Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

“ May I come in Sir?” Radhika said with hesitation

The two receptionist giggle. “ No need to asked, Go right in..” One among them said while giggling at Radhika.

“Great I’m not even in the room yet I’m embarrassing myself “ Radhika mind blurt out the thing.
She walked in and closed door behind her and stop there only. She doesn’t dare to walk further.

She saw Arjun Mehra was busy typing away on his Apple laptop not paying any attention to her.

“ Take a seat Miss. Mishra” He says without looking at her.

She looks around to see anyone if he is talking to anyone else but only she seems to be in room..

“ Oh buddhuuu..he said Miss’s you who is Mishra…” She tap her head slightly for being herself dumbed.

She walked to his desk and while trying to seat ,in nervousness chair got push by her leg which make her to fall but she grabbed arm of chair and got seated on chair making it cracking noise which grabs his attention. He looks up to notice her first time.

“ Ohhhh my godddd….” She cursed herself for being such clumsyyyy….

Arjun got shocked seeing her. She was less than ordinary girl but something is different with her..Her hazel eyes without any liner or kajal, her originally red lips and her yellowish white skin…But what’s that thing which is different in her…sparkle in her eyes….which showing her innocence…

“ You are here for the P.A job? “ He asks

“ Uhhhh..yess…” She replied

“ Intresting..”s

He grabs the document from behind his desk on which has her name written.

“ It says here that you have master’s in business, is that correct ?” He ask again

She nod “ That’s correct “

“ And you sure you want to do this P. A job” He again ask this time raising his left eyebrow

“Yes…’s been honor to work in your company”

“Yes I’m sure it would be..”

He closes the folder and leans on his chair. He didn’t look at it more than two minutes.

She started tapping her leg against floor. He seems to be notice it and smiles.

“ Nervous Miss Mishra….” He says while smiling…
“ What… all sir..” She said with fake confidence..she clear her throat and stopped tapping.

“ So what do you currently do for living Miss Mishra? “

“ I..umm…I work at café on weekdays and works as waitress in restaurant on weekends..”

“ Interesting..why two jobs…” He ask

“ I need to pay rent and other bills..” She said in low tone..

“ That’s impressive…”

“ Impressive???” She ask in surprised

“ you want me to spell it..??” He ask

“’m Fine..Thank you..” She prayed silently that this this interview would end up soon so she can run out..

His smile grows wider, she try look away but can’t..

OMG he is hotter in real life then in magazines and stuff she thought to herself..

“ Can I ask something? “ She says

“ He leaned forward “ Go for it…”

“ I’m not getting this job, am i? I’m sure there is much more qualified people then me for this job..” She ask hesitated

“ Who said anything about not getting job ” He says staring deep in to her eyes…” Yess may be more qualified people here for this job but I will pick who deserves it.. The success of Mehra’s corporation hasn’t been because of who more qualified. It’s been because of who deserves it..”

She take deep breath somewhat feels relax by his words ..He got up from his chair and come to in front of her and leans on the desk. She feels nervous again.

“ do you get nervous really quickly Miss Mishra..? He ask

“ No..not all Sir..”

“ I starting to think that I make you nervous..” He keeps staring at her.she keep her on floor .

“ So what you do in your free time…?” He ask again

“ I used to read books Sir..” She replied continually looking down.

“ A reader. Interesting…”

She look up and found him staring at her cloths.

“ That’s a fasninating choice of clothing. Usually people don’t wear that kind of stuff in my office…” He said

She swallow “ Actually I don’t have anything else to wear, my wardrobe consist of this things…” She bit her lips for sharing her wardrobe condition with him.She wished that he couldn’t have heard it.

“ Umm..But if I get this job I will dress accordingly..” She somehow managed to some up her previous saying.

He smiles “ I actually like it..Its very different…” he says with smirk “ And unique “

She blushed with words and put hands on her cheek to hide that crimson from him.

“ That its for today..My person will call you if you get the job..”

She nod..He didn’t take my interview properly..I;m so not getting this job god….She said in her mind…
As she stand to leave, her handbag knocks the vase on the table down and completely shatters it..

What I have done? I broke Arjun Mehra’s vase..why bad things happened to me..she screams inside to her clumsiness..

“ I am really sorry..really..i…sorrryyy…” she was about to broke down in tears. She leans down to clean it up.
Suddenly she feels a hand in her shoulder. He grabs her hand and pulls her up.

“ It is fine..I will have someone to clean it up…”He says in calm voice.
She badly wanted to cry. She turn around and walk as fast as she can out of the door and to the lift.once she get in she let her tears flow naturally.

As she got off from lift on ground floor and run to the table and crash on the table which made knocking down another vase on the table and pieces scattered on ground.
“ Ohh my god…Another vase…I screwed….” She muttered

The receptionist runs to her

“ are you all right mam..?”

Radhika nod..” That was accident..I really don’t mean it..”

