Manmarziyan- A Lot Like Love (Chapter 11 and 12)

Hello my darlings…..Thank you so much for your love and unconditional support..Love you all…here we go for double dhamaka..As Ritu asked for it..Thank you so much Ritu for asking double dhamaka..otherwise m going to skip romantic moment between Aradhika….

Chapter 11

It’s been a week pass to that attack; finally Radhika got discharge from hospital. As Radhika wanted to go to her apartment but Sonali and Sam refused. They won’t want any further attack on her and want to take her care until she got fully recovered from injury.

Jai was still in hospital and showing no signs of improvement. Radhika felt bad that if she would have put some more efforts in fight Jai would have been saved.

Arjun walks into her room after completing all formalities.
“ Ready ? “ He said

She nod “ Ready “ and got up from the bed. She was happy finally she was free from that hospital blue gown which making her feel more sick.
Arjun wrapped his arm around her waist to support her and other arm linked to her shoulder.

As Radhika tried to walk, she felt immense pain with every step..But she didn’t showed it on her face.But Arjun realized it sooner and he picked her in his arm gently like she is a kind of porcelain doll and got broken if he applied pinch of force on her.

All people at hospital admired their love and started clapping for them..Radhika couldn’t control but to stare him continuously.. She felt very lucky to have such loving partner.

After putting Radhika on passenger seat ; Arjun grabbed the wheel and drove off to the Mehra Mansion.

As they got into the mansion Sonali,Raj,NeSam and Nandini ran to them. Radhika was happy to see them again.

“you okay Na Beta???” Raj patted her shoulder with wavering smile.
“ I have told you na Raj That we should have fed her with homemade food..Look how dull she is looking because of that hospital food….” Sonali said with concern and gave Radhika motherly hug
“Oh mom….you are giving her migraine…”Neil said teasingly to make environment light.

“ I’m fine aunty….Seriously I miss your hand made food there…” Radhika said waving Neil off..

All laughed…

Radhika knew how much they loves her but their pale faces showing how worried they are for Jai’s condition.How badly they are missing their son/ brother…

Arjun made Radz to walked to his’s room and makes her sleep their…

“Take care babe…okay?? I will see you around ” Arjun said and left for office.

Sam came with the caffeinated coffee mug and makes her seat.

“Chashni… I thought you might need it…” Sam winked at Radhika
“Oh..Yeahhh..That tasteless soup and khichdi have almost killed my tongue….” Radhika said sipping the coffee..

“ Ahhhh…Taste so heavenly….That’s why they said a lot can happen over a cup of coffee…” Radhika said pouting her face.. Sam and Radhika burst into laughter.

A half month passes like this…Sonali and Raj took care of Radhika like their own child..NeSam were always there to put smile on her face..

One day

As Radhika took shower and come out of the bathroom, Sam helps her to put on her clothes because she still having pain when she raise her hand.
Radhika refuses many times still Sam didn’t budge and helped her.When Sam about to tie knot of back dori of Radhika’s kurta, Sam got call she went out of the room to attend it.

Then Radhika tried to knot it but pain shoot at her stomach..


Still she continues her trying to grab the dori’s.

And she heard sound of door shut closed at her back she thought it must Sam…

“Sam..Please Help me…”

But then she felt cold manly hand on her back grabbing doris and it’s not hard for her to recognize whom they belong.

“ Arjun…” She whispered softly…

“Hmmmmm….” He whispered back

His warm breath on her back sent a tingling sensation to her spine and made her shiver…

Her wet hair were spread on her back, he made them a side by his hand; with his touched she clutched her dress tightly..

Deep neck of her dress showing her milky white flawless back and as he moved her hair a drop of water slides from her hair to her porcelain skin and got disappeared in the dress sending fire sensation to Arjun which he couldn’t able control.

“You are incredibly beautiful…” Arjun whispered before realizing his hand on her back and he gasp.

She gasps for air with his sensuous words.

He made her to faced him and lean down his forehead against hers inhaling her rosy scent. An intimate gesture..She too can inhale his woody manly scent with this closeness.

He buried his nose in the crook of her neck which making her count her losing breath. She clutched fistful of his shirt to control the feelings.

When his hands slides down on her back to pull her closer to him and he started kissing her fiercely.
He gently coaxes her lips apart with his tongue; she felt warmth inside her mouth. She pushed herself towards him to close the remaining gap between them. Her chaste touched to his front and that slight rumble sent vibration into his body. He hold her tight when their lips molding together greedily.

He pulls away from her with his eyes filled with love. She was gasping for breath..he leaned to touched his nose to her, his breathing ragged. Their lips are not touching but they were living the moment.

