Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 15)


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Chapter 15
Beeping sound of heart rate machine made Radhika realized she was on hospital bed. Her eyes took couple of minutes to stable to the brightness of sudden light and saw a nurse hovering around her bed.

“ sister………” She whispered in low tone which was enough for nurse to realized Radhika got her consciousness back.. She called doctor to check her up.

“ Radhika now you are completely fine ..No more surgeries…” Doctor who was in his late 50’s and having soothing smile said after checking Radhika’s report.

“Thank you doctor…When I supposed to go home?? Hospital’s medicinal smells making me sicker…” Radhika said smilingly.

Doctor laughed “ Any time soon you can get rid of it..You are absolutely fine now”

After doctor left NeSam, Sonali –Raj, jai and nandini came to Radhika, they asked her about her health. She chitchatted with them smilingly. Arjun was watching her leaning on hospital’s room door.

“Neil I didn’t expected it from you” She said pouting her face

“ Chashini, I know but didn’t get anything better to stop you…we care about you and can’t afford to lose you…I’m sorry…”

“its okay Neil…” Radhika said

Soon after while all left and Arjun came to her

“ Radhika are you still mad at me?? “ arjun asked radhika touching her forehead.

“NO..after all you did this for me…” She said smilingly.

“ Okay…I will be back after completing your discharge formalities….” Arjun said relived and sighed.

“ okay..My phone?”

Arjun handed her phone “ Get ready..”

She nodded happily.

After completing payment and discharge formalities he came to Radhika’s room.

“Radhika..are you rea….” He said entering into her room and found empty bed. He searched if she was in washroom but she was nowhere to be found.

“ Excuse me…You are Arjun Na??Patient’s relative “Nurse said entering into the room.

Arjun nodded and asked about Radhika’s where about to her.
“That Girl….Radhika….Left this note for you…” Nurse handed a chit to Arjun.

He was clueless about note and why Radhika left it for him.He opened the chit with questioning and worried look and got shocked after reading the content.

“ Arjun I am living….I am sorry…Its over….”

Arjun throws the chit and ran to elevator, while waiting for elevator he saw from window glass that Radhika was waving for Taxi. He hurriedly rushed to the downstairs by steps.

Taxi haulted in front of Radhika and she was about step in, she felt a strong grip; got jerk and found Arjun breathing heavily.

“ Radhika, whats that chit means?you forgave me right?? “ arjun asked huffing

“ Don’t touch me…” She jerked his hand from her arm

“You are mad at me Radhika?? You said you are not… ”

“Now you get that very well MR Arjun Mehra how its feel when someone very special stabbed you on your back by speaking sweet words on your face…I too did the same…now why r you questioning me….” Radhika said through gritted teeth.

“ His is my dad Arjun..I don’t know anything about him he okay or just cares about you,your happiness and about your family……but I too have my family through its broken..Still I care about it…”

“ Radhika please..we will get him to you…” Arjun said pleadingly..Neil and Jai were watching them as they just came out from jai’s legs checkup who was on wheel chair.

“ You know I got stabbed and shot for you and your family..but now it’s enough..I just wants to be safe…if I stayed with you then I too will be soon dead..i don’t want to die….”

“ Radhika I did wrong and I’m sorry about it…but come on listen t…” Arjun try to say but Radhika cut him off.

“ Mr Arjun Mehra…I was with you only for your came behind me but I had it all…You and Me are over” Radhika said and got into taxi slamming the door on Arjun’s face , leaving devastated Arjun behind.

As she reached her apartment she bang the door. She already texted Richa that she was coming.
Richa opened the door and Radhika bust inside in anger.

“What happened Radzz???why are looking like angry bird?? Despite you should have look like love bird….where is your Arrr…” Richa stopped abruptly when she saw Radhika’s death glare.

Richa cupped her face and asked her about what happened

“Richa…I broke up with Arjun….”Radhika burst into vigorous cry..She was inconsolable.

Richa tried to pacify her many way…After some time NeSam too came to her and tried to divert her decision of break up. They told her that Arjun locked himself in his room and hurting himself by continuously punching to the punching bag.

But As Radhika didn’t budge like a stone who would made other’s to change their path.

“ See guys..I have made my decision…I don’t want listen anybody…Please leave me alone for some time….I know you guys care about me but I want to rest…..Please….” Radhika said rudely and went to her bedroom and locked herself.

After some time NeSam left and Richa too went to office.

Radhika took her phone and dialed to Dilip
“ The number you are calling is currently switched off..Please try later….” A robotic girl voice of Network Company added her irritation.She tried calling several times but got the same reply.She then dial to Mala.

“Hello choti, how’s you beta?” She heard a soft soothing voice of her mother from other side.

“ Maa….I am fine….” Radhika replied in sad tone.

“You okay beta? You don’t sound like yourself” Mala asked as she sensed sadness in her daughters voice.

