Manmarziyan looking back……


Hello all this is 1 year of our ardhika’s marriage . well that was telecasted on 3rd august but i noticed only this .So today let us look back to the journey of our manmarziyan .

This was a beautiful journey of our ardhika and nesam. It was not only that it was also the journey of many ardhika and nesam which was given by many wonderful authors. Let us take a minute to thank them as it was only by them manamrziyan is still as a beautiful memory which is being cherished every minute.

Thank you authors……….

From my bottom of my heart i am thanking all the authors as it was all because of you all dosti yaariyan manmarziyan was given a different colors. It was all because of you all we are cherishing those moments. Different shades of ardhika nesam, Different stories on them different shot stories everything . You gave your precious time for making manmarziyan, many were extension of the original plot and many were a new plot. When they were fighting they were laughing and they were crying and you all made us laugh cry and blush with all your words. I’m not specifying any one as everyone are unique in their plot and unique in their way of writing but everyone are best.. Thank you all soo much for making this dosti yaariyan manmarziyan still alive in our hearts…………………..

Thank you readers………

You guys are our energy boosters, Thank you all guys as you all are giving your precious time for reading our stories and all your comments are the one which are encouraging us to write and those words of yours are best complements. From my bottom of my heart i am thanking you all for those lovely words and please do continue your support to us. Thank you all once again…….

So guys let us always enjoy the manmarziyan by writing, reading commenting and always loving each other………….Love you all always smile ……………..

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  1. Jessie

    Yaar sv..bear hugs..! I never knew I cud enjoy Ardhika n nesam again until I saw this site in March..I never thought there would be this much ffs keeping MMZ alive.. wonderful post dear.. Thanks TU for having this space n letting us to love our show n love each other..
    Thanks a million to all d brilliant writers here.. really amazing 2 see d effort u put to make every chappy a best one.. the bond u all share here with readers is something impressive… thanks to silent readers too?I was also so.. and to friends like me who comment.. happy to be here..! Happy being a. Manmarziyan fan.. ????????????????????????????????????????? to everyone here.. Love u all..

  2. Hi s.v….I next you…. Thank you all writers including you s.v for such amazing stories and plots….some where I have seen that…this FF section in TU started with DYM….all credit to all writers over here for making this thread alive and lively…GB all

  3. Sweetie

    My Jaan..I love you yaar for this article.. 🙂 I too want to thank the creators of MMZ serial, if they didn’t start this serial, we wouldn’t got such beautiful stories on our favourite fictional characters.. 🙂 And the readers and writers thank you so much for taking your time for reading the stories and commenting your views from my side.. Love you loads Jaan..Bye and take care.. 😀

  4. Hey S.v..thank you for that.. I actually spent all night watching all the Ardhika and nesam was awesome..
    What does S.v stand for?
    Much love

  5. Rossy

    Twin why looking back…its still here…just hit hotstar n see…?? lol…yeah but m saying truth…mmz has a special place in our hearts…see even till now I didn’t find any serial to watch…so whenever I watch TV I just switched on for news,music …hope I’ll find another Indian series to watch in future…but always mmz has its own place..though they changed the track after Lonavla incident but still ardhika glued us…ohk…enough of my blabber

  6. Lakshmi05

    Sv ….a big hug to u dear… I feel Mmz journey is most beautiful one….here we got many frnds …who r so talented n good at heart… We got to read many wonderful, fantastic, marvelous…stories…by so talented writers… What not everything is so perfect n extremely beautiful in every stories… A big thank you for all of u for keeping alive this manmarziyan of ours….luv u sooo much dearry…….

  7. Brin

    Lot of hugs for you S.V, I want to thank all the writer too, with your writing you keep Manmarziyan alive and you have inspire me to write too. I thank you all with the bottom of my heart. And silent reader I also thank you and hope one day you will comment. 🙂

  8. Gauri

    Big hug for you SV 🙂 love u

  9. Myra

    Lots and lots of hugs and kisses for you!

  10. Dipika

    Sv darling ur words so soothing.. Yeah v still kept nesam aradhika in our heart alive…its always good to read mmz stoties…love u dearyyy..a bear hug n lots of kisses to u.

  11. Sreee

    oh akka u made me emotional ,okay i know its too late to b emotional, considering the time it was updated…so sorry about that akka…okay now coming back to the topic i agree with jessie akka….omg how i felt after finding tat its going to end soon…like my worst nightmare cometrue…di am never a serial maniac…ofcourse i saw mahabharat crazily ,but that was because i wanted to know the story…but when i heard from my friend that aham is back on one…oh god it was like my dream came true….and when i started seeing it….it fillled me with many emotions….the way it depicted friends,love, youth….dream…and mostly the will to stand for it..and the pride to have won it….it was something so much beyond even anyone’s description….so magical our mmz was, is,and i dare always it will be… heartless if the one’s who killed it..but our true love for it is still keeping it alive…and am proud to be a part of it..and i thank and salute all my friends in this… u all loads and loads beyond infinity……muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Thx SV for this article…yes mmz gave us very lovelyyyyyy writers n reader’s and above all many lovely friends n solace here….I love mmz for this. ..n TU site also for accepting n uploading the lovely ffs…we all are connected with our heart strings…no matter what, who n where we are, we r friends. ….love you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡

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