Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 14)


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Chapter 14

Radhika was fiddling against end of her dupatta as they were driving in his Limo to Mehra Mansion. Arjun was watching her smilingly but more than that he was thinking about her pain because he know she wasn’t leaning against the car seat because her back was hurting bad but she was pretending to be everything is okay.

“We are here, Sir” Driver says as he parked the Limo in front of Main door of his mansion.

Arjun got out and helped Radhika to get out from Limo.

Neil ran up as he saw Arjun , immediately throws his arm around him “ It’s good to see you Bro….”

“You too…How Jai is??”
Neil’s expression falls immediately, Radhika came closer to them as she too want hear about Jai.

“He refuses to believe we are his family..Keep saying he don’t want to live here….As doctor said him to stay with us thts why he is here…else…..” Neil voice shattered

Radhika hug Neil “ Its okay Neil….”

“Chashni are you okay?? ” Neil asked

“ I’m fine..just tired…” radhika

“Yeah…it’s understandable you have gone through a lot…” Neil said

Sam came from behind “Neil you want to make them stand here outside the house whole day???…”

Neil chuckled
“Let’s go….” And they walked together

Arjun went to jai’s room to see him. Jai was sitting on his bed reading some books.

“How are you jai?”
Jai stared at Arjun and then looked at the photo frame placed on side table which was their family photograph taken at beach.

“I’m guessing you are my brother..I have heard a lot about you” Jai says without showing any expression on his face.

Those words seemed like dragger piercing in Arjun’s heart. His beloved brother who always roamed around him saying “bhai-bhai” all the time was now refuses to accept him as his brother.

“I’m your brother” Arjun said in serious tone.

“Let’s be real..You haven’t needed to pretend to care…I barely know you. All I have been told by the doctors is that you are supposed to be my brother…I don’t know you though so I don’t need sympathy from stranger” jai said coldly

“A stranger?? Is that what I am to you now?” Arjun voiced heavy with tears.

“ hey you don’t need to be worked up. Heck I am stuck here..else I don’t want to stay here at first place…Honestly I don’t want to call you brother” Jai said shrugging his shoulder

“ Jai……is this way you talked to me..after everything we have been through this is how you react? “ Arjun tried to control his raised voice but it happened.

Arjun took a deep breath and reached to grab his hand but jai shoved it away.

“Don’t get too are my brother..I get it…I want to some time to accept this…” jai said and resumed his reading

Arjun nodded and walked out of his room with teary eyes. Neil who was standing outside Jai’s room grabbed his hand made him walked to his room.

“Arjun give him some time.he will be like before..we need to be patient.” Neil pacify him

“ Now tell me whats wrong with Chashni..? “ Neil asked

“ what? “ Arjun said in confused tone

“ Don’t act…I can see..she is in pain..what happened to her? “ Neil asked

“Her wound is infected,Its spreading.Her whole back is gone red….Its getting bad..she is not improving but getting worse” Arjun said sadly

Neil called sam and asked her to Saw Radhika’s back and let him know how’s it..

As sam did what Neil asked her to do and ran towards Neil

“ Neil….it’s really bad..She needs treatment ASAP….” Sam said in between her crying as she somehow managed her broke down in front of Radhika.

Neil went to Radhika’s room , she was resting on bed sleeping on one side.
Radhika gave him warm smile, Neil offered her a box.
Radhika looked in confusion “what is this Neil?”

“A gift for both of it..” Neil said

Radhika looked at Sam in questioning look but Sam raise her eyebrow in I don’t know expression.

As Radhika opened it she found a two identical wrist watches. One for a boy and second for girl.

“Wow..Its so pretty Neil…..” radhika showed gift to Arjun
Sam makes them wear to each other watches. Aradhika was overwhelmed.

“ Chashni have you looked towards your wound? “ Neil asked in serious tone..
Radhika caught his tone and nodded no.

“you are getting worse…you need to get treated now..” Neil said

Radhika dropped on her knees “ am I dying ? “

“ No I won’t let you die..” Arjun hugged her

Neil called doctor and doctor told them that he was going to do her operation on next day morning as fragment of bullet lodged in her back and got infected.

Sonali gave her medicines and asked Nesam and Arjun to let her take some rest.
Radhika was about to close her eyes when her phone rings. She reached to take her phone from bedside table.
Unknown number.

She answered it “ Hello? “


When she heard that voice her heart drops.
“You have no right to calling me tht” She said
“ I know you are angry but…..”

She cut him off “Angry?? Heck angry is such small word for I feel about you….”

“Just listen to me…”

“No..why should I? You haven’t given me one good reason to..”

“ If for no reason then at least listen because I’m your father”

A tear drop from her eye, wetting her cheeks.

That’s when she noticed Jai standing by door.She got shocked because Neil have told them Jai hasn’t steeped from his room since he has been back.
Jai signal if he can come in..He was standing taking support of sticks as he couldn’t able to walk without them.