“ No maa. I am all fine. Just got tired..many things are going at once…” Radhika lied as she know there is no point in worrying her mother.

“ Maa..I was calling Dad but couldn’t able connect.You have any idea about him? “ Radhika asked

“ I know choti.He is unconscious now as doctor treating him.Doctor said he is in last stage but by some treatment they can give him some more months.We are in Mumbai in Tata cancer hospital. Some one naming Arjun Mehra providing medical help to cancer dad is lucky that he got Mehra’s sponsorship for his treatment.” Mala gave all the information.

“ What??? Mom you didn’t think once to call me…..” She got shocked

“ I thought you are still angry on you dad and I don’t want to give you trouble beta” mala said

“ Maa I am mad at him..but it’s not means I don’t care about him..” Radhika said angrily

“ Okay I am coming to hospital Maa…” Radhika said and hung up.

She dialed to Arjun.

“ Radhika I know you can’t be mad at me for much time…..” Arjun said as he saw radhika’s name on dialer but Radhika cut him off

“ No Arjun..m still mad at you..and am serious about our brake up..I called you to tell you that there is no need to help me or my family…n I will pay you all the amount…How much did my operation and Dad’s treatment cost? “ She asked

“ Radhika please don’t do this…” Arjun aguishly said

“ How much ???” Radhika said raising her voice

“ Two lackhs and Fiffty thousand “ Arjun said robotic way

“ Okay I will pay it…” radhika said

“ but you don’t hav….” Arjun tried to say but heard beeping sound of dead line.

She hung up on him.

Few days went by this. Radhika engrossed herself in taking care of her father..She used to spend her most of the time in hospital with him.Dilip became fragile and was happy to see his daughter is with him at last stage of his life.

A week later…

Radhika was standing in queue waiting for her number at Tata’s medical store to buy prescribed medicinefor her dad.She noticed a guy hiding his face in his hoodie was following her from long he was standing in queue too behind her.
She quickly grabbed packet of medicine and tried to walk as fast as she can towards the elevator.

That guy too walked behind her.

She was started running and then that guy holds her wrist and dragged her towards the isolated corridor of the hospital and pinned her to the wall.

Radhika tried to get off from his hold and opened her mouth to scream but he placed his palm on her mouth and removed the cap of hoodie from his other hand.

Radhika got startled and gasp happily and hugged the guy tight.

“ Ohhh Arjun..Its you…I thought..You scared shit out of me…” Radhika said leaning her head across his chest.

“Oh sorry babe… but I was dying to see you….you don’t know how much I need to control myself from living without you…you have destroyed me for anyone are in me like very vain….” He said huskily.

“ Arjun I too want to see you badly..I can’t explain how bad I felt when I slammed taxi door on your face and spoke that harsh words to you…” She said a tear escape from her eye.

He cupped her face and wiped that tear and kissed her on forehead.

“BTW You are pretty marvelous actress, should got Oscar for this amazing performance…” Arjun chuckled.

“I am a born talented girl..having multiple talents…and you too were not that bad…” She chuckled back.

They laughed and Arjun leaned his forehead on hers and they stayed like this for more than a minute like inhaling each other’s presence to their soul.

“ Now what Arjun? What is our next step? You know people are following me…” Radhika said

“I know that’s why I meet you like this.I have made them fool and came here..” Arjun said lowering his voice and continued “ we should continue this act further until they believed on this fake break up…”

“ You are right…I was mad at you little bit when you made me unconscious but as you texted me the plan I got happy…” She said smilingly.

“ I know being in love with me is quite difficult but I am happy you are with me….” He said

“I am always with you and will be with you till my last breath Arjun” She said. Her eyes filled with love.

He hugged her tight.

“ We are on right track..Neil is working on our next plan..Soon that attacker will do his next mistake…and we are ready to grab that….BTW how many ppl are following you?” Arjun said

“ A lady here she is roaming here being fake nurse..I hav heard her talking to someone on phone about me when I was in washroom….” Radhika said

“ Okay..At my house too there is one servant who is fake..we need to stick to this plan until their next moves….” Arjun said deeply thinking.

“Hmm..okay I need to go or they will suspect something fishy…” She said

“Okay..but need my compensation…a kiss…” He said

Radhika blushed with his words and felt thousand butterflies when he leaned closer and she could feel his hot breath on her face.She closed her eyes.

Their lips coaxed with each other, exploring the pleasure of their love which they are missing. They kissed passionately fiercely like they want each other badly. Arjun realesed her when they were out breath.

“ Radhika…..Go..or I couldn’t able to control myself for more time…” He said smiling..His s*xy smile.

An adrenaline rushed to her spine and she blushed uncontrollably. Radhika quickly pecked his chicks and ran from his grip.

Next chapter : radhika got call from attacker. True face came in front of all.

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