“ You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me” Arjun whispered .

His nose trailing down to nuzzle her neck. She moans when he dipped his head and started sucking the skin on her collarbone.

Suddenly they heard opening sound of door and they got away from each other. Radhika was still blushing.
Sam entered “ Hey Chashni sorry…got call from Mom….”..Her eyes travelled from Radhika to Arjun…by Radhika messy hair she recognized what had happen..She smiled

“I guess..I should leave you guys to be…..” She said

“ Wait Sam…” Arjun cut her off….” I’m going downstairs….” And he rushed out of the room.

Sam started to tease Radhika “ Chashni I thought I entered at wrong time..Disturbed your sweet moment..”

“ Nahhh..He just helped me to tie the knot of dori….” Radhika Shrugged

“ Oh..Really..That’s how he managed to give you a hickey….” Sam winked playfully

“ I don’t have a hickey ..” Radhika refused

Sam let her to the mirror and pointed towards her collarbone.
“ totally do have…”

Radhika stares her reflection in mirror and groan “ Ohhh shitt…” and covered it by looping the chunari around her neck…

“There is no way you can hide that” Sam chuckled..
Radhika cursed Arjun for giving sign of his love to her.

“It’s okay Chashni…Let’s go…I’m gonna miss you…please by tomorrow I want you here…” Sam said pulling radhika in hug
“Ofcourse I will..I too can’t live without you guys.” Radhika hugs her back..

As Rasam came downstairs, Sonali handed her small bag..

“I have packed your food and medicine for one day..Take care of yours beta” Sonali said caressing her face.

“ Chashni I don’t want you to suffer pain again..we would have invited Richa here..we would have celebrated her birthday here…Arjun you should have tell her this” Neil said

Arjun made helpless pout face…

“Neil I too would have loved it..but I know she would feel uncomfortable here..and moreover I want to surprised her na.. ” Radhika said smilingly..

“Okay if you are happy with this then we are happy….but please take care of yourself” Neil gave her gentle hug…

After bidding bye to everyone they drove off to her apartment….

Radhika unlocked the door of her and entered in…Richa was at office and she was coming at night after completing her shift….Arjun too followed her.

“ Are you sure, you want celebrate Richa’s birthday here?? “ Arjun said placing her bags on coffee table.

“You don’t worry Arjun..I’m fine….” Radhika made pout face…

“ Okay…Don’t start decoration without me..i’m joining you after two hours okay…I’m going to hospital to pay visit to Jai..Please take your medicines on time….If you need anything then give me call….” Arjun pulled her in hug and places kiss on her forehead. Her chunari slips from her neck.

He pauses and brush away her hair and smirks “ You have a hickey”

Heat raises to her cheeks “ Yeah..I do have..You gave me at morning…”

He lowers his head and his fingers brushing over hickey “ I have never given anyone hickey before…”

“Dare to give it to anyone else than me…” She warned

“Oh..jealousy…I have plan on giving much more than just hickey….” He murmurs s*xily and places soft kiss on hickey..She blushed

“ You are getting late Arjun….” She pushed gently him towards door

“I should come soon, okay?? Take care sweetheart” Arjun whispered

She nodded and he left…

Chapter 12
After one hour….

Radhika was busy decorating the living room..She called cake shop for booking cake..She was happy and humming song knotting the ribbons…Arjun’s touched was still lingering on her skin.

Then she heard doorbell rang and she got up in thinking it would be Arjun but got freeze when she heard the words coming from other side of door.

“Hurry up..She is here alone…”

“Today we should kill her or boss will kill us….”

“Don’t worry..I checked Arjun is busy in the hospital..we will be in and out until he will be back..She will be dead by then”

Shocked register in her mind when she heard that last words…She look here and there in fear..She was sweating frantically…She heard bang on the door.

She picked her phone and ran to her bedroom and got herself locked in bathroom.
She heard burst of front door. She know they can burst the bathroom door easily..She ran out in balcony and hides herself in small cabinet over there.

She tried calling Arjun but unfortunately he was not receiving her calls.she cover her mouth to prevent sound of her crying.

They were eight- ten men trying to search her everywhere..Panic was increasing by sec by sec…She put her phone on vibration…

They checked her room but found empty and when they were about to live..He phone started to buzz on.Arjun was calling her.
“Did you here vibration ??” one man said
“Bhai I think that sound coming from that cabinet”

Radhika freezes and she quickly grabbed the phone to her ear
“Arjun…I think I am dead..I think they are going to kill me”

Arjun freezed with her last words; as he reached to the gate of her apartment.