From the corner of her eye she saw Arjun walking Towards her..How did he get here so soon…

“ are you okay Miss Mishra..?” He asks

She sobbed
“ I really didn’t mean it..Thats the second vase I broken in less than ten minutes…”

“ Its just vase..I’m glad you are okay..” he said smilingly.

Tears run down on her cheek and even she can’t stop it.

“Send me bill and I will pay for it Sir…” she said

“ Don’t be ridiculous Miss Mishra..You take rest here..You don’t look well…Sip will feel relax” He hands her a glass of water and make her seat on nearly couch in reception area.

She took a sip or two.
“ I should go by now sir..I’m okay now…” She said with try to pretend relax.

“ are you sure ? “ He asks

“ Yess..” she nod

“ Okay..Byee Miss Mishra..” He said and turned around to car park.
She grabs her keys from her bag and goes towards her scooty and left for her apartment….

Precap : Radhika will get joining letter n her first day in office wering pencil skirt….

hows it darlings…????

That chair incident was happened with me so i added it…..

Thank you for your amazing support and love for this story…

Happyy sunday friends…

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  1. Sathya

    Dipu…. It’s a fantastic episode. Arjun is so soft n he handled her nervous very well but rads is so scared more than nervous… Ha ha ha that chair s too good… Well done dear… ???

    1. Ohhhhh Sathya darling you make my morning….Thank you soooooo much dearrr….while writing i too was laughing.. Loads of love darling.. take care..

  2. Deepu really chair accident tumhare saath hehe but yes funny epi.

    1. Thank you Nandu darling… yup that chair wala incident mere sath huwa hai…loads of

  3. RituM

    piku…chair incident…realy???? n tht vase….hope u didnt face tht atleast….chapter s too funny!!

    1. Thank you soooo much Ritu darling…. Di chair wala hi huwa hai..thank god ki vase nahi broke kiya..hahaha..loads of

  4. Kavina

    I loved it. I can imagine everything that happened to her. Very nice choice of words

    1. Thank you sooo much Kavina darling…your words r so lovely… loads of

  5. Wow dipika its cute. I loved it. Pls update soon.

    1. Thank you so much Rg darling.. love

  6. Nice chappy..I like it.Update soon,plz…

    1. umama thank you

  7. Rg2015

    Good one dipika

  8. Brin

    Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode. 🙂

    1. Brin darling Thank you for your kind words.. love

  9. Awesome night hilarious ???

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  10. wow it was really good dear…

    1. Thank you VSK

  11. awesum episode
    luv u tc muah

    1. Nitu darling Thank you sooo much…love

  12. S.v

    Dipika that was cute and hilarious. Well did you get that job ?? But why is it that when ever i attend any interview the person is khadoos ??? Dont know. Lol. Loved it and next part seems to be interesting. Update soon. Love you

    1. Ohhh Thank you sooo much S.v darling…i got the job..actually i happened whn i went for bank interview n having 5 old ppl in panel…no one any handsome guy..haha..n as all interviewer r khadoos me too experience that..haha…love you too Darling.. tc

  13. dipika its awesome yr radhika is so innocent n arjun how cool he is lovely plz update soon

    1. Amita dear Thank you soooo much darling…Loads of

  14. Nitu darling Thank you sooo much…love

  15. loved it a lot dr..chair incident was geniune..vase incident lol.. I remembered K3G movie while reading it..awesome epi dr..Arjun is really cute..waiting for nxt. love

    1. Thank you Ritu darling for lovely words…me too keep k3g in mind while write this chapter..Loads of love..take care

  16. Jessie

    Deepzzz.. its awesome.. wow.. Arjun is impressed.. embrassing oneself..I wish I could participate if such competition exists..I really cud feel Rads situation
    How n why Arjun came down..u need to am so.much into ur story am all curious.. and chair thing! Really.? Did u get tat job.? Finally its Rads who spoke a lot.hahaha gr8 going waiting 2 enjoy next update.. Thanks for a beautiful update

    1. Thank you sooooo much Jessie darling u made my day…m smiling like anything…..yup i got the job…actually there were 5 old officer in panel n i somehow manage that chair n got seated.. haha…i after coming outside..i too laugh on myself..nxt will post soon… tonsss of love darling n million kisses..

  17. Dipi.dear that was reallly a cute and funny epi.. 🙂
    Aby the chair incident happened for u atan interview huh?? And how did u handle … 😀

    1. Neetz darling Thank you shooo much…Interview went good n i answered all the questions.. n chair..haha..i handle it somehow n got seated…haha..loads love n

  18. Dipu darling this was so awesome 🙂 I loved the interview… and she dashing and breaking the vase … Dipika you have unique talent of writing small feelings and expressions naturally 🙂 amazing girl loved it 🙂 waiting for next 🙂

    1. ohhhh my god Gauri i just can’t say how happy i am reading ur comment.. dancing happy… Thank you darling your words meant a lot to me…Thank you shooooo much…Tons of love n millions of huggss n kisses… tc

  19. Aasthu

    interview was very funny………poor girl she is soooo nervous………….ummm di I have a request…plzzz make Rads wear whatever she has……..I mean in salwar itself……………and can u give me Arjun’s POV about Rads ???????????