“ I got to go” she said as she hang up on her father Dilip Mishra. The man she hasn’t talked to in years. The man never cares about her.

Jai walks in and sat on edge of her bed “ Can I talk to you ? “

“Sure Jai…” Radhika said

“I am saying this to you because everyone else seems to know each other and you and I are probably odd ones…” Jai said

“Look Jai..I can’t tell you what to do..I actually had a love hate relationship with your brother Arjun but he proved himself and his love for me..They are your family..If you don’t trust me for anything else then just trust me on that I was stabbed trying to save you..beacuse I cared about you” Radhika said

He nods..” yeah I heard that from nurse. I am sorry you have to go through this because of me..”

Radhika shaked her head “ it wasn’t your fault”

“friends then???” Jai stretches his hand out.

“Friends” Radhika said as she grabbed his hand and shake.

“ can I stay here for while” Jai said
“Yeah…why don’t we watch a movie” Radhika said as she need to operate next day doctor asked her to stay awake for some time that she could sleepy while surgery.

“ Sounds good” Jai gave thumps up
She got up from her bed despite having unbearable pain she feels like collapsing but she wants to cheer up Jai’s mood and loaded a movie.

“ Fast and furious” She exclaimed

“Great….” Jai said as he stll staying on edge of the bed.

“you don’t have to sit like that..i will not eat you….” Radhika chucled

Jai laughs”I was trying to be respectful…..”
Jai sat next to her.

By the end of the movie, both of them laughing on bed holding their stomach. Not exactly because the movie but their comments on it.

Jai hops of the bed “ that was great”

“yeah..It was” Radhika smiled

Jai walks to the door then stops and turned toward her “ Arjun..ummm…bhai is really lucky to have you..I can’t say much but take care of him”

Radhika nodded happily that finally Jai was considering Arjun as his brother.

As jai walks off, her phone started to ring again.

Unknown number

Its her Father again

“Stop calling me I don’t want to talk to you ” Radhika

“choti please listen to me” Dilip said

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me lost that right much before” Radhika hissed

“I am sorry Radhika” Dilip said and then she heard coughing noises. She hold her breath..something was wrong
“I will not call you again..but just listen me once beta” dilip said

“ Did you ever listen to me? Did you ever tried to talk me about my friends my exams my life…? When I asked you to stay with me did you ever listen to me ???? “ radhika sobbed

“ I am really sorry about my past deeds beta..i wish I could change the past but I can’t..”

She noticed his changed in voice and realized he was not like his old good self

“you have two minutes..That’s all” She just want to know whats wrong with her father why he called her now.

“thank you choti..i mean…radhika…okay…ummmm” he stamppered and then stop took a deep breath.

“ I wanted to see you last time….” He said and stops

Radhika’s heart was beating fast inside “ just for this you called me ? “

“ No..i am sick…” He said and coughed


“Sick as I have cancer of stomach. I only have few days left” His voiced shake

As Radhika listen this, her heart felt like going to stop

“dad what do you mean by few days?” She asked with fear and after whole six year she called him dad

“ radhika I am dying…” Dilip said

Tears begin to fall like flood.She breathe heavily

“ No that’s not possible” She screamed loud

Arjun runs to her room and sees her crying. He holds her hand but couldn’t say anything

“ I want to see you at last time Choti…” Dilip said

“ you are in Hrishikesh?? “ She asked

“ Yes..”

“ I will be there” and she hang up the phone and arjun pulled her in tight embarrass

She got up and started grabbing her cloths in luggage bag.
Arjun was watching her “ what are you doing ?”

“going to hrishikesk” she said wipping her tears

“ what ??? you can’t go now” Arjun was shocked

“ I have to..Arjun papa is dying there how could I sit idle here…” Radhika said

“ Radhika I can understand..but you are not well and you have to have your operation early morning tommarrow” he tried to grabbed her bag

“ I can do it another day..I need to go now…” she said with stubbornness

“babe have fragments of bullet in your back and it’s infected.It’s urgent ” Arjun tried to convince her and he grabbed her luggage.

“Give my luggage back Arjun” Radhika said in anger

“ you will fight for your life babe if you go…” He said

“I don’t care” radhika said angrily.

“okay fine…at least let me get you the ticket” Arjun said in defended tone.

Radhika nod

Neil was standing at door watching Aradhika… Arjun grabbed his hand and walked out..

Sam was sitting by Radhika’s side making her understand all will be good soon.

After some time Neil and Arjun entered into the room.

Neil hugs radhika “ I’m sorry Chashni”

Radhika nods in appreciation

Arjun wrapped his arms around her and whispered “ I am sorry babe”

That’s when Radhika feels sharp sting in her neck.
Radhika realize Neil and Arjun were not apologizing because of what’s happening to her dad but apologies for what Arjun just did.

