coolly

“ Oh yess sir..As I promised you that I will dress accordingly had I got the job “ Radhika replied with smile

“ I know Miss radhika…You said it..but I think I liked you better with your indian attire..” He said with his all s*xy smile.

She gulped hard at his words.

“ Take a seat Miss Radhika”
Radhika got the chair carefully this time not to make any silly mistake to make him rethink on his decision to select her for the job…Arjun watched her every move carefully.

“ See Miss Radhika…as you are my P. A you have to stay around me all the time..So I have allotted you that cabin..see that on the other side of this glass panel..thats your cabin…its only fair to work in the room nxt to will never know when I will need you…”
Arjun showed her the cabin which was attached to Arjun’s cabin separating only by glass wall…and give her a folder.

“When you go to your cabin you need to ring every one according to no.s on the folder and told them about their work which I mentioned in this you got it Miss radhika? “

“ Yes Sir..”

“ Okay do this works and after that come to me..i will tell you next work..okay..” Arjun

“ Okay sir “ radhika nod and place folder and her bag on the desk of her cabin.

Arjun stopped for minute at her cabin doors to ensure final time and pull back the door.

Radhika scan all her cabin and at her right she saw through glass panel ,Arjun in his cabin working on his laptop..
She smiled and got busy dialing the numbers..

After an hour

When she got finished the work he allotted she goes to his cabin..
“ Sit down, Miss radhika” arjun said

As she walked and to the chair Arjun could see her walking differently due to that skirt

“ There is something I want to clear on “ He says and continued “ I do things differently at my office..You don’t need to be in suit or can wear in which you feel comforatable…may be it Indian attire or pair of jeans and tshirt “ He said in calm voice
She nod but fails to say anything

“ I get some cloths for you..changed into comfortable one..I can’t see you working like this…” Arjun points towards another room attached to his cabin which barely got noticed by any new comer.
Radhika got shocked, surprised, stunned and spellbound

“ Sir honestly you don’t need to do this things..Thank you..but I can’t “ radhika said with hesitation

“ I know Miss radhika its kinda awkward but I want you to be comfortable…so please “ Arjun

She nodded and went towards the room and found rack full of leggings and knee length tops. She picks and changes into simple one quickly.She realized though they look simple but ten times costly then her cloths..fabric shows they are branded… She looked in the mirror and felt more like herself and confident.
When she got out she found emptied cabin…where he gone…
She came to her desk and found a note

“ Miss Radhika, I will be in meeting for couple of can study other files on your desk to know about work in Mehra corporation “

She grabs the file and got busy reading it.

After she completed all file she goes to his cabin to put it back as saw the glass panel he didn’t came till.

She went to his cabin and put the files on desk and as she turned got bump accidently on Arjun who was just enter to his cabin..Sudden encounter make Radhika to fall but Arjun grab her by her waist. They shared an intense eye lock.
He pulls her up.

“ looks like you have habit of falling and here I was thinking it was because your dress..” arjun chuckled

“ I’m sorry Sir..I fails to see you coming in..I was just here to put this files back…” radhika answered

“ Well sir..normally this things doesn’t happen to me however it’s happening at your office…” She again said with hesitation..

Arjun smiled at her innonce “ So I think instead of making thinks easier I’m only making them worse…”
She couldn’t able to say anything..

“ Personally I don’t mind..being clumsy is cute sometimes…” Arjun said as he turn towards his desk

What?? Did he just now compliment me?? Or I am assuming it….Radhika’s mind blurt out a thought

“ This is the folder should be delivered to Sighania’s by tommarow afternoon, make sure all quotation are thoroughly checked..” He hands her one folder

“ yes sir..” She nods and went to her cabin..
After her work done she left to elevator and crossing six level she realized that she didn’t returned the clths he gave..
She again went to his cabin..

“ You still here Miss radhika…” Arjun said as he saw her approaching to him
“ Yess sir..i just want to return this cloths to you…”

“ R you kidding Miss radhika…” he laughs gently

“ serious sir…”
“ Miss radhika keep this cloths don’t need to return it….” Arjun says

“ No sir…okay I will pay for this…please sir..accept this atleast…it’s about my self-esteem ” She pleaded

He smiles “ You really impress me…okay if you are gonna satisfied with this..then you can donate that amount to the charity box of office…”
She felt relieved and turn to go
“There is office party on this Saturday..hope you can make it..Miss radhika..” Arjun said giving her invitation card

“ I will defiantly be there sir..” she smiled
“ you can leave now Miss Radhika..its getting late…” Arjun said looking at his wrist watch

She nodded and left…She was extremely happy and wanted to jump up and down…

Next chappy : office party…..a kiss and small fight…

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