He ran out of the car taking two steps at once. His heart was pondering within as he was losing some part of him.
When he reached, he found the front door of her apartment is already open. He entered and called for her..Everything was scattered all over the apartment. His heart sink.

He freezed when he saw her peaking from the side of living room.

She was taking small steps as she walks closer to him.
He wonders why she was walking like this…

“you should go Arjun” She said breathing heavily

“ You okay Radhika??” Arjun said anxiously

“Arjun please go….” Radhika said her voice was shaking
He ran to her and hugged her “ Thank god you okay”

“I beg you Arjun please leave…” She said signaling him

“ Don’t be ridiculous…I thought you were in danger and i….” he freezes when saw blood on his hand which was holding her back..He got numb.

He checked her back, her kurta was staining in blood

“ Ohhh God you got shot…..” Arjun said as she lean over him..

“ Arjun save yourself..leave….” She said falling from his hand

“ who did this? “ He said grabbing her and taking her on his lap


He heard voice coming from other room and found a tough guy smiling towards him. As he try to grab his phone he got punched on his head.. Arjun too fall on ground besides radhika..

Saral stepped towards him and stood in front of him.

“ Who are you ??” Arjun said

“Don’t I asked you to pay me, yet you refused and played hide and seek..this is what you get for messing with me..” saral said laughing

“ She isn’t a part of this “ Arjun roared

“” She is when she is in love with you….” Saral said

“ But why you are doing this?? What I have done bad to you….” Arjun said

“ November , 2010…..Priti..remember??” Saral said furiously

Arjun got remind of one of his classmate in IIT Mumbai…

“ Remember she was your project partner in last year…” Saral said

“ what does she have to do with you” Arjun said

“You remember that she told you she loved you and couldn’t live without you..” Saral face filled with anger “ but you refuses her saying you are in love with some unknown girl named Radhika…Several times she said that she would die without you but you turn her down”

“ I didn’t love her and I gently said no to her and ask her to live happy life…”

Saral points at Radhika “you love her..right??”

“ Priti was much better….” saral said

“ Was?? “ Arjun said in shocked

“yess…you know after you declined her…can you imagine wht she did?? ” saral’s voice filled with sadness “ she jumped from twenty floor building….”

Arjun was numb in shocked

“ All because you refused her”

“ who was Priti to you” Arjun asked

“ SHE WAS MY SISTER” saral shouted

“I’m sorry..I didn’t know that”
Arjun said trying to stand

Arjun : “I never want to hurt her..I said no to her gently…”

Saral : “but you did it anyways. Now because of you my brother is in beat him to the death”

“ My brother is in hospital..he is in are hurting innocents”

Saral smirks and then the other guy from corner hit Arjun on his head.

Arjun let out a loud scream and fall on ground..blood started dripping from his body.

“ I won” Saral smirks and stepped over Arjun giving him pain and went with his men.

Arjun crawled towards Radhika, his vision getting blurred.

“Radhika…” he screamed

Arjun wasn’t sure that she was alive or…….

And then darkness covered his vision and fell on ground limp.

Next Chapter : suspense

How was it?? Please don’t hit me for hurting Rads…As Gajani is my one the fav movie so I added this scene into the story…..Drop you presious reviews!!
Staly always KHUSH!!

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      1. Jessie

        Realllllyyyyyy…!!!! Yayay… love u deeeeppzzzz.. muahhh.. jus now went thro all comments.. many had s same memory loss doubt.. n u have consoled us like a doctor speaking 2 patient’s relatives.. dont worry nthing will happen.. but yaar1 u are d one who made hmm.. all eager n curious 4 nxt one.. Arjun1 will get beating frm me..if he doesnt turn shrewd even after d attack…

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    1. Nupur darling thank you so much..yeahhh i will surely update

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    1. Hey neetz dearyyy i was missing r u?? Thank a ton

  28. My fav movie too..nice 1 dear..

    1. Umama dear thank you sooo much…love

  29. Rg2015

    Hi dipika d double damaka was nice. I like loved it. I hope both rads and arjun r fine.

    1. Thank you soooo much Rg darling.. Yeahhh..they will be fine by nxt update…load n loads of love.. Tc.

  30. Rossy

    Yeh kya kiya tune??? if anything happens to ardhika I’ll cave u in a closet n sent u to Pluto this time…u know why m late dear…heroine I also missed u…see u soon

  31. Hi dips…double dhamaaka was really awesome. …1st episode was mind blowing with ardhika romantic moments. …but 2nd epi…ufff..that gaining scene…I don’t like it at alll…it hurts me a lottt….it don’t want to see that for ardhika. ..plz send someone to help n save them….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. That Gajani* scene

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