    1. Aastha my cute lil sis thank you soooo for your amazing words….N yess i will make rads wear what she want dear…n abt arjun’s pov..umm..i will write about it…Actually still thinking abt this story progreess na..hey hows ur admission process n all….loads of love n kisses.. tc

  20. Sweetie

    Dipika sweetheart..Awesome episode.. 😀 I was laughing by imagining the expressions of our Rads..Arjun is such a cool guy..☺Why do you make me fall for Arjun in your FF’s every time yaar..Already I’ve developed a major crush on the name ‘Arjun’ and now this..God!!Seriously I’m screwed..??That chair wala incident is real..?OMG!!Aage kya hua??Interview kaise thi??Even I experienced that chair crackling sound in one of my interviews..LOL..That got funny afterwards..?
    Waiting for the next.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling sweety.. 😀 Lots of love..❤?

    1. ohhh Sweetie darling i always wait for ur comment bcos u always brought sweet smile on my face by ur swt n cute words..m so happy to read ur words…ohh u fall too…i always imagin myself at rads place..hehe..crazzyy huhh..n yess that happened with me n by god gress i passed that interview doing job in bank…loads of loveee n kisses.. tc

      1. Sweetie

        Oh wow!!Glad to know that I bring smile on your face dear..?Same pinch for falling for OUR Arjun.. 😉 Congratulations on achieving the job yaar..?Mera tho job udd gayi but not because of chair wala incident…??Only because of that refusal I’m able to move forward in my life in another direction or else I would have stuck up there..?Loads of love to you too..❤?

    2. Dipika

      sweetie darling thats great you moved on another direction..might be that is right i believes after struggling a lot for job that all happens for reason..and at the end all will get good…sooo stay blessed my darling…muhhaaa

      1. Sweetie

        Dipika sweetheart..Yes I do agree with you me moving on in another direction..It helped me a lot to know the real ME and my strengths.. 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely words dear..Stay blessed and lots of love to you..❤

  21. Lakshmi05

    Superb episode dear….waiting for next one… Luv u….tc…

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  23. oh di…ur story is just so awesome….wow i have wanted arjun to b in a soft and sweet char as in most of the ffs he is an immposible and rude business man yet so good hearted…but am now really anxious to see arjun as a sweetheart….this story is really unique as arjun is sweet in this and rads a boldy is a shy timid girl…..di its simply awesome….loved it….muahhh…waiting for next eagerly

    1. Thank you soooo much Sree darling..m really overwhelm by ur lovely words.. Thanks for ur love on me…n i too think to make arjun soft in this story… its one of movie title..which is my fav named this story after it…..they can’t understand their love for each other in first go soo i named it as a lot like love…Really you just brought wide smile on my face….tons of love n kisses for

  24. i just loved the way arjun handled radz….btw di ur title is so unique and beautiful….love it…actually what does it mean.. ..

  25. Hey can I call you di?….just realized that you r elder nd m just 16….you know I love shy ppl….I find them innocent nd cute….so thumps up for this radhika….. Omg arjun z not khadoos I got shocked after this epi….di you r maybe the first one to protray him this soft nd most imp not khadoos…. I loved him….I m toh jhasi kii rani…I hardly stay quiet so when I find shy or quiet ppl I either irritate them to speak up or become very good frd with them….opposites attract?…..I had a crush on a studious nd the most quiet boy in my school….I told him once nd he was like m making fun of him….he didn’t believe me becoz he considered himself nerdy nd worthless….ppl shud have self confidence…..I don’t want rads to wear pencil skirt plz di anything but no skin show…..di do you have nesam?… more request I would love to c jealous arjun in future…. Can you plz explain me what this title means?of course I know the meaning of words but I mean what it has to do with the story….I mean how you have associated it with aradhika….. when z the next one?…..m so curious…. love you loads….muaah….tc?

    1. oooohhhhhh supriya darling ofcours u can call me di….you r like my lil sis… ohhh its great to knw u r confident n brave girl….n like the way you say u deal with shy ppl..actually m a shy girl for the first time meet n after i became so talkative that ppl says u won’t look like dips we met at first time..haha…yes we have nesam here…bt their role is not much longer…n abt title…they realize their love in just 2-3 meets bt their fight n other things make confused them..sooo…actually i like the movie of this name..a lot like love …so i named this story as it..n thought it will suit to this story… i will update soon…may b by Wednesday… loads of love darling.. i like to reae abt u…thank you soooo much

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      thank you priya you tc

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    1. Dipika

      i knw darling…dont worry abt it…yess i went last year for interview but due good score in wriiten i servive…hehe..Thanks a ton darling for lovely u a

  29. Dipssss…wowwww awesome, marvellous, hilarious episode. …love it to the coreeeee….rads sooooo nervous n scared….arjun seems so nice n smart…..very lovely narration n the chair scene was quite amazing. ..hehehe….she broke two vases…lol….I’m in love with this story already. …so sorry for late comment sweeeeeetheart. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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