Arjun handed empty injection to Neil and grabbed Falling body of radhika tight
“I’m sorry, babe. I had to do it”
Radhika’s vision got blur and she falls unconscious.

Precap : Radhika fought with arjun and broke up with him.Twist in the story…

So hows chapter guys??? Waiting for your precious reviews..Stay KHUSH always!!

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  1. I is this the story from wattpad I have read this are you the same writter

    1. Dipika

      Thank you shilpa dear…no i don’t write on wattpad..but concept of the story is mine…i added many incident frm various fav movies of gajani,bang bang n some hollywood movies….from some serials too…u felt it same..umm..need to check it..n i hope as the story progress u will find it different… Love

    2. Sammy

      silpa dear ..i know many writers in telly updates are copying story from whattpad ..but trust me i can assure you one thing all mmz writers write their own story this mmz page you will not find any bashing or any fight between fans for the pairs ..and as long as deepu ..she is an awesome writer ..pls do read her never let u go ..that ff was also good like her this one

      1. Dipika

        Thank you sooooo much Sammyyyy dearyyyy…i don’t have a word to pay u gratitude… Thanks for ur unconditional support.. Muhhaaaa

    3. This is the same one as the story I read this jai will be twin of original jai… They will kidnap original one nd duplicate one is the one in home

      1. Dipika

        No dear in my story jai is not a twin..if u hv read it frm start thn u can notice i mention jai is adopted son of mehra’s….so there is no twins n all in the story…n yess as sammy said u can read never let u go…

  2. Sammy

    oh god in the end …arjun was doing this for her good but radhika ..hehe all are mad ..jai rude ..hope everything will be sorted out soon ..update next soon deepu

    1. Dipika

      Sammy dear Thank you so much for lovely words… Yess all will get sorted soon….n will try to update next you darling.. Tc

  3. Omg my heart dropped at the end…..plz plz tell me what is going to happen???

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  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode, Arjun could bring Radhika father to Mumbai no need to break them up, eagerly waiting for the next update. ☺

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you soooo much for your support.. N yeah arjun will bring radz fathr in mumbai for treatment… But u knw na stubborn she is…as i mension twist is coming in our stay tuned.. I will come you

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    1. Dipika

      Satz darling thank you so much..haha..u made me smile by ur eagerness.. N i want to tell u wht will happen nxt as i knw u can’t see arjun in pain…but trust me this break up will lead to good things…i surely will come soon with next…Loads of love

      1. Sathya

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    1. Dipika

      Jessie darling i couldn’t help but laughing… Thank you sooooo much for making my mood….haha..yes u right if he stay away f rads thn only can think abt thr situation n use his business brain…abt Jai’s behavior i kept it on secret… As i said twist is coming n i m damn sure u will like it…haha..i too love arjun in every ff..yarr vo hai hi itana dashing n loving.. Hehe…as Holidays r there which will give me enough time to write next so i will come soon..loads of love to

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    1. Dipika

      Rossy darling Thank you soooo much for this awsome comment..haha..n no ur brain is not working over..actually its on i reveal here more thn story will loose his suspense.. So i m shutting my mouth mum on jai..u n pooja going to give me hugs n kisses after 2 chapters.. Hahaha…u guys r like gabbar for me..haha…love you darling.. Tc

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      Gauri darling Thank you soooo much for this adorable comment…ohhh i made u worried.. Don’t be darling.. As i said twist is coming it will delight u n this break up will lead us to the killer….Happy weekend to u too..enjoy…Ioads n tons of love…

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      Hey Jewel dearyyyy Thank you sooo much for ur amazing words..m soo happy to read them..n don’t worry dilip n radz will b more deaths frm now on…break up will make story more interesting….i will update soon..Love

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      Awww my sv darling i won’t hurt more aradhika..this time i promise…this breaK will make them reach to killer…so it wil b fun…Loads of love.. Tc..

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    1. Dipika

      Aadia dearyyy Thank you sooooo much for this amazing words..i can’t tell u how widest smile i hav on my face….m soooo happy u liked the track of story…n don’t worry abt tge break also has a twist…love you sooooo much

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      Sweetie my sweetheart i m jusy smiling n smiling with every words of yours..hahaha…smile turns into laughter at the end..haha…your assumption abt jai is quite near..n dilip tapak pda..haha..yes arjun will bting him but u knw na rads hows stubborn she is so twist is there..omg u nw i hav to make there break up good or i need to run on othr planet frm u..hahaha…nesam..haa yarr aradhika r lucky..haha…loads of love u my sweet

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    1. Dipika

      Ohhh my god gia darling listen frm this appreciating words from one of the finest writer on tu is made my day…Thank you sooooo much for this encouraging words…m so happpyyyyyy….i hope i can keep this flow alwys…love

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